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Niantic promises to make Pokémon Go less troublesome for homeowners

Niantic is looking to settle the lawsuits filed by angry homeowners who were affected by hordes of Pokémon Go players trespassing on their properties. Niantic promised to resolve complaints within 15 days, among other things. The post Niantic promises to make Pokémon Go less troublesome for homeowners appeared first on Digital Trends.
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New Detective Pikachu Trailer Still Terrifying

Warner Bros. Entertainment has released a brand new trailer for the upcoming 3D CG live-action Pokemon movie, “Pokemon: Detective Pikachu”, showcasing even more of the mostly disturbing 3D animated Pokemon. The trailer, getting ever closer to the grisly-looking Pokemon than most would have likely hoped: Pokemon: Detective Pikachu will premiere in North American theaters on […]
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Toys R Us Canada FREE In-Store Event: Get Your Hair Styled! + Pink Shirt Day + Trade & Play Day, Today!

Toys R Us Canada has published the FREE Activities for February 2019. Saturday, February 16, 2019, 11:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.: Get your hair styled! Available at Select store locations only. Saturday, February 16, 2019, at 11:00 am: Pink Shirt Day: We’re giving away FREE “Be a Buddy, Not a Bully” pink shirts to support Pink Shirt Day! Help us take a stand against bullying by wearing your pink shirt on February 27, 2019. No purchase necessary. Max. 100 shirts per store. Limit one per chil...
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Pokémon GO Lawsuit Settlement Might Lead To Some Pokéstops And Gyms Being Removed

Pokémon GO creator Niantic is looking to end a lawsuit that was first started back in 2016, during the height of Pokémon GO’s popularity. The suit was filed by numerous homeowners who believed the company had caused players to trespass onto their property to catch Pokémon or activate Pokéstops.Read more...
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‘Detective Pikachu’ TV Spot: Pikachu Has a Caffeine Addiction and No Memory

Detective Pikachu is sarcastic, self-loathing, addicted to caffeine, and seems to have lost his memory. In other words, he’s just like us! The latest Detective Pikachu TV spot gives us a better idea of the troubles plaguing Pikachu (he must solve the mystery of Tim Goodman’s missing father…but not before he solves himself) and shows off some first looks at other familiar Pokemon rendered in horrifyingly realistic CGI. Detective Pikachu TV Spot The first trailer was chock full of Pokemon...
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New Detective Pikachu TV Spot Sheds Some Light on the Story

BEGIN SLIDESHOW New Detective Pikachu TV spot sheds some light on the story A new TV spot for Detective Pikachu is here, and its jam-packed will all the delightful hijinks one might expect from a live-action Pokemon movie where Ryan Reynolds voices the title character. You can check it out in the player below! Detective Pikachu’s eclectic cast consists of Golden Globe nominee Reynolds (Deadpool) as the titular talking Pokemon with Justice Smith (Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom), Kathryn N...
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Proposed ‘Pokémon Go’ Lawsuit Settlement May Remove Poké Stops, Gyms

A proposed settlement in the class action lawsuit against “Pokémon Go” developer Niantic could remove or change a number of Poké Stops and Gyms in the popular augmented reality game. The proposed settlement was filed in a California court on Thursday and applies to anyone in the U.S. who owns or leases property within 100 meters […]
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Take Pictures with Your Pokémon in the Real World

When it hit app stores on iOS and Android back in July 2016, Pokémon GO was a sensation. It was also one of the first big augmented reality titles to achieve massive success. Image via Vincent M.A. Janssen from Though it has fallen off of its peak somewhat, the AR app is still one of the hottest (and most lucrative) games around. If you’ve never experienced AR before, it is like something between total virtual reality and reality itself. AR games put 3D characters into the real wor...
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Pokemon: Let’s Go Pikachu & Eevee Gets a Demo

Nintendo has published the official demo for Pokemon: Let’s Go, Pikachu! and Pokemon: Let’s Go, Eevee! for North America, Europe and Japan. An overview of the game’s features directly from Nintendo: Download the game demo for free! Hello new Pokemon Trainers, a demo of Pokemon: Let’s Go, Pikachu! and Pokemon: Let’s Go, Eevee! games is available just for you. Explore Viridian Forest, […]
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Niantic Is Making It Easier to Take Photos in ‘Pokémon Go’

Niantic’s augmented reality game “Pokémon Go” is getting a new feature that will make it easier to capture photos of Pokémon in their natural habitats, the developer announced on Monday. Go Snapshot lets a person take a photo of any Pokémon in their storage. They can access the new photo mode while looking at a […]
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If you’re among the millions of those who’ve used their smartphones to chase Pokémon in the real world, then you already know how amazing augmented reality (AR) can be, although you may not be aware of its broader implications. But VR’s younger sibling has moved beyond gaming and entertainment, and it didn’t take long before people started exploring AR for different applications, such as advertising, retail, training – you name it. This technology continues to grow rapidly, and it could soon bec...
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Toys “R” Us Canada FREE Event for February + Tour Schedule for Peppa Pig and George Celebrate The Year of the Pig FREE Kids Events

Saturday, February 9, 2019, 11:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m. A 2-in-1 Make and Take! Recommended for kids ages 4 and up. Max. 200 builds per store, while they last! View Tour Schedule Come out and say hi to Peppa Pig and her little brother George in select Toys”R”Us stores! Make sure to bring a camera/phone to snap a photo of Peppa and George with your little ones. Parents – Don’t miss your chance to enter a ballot for a chance to win an amazing Peppa Pig Prize Pack!*PLUS – It’s almost the ...
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Walking with Pokémon

Augmented reality is when apps and games overlay a real-time camera feed with images, characters and data to provide all kinds of interactive experiences. Pokémon GO is a very popular augmented reality game and University of Tokyo researchers revealed for the first time how the game positively impacted the physical activity in players over 40. They hope the findings will inform urban planners and game designers to inspire people to be more active.
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Top 10 Strongest Smash Bros. Fighters

The most powerful fighters of the Smash Brothers franchise have been selected in this new ranking, though it is not clear whether participants voted in reference to the latest installment or purely from a fantasy perspective… The ranking: 1. Kirby 2. Mario 3. Pikachu 4. Shizue 5. Zelda 6. Mewtwo 7. Kamui 8 (tie). Link […]
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mypokepal: No offence but Pokemon has been nothing but a positive force in my life and I will love...

mypokepal: No offence but Pokemon has been nothing but a positive force in my life and I will love Pokemon foreve
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Free Pokemon Card Pack, Coin, Guide & More at Best Buy

Free Pokemon Card Pack, Coin, Guide & More at Best Buy Best Buy is calling all Pokémon trainers! Participants can trade Pokemon cards, take part in other activities! Plus, get a free Booster Pack of Pokemon Cards, Activity Sheet, Coin and Guide at Best Buy! Available while supplies lasts! This offer is valid on Feb. […].Brought to you by: Frugal Focus
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Janong’s Art Focuses Heavily on Gargantuan Breasts

Janong‘s fascination with colossal breasts may be a sentiment shared with numerous appreciators of anime art; his taste in anime women bound to also earn him praise as he potentially gains more followers. From Boku no Hero Academia to Pokemon and God Eater, Janong makes use of the luscious girls of many different franchises:
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Nintendo's quarterly profit rises on hit Switch games

TOKYO (AP) — Nintendo, the Japanese video game maker behind the Super Mario and Pokemon franchises, reported Thursday that its fiscal third quarter profit jumped 25 percent, boosted by the popularity of games for its Switch console.Nintendo... [Author: [email protected]]
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Artist Neocoill Ero-Art Gallery Simply Hardcore

Ero-artist Neocoill is a master of capitalizing on popular anime, manga and games, bound to fully appease fans of such franchises in regards to hardcore erotic art. Some of Neocoill’s recent works include plenty of gals from KonoSuba, Boku no Hero Academia, Pokemon, Xenoblade and others:
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Detective Pikachu Sequel Already In Development At Legendary

BEGIN SLIDESHOW Detective Pikachu sequel already in development at Legendary The Hollywood Reporter has brought word that ahead of the premiere of the highly-anticipated Detective Pikachu, Legendary Pictures has doubled down on the furry Pokémon’s crimefighting story with an order for a sequel. This news comes three months ahead of the premiere of the first live-action outing for the Pokémon franchise and plot details on the sophomore outing have not been revealed yet. ...
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‘Detective Pikachu’ TV Spot Reveals More Pokemon, Makes Pikachu Fart

Detective Pikachu, a movie I still can’t quite believe exists, has a new TV spot, featuring more Pokemon and more flatulence. Ryan Reynolds is the voice of the lead character, a Pokemon who is trying to help a young man find his missing father. Oh, and I guess he farts, too. What is this movie? I don’t really know. Watch the new Detective Pikachu TV spot below! Detective Pikachu Trailer I’ll admit that Detective Pikachu looks way better than I thought it would. That said, I think we cou...
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New Detective Pikachu TV Spot Features More Lifelike Pokémon

BEGIN SLIDESHOW New Detective Pikachu TV spot features more lifelike Pokémon Warner Bros. Pictures has released the first TV spot for director Rob Letterman’s upcoming first live-action Pokémon movie, Detective Pikachu. The video features new scenes from the film including our first look at a big Snubbull and also short clip about what happens when our titular Pokemon drinks too many coffee. Check out the video below! RELATED: Detective Pikachu Trailer: Partner Up with a Legend ...
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Pokémon GO's February Community Day Comes with Swinub And a Twist

It's been a little longer than usual for developer Niantic Labs to announce the next Community Day for Pokémon GO, but it appears we might have a notion why. With Totodile now a distant memory and Feebas' limited research day a sort of weird misfire, we now turn our attention to February, which will feature an appropriately ice-bound little creature to match the season. Swinub will be the featured Pokémon for February Community Day, which returns on February 16. At first blush, this is...
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New Detective Pikachu Trailer Mixes Footage Old & New

The official Detective Pikachu Twitter account has revealed a new trailer for the live-action movie featuring a lot of the franchise’s favorite critters up to no good. The newest trailer also remixes some older footage and splices in a few new scenes with Pokemon not yet seen in action. The trailer featuring Pokemon both old […]
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More Live Action Pokemon Movies Rumored

Legendary Pictures apparently has a lot of faith in their Detective Pikachu film, as it has been rumored that more live action Pokemon movies are on the way, surely good news for those who somehow admire the creepy-looking CG of Detective Pikachu. According to one site’s “trusted sources”, the first film will be a spin-off […]
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What Your Customers Want From Your Company this Year

The beginning of a new year is an excellent time to set goals for your company and make decisions on where to invest your time and money. Satisfied customers come back to your business in the future and tell others what they love about your brand. Figuring out what your customers want builds your business on multiple levels. In a study of consumers, researchers learned customers value a positive experience so much that by the year 2020, customer experience (CX) will become even more important th...
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The Pokémon Company Unveils Extensive Line of ‘Detective Pikachu’ Merch

The Pokémon Company is putting out an extensive line of products for its first-ever live-action Pokémon movie, “Detective Pikachu,” it announced on Thursday. Among the new offerings are Pokémon Trading Card Game (TCG) booster packs, action figures, an interactive plush from Wicked Cool Toys, and an adorable deerstalker hat with Pikachu ears. All of the […]
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Niantic finalizes its Series C at $245M with a valuation of nearly $4B

We’ve known since around December that Niantic (the company behind Pokémon GO and the soon to be released Harry Potter Wizards Unite) was in the middle of raising a ton of money for its Series C round. At the time, it looked like it’d come in around $200M dollars. The company has just officially announced the round, disclosing the final amount: $245 million. Niantic says that the round was led by IVP, and backed by aXiomatic Gaming, Battery Ventures, Causeway Media Partners, CRV, and Samsung ...
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Is Ariana Grande's New Pokémon Tattoo a Subtle Tribute to Mac Miller?

Ariana Grande gave her ever-growing tattoo collection a nostalgic upgrade this weekend. On Jan. 13, the singer, songwriter, and music video extraordinaire shared an Instagram Stories snap to show off some brand-new ink on her inner arm: a Pokémon character known as Eevee. "I've wanted this for so long. thank u sm," Grande captioned the photo while tagging Los Angeles-based tattoo artist Kane Navasard. Grande unveiled the tattoo just a few hours after admitting that she played a Pokémon game on ...
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