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Intego Mac Podcast, Episode 84: Oh, Google…

We've called out Facebook many times recently for their security issues, and now it's time to look at a couple of problems with Google. We also discuss the Huawei situation, and how it may affect Apple, and more.
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The PhotoActive Podcast, Episode 43: Autofocus with Rishi Sanyal

Learn how to use the various autofocus modes on your camera.
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Chris, John and just a bit of Ty Pennington

In this Marketing Over Coffee: Learn about Life to the Extreme, Dark Web, Velvet Rope Social, and more! Direct Link to File Brought to you by our sponsors: LinkedIn and Trust Insights Chris on the Blue Mic Facebook Pixel Less Effective? Facebook removes inauthentic behavior accounts Darkweb vs. the Velvet Rope 8:05 LinkedIn Marketing Solutions is how B2B Marketers and advertisers drive brand awareness and generate leads. It’s the only place where you can find over 575 million user ...
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ThinkComputers Podcast #178

This week on the podcast we talk about our review of the Corsair Crystal Series 680X RGB Case, our predictions for Computex and more! The post ThinkComputers Podcast #178 appeared first on
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#499 Why It Might Be Time To Scrub Your Email List: Interview with Neil Patel

On today’s episode of the Internet Marketing Podcast, Andy is joined by Neil Patel, C o-Founder at Neil Patel Digital to talk about email marketing and why it might be time to scrub your email list as well as podcasts and podcasting analytics. Plus, Neil provides his predictions for where SEO is heading in the near future. On the show you’ll learn: Why email marketing isn’t dead Why you should be using email marketing Why email marketing is a great way to build traffic to your site Why it migh...
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Ep. 40 – Erin Levine on the Efficiency of Divorce as as Service

In our 40th Episode, Greg and Marlene interview Erin Levine, an attorney and founder/CEO of Hello Divorce, a service that makes divorce more human and accessible by offering legal help and wellness support throughout the process of dissolving a marriage.   Offered in California, Hello Divorce offers access to resources and tools and different service levels, from basic to concierge to a la carte access to independent fixed fee attorneys.  Erin highlights that the legal process can be co...
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Podcast 60: Google adds rich results support for how-to content

In this episode of the Cherryleaf Podcast, we look at Google’s announcement to support and promote rich, how-to structured data in Google Search and the Google Assistant. The post Podcast 60:... [[ For the full article, see]]
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Making Meaningful Connections that Drive Business Success

Behind every great entrepreneur there is usually someone (or several someones) who helped guide them on the path to achieving greatness. Many entrepreneurs credit teachers, mentors and colleagues who left a lasting impression, changing the course of their lives in some meaningful way. That’s been the case for Patrick Campbell as he transitioned from working for the government, to Google to the start-up world and eventually founding his own company. Today, Patrick is the CEO of Profi...
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Podcast #510: The Greatest Battle of the Korean War

The Korean War is often overlooked by Americans. But this forgotten war played a big role in shaping the world order in the second half of the 20th century. What’s more, one of the most heroic and harrowing military operations in U.S. history took place deep in the snowy and bitterly cold mountains of North Korea, creating a legendary group of fighters who became known as the “Frozen Chosin.”  My guest today has written a book that captures this event in military history. His name is Hampton ...
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The Next Track, Episode #150 – Ambient Music

The problem with the genre of ambient music is that most of it is not ambient music. No one really agrees on what exactly ambient music is. We discuss the genre, and the music, and how we feel about this type of music.
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Down Range Radio #623: A Concealed Carry Expo

This week, it’s all about the U.S. Concealed Carry Association Expo and training session in Pittsburg! Down Range Radio – Podcast Episode #623. Scroll down for reference links on topics discussed in this episode. Disclaimer: The statements and opinions expressed here are our own and may not represent those of the companies we represent or any entities affiliated to it. Host: Michael Bane Producer: Marshal Halloway More information and reference links: MichaelBane.TV Michael Bane on Facebook...
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A Conversation on Finding Your Deeper Identity and Purpose

When you can't become who you want to be, you can still become who you're meant to be. And the person you're meant to be is so much bigger than you've dreamed. In the last few weeks I have done dozens of radio interviews across the US, UK and Australia sharing lessons like this from my book The Making of Us. Here is one of my favourites. In this far-reaching conversation, Susie Larson and I discuss the difference between primary and secondary callings, how fixating on our past achievements can b...
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[Podcast] Jacob Cass on Giant Thinkers discussing Design Process, Networking, Travel & Passive Income

Join Ram “The Giant Thinker” Castillo and I as we discuss design, blogging, travel and so much more. Ram is an award winning Design Director, Blogger, top ranking Podcaster, Speaker, Instructor and Author of two internationally acclaimed books, How to get a job as a designer, guaranteed and How to get a mentor as a designer, guaranteed. Some of the topics we spoke about include: Introvert-proof ways to network How to grow and generate passive income through blogging How he fin...
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7 Ways to Improve Your Financial Health

It’s easy to stress over money. But you will feel less stress if you take action to improve your financial health. We share seven ways. On The BIGG Success Show, we discuss how to get over stressing about money by taking seven tangible steps to improve your financial health. Here’s a summary of that discussion. […] The post 7 Ways to Improve Your Financial Health appeared first on Bigg Success. [click the title link above to read our full post]
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How to survive the last month of school. You’ve got this, parents | Spawned Ep 154

The countdown to summer has begun, and if your schedules are anything like ours, things get a whole lot crazier this last month (or couple of weeks, depending on where you live). On this episode of Spawned Parenting Podcast, we’re sharing our tried and true tips for surviving the stress of the end of the […]
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Podcast #509: Good Shame; Bad Shame

In the modern age, shame is often seen as an unmitigated bad. According to this popular view, all shame is negative and toxic and steps should be taken to avoid and rid oneself of it. My guest today, however, makes the contrarian case that some shame is actually necessary to develop a true sense of self.  His name is Joseph Burgo, he’s a clinical psychologist and the author of the book Shame: Free Yourself, Find Joy, and Build True Self-Esteem. Today on the show Joseph and I discuss what exac...
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What Jeremy Learned with [Podcast #263]

Several months ago — maybe a year? — Jeremy started Church and Mental Health. There’s a lot to learn about with this intersection and something that Jeremy is very passionate about along with various members of the ChurchMag team. So what does this have to do with Church Tech? A lot! Jeremy shares about what he’s learned about starting a new project as we talk about what to consider when you start something new. We would love to hear your thoughts! Reach out to us on Twitter @ChurchMag using ...
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5/18 The Illegal Curve Hockey Show – Part 2

Part 2 of The IC Hockey Show - Saturday, May 18, 2019
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5/18 The Illegal Curve Hockey Show – Part 1

Part 1 of The IC Hockey Show - Saturday, May 18, 2019
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Hospitals pushing manufacturers, Israel bombing hackers, Equifax nailed again, Amazon going after Fedex and Ups, Monster computer vulnerability, Huawei presidential order, Mcafee – Norton hack and more Today on TTWCP Radio Show:[05-19-19]

Hospitals pushing manufacturers, Israel bombing hackers, Equifax nailed again, Amazon going after Fedex and Ups, Monster computer vulnerability, Huawei presidential order, Mcafee – Norton hack and more Today on TTWCP Radio Show:[05-19-19] document.createElement('audio');
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The Chris Voss Show Podcast CEO Don Sevcik CEO Don Sevcik
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The Chris Voss Show Podcast BodyBrew President Kim Kapp

BodyBrew President Kim Kapp
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Intego Mac Podcast, Episode 83: Epic disasters: ZombieLoad, WhatsApp, Google 2FA Keys, and Microsoft RDP

It's been a busy week for security vulnerabilities. ZombieLoad affects all recent Intel processors, and Apple has issued a fix for it. A serious WhatsApp vulnerability made the evening news because it was so dangerous. And Google and Microsoft had a few issues as well.
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The Next Track, Episode #149 – In Which We Discuss the Potential Breakup of iTunes Yet Again Because We Really Didn’t Have Anything Else to Talk About This Week

We discuss the potential breakup of iTunes yet again, because there is some new information about what the future of iTunes will be.
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Tiffani Bova on Growth IQ

In this Marketing Over Coffee: Learn about the different types of company growth and how to get them! Direct Link to File Brought to you by our sponsors: LinkedIn and Trust Insights Growth and Innovation Evangelist at Growth IQ: Get Smarter About the Choices that Will Make or Break Your Business Intro from Geoffrey Moore The different ways to grow and the 10 paths to growth Course correcting Growthstall 7:15 LinkedIn Marketing Solutions is how B2B Marketers and adver...
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ThinkComputers Podcast #177

This week on the podcast we talk about our reviews of the Noctua NH-U12A CPU Cooler and the NZXT HUE 2 Ambient Kit, another security flaw found in Intel processors and more! The post ThinkComputers Podcast #177 appeared first on
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Anchor’s new feature lets listeners leave voice messages for podcast hosts

February’s acquisition of Anchor was a savvy move on Spotify’s behalf. It’s a clever and rapidly growing company that will help the music service get a big leg up in its bid to build podcast operation. For the looks of it, however, the big buy out isn’t making Anchor complacent when it comes to building out its own offerings. The startup has done a fine job providing tools designed to further lower the bar of entry for podcasting. Anchor’s latest feature is an interesting addition on that fro...
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DR Podcast 314: How To Leave Your Expensive Investment Advisor

In this podcast, Rob takes a deep dive into what you get when you pay high advisory fees. Most of the time, you’re paying for an actively managed fund that’s highly diversified across maybe 20-30 funds. In contrast, Vanguard or similar index funds put your money in 3 or 4 mutual funds. But don’t stop there. Rob compares the Fidelity Freedom 2050 target retirement fund with the similar Vanguard 2050 retirement fund. The Fidelity one has 25 funds, and the Vanguard one has only fund, which is pr...
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