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Licensed to Fish (& Drive)

Can I Check Your License? Pennsylvania is one of those weird states where you buy an annual fishing license that is only valid for the calendar year. Doesn't matter when you buy it, it turns into a pumpkin at midnight on December 31st. I'm pretty sure all of the other fishing licenses I annually renew - Florida, Georgia, North Carolina - have rolling dating. Buy an annual license in March, it expires next March, you get the idea.Side note: Pennsylvania was also one of those states where you had ...
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Junkyard Find: 1991 Dodge Shadow Convertible

The Dodge Shadow and its Plymouth Sundance sibling were among the last members of the extended Chrysler K-car family to be built, sold from the 1987 through 1994 model years and replaced by the Neon after that. Millions were sold, but these cars are all but forgotten today. Chrysler built a handful of convertible Shadows, […] The post Junkyard Find: 1991 Dodge Shadow Convertible appeared first on The Truth About Cars.
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Liens: Lien Showing on a Vehicle Registered to Me (That I No Longer Own) After 10+ Years

My question involves vehicle registration or title in the state of: Florida I had a Plymouth Sundance in the early 1990s with a small lien on it. My father drove it out of state with the intentions of moving and taking over what was left of the lien to pay it off. This was approximately 1994...All I know is that he returned to Florida a very short (a month or so) time later sans Plymouth and in a brand new vehicle. He could not give me a straight story on what happened to it. I recently went ...
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