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EU Ambassador says there is no EU ban on palm oil

In Indonesia, Ambassador of the EU to Indonesia Vincent Guérend said in a statement on Friday that no specific biofuel or feedstock is targeted, all vegetable oils are treated equally, and palm oil is not identified as a bad biofuel, according to Antara News. “Biofuels are an important element of the EU’s renewable energy policy. However, rules are needed to ensure the production of feedstock for biofuels is sustainable and does not cause deforestation through indirect land use change (ILUC),” G...
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Planning for the uncertain future of work

In a recently published, roughly 75-page report, British non-profit organization The Royal Society for the Encouragement of Arts (RSA) outlined several scenarios for how the UK labor market will be impacted by frontier technologies such as automation, AI, AVs and more. The analysis titled “The Four Futures of Work” was conducted in collaboration with design and consulting firm Arup and was spearheaded by the RSA’s “Future Work Centre”, which focuses on the impact of new technologies on work ...
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U.S. reacts to New Zealand's gun ban

Gun control supporters are pointing to the ban as an example of swift, decisive action that the U.S. desperately needs.Others note the inherent differences between the two nations, arguing that it is a good thing that it is relatively hard to pass such legislation in such a short timeframe.The ban will surely shape future conversations about gun control in the U.S. None New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern announced Thursday plans to ban an array of semi-automatic guns and firearms componen...
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The colossal problem with universal basic income

Universal basic income is a band-aid solution that will not solve wealth inequality, says Rushkoff. Funneling money to the 99% perpetuates their roles as consumers, pumping money straight back up to the 1% at the top of the pyramid.Rushkoff suggests universal basic assets instead, so that the people at the bottom of the pyramid can own some means of production and participate in the profits of mega-rich companies. Team Human b...
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Ola’s Karnataka aggregator license cancelled for running bike taxis in Bangalore

The State Transport Department of Karnataka has cancelled Ola’s aggregator license for 6 months, for plying bike taxis under the same license, TheNewsMinute reported. (hat tip: Sharath Kalagaru)  Tanveer Pasha, President of Ola, Taxiforsure and Uber drivers and Owners Association, told MediaNama... ...
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Intermediary Liability Amendment: Civil society Counter Comments on ‘Unlawful Content’

Earlier this year MEITY released a draft of an Amendment to the Intermediary Guidelines for public consultation. The consultation included a counter-comment period, where a number of civil society organisations and researchers have made arguments with specific reference to Rule 3, which details the... ...
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Bolivia gives green light and $2 billion support for GM soy to produce biodiesel

In Bolivia, Spain’s EFE news agency reports that the government has deregulated the use of GM soy on 250,000 acres as well as $2 billion funding for funding and infrastructure so farmers may grow feedstock in the Santa Cruz region as feedstock for biodiesel production. Droughts and floods have caused more than $168 million in crop losses this summer in the region so farmers are looking for ways to help them recover, including GM soy as well as GM corn.
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Paris to tax scooter and bike services

According to the City of Paris, there are 15,000 free-floating vehicles of all forms and shapes in the city, from electric scooters to fluorescent bikes and motorcycle-like scooters. And the City of Paris announced today that companies that operate free-floating services will have to pay a tax depending on the size of their fleet. If the plan goes through and if you’re running a bike-sharing service, you’ll have to pay €20 per bike per year. For scooter companies, they’ll pay €50 per scooter per...
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Slowdown or not, China’s luxury goods still seeing high-end growth

Despite well-documented concerns over an economic slowdown in China, the country’s luxury goods market is still seeing opulent growth according to a new study. Behind secular and demographic tailwinds, the luxury sector is set to continue its torrid expansion in the face of volatility as it’s quickly becoming a defensive economic crown jewel. Using proprietary analysis, company data, primary source interviews, and third-party research, Bain & Company dug into the ongoing expansion of China’s hig...
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Brazil will only extend ethanol quota for US if US takes more sugar

In Washington, Reuters reports that Brazil and the US haven’t made progress on negotiations regarding a renewal of the ethanol quota for US exports to Brazil that expires in a few months due to Washington’s lack of interest in negotiating further sugar market access in exchange. The Brazilian agriculture minister told Reuters in an interview that talks between the two countries’ presidents and senior staff didn’t make much headroom on agriculture at all such as beef and pork.
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Why are we hemorrhaging emergency nurses?

I started my medical career late. Really late. By that time, I’d lived a few lives. I’d earned a boatload of initials. I’d changed husbands, languages, and continents. I’d written a useless novel, and I’d been a Mary Kay lady. One day over lunch as I was looking for something to do with myself, my […] Find jobs at Careers by Search thousands of physician, PA, NP, and CRNA jobs now. Learn more.
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Medicare for all: a campaign promise, catchy bumper sticker, or viable program?     

With the 2020 election cycle already moving into high gear, we are hearing a lot about Medicare for all. But is it a serious campaign promise, a catchy bumper sticker or a viable national program? Supporters suggest it will be a panacea for our nation’s health insurance needs. Others are less sure. And some are […] Find jobs at Careers by Search thousands of physician, PA, NP, and CRNA jobs now. Learn more.
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Google fined €1.49BN in Europe for antitrust violations in search ad brokering

The European Commission has just announced another antitrust fine for Google . The latest fine — €1.49BN (~$1.7BN) — relates to its search ad brokering business, which involves Google selling advertising space related to searches carried out on third party websites. Speaking at a press conference, EU competition commissioner Margrethe Vestager said the search giant — “by far the biggest” search ad broker in the region, with its AdSense platform taking a share in Europe of “well above 70% si...
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Google fined $1.49BN in Europe for antitrust violations in search ad brokering

The European Commission has just announced another antitrust fine for Google . The latest fine — $1.49BN — relates to its search ad brokering business which competition commissioner Margrethe Vestager noted today is “by far” the company’s main source of revenue. “Today’s decision is about how Google abused its domiance to stop website’s using brokers other than the AdSense platform,” she said, noting that the Commission looked at more than 200 agreements and found at least one clause that h...
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A finger in too many pies – India’s draft ecommerce policy barely scrapes the surface of any of the issues it raises

By Divij Joshi The Draft National E-Commerce Policy is an ambitious document – in the course of 42 pages, it aims to guide not only the future of India’s e-commerce sector, but the entirety of its digital economy. Unfortunately, this ambition is also its downfall – the policy’s articulation of... ...
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Ahead of third antitrust ruling, Google announces fresh tweaks to Android in Europe

Google is widely expected to be handed a third antitrust fine in Europe this week, with reports suggesting the European Commission’s decision in its long-running could land later today. Right on cue the search giant has PRed another Android product tweak — which it bills as “supporting choice and competition in Europe”. In the coming months Google says it will start prompting users of existing and new Android devices in Europe to ask which browser and search apps they would like to us...
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Xiaomi launches Mi Pay as a UPI app on Indian Xiaomi smartphones

Xiaomi has launched Mi Pay, its UPI payment app, for Xiaomi smartphone users in India. MIUI users can install Mi Pay from the Mi Store. Users can login with their Mi account or use another account. With Mi Pay, users can also pay utility bills (water, electricity, gas, phone recharges) across 120... ...
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Malaysia wants EU to suspend anit-palm oil policy until its scientific voracity can be proven

In Malaysia, the Bernama news agency reports that the country’s palm oil council says the European Union’s sustainability criteria for biofuels banning the oil’s use due to allegedly high indirect land use change impacts should be suspended until the ILUC rule can be proven to be scientifically-based and non-discriminatory. In response to the EU’s rule approved earlier this month, the country has said that it would implement trade barriers against European imports and halt negotiations for an EU...
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Facebook settles ACLU job advertisement discrimination suit

Facebook and the ACLU issued a joint statement this morning, noting that they have settled . The ACLU filed the suit in September, along with Outten & Golden LLC and the Communications Workers of America, alleging that Facebook allowed employers to target ads based on categories like race, national origin, age and gender. The initial charges were filed on behalf of female workers who alleged they were not served up employment opportunities based on gender. Obviously all of that’s against all ...
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A framework to understand universal health care

One of the most popular topics in health care is the idea of universal health care coverage. You know the soundbites: “Medicare for all.” “Single-payer system.” While universal coverage sounds desirable to many, some factors must be considered. In this post, I’m going to provide an aerial view of this complicated topic. My goal is […] Find jobs at Careers by Search thousands of physician, PA, NP, and CRNA jobs now. Learn more.
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Twitter cracks down on API abuse, will charge B2B devs

To prevent its own Cambridge Analytica and make sure it’s getting paid for its data, Twitter will audit developers using its APIs. Starting June 19th, Twitter will require any app that calls a recent tweets from or mentions of a user more than 100,000 times per day to submit their app for review. If a developer proves they have a legitimate consumer use case, like running a third-party Twitter client or doing research, they’ll be granted free access to the API at the same rate they have to...
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Snap is under NDA with UK Home Office discussing how to centralize age checks online

Snap is under NDA with the UK’s Home Office as part of a working group tasked with coming up with more robust age verification technology that’s able to robustly identify children online. The detail emerged during a parliamentary committee hearing as MPs in the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) questioned Stephen Collins, Snap’s senior director for public policy international, and Will Scougal, director of creative strategy EMEA. A spokesman in the Home Office press o...
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Visa policies threaten innovation but aren’t stopping hiring abroad

The growing intensity of the US visa approval process has made it more difficult for companies to attract, support and retain foreign talent. However, recruiters are still sourcing talent from abroad at an increasing clip. According to a recent, roughly 30-page, report published by Envoy – the corporate workforce immigration management platform – US corporate demand for foreign talent has remained resilient in the face of a stricter stance on immigration taken by the current government. With hel...
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Will abolish angel tax if voted to power, says Congress President Rahul Gandhi

Congress president Rahul Gandhi said on Monday that if voted to power, the Congress would abolish the so-called angel tax — a 30% levy on foreign investments over Rs10 crore in Indian startups — that has long plagued the sector. Startups have long complained about the angel tax policies... ...
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Intermediary Liability: “Many problems need many solutions”, says S Gopalakrishnan, Jt Secretary, MEITY

There was some indication from from S Gopalakrishnan, Joint Secretary, MEITY about how the ministry is looking at its consultation on Intermediary Liability protections. Gopalakrishnan was speaking at the Future of Tech Policy in India event organised by Key takeaways from his comments:... ...
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US-Brazil trade tensions could rise over ethanol TRQ issue

In Washington, MercoPress reports that the US won’t budge on allowing Brazil to export more limes that are facing phytosanitary trade barriers until the issue of the ethanol import quota and tariff is dealt with. When US ethanol exports pass 150 million liters per quarter, a 30% tariff is slapped on them, which US ethanol producers are against. Without the TRQ, however, all ethanol imports would face the Mercorsur 30% tariff. The TRQ is set to expire this summer if a new deal isn’t agreed.
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Proposed Intermediary Liability Rules threat to privacy and free speech, global coalition tells MeitY

“We respectfully call on you to withdraw the draft amendments proposed to the Information Technology (Intermediary Guidelines) Rules in December. As published, the draft amendments would erode digital security and undermine the exercise of human rights globally.” A global coalition of 31 civil... ...
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ECI to talk to Google, FB, Twitter, WhatsApp, ShareChat and TikTok India heads about taking down offending content

The Election Commission of India (EC) has asked to meet with Google, Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, ShareChat and TikTok’s India heads to talk about taking down content which violates its guidelines during the upcoming elections, reports the Indian Express. It is interesting that the EC has now... ...
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The Spotify Apple Issue

Many people who follow tech know that Spotify has filed a complaint with the European Commission regarding the challenges that Spotify has doing business in the iOS app store. I am very sympathetic to Spotify’s complaint. In my post last week on The Warren Breakup Plan, I wrote: The mobile app stores, in particular, have always seemed to me to be a constraint on innovation vs a contributor to it. Spotify has a huge user base and brings in billions of dollars of revenues every year but i...
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Malaysia joins Indonesia with WTO threats to the EU over palm oil

In Malaysia, over the weekend, the government threatened to challenge the European Union via the World Trade Organization if the EU continues to phase out palm oil from transportation fuel. Malaysia’s foreign ministry responded to the EU’s plan to phase out palm oil that was published on Wednesday as a “calculated political act” aimed at removing its palm oil exports from the EU marketplace, according to Reuters. “Such an aggressive trade barrier targeted at Malaysia’s national interests, and ou...
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