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Oil mixed, U.S. crude hits highest since 2019 as refineries restart | Reuters

Oil mixed, U.S. crude hits highest since 2019 as refineries restart | Reuters Oil prices were mixed on Thursday with U.S. crude edging up to its highest close since 2019 as Texas refineries restarted production after last week’s freeze, while Brent eased on worries that four months of gains will prompt producers to boost output.Earlier in the day, an assurance that U.S. interest rates will stay low and a sharp drop in U.S. crude output last week due to the winter storm in Texas, helped boost bot...
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Mouseguns, Then and Now

A frequently-encountered fixture at the gun store is the crusty old dude leaning on the doesn't matter if he's leaning on the employee side or the customer side, he's there somewhere...and intoning that all these new-fangled nine millimeter pistols are silly and calibers don't count for self defense unless they start with "four". Given the persistence of this hoary myth, where did all those .38, .32, and even .25 handguns come from back in the good ol' days? For starters, dispe...
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Helping Australian teens hone media literacy skills

On April 28, 1996 at the historical Port Arthur site in Tasmania, 35 people were tragically killed. Alannah and Madeline Mikac, aged six and three, along with their mother, died that day. Because of this terrible act of violence, Alannah and Madeline's father, Walter Mikac AM, and a small group of volunteers, created the Alannah & Madeline Foundation with the belief that all children should have a safe and happy childhood. For more than 20 years, the Alannah & Madeline Foundation has worked to s...
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National Hurricane Center Warns Of ‘Unsurvivable’ Storm Surge From Laura

DELCAMBRE, La. (AP) — Laura strengthened Wednesday into a menacing Category 4 hurricane, raising fears of a 20-foot storm surge that forecasters said would be “unsurvivable” and capable of sinking entire communities. Authorities implored coastal residents of Texas and Louisiana to evacuate and worried that not enough had fled. The storm grew nearly 70% in power in just 24 hours to a size the National Hurricane Center called “extremely dangerous.” Drawing energy from the warm Gulf of Mexico water...
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Hurricane Laura Is Heading for a City That Can’t Take Any More

Hurricane Laura is no joke. The National Hurricane Center isn’t holding back on its warnings, saying the storm will bring “unsurvivable storm surge” to the Gulf Coast. This is the weather of nightmares, folks, and it’s less than 12 hours away from making landfall.Read more...
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Hurricane Laura: storm to bring 'unsurvivable surge' of destruction to US gulf coast

Half a million people have been ordered to evacuate as storm is predicted to reach Texas and Louisiana as a category 4 hurricane Wednesday eveningHurricane Laura is expected to bring an “unsurvivable storm surge with large and destructive waves” to parts of the US gulf coast late Wednesday or early Thursday, officials warned, as half a million people were ordered to evacuate.The storm was roaring across the ocean on Wednesday afternoon and is predicted to hit Texas and Louisiana on Wednesday eve...
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‘A Formidable Hurricane’: Laura Forecast To Strengthen To Category 4 Storm

GALVESTON, Texas (AP) — Hurricane Laura is forecast to rapidly power up into a “catastrophic” Category 4 hurricane, even stronger than previously expected, as it churns toward Texas and Louisiana, swirling wind and water over much of the Gulf of Mexico. Satellite images show Laura has become “a formidable hurricane” in recent hours, threatening to smash homes and sink entire communities. It has undergone a remarkable intensification, “and there are no signs it will stop soon,” the National Hurri...
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Q&A With Houston, TX Based Hip Hop Artist Dyl the Killsmith

Congratulations on your latest Mixtape release “For The Cause”. We checked it out and we really enjoyed the fresh new sound & perspective on new Hip Hop coming out of Houston, Texas. What motivated you to create this style of music. And how did you come up with your name Dyl The Killsmith? Appreciate that. It was a huge undertaking for me personally. As much as I love, respect and admire the chopped and screwed sounds that originated here in Houston, the sounds my people and I are creating down...
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Best places to camp on the beach

You know what sounds great right about now? A beach. Some nice, calming, lapping waves and a soft patch of sand to lay your head down and forget about all the problems of the world. If you can imagine yourself there, it’s not so far away. It’s right in this country, which, with 88,000 miles of coastline and countless inland lakes, has an abundance of places you can spend the night next to the water. Here are 15 of our favorite beachfront campgrounds, from the deserts of New Mexico to the shor...
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U.S. Outlier in Mass Public Shooting Events, or Singular Mass Shooters?

International Firearms Ownership and Homicides U.S.A. –-( In 2016 Adam Lankford of the University of Alabama, published a paper examining the distribution of mass shooting/mass shooters around the world. The published result concluded the United States had a disproportionate number of these rare events.  Lankford's study showed the United States had 5% of the world's population, but 31% of the the mass shootings/mass shooters, as defined by Lankford.  It has become clear that La...
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How to Spend a Weekend in Tasmania

The island state of Tasmania is one of Australia’s most rugged areas and is a fascinating destination for a holiday. Even if you only have a weekend in Tasmania, you’ll be able to see the best attractions. Here are some itinerary ideas for spending 2 or 3 days in Tasmania and how to ensure you experience all it has to offer. Friday Evening Friday evening is the start of your 72 hours in Tasmania. A great way to immerse yourself in the local culture is by dining at Templo, a restaurant with a c...
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Texas Explosion at Port Neches Chemical Plant Forces Evacuation

At least three people were taken to the hospital, and the blast outside Port Arthur on Wednesday was felt miles away, witnesses said.
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Chemical Plant Explosion Forces Evacuation in Texas

The blast early Wednesday in the Port Neches-Groves area outside Port Arthur was felt miles away, witnesses said.
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Chemical Plant Explosion Is Reported in Texas

The blast early Wednesday in the Port Neches-Groves area outside Port Arthur was felt miles away, witnesses said on social media.
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#Saudi Gas Deal Signals Commitment to Oil Cuts, Brookfield Says - Bloomberg

Saudi Gas Deal Signals Commitment to Oil Cuts, Brookfield Says - Bloomberg:Saudi Aramco's deal to buy a stake in a U.S. gas export project is a sign the kingdom may be willing to support crude production cuts for longer as it seeks to reduce economic reliance on oil, according to Brookfield Asset Management Inc. The state-owned company announced that it’s taking a 25% stake in Sempra Energy’s Port Arthur liquefied natural gas terminal in Texas. The investments are consistent with Saudi Arabia’s ...
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This Isn’t Suppose To Happen In Gun Control Utopia

Reuters: SYDNEY (Reuters) – A drive-by shooting outside a nightclub in the Australian city of Melbourne inflicted “horrific injuries” that killed a security guard and wounded three men, police said on Sunday, but there was no suggestion yet that the attack was terror-related. Australia has some of the world’s toughest gun control laws, adopted after its worst mass murder, when a gunman killed 35 people at Port Arthur in the island state of Tasmania in 1996. I thought when you had a gun buy-back,...
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Pauline Hanson suggests Port Arthur massacre was a government conspiracy

One Nation leader tells al-Jazeera reporter there are ‘a lot of questions’ about 1996 attackPauline Hanson has implied that the 1996 Port Arthur massacre was a government conspiracy, in comments recorded secretly by al-Jazeera.Hidden camera footage, released by al-Jazeera as part of the undercover operation that revealed One Nation had sought a US$20m (A$28m) donation from the US gun lobby, showed the party’s leader saying she had “a lot of questions” about Port Arthur. Continue reading...
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Daughter working out of town

Hi all, Hallelujah, I'm seeing light at the end of the tunnel!!! My daughter graduates college this spring and has just taken an internship for this summer with Cheniere energy in Cameron LA. Unfortunately the drive is 150 miles round trip, quite a daily drive on top of a 10 hour work day. The plan is to stay in a hotel for 3 nights per week and come home for her off days. Her schedule is 4 10 hour days. I used to work in Sabine and Port Arthur so I know that there is no way I would consider ...
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News Media Will Kill Your Children for Money and Power

Opinion David Hogg is wrong about gun control, but he is right about the news media. I’d say that Hogg didn’t go far enough in condemning the media’s role in getting our kids killed. U.S.A. –-( David Hogg was a student at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida. He has ridden to notoriety on that affiliation.. and on Michael Bloomberg’s money. Recently, Hogg condemned USA Today for turning the Parkland murderer into a celebrity. Hogg is wrong about gun control...
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Port Arthur and up

Off to a good start in the morning. We are getting much better organizing ourselves packing up beds and having breakfast showering etc.First stop is up to Richmond to see the famous Richmond Bridge. The trip up was interesting as we saw what Hobart ca
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Three Capes Track 1 Port Arthur to Surveyors Cove

When researching our Tasmania trip my friend came across the Three Capes Track and after looking into it it sounded perfect for us. It is a fairly easy hike with accommodation provided so all you have to bring is your sleeping bag and food. I love being
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Port Arthur

3rd Feb We took the bus from Hobart to Port Arthur. The journey was pretty uneventful although I did have to endure listening to the conversations of the other passengers. There was one older boke who was trying to set up an Airbnb account on his phone
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Smoke plume from Tasmania bushfire turns sky red over Hobart

Fire in world heritage area threatens six towns as Victoria experiences dramatic temperature swingsAn out of control bushfire burning in the Tasmanian world heritage area has threatened six towns and sent thick smoke across Hobart and Port Arthur, as Victoria experienced a day of wild temperature changes that brought a dangerous bushfire close to east Gippsland towns.The sky over Hobart turned a dramatic red on Friday morning as the smoke plume stretched for hundreds of kilometres across the sta...
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Brazilian President, Jair Bolsonaro, Vows to Legalize Guns for Self Defense

Brazilian President, Jair Bolsonaro, Vows to Make Guns Legal for Self Defense Arizona -( Brazilian President-Elect, Jair Bolsonaro, is following President Donald Trump in keeping promises he made during his campaign, or at least, he is continuing to say he will keep one of those promises only three days before being sworn in, on 1 January 2018. From Three days before being sworn-in, Brazil's far-right President-Elect Jair Bolsonaro stated on Saturday that he ...
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Poland signs 20-year deal to buy natural gas from the US

WARSAW, Poland (AP) — Poland has signed a long-term deal with a U.S. company for supplies of liquefied natural gas as part of an effort to reduce its dependence on Russian energy. Port Arthur LNG, a subsidiary of Sempra Energy, and Poland’s state gas company PGNiG issued a joint statement Wednesday announcing the agreement for […]
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Oil Industry Wants Gov’t To Spend Billions To Protect It From Climate Change

PORT ARTHUR, Texas (AP) — As the nation plans new defenses against the more powerful storms and higher tides expected from climate change, one project stands out: an ambitious proposal to build a nearly 60-mile “spine” of concrete seawalls, earthen barriers, floating gates and steel levees on the Texas Gulf Coast. Like other oceanfront projects, this one would protect homes, delicate ecosystems and vital infrastructure, but it also has another priority — to shield some of the crown jewels of t...
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Tasman Island Cruise Experience

Tasman Island Cruise Experience This was my second time visiting Hobart and Tasmania so I decided to try the cruise experience. Since I never did any cruise activities in Hobart, I did some research online and watch some of the cruise videos and I found out that here are a few cruises you can do in Hobart Tasmania and they are the Bruny Island Cruise, Seafood Seduction Cruise and Tasman Island Cruise (with option of Port Arthur). During my second trip, I did two cruises which is Seafood Seduct...
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The 15 Coolest Places to Visit in Australia

Morning light on the landmark Twelve Apostles along the Great Ocean Road in Victoria, Australia Are you thinking about planning a trip “Down Under?” Don’t book your vacation until you read this list of the 15 coolest places to visit in Australia! If you’ve been dreaming of becoming a world traveler, there’s no better place to start than summer vacation. And if you’re going on vacation, why not go somewhere amazing? Here are 15 amazing places to visit in Australia. 1. Sydney You’ve pr...
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The Events featuring Catherine McClements and local choir Vox Caldera

WHAT : The Events WHEN: Friday 20 & Sat 21 July, 7.30pm  WHERE: NORPA at Lismore City Hall The NORPA bar and diner open from 6pm COST: $20-$54 TICKETS: or 1300 066 772 A Belvoir, Malthouse Theatre and State Theatre Company of South Australia Co-production A mesmerising piece of playwriting – generous, compassionate and subtle – The Events was the sleeper hit of the 2013 Edinburgh Festival. For this Australian production, the brilliant Catherine McClements (Wentworth, Rush and T...
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The 15 Coolest Places to Visit in Australia

Morning light on the landmark Twelve Apostles along the Great Ocean Road in Victoria, Australia Are you thinking about planning a trip “Down Under?” Don’t book your vacation until you read this list of the 15 coolest places to visit in Australia! If you’ve been dreaming of becoming a world traveler, there’s no better place to start than summer vacation. And if you’re going on vacation, why not go somewhere amazing? Here are 15 amazing places to visit in Australia. 1. Sydney You’ve pr...
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