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Representationalism as Certainty

Evidently this has been making the rounds: Rittenhouse When I look at this image, I see a concept made perfectly transparent and rendered powerfully with a high degree of technical and aesthetic skill alike. I see a devastating and pessimistic statement made pleasing to look at. Like a "beautiful" but "sad" piece of music, this makes for a particulary powerful combination. All of this is familiar, though it is not to be taken for granted. It is unusual to find the technical skill and the powe...
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Parsons on the Romantic and the Methodical

...the dominant character structure of modern Germany had been distinguished by a striking dualism between "A: an emotional, idealistic, active, romantic component which may be constructive or destructive and anti-social," and "B: an orderly, hard-working hierarchy preoccupied, methodical, submissive, gregarious, materialistic" component.In the traditional pre-Nazi German society it is overwhelmingly the B component which has become institutionalized. The A component arises from two principal in...
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A black cartoonist had a powerful comic about police protests pulled from the New York Times

Illustrator/Cartoonist Ronald Wimberly shared on his Patreon: The comic was scheduled as the lasts to run in The Diary Project Series on the back page of the Arts page of this Sunday's NY times. The editor told me that, after much deliberation, after rigorous discussion that went to  the top of editorial, the center image of the burning cop car was too much. …something about "editorializing violence". They couldn't see it running anywhere in the entire paper. I was told I could remove the cen...
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Political Pop Artist Peter Saul’s Powerful “Crime and Punishment” Exhibition at New Museum

More than 60 paintings from 86-year-old artist—and Pop Art progenitor—Peter Saul speak from the walls of New Museum in the retrospective Crime and Punishment. Each, pulled from 50 years of work, offers a societal critique so sharp—but sometimes masked in cartoonish comedy and color—that one might not feel the attack. Through racism and violence, political ineptness and corruption, Saul pokes and prods at public figures …
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Woke Giant, retro political art for third century America

Over at Woke Giant you'll find some seriously cool, retro-styled "political art for third century America." Don't miss the downloadable protest signs! Here's a taste: Stress is the enemy! Keep resisting! Flint still needs water! Thanks, Tricia!
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Jacopo Galimberti on 1950s and 1960s art collectives in Western Europe

The phenomenon of collective art practice in the continental Western Europe of the late 1950s and of the 1960s is rarely discussed. Jacopo Galimberti looks at a comparative perspective, engaging with a cultural history of art deeply concerned with political ideas and geopolitical conflicts in his book Individuals Against Individualism. He focuses on artists and activists, and their attempts to depict and embody forms of egalitarianism opposing the Eastern bloc authoritarianism as much as the Fre...
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Artists Ai Weiwei and Shepard Fairey launch skateboard protest against Trump

Artist-activists Ai Weiwei and Shepard Fairey have teamed up to launch a new series of artwork today in response to the 100th day of Donald Trump’s presidency. The pieces are printed on an intriguing medium: limited-edition skateboards. The collection is debuting at The Skateroom, a social entrepreneurship initiative that uses funds from its custom, fine-art skateboard decks to support at-risk youth. This is the second time The Skateroom has worked with Ai Weiwei, a contemporary artist and pol...
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Polish artist Olek crochets billboard-sized tribute to Hillary Clinton

Fiber artist Olek has created a larger-than-life tribute to presidential nominee Hillary Clinton in New York City. The piece is an unbelievable 16-by-46-foot crochet blanket, nailed to a billboard overlooking New Jersey’s Route 139 highway. Featuring the hashtag #ImWithHer, an image of Hillary’s face, and a shocking pink background, the blanket reportedly took a team of 38 helpers over four weeks to create. The entire piece consists of 794,880 individual stitches. The New York based artist, w...
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The body politic: art, pain, and Putin

The phrase ‘scrotum artist’ was never going to be easy to ignore when it appeared in a newspaper headline. It is also a phrase that has made me reflect upon the nature of politics, the issue of public expectations, and even the role of a university professor of politics. In a previous blog post I reflected on the experience of running a citizens’ assembly and how the emotional demands and rewards of the experience had been quite unexpected. ‘Raw politics’ was the ‘headline’ phrase but now I cann...
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Artist hides miniature homes in Milan’s manholes

Artist Biancoshock is filling Milan’s manholes with minuscule homes. Called “Borderlife,” the street art project is meant to create a dialogue about the extreme living conditions many people are forced to endure. Specifically, Biancoshock was inspired by Bucharest, where over 600 people are living in the city’s sewers. --> --> --> --> Read the rest of Artist hides miniature homes in Milan’s manholes
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