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Pocketbook Color 6" For Sale

Hope this is the right place to post this. Anyway, I was writing an ad for eBay and thought it would be nice to put it here on my community of fellow ereader enthusiasts first! As you might see here I recently upgraded to the Pocketbook InkPad Color 7.8" from my Pocketbook Color 6". So, I can't see my way toward keeping both and I am selling the 6" model which has been used probably less than thirty or so hours. I am going, on eBay, to price this at $250 to fit in with what they are getting the...
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A few questions about the new 632 Touch HD

Hi. Please answer two questions about my new reader 632 Touch HD 3. - On the home page I customize the bottom menu (remove Store and add Settings) and after restarting the reader everything is back to default :-( - After installing KOReader, all SVG files from the installation (the "application" folder) appear in the reader library. Is there any way to hide them? Ideally also during a future upgrade of KOReader? I thought of trying the .nomedia file. I have last firmware U632.6.1.900 Thank you ...
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Touch HD3 on switch

It's the only thing I don't like (it's hard to find and push when I have the cover on). It's still on it's first charge! I like the way it displays lists etc so much more than the Kobo and Kindle. It's brilliant! Is there any other buttons I can activate to use as an "On" switch (when I had a Palm, you could map different buttons)? Thanks!
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PocketBook now sold on Amazon

It looks like PocketBook is now selling on Amazon as well as on Newegg. "Sold by PocketBook International." I don't know if this permanent or not.
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Mainboard change problem - Touch Lux 3 / 626

Hi I have PocketBook Touch Lux 3 (626). Some time ago it stopped to work (it was a process, but it's a different story) and everything seemed it was power supply section that was dead. I bought another PB with broken screen with an intention to replace mainboard in mine. But it appeared it is slightly different: touch screen socket location is different (attached picture) and it was impossible to connect the flex there. But there were soldering pads in the old location, so I resoldered the soc...
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360 Pocketbook touch HD2 frozen on cover of the last book

Hello guys, I have three years old pocketbook touch HD 2. Lately, I haven't been using it for around three months, and the battery probably drained out completely. I've tried to charge it via charger and USB cable for a whole day, but the screen is stuck on the cover of the last book. I've tried to hold the power button for 10 secs, tried to press and hold the reset button with a toothpick, but nothing seems to do anything. The power button flashes, it's lit up, a backlight of the screen glows,...
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Touch HD 3 freezes at 85%

I hope people here can help me with an issue I'm encountering with my touch HD3. I've been having issues that books (typically epubs with our without DRM) get stuck at about 85%. It loads and reads fine until at some point I turn to the next page and it just won't go there. It won't go to the book menu either, but I can still go to the home screen. This happens usually on the third book I'm reading and is consistent from there. The interesting thing is that it does seem to remember where I g...
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FULL REVIEW: The Inkpad Color 7.8"

The Pocketbook Inkpad Color has proven itself to me as being a very recommendable color e-ink tablet. I received the unit after waiting weeks to find it in stock somewheres. I had already had experience with the Pocketbook Color device which preceded this 7.8” screen with a smaller and earlier version 6” screen.So, I already suspected the new guy would require a software update. The basic user interface on this Linux-based reader was the same as the earlier one. So I quickly went to settings and...
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Russian dictionary for PocketBook with stress marks

Hi guys, I've just purchased the PocketBook HD3. To my disappointment, despite offering a lot of dictionaries, there were wasn't a single Russian dictionary in the reader itself, and the one they provide online in support seems to be very limited and does not have stress marks. Does anyone know where I could get / purchase a dictionary which would have stress marks and translate the words into English / Czech? I saw that it is possible to convert various dictionary formats with the converter p...
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Pocketbook Touch HD3 - Koreader?

So I just got a Pocketbook Touch HD3 a few days ago. Very happy with it so far. I've seen some posts online about Koreader being installed on Pocketbook readers. Is this worth doing or am I okay just sticking with the default system that Pocketbook comes with? What are the advantages of Koreader?
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InkPad3 can't count pages for some fb2 books

Hi there! I'm experiencing trouble with my Inkpad 3. For some fb2 books reader can't count pages and just showing bouncing '...' instead of page numbers. Attachment 186559 Does anyone experienced the same problem or been able to solve it? Thank you! Attached Thumbnails  
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Regrets about the Touch HD 3

Dear all, I'm sorry that this may be a bit of a rant, but a long time ago I've bought the Touch HD 3, when version 6 was just out. It did not remember the pages, crashed a lot, and froze when reading pdf's. After contacting their support, which wasn't great at all, multiple times they said they solved it. The reader still crashes, freezes, and sometimes doesn't remember the page number. The cloud went offline, the reader set itself to Russian (I'm Dutch), and I seem to have received one of the b...
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Doesn't remember where I ended

I am the very happy owner of a Pocketbook Inkpad (first version). Until now. I installed a few dictionaries, tried to install for the first time text-to-speech and now all of a sudden he doesn't remember where I was with reading. Annoying. When it starts, it starts with the home screen (although I tell him to start with the book where I left) I tried the following: - while connecting with my pc check the memory (no errors) - format the memory by menu of the pocketbook (returns normal, stil...
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How to read book from overdrive in Pocketbook

Considering to buy Pocketbook inkpad color. But I used to borrow book from overdrive , does any ease way to read books from overdrive in pocketbook? P. S. Existing using Libby app in tablet.
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When you sync the Dropbox folder, is it a full download - everything in the folder is dumped to your reader, or can you choose which books to download? I would be very grateful for any opinions on this, thanks.
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Pocketbook Inkpad Color availability?

Anyone know where, if anywhere, this can be purchased? I keep checking Amazon and Newegg but no luck.
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Help with Deciding if I should buy a pocketbook

On some other threads in this forum, I have been trying to find a device which will work well with Sinhala text. With the kindle I got only as far as looking at the text in the pages, but the table of content doesn't show properly as seen on Others tried with the Kobo as mentioned at but also wasn't too successful. I would like to know if the pocketbook (especially Touch Lux 5) is able to show the text in the book a...
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Touch HD3 Battery Life — Very Good

I was charging some of my eReaders and realized that I've only charged my Touch HD3 once since I got it in January 25th (and it wasn't fully charged when I got it). And it's currently at 81% battery capacity (admittedly I haven't read much in the last three weeks — and the book I did read was on my Voyage) but, still, that's pretty impressive. The PB615 goes for months without a charge (no built-in WiFi) — this seems to be one of the places where PocketBook really gets it right, battery life.
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Help in dictionary conversion

Hello. I have some problems with conversion to dic format. I need some extra dictionaries, because it will help me in studying languages. Mainly ENG-PL, ES-PL, DE-PL. After some research I found that obtaining dictionaries is difficult for pocketbook devices. I found on this forum simple advice how to convert everything. I started with preparations. I downloaded PHP and PERL software, KINDLEUNPACK, pocketbook converter ver3 from this forum...
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Pocketbook Inkpad 3 or Kobo Libra H2O?

Hi! guys. I want to buy an ebook reader (it is my first time) and I am between Kobo Libra H2O and Pocketbook Inkpad 3. Both of them have similar specs and prices (at least in my country), but I really like Libra's design. On the other hand, I like that the Pocketbook has an audiobook capability and the fact that it is not connected with a bookstore is a plus. I am a heavy reader (5-7 hours a day), so my main worry is about battery life. My other worry is about the dictionary. I heard that in...
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Why is Kobo epub reader lacking features?

I understand why it is lacking some features of kepub reader, because it's using different reading software. But as i understand both Pocketbook and Kobo use Adobe RMSDK for epubs, and Pocketbook has image zoom, rapid page turning, and choosing between adobe page numbering and "one page turn is one page" numbering, all three Kobo lacks, despite being much bigger company, so why is that?
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Fix screen 624

Hi, I have two old PB624 with broken screen. I like to repair them (because I want to know, if its possible and try i by myself). They have different screens and SD card (that is used like internal memory) is missing. I want to ask about display. Must I buy absolutely same type of display or will other work? I am from Czech, so AliExpress is one option. Can I found software/firmware that was on SD to try to have replace them? Here is old types of displays.
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3 problems with Inkpad 3

I have Pocketbook Inkpad 3 and it has three annoying issues. First it had this: When it wakes up and I continue where I left off, it often messes with the font size. It doesn't keep the setting I have chosen previously. So, I updated the software to the latest version thinking it might fix it, it now does it still, but not as often as it used to. But after the update I have TWO new issues: - It occasionally just shuts down while I'm reading. - It skips pages. For example I am on page 90, wh...
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German-English dictionary for Vivlio Touch HD plus

Hello, I have a Vivlio Touch HD plus (Pocketbook 632 commercialised in France under that name), and I am in dire need of a German-English or German-French dictionary on it : ideally a .dic or .pbi format. Major plus if it can translate conjugated verbs (for example tell me that "gemacht" originates from "machen", which means "do") but maybe I'm asking for too much... I find the dictionary originally set up on my Vivlio (ABBY whatever) absolutely dreadful. It doesn't translate half of the words...
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New Inkpad 3. Good battery life

Hello, I have recently bought a new Pocketbook Inkpad 3. It came with firmware 6.1.1228. I asked the pocketbook support team about the need to update to 6.1.1229 or not, and they told me it is the same version, but installed in factory with that version name. The support service is very fast and they are really kind and helpful. I had some doubts regarding the battery life together with sleeping / power off, as I had read that battery is also consumed during sleep, so some people advise to k...
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HD3 Home screen does not respond

HD3 Touch (PB632) I don't know when this started, but I can't open books from my home screen any more. Everything else works perfectly, just not tapping a book on the home screen. I need to go to the library view to open a book. Anyone else having this problem?
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InkPad H3 - Power button light pulsating

Hello, for some reason I do not understand starting from tonight the power button light has started pulsating and - being always on - it is fast discharging the reader. I tried shutting it down and turning it on again to no avail. I looked around for some way to do a soft reset, but I could only find links to factory reset, which I would not like to do as I could lose all my collections (maybe ?). Any help, please ? Thanks in advance Bruno
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pocketbook color dictionary error

Is there someone whose pocketbook says no license file for this dictionary while trying to use dictionary? Is there any way to fix it?
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List of available 3rd party apps & mods?

Hi, Is there a list somewhere of mods & apps for the Pocketbook devices? The links in the pinned thread Master Thread for FAQs, tips, apps are all very old.
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PocketBook Inkpad Color (PB741)

I ordered one on the first day of was available on Amazon and received it yesterday. It may not be the perfect color device, but it is still a significant upgrade for me over my Kindle Paperwhite (G1). I've put a bunch of books on it and some magazines and I'm pleased with the look so far. I'm still learning the device. I tried inserting a micro SD card with a capacity of 128gb (smallest I have) and it recognized it as only having 66mb. So I'll have to order 32gb card. Not that it is urgent. ...
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