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Outdoor Updates: Opposition of Trump’s move to limit federal authority under the Clean Water Act

15 attorneys general speak out in opposition of Trump’s move to limit federal authority under the Clean Water Act Attorneys general from 14 states and the District of Columbia have responded to the public comment period opposing the Trump administration’s proposal to roll back a regulation called Waters of the United States. In their comments, the Attorneys general said that the move would end federal oversight of 15 percent of streams and more than half of the wetlands across the country. T...
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Outdoor Updates: West Virginia is one of the least green states + Offensively Named River Renamed

WalletHub releases its annual list of the greenest states The personal-finance website WalletHub has released it’s 2019 report on the Greenest States. The website compared all 50 states in 27 key metrics such as air, water, and soil quality, green building, consumption of renewable energy, recycling and others. The analysis found that the greenest state in the country is Vermont, followed by New York, Oregon, Connecticut, Minnesota, Massachusetts, California, Rhode Island, South Dakota and N...
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214 Days

214 Days: Tree sitters have blockaded the Mountain Valley Pipeline for seven months. Here’s what motivates them to persist. It started with the two tree sits blocking the Mountain Valley Pipeline easement in Jefferson National Forest in West Virginia, in close proximity to the Appalachian Trail. These two tree-sits were soon followed by more acts of resistance along the pipeline route, including numerous aerial blockades and people locking down to equipment. In a video posted by one of t...
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Outdoor Updates: Amphibian fungus is wiping out frogs around the world

An amphibian fungus is wiping out frogs around the world A fungal outbreak that has been wiping out frogs for decades is far worse than anyone thought, according to a worldwide analysis by 41 scientists. Since the outbreak began in the 1970’s, over 500 species of frogs have declined in population and at least 90 have gone extinct, a figure that is double earlier estimates. The fungus, called Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis, or Bd for short, infects frogs when they come in contact with other a...
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New ‘Long Shot’ Trailer and Clip Show the “Unexpected” Romance Between Charlize Theron and Seth Rogen

He’s a dorky-looking speechwriter, she’s a gorgeous, powerful politician. It’s an unexpected match that makes for a great romantic-comedy in Long Shot. Starring Charlize Theron and Seth Rogen, Long Shot — formerly known as Flarsky — follows the unexpected romance between US Secretary of State, Charlotte Field (Theron), and her childhood friend Fred Flarsky (Rogen) who she hires as her speechwriter. Lionsgate has released a new Long Shot trailer and clip that highlight just how that budding roma...
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People Who View Their Britishness or Englishness As “Causally Central” To Their Self-Concept Are More Likely to Have Voted For Brexit, Study Finds

By Matthew Warren. The research sheds light on how political identity affects some people’s behaviour more than others.
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Has The Liberal Bias In Psychology Contributed To The Replication Crisis?

By Jesse Singal. There is a link between ideology and replication-woes, but it's more complicated than many thought.
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Outdoor Updates: 88 pounds of plastic found in stomach of dead whale

88 pounds of plastic found in stomach of dead whale A young Cuvier’s beaked whale was found on the coast of the Philippines last week weak and vomiting blood. When it died a short time later, a necropsy revealed the whale had 88 pounds of plastic in its stomach, including 16 rice sacks and plastic shopping bags from local grocery chains. A marine biologist that worked on the case, Darrell Blatchley said that the plastic in the whale’s stomach was so compact that it was as hard as a baseball....
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Outdoor Updates: Cherokee Indians can once again harvest sochan + Poachers face death penalty

Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians can once again harvest sochan in Great Smoky Mountains National Park A historic signing of an agreement at the Oconaluftee Visitor Center in Great Smoky Mountains National Park returns the right for the Cherokee to pick sochan on their ancestral lands inside of the park, as they had done for centuries. Sochan is a bitter spring green that has historically been a part of the Cherokee diet and culture but picking plants inside of a national park is illegal. In ...
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Outdoor Updates: Falcons abandon Blue Ridge Parkway nests

Peregrine falcons abandon Blue Ridge Parkway cliff nests Peregrine falcons form lifetime bonds and use the same cliff face nest sites year after year to raise their young. Cliffs along the Blue Ridge Parkway have long been used as nest sites by peregrine falcons, including favorite nesting sites at Devil’s Courthouse, located at milepost 422 on the Blue Ridge Parkway. But scientists recently announced that the falcons have abandoned the Devil’s Courthouse nesting sites. Though the cause is u...
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Discover Who is Paying For Political Ads in Your Area (and How Much) With This Tool

If you watch television, then chances are you also watch your fair share of political ads. When most radio, television, satellite, and cable providers air a political ad, they’re required to submit a political file to the FCC. The idea behind the forms is to allow the public the opportunity to track a station’s deals…
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Rose Byrne Joining ‘Irresistible’, Jon Stewart’s New Movie Starring Steve Carell

It’s been five years since former The Daily Show host Jon Stewart got behind the camera for the first time with the drama Rosewater. Now he’s heading back to the big screen with his sophomore directing effort, and a new cast member is in talks to join the production. Irresistible already had Steve Carell on board as a slick Democratic strategist who helps a retired veteran run for mayor in a small, right-wing town in Wisconsin (famously a swing state in presidential elections). Now Rose Byrne h...
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‘Pop. 1280’: ‘The Favourite’ Director Yorgos Lanthimos Sets His Sights on a Crime Drama

Yorgos Lanthimos, the Greek director whose dark and hilarious period piece The Favourite is currently nominated for 10 Academy Awards, has found his next movie. Lanthimos will direct Pop. 1280, a film adaptation of author Jim Thompson‘s celebrated 1964 novel of the same name. Read on for details about the story, and why Lanthimos seems like a strong fit for this material. Deadline reports that Lanthimos will direct Pop. 1280 and also write the screenplay, which is based on one of Thompson’s m...
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Make Some Noise and Save Your City

Our city is changing. How As long as we’re loud enough, it can change for the better. My body is still sobering up from excessive new years celebrations when I leave my apartment on Karl-Marx-Allee on this frosty Thursday morning. I might feel like trash, but stepping through the elegant row of columns guarding the gates to the monumental ‘Stalin-palaces’, I live in, just gives me something grand each time. I’m on my – semi-thought-through – mission to keep it that way: I’m buying my apartment! ...
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‘Veep’ Teaser Shows Off Final Season, Reveals Premiere Date

Selina Kyle is ending things on her own term(s). The final season of the Emmy-winning HBO political comedy series is upon us, and the new Veep teaser reveals that the show is just as sharp and whip-smart as ever, with Julia Louis-Dreyfus‘ Selina Kyle not losing her foul-mouthed edge. Now, the new teaser trailer for the final season of the show finally offers us a premiere date. Veep Season 7 Teaser: Final Season Premiere Revealed The new Veep season 7 teaser announces the March 31, 2019...
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‘Long Shot’ Trailer: Seth Rogen and Charlize Theron Make an Unlikely Pair

Director Jonathan Levine (50/50, Warm Bodies) is back with a new Seth Rogen/Charlize Theron comedy called Long Shot. If that title doesn’t sound familiar, you may recognize it from its earlier (and arguably more memorable) title: Flarsky. The title was changed to signify that it wasn’t primarily the story of Rogen’s character, Fred Flarsky, but more of a two-hander where Theron’s character is equally as important. “I’m only half the story,” Rogen explained. Check out the first Long Shot trailer...
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People Who Are Most Fearful Of Genetically Modified Foods Think They Know The Most About Them, But Actually Know The Least

By Jesse Singal. The findings suggest that improving public awareness of basic scientific consequences might be more complex than previously realised.
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Taika Waititi is Finishing ‘Jojo Rabbit’ Reshoots, Movie Will Be Released This Fall [TCA 2019]

After the Television Critics Association panel for What We Do In The Shadows , filmmaker Taika Waititi talked about his future with Marvel and the Star Wars streaming series The Mandalorian . But currently, Waititi is making the film Jojo Rabbit, in which Waititi himself stars as an imaginary Adolf Hitler . The director  indicated he’d gone back to film some Jojo Rabbit reshoots but expects to be finished in the spring, in time for a fall release to coincide with awards season. ...
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Know What Political Party a Business Donates to With This Extension

A few years ago I stopped drinking beer I really liked because I discovered that its owners were making huge donations to a political candidate that went against pretty much everything I believe in.Read more...
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Study Compares Trump’s Personality With Other Populist Leaders And Finds He Is An “Outlier Among The Outliers”

By Christian Jarrett. Even when compared against other populist leaders, Trump came out as having the lowest scores of all on agreeableness, conscientiousness and emotional stability, and the highest scores for narcissism and Machiavellianism.
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‘The Report’ Review: Adam Driver Impresses in a Quiet, Boiling Political Thriller That Will Infuriate You [Sundance]

Scott Z. Burns has plenty of Hollywood experience as the writer of The Bourne Ultimatum, Side Effects, Contagion and The Informant. With his feature directorial debut The Report, one of our most anticipated titles of Sundance this year, the filmmaker shows that he’s picked up a step or two from directors Paul Greengrass and Steven Soderbergh. The result is a quiet but boiling political thriller that explores the infuriating and ethically questionable enhanced interrogation tactics employed by t...
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Blinded By Ideology: People Find It Difficult To Think Logically About Arguments That Contradict Their Politics

By Jesse Singal. People should dispense themselves of the notion that when they sit down to reason a problem through carefully, the act of doing so automatically shields them from the effects of political bias.
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Joshua Tree Cut Down during shutdown + 75 Year Old Completes AT + endangered whale Euthanized

Protected Joshua Tree cut down in park during government shutdown Joshua Tree National Park has not had it easy during the partial government shutdown. Reports of off-roading, graffiti, overflowing toilets and illegal camping have all come from the park. Now, officials are reporting the most disturbing news of all. Vandals have cut down a protected Joshua tree in order to access sensitive areas of the park where vehicles are banned. In response to the destruction, park superintendent David Smi...
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Inside the Shutdown: What’s Happening in Shenandoah and the Smokies?

Since the partial government shutdown began three weeks ago, visitors to the national parks have been greeted by empty fee stations and red-lettered notices posted to entrance gates. The notice advises visitors to “use extreme caution” and that “any entry… is at the visitor’s sole risk.” While many national parks, including Shenandoah and the Great Smoky Mountains, remain open to the public, National Park Service (NPS) personnel have been furloughed and thereby unable to provide guidance, as...
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Adam McKay Details Another ‘Vice’ Deleted Scene Featuring Young Dick Cheney

Vice just hit theaters before the end of 2018, and with awards season in full swing, we’ve got at least two or three months until the movie arrives on home video. But when it does, it will feature a couple of key scenes that didn’t make the final cut. Director Adam McKay has already talked about a certain musical sequence that would have added to the satirical meta nature of the movie, but it turns out Vice almost had a flashback sequence featuring a young Dick Cheney and future wife Lynne Vinc...
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HBO Made a ‘Brexit’ Movie With Benedict Cumberbatch, and the Trailer is Here

Brexit is a highly complicated and ongoing national issue for the citizens of the United Kingdom, so you know what that means: it’s time to dive in and make a movie about it! HBO Films has done just that, casting Benedict Cumberbatch (Doctor Strange) as the man who spearheaded the Vote Leave campaign and Rory Kinnear as the head of the Remain campaign. Watch the two of them butt heads in the trailer below. Brexit Movie Trailer Here’s the official description: The result of the Brexit r...
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Many social psychologists are impeded by their ideological aversion to evolutionary psychology

By Christian Jarrett. Part of the problem may be the lack of evolutionary science in many psychology degree courses.
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Do social psychologists have an ideological aversion to evolutionary psychology?

By Christian Jarrett. Part of the problem may be the lack of evolutionary science in many psychology degree courses.
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Why the polls keep getting it so wrong; and a solution – ask people who their friends and family are voting for

By Juliet Hodges. Recent research identifies flaws in traditional polling, and ways of addressing them in future.
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The Obamas’ First Netflix Series Will Be ‘The Fifth Risk’ Adaptation

Earlier this year, we learned that former President Barack Obama and former first lady Michelle Obama had struck a multi-year deal with Netflix to produce multiple TV shows and films for the streaming giant. Now we may have just learned that their first project will be a Trump-inspired civics lesson. The Obamas’ first Netflix series will reportedly be an adaptation of Michael Lewis’ book The Fifth Risk, which takes a hard look at the chaotic transition from the Obama administration to the Trump...
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