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Good news for the old men.

Screen shot taken at Real Clear Politics.Click image to enlarge and clarify. [Author: [email protected] (Ann Althouse)]
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Who's losing the shutdown?

2 charts — averaging the polls at Real Clear Politics: [Author: [email protected] (Ann Althouse)]
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Why Are (Most) Russians Bad At Speaking Other Languages

Several people who visited Russia told me they were surprised to discover that relatively few people spoke or understood English, even in the service industry in large cities. Generally speaking, the educational system and the environment in Russia contribute to this state of affairs. Image via Pixabay Largely Monolingual In a 2014 survey by the Levada Center pollster, 70 percent of Russians said they did not speak any languages other than Russian. The question was: Говори́те ли Вы бо́лее-ме...
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Poll: Most Russians Miss USSR

The Russian pollster Levada Center recently published thought-provoking, if unsettling, findings: Most Russians said they missed the Soviet Union. We will look at the detailed results of this survey and some possible explanations. You can read the pollster’s report in Russian. Image via Pixabay More People Miss the USSR The main finding of the poll (опро́с), conducted in late November 2018 among 1,600 respondents, is that 66 percent of all respondents said they regret the break-up of the Sov...
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"Most of those surveyed, 53 percent, say they have a lot or some trust in Mueller; just 38 percent have little or no trust in the former FBI director and his investigation to be fair and accurate."

"In contrast, 59 percent express little or no trust in the president's denials; just 35 percent say they have some or a lot of trust in him to be speaking the truth."A new USA Today poll. [Author: [email protected] (Ann Althouse)]
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I don't think this is good news for Biden.

From "Iowa Poll: Biden, Sanders top early look at possible Democratic hopefuls in 2020 caucuses" (DeMoines Register). The question was: "Do you think the right person to defeat Donald Trump will be more of a political newcomer, as he was, or more of a seasoned political hand?" It's so normal to say a "seasoned hand" would be better and to be wary of a "newcomer," but not even half of the respondents had the obvious reaction to the generic question. And imagine if the question had been written in...
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Art Of Asking: 5 Simple Ways To Engage Fans

Communication is a two-way street, something which is just as true when it comes to the artist/fan relationship as any other. This means that, while it's important for artists to reach out to fans, they also need to be able to listen and get a sense of how fans are feeling. ________________________ Guest post by Bobby Owsinski of Music 3.0 Your core fans, or your “tribe,” as uber-marketer Seth Godin calls them, crave your communication. But communication is a two-way street, and the ...
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All the Big Online Prediction Boys Are Not Mad, Having a Normal Election Night

Tonight is incredibly stressful for everyone who covers politics, but I can say with certainly that we in the Splinter newsroom are far less stressed than the big prediction boys, who were frantically banging on the hoods of their prediction-machines to get them to do stuff.Read more...
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Order Free Pizza for Your Polling Place 

Happy election day! Everybody is hungry for democracy, which means they’re probably hungry for literal food, too. The voting lines this evening will be long and you might need sustenance. Why not order some pizza? You won’t even have to pay for it! Read more...
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In America, the young find distinguishing fact from opinion easier than their elders

A recent Pew poll challenged subjects to distinguish between factual statements and statements of opinion in news articles; it found that there is a large gap in accuracy between 18- to 49-year-olds (32% of whom correctly labeled 100% of the facts, and 44% of whom correct labeled 100% of the opinions) and those aged 50 and up (20% correctly labeled all facts; 26% correctly labeled all opinions). Young people performed well regardless of the ideological nature of the facts and opinions, whi...
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Slate: "The Kavanaugh Hearings Have Women Fired Up… to Vote Republican."

The article, here, is by Ruth Graham.The titanic anger of progressive women has been a dominant theme in the media since President Trump’s surprise victory over Hillary Clinton two years ago. Two major books about female rage have been published this fall, including Good and Mad by writer and reporter Rebecca Traister. “This political moment has provoked a period in which more and more women have been in no mood to dress their fury up as anything other than raw and burning rage,” Traister wrote ...
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FiveThirtyEight gives the Democrats a 5-in-6 chance of winning the House and a 1-in-3 chance of winning the Senate.

New analysis today — here for the House and here for the Senate. [Author: [email protected] (Ann Althouse)]
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Is the "Circus in Washington... drowning out good economic news"?

I'm reading "There’s Never Been a President This Unpopular With an Economy This Good" (Bloomberg).President Donald Trump’s unpopularity is unprecedented given the strength of the economy. That’s according to a Bloomberg analysis of polling data....Is it possible that the polls are wrong? They were in 2016, when Trump blindsided everybody. I'm thinking maybe the polls are right, and it's really true that when asked, most people say they disapprove of Trump. But people disapprove of a lot of thing...
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Indian politicians are bribing voters with free phones worth millions of dollars

Indian politicians have historically never been shy about making big promises to the public about their plans for the country during election campaigns; they even offer freebies to entice people to vote for them. In recent years, gadgets have become the giveaway of choice, taking over from cash, livestock, gold, and subsidized pantry staples. In the western state of Rajasthan, current chief minister Vasundhara Raje is stepping her game up with upcoming state elections. She intends to put 10 mill...
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"By any metric, Trump is in trouble."

Writes Megan McArdle in "Poll by sinking poll, Trump inches toward impeachment" (WaPo). The headline suggests that low poll numbers is a high crime or misdemeanor.If polls determined who gets to be President, Hillary Clinton would be President. She had the clear lead in the polls. But under the Constitution, the presidency goes to the person who wins in the Electoral College, and there isn't another go-'round for that until 2020. So the only alternative is impeachment, which requires the House t...
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Trump's approval rating hits rock bottom in latest ABC-Washington Post poll

A new ABC News/Washington Post poll that was conducted between August 26-29 shows Trump's approval and disapproval ratings to be at their worst for Trump since he took office. His disapproval rating is at its highest, with 60% who disapprove of his job performance, and a mere 35% who approve of it. Disapproval of Pres. Trump is at a new high, support for the Mueller probe is broad, and half of Americans favor Congress initiating impeachment proceedings against the president, new @ABC News/Wa...
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"A new Marquette Law School Poll of Wisconsin voters finds a tight race for governor following last week’s statewide primary elections."

"Among likely voters (that is, those who say they are certain to vote), incumbent Republican Scott Walker receives 46 percent, Democrat Tony Evers receives 46 percent... Among likely voters in the race for the Wisconsin U.S. Senate seat on the ballot in November, 49 percent support the incumbent, Democrat Tammy Baldwin, and 47 percent support Republican Leah Vukmir....  Evers is viewed favorably among 38 percent of likely voters and unfavorably by 27 percent.... Vukmir has a 30 percent favorable...
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"3 in 4 Chance Democrats win control (74.6%)/1 in 4 Chance Republicans keep control (25.4%)."

FiveThirtyEight has numbers and graphics to help you visualize the electoral future. [Author: [email protected] (Ann Althouse)]
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Majority of young Americans distrust capitalism, embrace socialism

Who likes socialism and mistrust capitalism? Democrats and young people, who are mostly the same people. (more…)
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President Trump's poll numbers have gone up in the days after the Putin summit.

That's from Real Clear Politics, "President Trump Job Approval." Click the image for a clearer, sharper version. Look at the dates and compare the same poll. The summit was on the 16th. Economist/YouGov took a poll for 3 days, including the summit day and the day after, and got a -8 spread, which isn't high, but if you look at its previous poll, the number was -9, so it was a 1-point improvement. The Reuters poll is partly after the summit, and the number is -12, up from -16. He's also rising in...
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Was Obama Ranked ‘Worst President Since World War II’ in a New Poll?

An outdated poll from 2014 was drastically misrepresented by a number of right-wing sites and pundits, none of whom appear to have correctly sourced their claim.
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The battering Trump is taking in the press is not hurting him.

From Real Clear Politics (which averages the polls):I invite you to offer your own explanations, but I'm reading "As Critics Assail Trump, His Supporters Dig In Deeper" (NYT)...In interviews across the country over the last few days, dozens of Trump voters, as well as pollsters and strategists, described something like a bonding experience with the president that happens each time Republicans have to answer a now-familiar question: “How can you possibly still support this man?”...Republican vote...
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As thousands of children are torn from their parents, Trump's popularity rating hits an all-time high

In case you thought that kidnapping babies would awaken the moral consciences of Trump supporters, be told: Trump's approval rating hit its all-time peak on Monday, with 45% of Americans saying he is doing a good job. The administration is said to be planning even harsher measures before the midterms, including indefinite incarceration of kidnapped children. (via Naked Capitalism)
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"Trump defiant as crisis grows over family separation at the border."

That's the headline at The Washington Post, with this video of Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen vigorously defending Trump's policy:From the article:The president on Monday voiced defiance and continued to falsely blame congressional Democrats for what he decried as a “horrible and tough” situation. But Trump is empowered to immediately order border agents to stop separating families as a result of his “zero tolerance” enforcement policy.The insertion of the word "falsely" is such a ...
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Friday Poll: AT&T and Cohen, Thoughts?

Ok, I can't bear to write anything cogent on the subject, but I can't not mention it.  So I went with an offbeat poll.  This week we learned that AT&T paid Trump lawyer Michael Cohen's Essential Consultants LLC to help it understand the new administration.  What was your reaction to the news? ... [visit site to read more]
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9 Tips to Conducting Accurate Qualitative Research

Customers don’t think like we do. And similarly, what we may think looks or sounds right for our company and website, or what may be a primary motivator of visitors, could (and is most likely)... Please click on the title to read the full article!
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Reuters/Ipsos reports a new poll "in the interest of transparency," but "will not be announcing the start of a new trend until we have more data to validate this pattern."

The new Reuters/Ipsos Core Political poll is "something of an outlier."Every series of polls has the occasional outlier and in our opinion this is one.... The Reuters/Ipsos Core Political poll has a significant realignment this week across a number of metrics. Most pronounced is President Trump’s approval rating which currently sits at 48% with all Americans. His number with registered voters is essentially the same at 49%. Corresponding with Trump’s stronger approval rating, evaluations of his ...
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A new WaPo poll "finds that the gap between support for Democratic vs. Republican House candidates dropped by more than half since the beginning of the year."

"At the same time, there has been a slight increase in President Trump’s approval rating, although it remains low. Measures of partisan enthusiasm paint a more mixed picture of the electorate in comparison to signs of Democratic intensity displayed in many recent special elections.... The Post-ABC poll finds that 40 percent approve of the president, up slightly from 36 percent in January to his highest level of support since last April.... The survey shows the GOP making a more pronounced shift ...
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Obama was at 46% on 4/2/10...— MATT DRUDGE (@DRUDGE) April 2, 2018 [Author: [email protected] (Ann Althouse)]
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Swing district poll suggests that progressive policies could deliver a 2018 "blue tsunami"

Democratic pollster Celinda Lake surveyed 600 likely voters in 30 "swing" districts (districts that are considered too close to call in the 2018 midterms), along with 300 "surge" voters (who are less likely to turn out for the 2018 midterms), and found that a platform that advances policies like "Medicare for all," cheaper prescription drugs, and cracking down on Wall Street would deliver these swing districts for the Democrats. (more…)
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