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Joshua Tree Cut Down during shutdown + 75 Year Old Completes AT + endangered whale Euthanized

Protected Joshua Tree cut down in park during government shutdown Joshua Tree National Park has not had it easy during the partial government shutdown. Reports of off-roading, graffiti, overflowing toilets and illegal camping have all come from the park. Now, officials are reporting the most disturbing news of all. Vandals have cut down a protected Joshua tree in order to access sensitive areas of the park where vehicles are banned. In response to the destruction, park superintendent David Smi...
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Inside the Shutdown: What’s Happening in Shenandoah and the Smokies?

Since the partial government shutdown began three weeks ago, visitors to the national parks have been greeted by empty fee stations and red-lettered notices posted to entrance gates. The notice advises visitors to “use extreme caution” and that “any entry… is at the visitor’s sole risk.” While many national parks, including Shenandoah and the Great Smoky Mountains, remain open to the public, National Park Service (NPS) personnel have been furloughed and thereby unable to provide guidance, as...
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Adam McKay Details Another ‘Vice’ Deleted Scene Featuring Young Dick Cheney

Vice just hit theaters before the end of 2018, and with awards season in full swing, we’ve got at least two or three months until the movie arrives on home video. But when it does, it will feature a couple of key scenes that didn’t make the final cut. Director Adam McKay has already talked about a certain musical sequence that would have added to the satirical meta nature of the movie, but it turns out Vice almost had a flashback sequence featuring a young Dick Cheney and future wife Lynne Vinc...
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HBO Made a ‘Brexit’ Movie With Benedict Cumberbatch, and the Trailer is Here

Brexit is a highly complicated and ongoing national issue for the citizens of the United Kingdom, so you know what that means: it’s time to dive in and make a movie about it! HBO Films has done just that, casting Benedict Cumberbatch (Doctor Strange) as the man who spearheaded the Vote Leave campaign and Rory Kinnear as the head of the Remain campaign. Watch the two of them butt heads in the trailer below. Brexit Movie Trailer Here’s the official description: The result of the Brexit r...
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Do social psychologists have an ideological aversion to evolutionary psychology?

By Christian Jarrett. Part of the problem may be the lack of evolutionary science in many psychology degree courses.
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Many social psychologists are impeded by their ideological aversion to evolutionary psychology

By Christian Jarrett. Part of the problem may be the lack of evolutionary science in many psychology degree courses.
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Why the polls keep getting it so wrong; and a solution – ask people who their friends and family are voting for

By Juliet Hodges. Recent research identifies flaws in traditional polling, and ways of addressing them in future.
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The Obamas’ First Netflix Series Will Be ‘The Fifth Risk’ Adaptation

Earlier this year, we learned that former President Barack Obama and former first lady Michelle Obama had struck a multi-year deal with Netflix to produce multiple TV shows and films for the streaming giant. Now we may have just learned that their first project will be a Trump-inspired civics lesson. The Obamas’ first Netflix series will reportedly be an adaptation of Michael Lewis’ book The Fifth Risk, which takes a hard look at the chaotic transition from the Obama administration to the Trump...
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‘The Front Runner’ Trailer: Hugh Jackman Kisses the White House Goodbye

While election season is heating up here in the United States, Hollywood is ready to capitalize on all the political hype with the release of the new true story drama The Front Runner, and the film couldn’t be any more relevant if it tried. Now, a new international trailer has arrived just in time to make a push before Election Day. The Front Runner follows Hugh Jackman as real life politician Gary Hart, a once-promising candidate for the presidency in 1988 who watched his campaign chances and ...
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#Unteilbar – Berlin Marches Against Hate and Xenophobia

242,000 people marched against the right-wing last Saturday. The iHeartBerlin team took part and has some pictures for you. “Solidarity, not exclusion – for a free and liberal society,” the unifying motto of the “Unteilbar” (inseparable) initiative lead a massive crowd of people out on the streets six kilometers across the capital from Alexanderplatz to Siegessäule. “Tens of Thousands Protest Racism and Discrimination in Berlin”, “240,000 demonstrate against hate and xenophobia”, “March against ...
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‘Bodyguard’ Trailer: ‘Game of Thrones’ Actor Richard Madden Leads Explosive Netflix Series

What happens when a secret service agent is assigned to protect someone with political views he absolutely despises? That’s the elevator pitch for a new TV drama called Bodyguard, which is coming to Netflix in just over two weeks. The show, which stars Richard Madden (Robb Stark from Game of Thrones) and Keeley Hawes (High Rise, MI-5), is already a smash hit in the United Kingdom, and it’s easy to see why: the trailer for the first season makes it look like an explosive series that could easily...
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Malcolm McDowell to Play Rupert Murdoch in Fox News Movie

Malcolm McDowell is the latest prestigious actor to join the far-too-good cast of the untitled Fox News movie. Annapurna’s upcoming drama telegraphs the downfall of Fox News chief Roger Ailes, who was deposed in 2016 following multiple allegations of sexual harassment.  McDowell joins the the Fox News movie cast as media mogul Rupert Murdoch. Annapurna is making it harder for those of us who swore off watching anything related to the words “Fox News.” The studio developing the Fox News scand...
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‘The Oath’ Red Band Trailer: Thanksgiving Drama Turns Violent With Tiffany Haddish and Ike Barinholtz

Ike Barinholtz makes his directorial debut with The Oath, a dark political comedy that hits a little too close to home. The premise itself is a little outrageous: a Thanksgiving dinner, typically the setting for some tense family stand-offs, turns violent when politics come into the fray. But the reason for this escalation of one of the worst family gatherings of the year is a controversial White House policy that honestly could be enacted in the real world. The Oath Trailer You know 20...
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Berlin, We Have A Problem – It’s Time To Stand-Up Against the Far-Right

photo: Dominik Pascal While right-wing populism is spreading over Europe like a virus, we have to ask ourselves, is Berlin still the liberal and international safe haven we thought it is? Do we keep on doing what we’re doing or is this our wake up call? Berlin doesn’t have a nationality. My next-door neighbor is originally from Slovenia. The flower shop in my house is owned by a lovely Korean lady. My Späti is run by a quirky mid-forties guy who was born in Romania and I buy my favorite Döner ...
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‘Veep’ Creator Armando Iannucci’s Tweet About Donald Trump Might Become a Movie

Veep and In the Loop creator Armando Iannucci has built his career turning political idiocy into laugh-out-loud comedy, but now he might be tasked with plumbing the moronic depths of the current U.S. president’s brain – and it’s all thanks to Twitter. Iannucci pitched a Donald Trump movie idea on the social media platform earlier this week, and a new report says that eight studios are already interested in turning his idea from a tweet into an actual film. Read the pitch below. Film pitch.....
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‘Fahrenheit 11/9’ Early Buzz: Michael Moore Goes After Trump in His Most Powerful Documentary Yet

Audiences mostly know what to expect when it comes to Michael Moore documentaries. Searing indictments of the institution, the system, The Man. But when word got out that he planned to target President Donald Trump in his newest documentary, Fahrenheit 11/9, the buzz started to grow over a film that would pit a notable firebrand against the country’s most divisive figure. Not to mention the fact that the title was a playful twist on his acclaimed takedown of the Bush-era Iraq War. So what did c...
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‘The Front Runner’ Will Be the First Movie to Open on Election Day

The Front Runner is taking its name to heart. The Jason Reitman biopic starring Hugh Jackman as Democratic presidential candidate Gary Hart will open in theaters this November 6, making The Front Runner the first film to open on a U.S. Election Day. Originally slated to hit theaters on Wednesday, November 7, Columbia Pictures moved up The Front Runner release date to November 6, 2018 to capitalize on the political fervor around an actual election day. It’s fitting considering the film follow...
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‘Designated Survivor’ Saved By Netflix, Which Should Make Your Parents Happy

Here’s a good reason to call your parents: Netflix has officially snatched Kiefer Sutherland‘s political drama Designated Survivor from the jaws of cancellation. ABC, the show’s original network home, gave the show the axe this summer due to rising budget concerns and a drop in ratings, but Netflix spends money with the best of ’em and doesn’t make any of its viewership numbers public, so they don’t have to worry about either of those issues. Sounds like a win-win for everyone. Read more about ...
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Chilling ‘House of Cards’ Season 6 Teaser Reveals the Fate of Kevin Spacey’s Frank Underwood

If you saw just one episode of Netflix’s House of Cards, you would know that Kevin Spacey‘s Frank Underwood would give up power over his dead body. And…well, that seems to be pretty accurate. Netflix has dropped a new House of Cards season 6 teaser that finally gives us a hint at what happened to the former 46th President of the United States following Spacey’s firing from the series. There’s no doubt about it: it really is Claire’s turn now. House of Cards Season 6 Teaser In a brief te...
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‘The Front Runner’ Early Buzz: Hugh Jackman is Oscar Worthy in Robert Altman-esque Political Drama

This weekend the Telluride Film Festival is getting a sneak peek at some of the movies that will be hitting the festival circuit in the coming weeks. A good amount of them had already debuted at the Venice Film Festival this past week, but one that we hadn’t yet heard anything about yet was the political drama The Front Runner, directed by Jason Reitman and starring Hugh Jackman. That changed today. After the first trailer for The Front Runner debuted earlier this week, audiences got to see Hug...
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Sacha Baron Cohen’s ‘Who is America’ Season 2 Might Happen After All [Updated]

Update 8/28: Entertainment Weekly is reporting that Showtime has yet to officially cancel Who is America, despite Cohen claiming that the most recent episode would be “the last EVER show”. I guess the joke’s on us and there’s still a chance the series could return for a second season after all. Our original article follows. Comedian Sacha Baron Cohen appeared in two films in 2016 and then disappeared from screens for two years, laying dormant as he planned his next move. Then he burst onto the ...
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Sacha Baron Cohen’s ‘Who is America’ Season 2 Will Not Happen

Comedian Sacha Baron Cohen appeared in two films in 2016 and then disappeared from screens for two years, laying dormant as he planned his next move. Then he burst onto the scene again with Who is America?, a surprise Showtime series that became controversial before it even aired its first episode. The first season came to an end last night, and Cohen says Who is America season 2 is not going to happen. Who is America Season 2 Won’t Be Happening Tonight, is the last EVER show of “Who is Am...
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‘House of Cards’ Season 6 Images Introduce the Shepherd Family

The sixth and final season of House of Cards will arrive in November, and we still don’t quite know how it will all play out. The Netflix series has gone through a major shake-up in the wake of former star Kevin Spacey‘s firing. Now, Robin Wright assumes command of the series, closing the story of the Underwoods out with more intrigue and back-stabbing. Ahead of the fast-approaching premiere date, a set of new House of Cards season 6 images has arrived, introducing us to a new group of characte...
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Hasan Minhaj Tries to Save MoviePass Before Leaving ‘The Daily Show’ for Netflix

The Daily Show is a career launcher for comedians with such famous alums like Ed Helms, Rob Corddry, Steve Carell, Stephen Colbert, John Oliver, Samantha Bee, Jessica Williams, Kristen Schaal, Jason Jones, Larry Wilmore, Wyatt Cenac, and even Michael Che coming through the show. Now correspondent Hasan Minhaj is graduating from the news satire program to get his own show, but not before offering one last solution to one of America’s biggest problems: MoviePass. Hasan Minhaj Leaving The Daily...
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‘The Oath’ Teaser: A Comedy About Those Terrible Political Conversations with Family at Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a wonderful holiday when families gather to feast and enjoy fellowship with each other. It’s also a time when you can’t help but get into an argument about politics with your extended family, creating tension in the household as you aggressively eat your pumpkin pie. Well, that dreaded conversation is about to get a whole lot worse thanks to a new comedy. The Oath, a new film starring Ike Barinholtz and Tiffany Haddish from the producers of Get Out and BlacKkKlansman, unfolds at...
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‘House of Cards’ Final Season Poster Gives Robin Wright All the Power, Reveals November Premiere Date

Just last month, Netflix celebrated Independence Day with a little teaser for the final season of House of Cards. Following the firing of Kevin Spacey for sexual misconduct, Robin Wright is now taking power as the President of the United States, and a new poster puts her in the powerful position that her husband Frank Underwood once held, literally and figuratively. Plus, we finally have the premiere date for the final season, and it’ll arrive just in time for election season this fall. Hous...
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‘Who is America?’ Clip: Sacha Baron Cohen Humiliates Disgraced Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio with a Talking Donut

Who is America? may be hit or miss when it comes to the quality of its episodes, but at least its viral clips always provide us a good, righteous laugh. This time around, the subject is disgraced former Arizona sheriff Joe Arpaio, whose racist, anti-illegal immigrants antics were so heinous that he received a federal criminal conviction — until he was pardoned by his good friend, President Donald Trump. Arpaio was never brought to court for his crimes of racial profiling and contempt of court. ...
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‘Christopher Robin’ Won’t Be Released in China Amid Censorship Crusade Against Winnie the Pooh

Just when you thought 2018 couldn’t get any stranger, Winnie the Pooh has become a polarizing political figure…in China? And it’s not because of his lack of pants, nor his habit of stealing honey from bees (what’s up with that, Pooh!), but because he apparently has a striking resemblance to the President of the People’s Republic of China, Xi Jinping. Because of that, a Christopher Robin China release has been denied by the country, as the Chinese government cracks down on all images of the sill...
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Best Reads for Casual Friday: Big Tech Businesses Gets Political

You’ve made it to Friday. Time to curl up in your cubicle, pop open one of these in-depth, entertaining reads, and catch up on some of what you missed during a busy week.This week we’re taking a look at all the political stories that are coming out of the tech world. And given the current political environment, there’s a cornucopia from which to choose. Enjoy.How to Combat China’s Rise in Tech: Federal Spending, Not Tariffs —The New York Times Make love, not tariffs. (Did I just repeat the NYT’...
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‘Who is America?’: Episode 2 Teaser, Premiere Ratings, Clips, and a Viral Website

Comedian and professional provocateur Sacha Baron Cohen‘s comedy series Who is America? penetrated the pop culture zeitgeist with its surprise premiere this past weekend. But the numbers are in, and it turns out the ratings are smaller than expected. Find out how many people actually tuned in, see some clips from the premiere, a teaser for the second episode, and learn about a viral website from one of Cohen’s new characters that’s been operational for months. Who is America Clip First u...
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