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Facial recognition tech: watchdog calls for code to regulate police use

Barrister for information commissioner tells court formal legal framework is requiredThe information commissioner has expressed concern over the lack of a formal legal framework for the use of facial recognition cameras by the police.A barrister for the commissioner, Elizabeth Denham, told a court the current guidelines around automated facial recognition (AFR) technology were “ad hoc” and a clear code was needed. Continue reading...
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Manchester police defend prosecution of two mentally ill people

Women who tried to kill themselves were charged this year after causing traffic jamsA police force has defended its decision to prosecute two mentally ill women who were charged after they caused traffic jams when trying to kill themselves.Greater Manchester police (GMP) charged the two this year following the incidents. The force said it would review both cases and stressed prosecution was “rarely a course of action for someone with a mental health condition”. Continue reading...
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Overwatch Riot Police Skin Triggers Twitter

The usual Twitter snowflakes have become disgusted at Blizzard’s Overwatch as it has introduced a riot police skin, the horde of individuals labeling law enforcement as evil and villainous despite Overwatch containing heroes who essentially fulfill the same purpose as police. Blizzard showcased the new riot police skin for one of their heroes via a […]
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Coroner’s Office rules man who died in Pasadena standoff did not shoot himself

The Los Angeles County Medical Examiner-Coroner’s Office on Tuesday said an armed man who was shot and killed during a standoff with Pasadena police on Friday did not shoot himself. Officials ruled that 36-year-old Daniel Warren’s death was a homicide, and noted that he died of gunshot wounds in the left armpit and right thigh. The Coroner’s Office defines homicide as death at the hands of another person, regardless of whether the killing was justified or wrongful. The word “homicide” is also us...
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Office worker launches UK's first police facial recognition legal action

Ed Bridges, from Cardiff, says ‘intrusive’ technology is used on thousands of peopleAn office worker who believes his image was captured by facial recognition cameras when he popped out for a sandwich in his lunch break has launched a groundbreaking legal battle against the use of the technology.Supported by the campaign group Liberty, Ed Bridges, from Cardiff, raised money through crowdfunding to pursue the action, claiming the suspected use of the technology on him by South Wales police was an...
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Revealed: scale of police sexual abuse claims

Nearly 1,500 accusations made against officers in England and Wales over six yearsNearly 1,500 accusations of sexual misconduct, including sexual harassment, exploitation of crime victims and child abuse, have been made against police officers in England and Wales over six years, the Observer can reveal.Figures obtained under the Freedom of Information Act show that 1,491 complaints were filed against police officers, special constables and police community support officers (PCSOs) across 33 for...
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Tone down speeches to avoid hate crime, MEP candidates told

Senior policeman urges campaigners to consider the impact of their wordsPoliticians need to tone down their language to avoid “inciting hatred” and inflaming tensions during the final stage of campaigning for the European elections, a senior police chief has said.Describing the current mood in the UK as “incredibly febrile”, the country’s most senior police figure on hate crime urged public figures and prospective MEPs to temper their rhetoric as the battle for votes enters its last few days. Co...
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Neo-Nazi who planned to murder Labour MP jailed for life

Jack Renshaw, 23, intended to kill Rosie Cooper and police officer Victoria HendersonA neo-Nazi who admitted of the Labour MP Rosie Cooper has been sentenced to life in prison, with a minimum term of 20 years.Jack Renshaw, 23, bought a 48cm (19in) gladius knife to kill the West Lancashire MP and a female police officer against whom he had a grudge. Continue reading...
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Pacific Division jail will reopen Thursday night following bedbug infestation

A Los Angeles Police Department jail on the Westside will reopen Thursday night following a bed bug infestation that forced several inmates to be relocated, officials said. The facility at LAPD’s Pacific Division station near Culver City was closed on Wednesday after bed bugs were found infesting one of the jail cells, according to a written statement. City workers sprayed the jail on Wednesday. After an inspection, vacuuming and a second spraying Thursday, the jail will begin accepting more inm...
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UK Cops Look to Crack Down on Distracted Drive-Thru Payments, Among Other Things

As part of its push to eliminate the scourge of distracted driving, the UK has given the country’s notoriously rigid police force a new tool to help eliminate road deaths: the ability to levy $256 fines and six penalty points to motorists paying via Apple Pay at the drive-thru. Thanks to new laws that went […] The post UK Cops Look to Crack Down on Distracted Drive-Thru Payments, Among Other Things appeared first on The Truth About Cars.
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Axon lies to town that bought its police bodycams, threatens to tase their credit-rating if they cancel the contract

Axon -- formerly Taser International -- makes police bodycams that they sell to towns on the cheap, betting that they'll make it up by gouging the towns for cloud-based storage for footage from the cameras (what could possibly go wrong?!). The town of Fontana, California bought some of Axon's bodycams to try them out with its police force, but after three years, decided to open up a general call for bids by Axon and its competitors to outfit the whole force. When a rival won the contract, ...
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Axon makes false statements to town that bought its police bodycams, threatens to tase their credit-rating if they cancel the contract

Axon -- formerly Taser International -- makes police bodycams that they sell to towns on the cheap, betting that they'll make it up by gouging the towns for cloud-based storage for footage from the cameras (what could possibly go wrong?!). The town of Fontana, California bought some of Axon's bodycams to try them out with its police force, but after three years, decided to open up a general call for bids by Axon and its competitors to outfit the whole force. When a rival won the contract, ...
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London police arrest man who covered face during public facial recognition trials

Police in London conducted a public street trial with facial recognition cameras. A man who covered his face as he walked by the cameras was stopped by officers, forced to submit to being photographed, and then arrested on a charge of public disorder after complaining loudly. The segment starts at 3:35 in the embedded BBC video; here's more coverage from The Independent: The Independent revealed that more than £200,000 was spent on six deployments that resulted in no arrests between August 20...
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NYPD Training Official: Garner Officer Used Banned Chokehold

The practice has been banned since the 1990s because of its potential for lethality.
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Maleah Davis Family Spokesperson Says Missing Girl Was “Dismembered” After Stepdad is Arrested for Tampering With Corpse

A community activist and spokesperson speaking on behalf Maleah Davis—the missing 4-year-old girl from Houston, Texas—revealed graphic details about what allegedly happened to the child at the hands of her mother’s fiancé.“Many people did not know that he had dismembered this beautiful baby,” community activist Quanell X told Houston CBS affiliate KHOU, referring to 26-year-old Derion Vence. “There was blood spatter evidence around the drainage area of the house. Why would human body tissue be i...
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Tijuana police: US man hits 5 people in border car chase

MEXICO CITY (AP) — Police in the Mexican city of Tijuana say an American man has been arrested after a chaotic chase to the San Isidro border crossing with San Diego in which several people were run over. Police said in a statement Monday night that the man threatened a person with a knife and […]
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Police take legal action against former officer who had child with activist

Bob Lambert may have to pay compensation to son who is suing Met after discovery father was undercover officerPolice chiefs are taking legal action against one of their former undercover officers who fathered a child during his covert infiltration of leftwing groups and then abandoned him.The son of the former officer is already suing the Metropolitan police alleging that he has suffered psychiatric damage after discovering at the age of 26 that his father was not a radical protester he claimed ...
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Police Investigators Determined Officer Choked Eric Garner

The findings of an internal affairs inquiry were made public for the first time at a disciplinary hearing against the officer, Daniel Pantaleo.
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Spend £2.7bn more to tackle organised crime, says NCA chief

Lynne Owens to make challenge to ministers during launch of strategic assessmentThe government needs to find an extra £2.7bn to tackle the growth in serious and organised crime that is causing “staggering” damage to the United Kingdom, according to the director general of the National Crime Agency.Lynne Owens is due to make the direct challenge to ministers on Tuesday as she launches the agency’s annual national strategic assessment mapping out dangers from cyber crime, child sexual exploitation...
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Detroit Will Pay Out $60,000 To Woman Whose Dogs Were Shot On A Marijuana Raid

Reason: The City of Detroit will pay out $60,000 to settle a federal civil rights lawsuit by a woman who says police wantonly shot and killed her three dogs during a marijuana raid three years ago. The plaintiff, Nikita Smith, claimed in a 2016 lawsuit that officers from Detroit’s Major Violators Unit acted as a “dog death squad” when they executed a narcotics search warrant on her house for a suspected marijuana offense, shooting three of her pit bulls, including one that was behind a closed ba...
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Man seen burning American flag at CHP officer memorial in Industry, is arrested

A man was arrested after officials said he was spotted burning an American flag left at a memorial for a California Highway Patrol officer in Industry on Sunday. A spokeswoman for the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department said Scott Kennard, a 41-year-old homeless man believed to be living in the area, was arrested at the memorial near the intersection of Valley Boulevard and Turnbull Canyon Road at around 10 a.m. The memorial is for David Romero, a CHP motorcycle officer who was killed in 200...
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‘I Can’t Breathe’: 5 Years After Eric Garner’s Death, an Officer Faces Trial

Disciplinary proceedings against Officer Daniel Pantaleo, who is accused of using a chokehold to subdue Mr. Garner, could lead to his firing.
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Youth clubs and knife crime | Letters

Norma Hornby thinks the prime minister should consider the views of professional youth workers, Bernard Davies points out the flaws in the all-party parliamentary group’s plansStatistics quoted in the Guardian confirm that there is a correlation between swingeing cuts to youth services across England and the high incidence of knife crime committed by young people in some communities (Report, 7 May)The closure of much-needed youth clubs is only the tip of the iceberg because professionally manage...
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Chilean burglary gangs causing havoc in Southern California, law enforcement says

Federal, state and local law enforcement agencies throughout Southern California are joining forces to catch a new breed of brazen criminals using travel visas to enter the U.S. to pillage homes, businesses and automobiles. Dubbed by authorities as “burglary tourism,” sophisticated gangs comprised of Chilean nationals are suspected of committing a string of  thefts in Los Angeles, San Bernardino and Orange counties, including a $1.2 million heist in March at a Laguna Niguel jewelry store. In fac...
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Man, 74, shot with crossbow bolt in north Wales dies

Gerald Corrigan was struck as he adjusted his satellite dish in Holyhead, Anglesey, on Good FridayA man who was shot with a crossbow bolt as he adjusted his satellite dish on Good Friday has died, North Wales police have said.Gerald Corrigan, 74, was struck at his home in Holyhead in Anglesey. The bolt travelled through a significant part ofhis upper body, narrowly missing his heart and then passing through his right arm. Continue reading...
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Social media boycott 'may be only way to protect children'

Police’s top child protection officer says fines would be ‘drop in the ocean’ to tech firmsA public boycott of social media may be the only way to force companies to protect children from abuse, the country’s leading child protection police officer has said.Simon Bailey, the National Police Chiefs’ Council lead on child protection, said tech companies had abdicated their duty to safeguard children and were only paying attention due to fear of reputational damage. Continue reading...
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Software Update Caused Hundreds of Police Ankle Monitors to Go Dark

Like a scene out of a dystopian police state film, a failed software update caused hundreds of ankle monitoring devices in the Netherlands to go dark from police surveillance on Thursday. Read more...
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Shana Grice murder: Sussex officer guilty of gross misconduct

Repeated reports of stalking were not properly investigated, disciplinary panel findsPolice closed the case of a 19-year-old woman who repeatedly reported her stalker before he murdered her, without an officer properly investigating her allegations, a disciplinary hearing has been told.Shana Grice reported her ex-boyfriend Michael Lane to Sussex police five times in six months, but she was fined for wasting police time. Continue reading...
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Detectives jailed for sabotaging child abuse investigations

Essex police officers forged documents and hid evidence out of ‘cynical disdain’Two former detective constables have been jailed for sabotaging child abuse investigations out of laziness and “cynical disdain” for vulnerable victims.Sharon Patterson, 49, and Lee Pollard, 47, forged documents, concealed evidence and lied about investigations. The pair were sentenced to 18 months and two years in prison respectively. Continue reading...
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LAPPL backtracks on source of infectious outbreak at LAPD West Valley station

A rumor about the arrest of a homeless man on Saturday led to Los Angeles Police Department officers suggesting he was the source of an infectious outbreak at a station in Reseda, but the man never had a disease in the first place, police union officials now say. Three officers and a watch commander at the West Valley station were placed on medical leave this week after coming down with an infection. An LAPD spokeswoman said the department did not know where the infection came from. The departme...
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