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Peaking from the Peak

Saturday was ride day this past weekend and Colin's general plan was "somewhere out East with grub at Porangahau".  This appeared to be enough to entice Brett and John along too - although I think that John wanted to put some miles on his 120km old 1290...Anyway the plan was to meet in Pahiatua before heading out towards Pongaroa.  I got underway a bit early at just after 8 so got in my only [Author: Andrew Thomson]
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NZ syndicate raises $6.25m to plant mānuka trees

Rural property development company MyFarm this week said it had raised $6.25m to fund a 1000 ha mānuka plantation, with the first property to be established on the 500 ha Birch Hill station near Pongaroa, on the East Coast of... [Author: [email protected]]
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Scrubbing in

Sunday was a cracker of a day and there were these new tyres that needed some scrubbing.  After the usual dog walking and such I decided to check out the Tagorama thread and go in search of the tag.As it turned out, the tag was an easy find but a wee bit of a peddle to get to.  I decided to make a bit of a loop out of it and you'll see that on the map further down the page.The trip over the Pahiatua track was good but I did show a little respect to the new tyres and didn't push them too hard.  T...
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Eke Loop

Ok, so I had to call the post something...On Sunday I had to celebrate the Tenere getting a WOF (on some fairly worn E-07's) by taking out for a spot of gravel flipping.  I had a very late start and even leaving my driveway hadn't really made any firm plans.I eventually went right out of the driveway and made my way up over the track.  It was  a little exciting as it was fairly windy and at one stage my tank bag came adrift so I had to grab it and hang onto it until I could pull over.  I can't h...
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Scrubbing in

So after all the recent maintenance (if you call tyres and oil maintenance?) on the Connie it was time to let her off the leash and go for a decent run.The weather in Palmy was quite nice but I didn't really have a plan in mind.  I was even considering going a decent distance and spending the night somewhere - but where?  I quick check of KB and I spotted Al's tag so thought that I could at least grab it and then find another new one somewhere along the way... On the way across I remembered spo...
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Yesterday was our monthly Black Top ride and for reason I decided that I'd better try out the new beast on some back roads... Purdy! Rocking up to the garage meeting point there was already a fair few riders waiting for the kick-off and I wasn't the only one sporting some new tarmac eating tackle. Terry's mint Cross Tourer We also had a few BRRBT newbies on all sorts of two-wheeled creations. Leaving Ashhurst we pootled through the gorge and even had to stop at some traffi...
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Been a while...

Yeah, the poor old Connie has been neglected for a few weeks so today after spoiling her with a quick bath I saddled up for a nice little run.Heading out of town I avoided getting run into by a car and demonstrated the effectiveness of my Stebel before having a nice little boogie over the Pahiatua track to warm things up.  In Pahiatua I stopped for fuel as I was not quite sure where I was heading but pretty certain that without fuel it would be a whole lot harder. In the end I decided to make f...
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BRRBT Dreyers Rock and Roll

Today started off fairly early but it did start off very well: Pinched from 1 of around a million facebook posts... After celebrating with some breakfast it was time to go and meet up with the BRRBT team for our monthly ride.Getting to the gas station only Barry was there but we were eventually joined by Colin, Neil and Terry - a smaller mob this time, perhaps the others were still celebrating?We waited around for a little while just in case there was a few late-comers but in the end i...
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Coast to Coast

Yesterday was the running of this year's Coast to Coast ride which raises funds for the local rescue helicopter and checking my badges it looked like it was going to be number 15 to me.  Leading up to the ride the usual suspects had been in contact and organising when and where we were going to meet etc and now it was just up to the weather...At 6:30 in the morning it was bucketing down...but I got up anyway and started getting organised for the day.  By the time the Vee and I were ready it hadn...
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