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Porsche Taycan Cross Turismo EPA range goes official

Photo credit: Porsche U.S.-bound Porsche Taycan Cross Turismo models are about to arrive and head to customers, so we now know the EPA-estimated range that owners will get on their new models. It’s right in the ballpark of what we would expect from a car like this, with this utility, but it does come with a caveat that might make it more enticing. All Taycan Cross Turismos are 4 models, with all wheel drive. The base Taycan Cross Turismo 4 is rated at 215 miles. Coincidentally, that’s the same ...
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German Car Authority Investigates Porsche Over Fuel Consumption Data

BERLIN (Reuters) - Germany's car authority KBA has started a probe against Porsche, suspecting incorrect fuel consumption data for gasoline-powered...
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Rod Emory is working on a hard core off-road Porsche Macan Baja

Screenshot: @rodemory on Instagram It seems like off-road Porsches are all the rage these days. We’ve seen totally rad Cayennes from E-Motion Engineering, awesome off-roading in Moab, and even Porsche themselves are getting in on the Cayenne craze. And that’s to say nothing of the safari 911 trend that has been blowing up in this community for the last decade. The next logical progression for Porsche fanatics looking to get deep into the dirt is to start fiddling with Macans. The compact crosso...
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This week’s Porsche cartoon: Light of my eye

Photo credit: Jerry King The post This week’s Porsche cartoon: Light of my eye appeared first on FLATSIXES.
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EV startup Fisker sets moonshot goal of making a climate neutral EV by 2027

Electric vehicle startup Fisker Inc. has set a moonshot goal of creating its first climate neutral car by 2027. Fisker has yet to bring a vehicle to market — climate neutral or not — making this an ambitious target. The all-electric Fisker Ocean SUV, which is still on track to go into production in November 2022, will not be climate neutral, according to CEO Henrik Fisker who laid out the target as part of a broader update Tuesday to investors. Instead, this will be another yet to be announced v...
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Bill Gates' affairs were an open secret and someone in Melinda's inner circle hired a private investigator before she filed for divorce, report says

Melinda French Gates and Bill Gates. Frederic Stevens/Getty Vanity Fair has published new details on the Gateses' marriage. The report said Bill Gates had affairs that were an open secret to those around him. Someone close to Melinda French Gates also worked with a private investigator, the report said. See more stories on Insider's business page. Since Bill Gates and Melinda French Gates announced they were divorcing last month, multiple reports have called into question the bill...
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Everrati 911 Signature Wide Body | PH Review

Porsche doesn't make an electric 911, but that doesn't mean you can't buy one

Enduring style: Giving the Street Triple a classic race vibe

The Triumph Street Triple is one of those rare bikes that have been a universal hit with riders all over the world. Ever since the first generation was launched, almost fifteen years ago, riders have raved about its performance and handling. The streetfighter-esque styling has always been controversial though. The twin headlamps of the first model got the tick from most folks, but the slanted lamps of later models were far less popular. (Even a cursory Google search throws up multiple conver...
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41 Father's Day gifts any dad is sure to love, from classic leather sneakers to a hot sauce-making kit

If you buy through our links, we may earn money from affiliate partners. Learn more. Hydro Flask Father's Day is right around the corner on June 20. Finding thoughtful gift ideas for Dad can be a struggle, but we're here to help. We've rounded up 41 of the best Father's Day gifts that he's sure to love. Father's Day means many are met with the struggle of what to get dad every June (June 20, this year, to be exact). Dad's can be notoriously tough to shop for,...
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Manthey Racing takes historic victory for Porsche in Nürburgring endurance classic

Photo credit: Porsche This weekend the infamous “Grello” Manthey Porsche #911 stormed to a healthy victory at the Nürburgring 24-hour race marking three major milestones. Not only was this Manthey’s 25th anniversary as a racing team, but it was the team’s seventh overall victory at the endurance race, and Porsche’s 13th! No other team or manufacturer has been so successful at this extremely grueling event. The trio of works Porsche drivers in Kevin Estre, Michael Christensen, and Matteo Cairoli...
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Mercedes-AMG E63 S vs. Panamera Turbo S E-Hybrid

The E63 won't last long with just a V8; does the plug-in Porsche preview a superior fast wagon?
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Porsche’s list of recommended tires for every Porsche made from 1959 through 2005 and beyond

Most of us know how seriously Porsche is committed to their heritage and history, but every once in a while they give us a reminder, anyway. Take the press release we used to write this post. It contains information and links to tire recommendations for every “classic” Porsche made from 1959 (starting with the 356 B) 2005 (ending with the 996). Together, there are 32 new tire models to choose from. In tuning the tires, the Porsche tyre testers also worked together with former rally world champi...
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Apple Music Coming to Mercedes-Benz MBUX Infotainment System

Mercedes-Benz has announced that Apple Music integration is coming to its MBUX infotainment system, starting with C-Class, S-Class, and EQS models. ‌Apple Music‌ will integrate directly into Mercedes-Benz's MBUX infotainment system. Users simply need to link their online "Mercedes me" account to their vehicle, and then ‌Apple Music‌ subscribers will have access to its full library of more than 75 million songs, curated playlists, radio stations, and more. Drivers can make requests using the ...
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Check out all 36 Porsche customer teams filling the Nürburgring 24 grid

The Frikadelli Racing Porsche team will start the ADAC Total 24 hours Rennen Nürburgring from pole position after absolutely dominating the Qualifications race a few weeks ago, but it’s not just the SP9 class at the top of the time sheets where the Porsche brand is represented. Throughout the field there will be 38 different Porsche teams contesting the grueling 24 hour race in Eifel, fighting for wins in ten different classes this weekend. This is an extremely tough race for all involved, but ...
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Make your Porsche shine with Meguiar’s new Last Touch Spray Detailer

If you spend much time cleaning your car — and let’s face it you own a Porsche so you probably do — you already know the name Meguiar’s. This is a company that has been delivering quality car care products for literally 120 years. It’s top-tier stuff, and your Porsche deserves nothing but the best, am I right? The 3M-owned detailing company just launched a new product called Meguiar’s Last Touch Spray Detailer. Meguiar’s Last Touch has been available as a professional-grade clay bar lubricant a...
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The 911 GT1 is the pinnacle of Porsche awesome

Screenshot: Hoonigan AutoFocus / YouTube Following what was more or less an outright ban on Porsche’s dominant 962 in sports car racing, Porsche looked at the new regulations for GT1 road-based sports cars and decided to build something to fit in there as well. The rules of the day required a certain number of street cars to homologate for the class, so when Porsche decided to build what amounted to a 962 wolf in 993 sheep’s clothing (wolf im schafspelz), it needed to build a few for the street...
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Just one more week to go until TC Sessions: Mobility 2021

Seven days, 168 hours or 10,080 minutes — no matter how you count it, there’s just one week left until the global mobility tech community gathers on June 9 for TC Sessions: Mobility 2021. If you’re one of the brilliant minds focused on changing the future of transportation, grab your pass and join your tribe of revolutionaries. Whether you’re into AI, AVs, EVs, robotics (not everything’s an acronym around here) or hunting potential unicorns, you’ll gain insight from the leading voices in mobilit...
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Updating the Porsche Bible: The new edition of Excellence Was Expected is bigger, better, and more

Karl Ludvigsen is simply in his element when it comes to the history of the Porsche brand. This epic set of tomes is the most complete history of Porsche that has ever been written by anyone, bar none, end of discussion. Since I started here at FlatSixes, I’ve relied on the old 2008 edition of this book to provide historical context and deep dive information. It has been a critical resource and reference material for Porsche fanatics for decades, and has grown larger right along with the compan...
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Win This 1975 Porsche 911 Carrera From Omaze!

People can rattle off lists of reasons why they love the Porsche 911 – the racing history, the rear engine, the polished yet classic look – but when you get down to the brass tacks of it, it’s the combination of those things which make this Porsche a unique and memorable car. In Omaze’s latest campaign, you have the chance to win this 1975 Porsche 911 Carrera curated by Patrick Long and his Luftgekühlt team. Affiliate Disclosure: Automoblog and its partners may be compensated when you partici...
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Porsche Commemorates the Mercedes-Benz 500 E’s 30th Anniversary

Photo credit: Porsche If you thought Porsche’s first sedan was the Panamera, you’d be wrong. The brand isn’t a stranger to four-door vehicles because it has a history of collaborating with other automakers building fast sedans, wagons, and hot hatches. The Volvo 850 T5R and Audi RS 2 were just some of the vehicles that Porsche helped develop. One of the most recognizable, however, is the Mercedes-Benz 500 E, which is celebrating its 30th anniversary Its blend of comfort and performance made it ...
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Porsche Is Working On A Sub-Taycan Electric Sedan: Report

Photo credit: Manuel Carrillo / EV Pulse It’s no secret that we’re in love with Porsche’s newest family member, the all-electric Taycan. It’s an incredible electric machine, and still manages to be the Porsche that you want it to be. It drives great. It looks great. It is great. But you know what would make it even better? A smaller, lighter platform and a lower price tag. According to a recent report from Autocar, that’s exactly what Porsche is currently working on. Based on VAG’s Premium Plat...
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Adding A Truck Bed To A 914 Makes The Best Sports Car Of The 1970s Even Better

Photo credit: Bradley Brownell / FlatSixes Dick Troutman and Tom Barnes are no strangers to building magnificent cars. They combined to form one of the best known coachbuilders in Southern California, creating legends like Lance Reventlow’s Scarabs, Jim Hall’s first Chaparral, a weird four-door 911, and many other racing and roadgoing contraptions. Some of their designs were beautiful, others purely functional, but everything served a purpose. In the early 1970s Troutman and Barnes found a rear...
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Win an EV: The best giveaways of the week, including a Tesla Model S

Filed under: Audi,Land Rover,Porsche,Tesla,Commerce,Electric Continue reading Win an EV: The best giveaways of the week, including a Tesla Model S Win an EV: The best giveaways of the week, including a Tesla Model S originally appeared on Autoblog on Mon, 31 May 2021 09:00:00 EDT. Please see our terms for use of feeds. Permalink |  Email this |  Comments
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Here’s Your Chance To Buy James Dean’s Cursed 550 Spyder Transmission [Updated]

(Editor’s Note: The transaxle from James Dean’s 1955 Porsche 550 Spyder sold for $382,000 by the time the auction ended. The auction is now closed.) Famed Hollywood star and amateur racer James Dean once had a 550 Spyder. That car no longer exists, but some of the parts for it have been documented and preserved since then. One of the only pieces of the puzzle still around in the world of Porsche is this four-speed racing transmission. And now it’s available for sale on Bring A Trailer. This is ...
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Watch Nicolas Hunziker Paint This 356A In Timelapse

If you’ve ever seen Nicolas Hunziker’s work, you might think he’s slashing paint across canvas as fast as a flyby Porsche, creating automotive beauty where there was blank canvas in no time flat. But in reality he’s a methodical and plotting artist, knowing exactly how the finished result will look, and where the shading should go before even starting the first brush stroke. He manifests the Porsche and extracts it from the canvas in a way I have never seen before. It’s truly something special,...
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British Firm Everrati Automotive Built An Electric 964 And It Rules

Well, what do we have here? An all-electric 964 generation Porsche 911 turned into an EV? Why yes, it is! Everrati Automotive Limited has turned a ’90s classic into a retro-modern machine by swapping out its high-performance aircooled flat six engine for a 53-kWh battery and an electric motor. It’s also packed with modern accouterments like the Porsche Classic infotainment system with Apple CarPlay compatibility, heated front seats, and an upgraded climate control system. Not bad, right? In add...
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Best Replacement Battery For My Porsche

Photo credit: skirgaila photography / Of course, you can jump online and search for a 12-volt replacement battery for your Porsche, that’s what Google is for, right? But is that the best way to treat your performance vehicle? Chances are you’re not going to the sale bin to buy replacement oil, so why would you place just any battery under the hood of your Porsche? Look for a battery that not only fits your budget but one that offers the level of performance you’re looking for. ...
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This Widebody 964 Porsche 911 Restomod Has A 500bhp Electric Powertrain

The Everrati Signature is a re-engineered 964 that eschews its original flat-six for a 53kWh battery and a single electric motor
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Date change for Porsche European Open

The European Tour yesterday announced next week’s Porsche European Open in Germany will now take place over 54 holes and be played from Saturday, June 5 to Monday, June 7.The tournament, at Green Eagle Golf Courses in Hamburg, was originally scheduled to begin on Thursday, June 3 and be played over 72 holes, but the late change has been made after the German Government’s decision last week to place the Uni...
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Building Brands For A Commitment-Free Economy

Mercedes canceled its subscription service, Mercedes Collection. The two-year old pilot offering fee-based access to 30 different models, insurance, roadside assistance and maintenance had about 100 participants. Mercedes Collection gave people a car-driving option other than a purchase or a lease. Apparently, the expected profit did not materialize. On the other hand, Mercedes learned a lot about drivers and their wants and needs. For example, Mercedes learned what a lot of us know: our cars...
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