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RIP Radical Poet and Revolutionary Publisher Lawrence Ferlinghetti (1919-2021)

“Democracy is not a spectator sport,” Lawrence Ferlinghetti proclaimed on the wall of his City Lights bookstore, a San Francisco fixture since the poet, activist, and publisher founded the landmark with Peter D. Martin in 1953. Ferlinghetti, who died on Monday at age 101, was himself a fixture, a venerated steward of the counterculture. (See him read “Last Prayer,” above, in a clip from The Last Waltz). On his 100th birthday–on which the city instituted an annual “Lawrence Ferlinghetti D...
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The soul of the city: San Francisco honors literary hero Lawrence Ferlinghetti

The co-founder of the City Lights Bookstore had global stature but remained a neighborhood fixtureBy early afternoon, a small memorial of flowers and a can of Pabst had begun to accumulate outside the door of City Lights Books, to commemorate the death of its co-founder Lawrence Ferlinghetti.And by the evening, a vigil for Ferlinghetti, one of the last living links to the Beat generation, was being held in the adjacent Jack Kerouac Alley, a tiny side street that separates the bookstore – a touri...
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Beat poet Lawrence Ferlinghetti (RIP) reads a poem about his dog

Here is 1965 video of pioneering Beat poet and City Lights owner Lawrence Ferlinghetti, who died yesterday at age 101, reading a poem about his dog Homer. "Dog" was published in 1958 in Ferlighetti's masterpiece A Coney Island of the Mind: Poems. —
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'Everyone knew him': San Francisco honors literary hero Lawrence Ferlinghetti

The co-founder of the City Lights Bookstore had global stature but remained a neighborhood fixtureBy 2pm, a small memorial of flowers and a can of Pabst had begun to accumulate outside the door of City Lights Books, to commemorate the death of its co-founder Lawrence Ferlinghetti.A vigil, unaffiliated with City Lights, will take place at 7pm tonight in the adjacent Jack Kerouac Alley. That tiny side street separates the bookstore – a tourist attraction and official city landmark for decades – fr...
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Lawrence Ferlinghetti obituary

Poet whose outlook spanned anarchism, ecology and small business, as founder of the City Lights Bookstore in San FranciscoLawrence Ferlinghetti, poet, artist, activist and founder of San Francisco’s famous City Lights Bookstore, who has died aged 101 of interstitial lung disease, was the least “beat” of the Beat Generation. In addition to a political commitment that blended anarchism and ecology – he loathed the motor car, calling it “the infernal combustion engine” – he had an instinctive busin...
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Nude selfies: are they now art?

Lockdown has triggered a boom in the exchange of intimate shots – and now a new book called Sending Nudes is celebrating the pleasures and perils of baring all to the cameraHave you ever sent a nude selfie? The question draws a thick red line between generations, throwing one side into a panic while the other just laughs. And yet, as far back as 2009, that fount of moral wisdom, Kanye West, was advising how to stay safe. “When you take the picture cut off your face / And cover up the tattoo by t...
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Unfinished manuscripts that lay behind Palestinian critic’s stated contempt for fiction

Scholar Edward Said longed to write novels, yet never succeeded, a new biography revealsEdward Said was clear and firm: the work of a critic, he argued, is more important than the work of poets and novelists. It is public intellectuals, he believed, who are the writers most able to challenge power and change the world.But according to a new biography of the highly respected Palestinian scholar and literary critic, Said secretly wrote both poetry and fiction – not even mentioning it to his friend...
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‘You can smell the sweat and hair gel’: the best nightclub scenes from culture

Writers and artists including Róisín Murphy, Tiffany Calver and Sigala on the art that transports them to the dancefloor during lockdownThere have been many notable nightclubs in film history. The Blue Angel in the Marlene Dietrich movie; the Copacabana in Goodfellas, accessible to privileged wiseguys via the kitchen; the Slow Club in Blue Velvet, with the emotionally damaged star turn Isabella Rossellini singing the song of the same name. Continue reading...
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TS Eliot winner Bhanu Kapil: 'It's hard to study something by standing in front of it'

The poet’s latest collection, How to Wash a Heart, was partly inspired by a news story about a liberal white couple taking in an Asian refugeeBhanu Kapil’s fourth poetry collection, Schizophrene, relays a scene from India’s partition. A girl fleeing her childhood home glimpses, through a hole in the cart in which she’s hidden, countless women tied to trees on the newly drawn border with Pakistan, their stomachs cut out. “This story, which really wasn’t a story but an image, was repeated to me at...
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YouTube video - Yasmina

I just recorded a reading of one of my new poems to YouTube. Yasmina is about the friendship between a young Syrian boy and a hen. The poem is taken from my new collection of short stories and poems titled Small Lights Burning. You can check it out and purchase a copy on either Kindle or in paperback via Amazon.  Posted by Steve Wheeler from Learning with e's [Author: [email protected] (Steve Wheeler)]
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Unbound Edition Press to Publish Feralizing: An Age Coming in Five Acts, Debut Poetry Collection from Alex Wells Shapiro

Unbound Edition Press today announced it has signed poet Alex Wells Shapiro for his debut collection of poetry, Feralizing: An Age Coming in Five Acts. It has a planned publication date of May 2022. The collection, remarkable for its unflinching, frank view of pressing social issues, contemplates the meaning of mixed or colliding identities within the confines of a city. “Dense populations complicate the boundaries between personal spaces, between an individual and unity,” Shapiro says. “Thes...
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Lust, loss and linguine: the lockdown love poems of Tim Key

Like everyone else, the comic spent 2020 walking around his flat. Unlike everyone else, he also wrote a book of poetry. He introduces two excerptsThey’re curious old things, lockdowns. The first one, in particular, was high-impact. Very disorienting. Nothing made sense at first. All energy was diverted into vaguely getting used to the word and then the concept. Lockdown. Related: The Guide: Staying In – sign up for our home entertainment tips Continue reading...
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Small lights burning

Over the years, I have written a substantial collection of poems about childhood, growing up and being young (because I was young myself once ... no, really). It was difficult to narrow down this stack of poems to just 50, but I managed to do it, and they have now been published in a new book called Small Lights Burning. The book also features several short stories - all about children and their imagination. I decided to publish this volume to celebrate the birth of my first grandchild, Norah...
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Imperfect rhymes.

I don't know what poems and raps you are working on, but me, I needed a rhyme for "infinite." I resorted to using a website called Rhyme Zone, which informed me that there were no perfect rhymes, but it listed near rhymes, ranking them according to nearness, with 100 being a perfect rhyme. First on the list was "pinion nut," with a 92 rating. Less near were "intimate," "indiscriminate," and "Berlin summit," at 88. The most interesting suggestion was "sinful lust," 84.... Conversation at Mea...
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'Love’s labours should be lost': Maria Stepanova, Russia's next great writer

The Muscovite’s work is arriving in English this year in three books of remarkable memoir, poems and essays that, she explains, reach for ‘the truth of the past’Years ago, Maria Stepanova visited the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington DC to do research for a book she would end up working on for 30 years. After telling him of her plan, the museum adviser replied: “Ah. One of those books where the author travels around the world in search of his or her roots – there are plenty o...
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Good Bones: a heart-tugging video poem about this terrible world

Film by Anais La Rocca. Poem by Maggie Smith. Good BonesLife is short, though I keep this from my children.Life is short, and I've shortened minein a thousand delicious, ill-advised ways,a thousand deliciously ill-advised waysI'll keep from my children. — Read the rest
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Tonight we are not going to sleep: Extracts from ‘a naked bone’ by Mangaliso Buzani

These extracts from poet Mangaliso Buzani’s book of poetry, ‘a naked bone’, traverse the boundaries between life and death The post Tonight we are not going to sleep: Extracts from ‘a naked bone’ by Mangaliso Buzani appeared first on The Mail & Guardian.
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Dante's descendant to take part in 'retrial' of poet's 1302 corruption case

Seven centuries after guilty verdict in Florence, Sperello di Serego Alighieri to help test whether poet’s conviction would stand today[Article revised due to a misunderstanding about the ‘retrial’ - see footnote]The reputation of Dante Alighieri needs little burnishing: his Divine Comedy, tracing the poet’s journey through Hell, Purgatory and Paradise, is widely regarded as one of the greatest works ever written. But more than 700 years after Dante was accused of corruption and condemned to be ...
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To hell with Brexit and Westminster

Martina Crowther-Menn wonders what Dante would make of the Brexit disruption in Dover, while Matt Richie looks forward to an independent ScotlandI enjoyed Ben Fletcher’s vivid image of Dante’s fifth circle of hell for the post-Brexit channel crossings (Report, 31 January).There’s a big difference, though: in Dante the poor souls are suffering their torment as punishment for their own sins (intemperate anger), whereas at Dover the lorry drivers are enduring their misery because of the sins of oth...
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Dante's descendant seeks to overturn poet's 1302 corruption conviction

Seven centuries after the poet was found guilty in Florence, Sperello di Serego Alighieri has begun a campaign to clear his ancestor’s nameThe reputation of Dante Alighieri needs little burnishing: his Divine Comedy, tracing the poet’s journey through Hell, Purgatory and Paradise, is widely regarded as one of the greatest works ever written. But more than 700 years after Dante was accused of corruption and condemned to be burned to death, his descendant is looking to clear his name.Sperello di S...
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What should sound weird?

I'm reading "Amanda Gorman showed us how civic ceremonies can have prayer without invoking God" by Kate Cohen (WaPo):  Hearing a grown-up ask God for something should sound as strange to me as hearing him plead with Santa or Superman. “We seek your faith, your smile, your warm embrace,” should sound weird. But it doesn’t. I was raised in America, where pledging allegiance “under God,” spending money stamped with “In God We Trust” and ending speeches with “God Bless America” are so automatic that...
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New book published (second edition)

I'm very pleased with the new cover for the second edition of Urban Voices. I have added several new poems to the collection and revised some of the illustrations, so I thought a makeover of the front cover might also be in order.I selected this photo from a series of four I took one rainy late evening as I was walking through Piccadilly Circus  in London. In case you're wondering, Piccadilly Circus isn't yer actual circus (no performing animals or clowns - although some might disagree), and i...
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Patricia Lockwood: 'That's what's so attractive about the internet: you can exist there as a spirit in the void’

The ‘poet laureate of Twitter’ and author of the acclaimed memoir Priestdaddy has written her first novel. She discusses politics, finding her voice, and her experience of long CovidThe day before my interview with the poet, essayist, memoirist and novelist Patricia Lockwood, the attempted coup took place in Washington DC. She, like myself and millions of others, followed it online, scrolling for hours, watching as President Trump continued to incite his fans by posting untruths about the electi...
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Black on both sides: the African diaspora around the world – in pictures

Sasha Phyars-Burgess’s Untitled features essays, poems and stunning photographs that delve into the black experience and the true meaning of ‘home’ Continue reading...
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Amanda Gorman signs modeling contract after star turn at inauguration

Already a fashion sensation, the 22-year-old joins IMG Models, the same agency as Gigi and Bella HadidAmanda Gorman, whose performance of her poem The Hill We Climb during Joe Biden’s presidential inauguration drew widespread praise, has signed to IMG Models, the same agency as Gigi and Bella Hadid.The 22-year-old US national youth poet laureate, has already become a fashion sensation. The red satin Prada headband she wore during the inauguration ceremony led to the item selling out, while her y...
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Watch Amanda Gorman Read “The Hill We Climb,” “Making Mountains As We Run,” “Fury and Faith,” and More Led by celebrity host Tom Hanks, the Biden inauguration’s entertainers, A-listers all, were safe bets, reliable stadium-fillers with instant mass appeal. They “did exactly what we needed them to do,” remarked Stephanie Zacharek at TIME, offering the reassurance that “we no longer need to live in dread.” They were “singers you actually know,” Alexis Petridis wrote at The Guardian. The comment was a dig at the previous administration’s C and D-li...
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Watch inaugural poet Amanda Gorman's TED talk about the political power of poetry

Three years before National Youth Poet Laureate Amanda Gorman, 21, stole the inaugural stage with "The Hill We Climb," she gave this provocative, enlightening, and rousing TED-Ed talk titled "Using your voice is a political choice." From TED: Poetry is for everyone, she says, and at its core it's all about connection and collaboration. — Read the rest
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Word of the week: Fig

This post was going to be a short riff on a line in that Inauguration poem by Youth Poet Laureate Amanda Gorman—the line about the vine and the fig tree, which got me thinking about figs. Mmmm, figs. But one fig led to another, and next thing you know I was way down a figgy rabbit hole from which there was no escape. Go figure. Here’s the line from “The Hill We Climb”: Scripture tells us to envision that everyone shall sit under their own vine and fig tree, and no one shall make them afra...
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How Amanda Gorman became the voice of a new American era

Her recital at Joe Biden’s inauguration electrified viewers and sent the hitherto little known poet’s work to the top of the chartsOn Wednesday in Washington DC, a striking young woman stood at a podium on the steps of the US Capitol, surrounded by the country’s leaders, who were masked against the pandemic. She was unmasked, at a safe distance, so she could speak with resonance and force, spreading her enthusiastic vision without danger. She radiated joy, conviction and purpose as she declaimed...
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The Hill We Climb by Amanda Gorman

Poetry is complex, beautiful, and mysterious. My wife Amy writes poetry. So does my first business partner Dave Jilk (Rejuvenilia, Distilled Moments). There is a lot of poetry in my house. Both Amy and I had tears in our eyes after listening to Amanda Gorman yesterday. I knew America had a national poet laureate, but I didn’t know we had a national youth poet laureate. We’ve now had four; Amanda was the first. Even if you heard her read The Hill We Climb yesterday, I encourage you to liste...
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