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Tennessee restaurant ends its late-night service after unruly customers harassed staff and drew guns inside the premises, its owners say

The restaurant's website says it offers the best burgers in the Tri-Cities area. Heath Cajandig / EyeEm / Getty Images A Tennessee restaurant is terminating its late-night service after reports of unruly behavior. Mid City Grill's owners also cited an incident involving a gun being drawn, local reports said. There has also reportedly been a spike in customers walking out without paying. A diner based in Johnson City, Tennessee, is discontinuing its late-night service after report...
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Let’s build it! Portland’s Protected Bike Lane Design Guide is finally out

The new guide tells us we could build a physically-protected lane (like the one in the graphic on the left) on East Burnside between Couch and 11th for as little as $224,000. (Photo: Jonathan Maus/BikePortland) At long last, Portland has an official guidebook to build out its protected bike lane network. If you’re feeling a bit of déjà vu, that’s because we excitedly shared this same news back in June of 2018. But for some reason, after it came out in draft form, the guide was scrubbed from...
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Portland removes 'Merge Simpson' traffic sign

This is some absolutely wonderful urban art, of course, the city of Portland enjoys crushing the joy out of things and so it is gone. Oregon Live: Many Portlanders just thought it was neat, but city officials didn't feel the same way about a "Merge Simpson" sign that appeared in Northwest Portland earlier this week. — Read the rest
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Portlander Ian Mouser killed by pickup driver while bicycling in Arizona

Ian Mouser, R.I.P.(Photo via GoFundMe page) Early Thursday morning, 42-year-old Portland resident Ian Mouser was struck and killed by the driver of a pickup truck while bicycling on a rural highway east of Phoenix, Arizona. Word of this tragedy has spread quickly through our community. Ian was active in the Unitarian Universalist Church and has worked for many years as a music and voice coach. Ian was the executive director of My Voice Music, a nonprofit he founded in 2008 to help at-risk ...
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Avengers Director Joe Russo Thinks Indie Movies Don't Have A Future In Theaters

Will independent films ever hold the same theatrical draw that they did before the pandemic? Joe Russo doesn't seem to think so. Russo co-directed "Avengers: Endgame," the second highest-grossing movie of all time, along with three other MCU blockbusters in the 2010s. In terms of sheer box office dominance, if nothing else, some have argued that he and his brother Anthony Russo were the filmmakers who defined the decade, for better or for worse. However, his last movie, "Cherry," was a bit more ...
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Multnomah County and City of Portland push ODOT for lower speed limits on Hawthorne and Burnside bridges

The city and county want a 30 mph speed limit on this section of the Hawthorne Bridge.(Photo: Jonathan Maus/BikePortland) Multnomah County transportation officials and the Portland Bureau of Transportation are working together to reduce speed limits on several Willamette River bridges. The county owns and operates five bridges on the river that are within Portland city limits and the two agencies agree that lower speed limits are necessary to reach Vision Zero safety goals and to create a m...
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Senior Facility Where 2 Residents Died in Heat Wave Sued

A lawsuit has been filed alleging that poor management at a Portland senior independent living apartment building contributed to a woman’s heat-related death during June’s unprecedented heat wave.
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First photo radar cameras since 2018 set for installation on SE Stark

Southeast Stark at 122nd.(Photo: Jonathan Maus/BikePortland) It’s been nearly three years since the last one was installed, so we’re happy to report that the Portland Bureau of Transportation is getting back into the the photo radar camera business. PBOT has two more cameras are coming this fall. The locations are on one of Portland’s most dangerous stretches of Southeast Stark Street — 122nd and 148th. Adding to the excitement is that these will be the first cameras since the program bega...
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Weekend Event Guide: Cyclocross, Showers Pass Sale, a swap meet, and more

It’s that (beautiful) time of the year (Photo: Jonathan Maus/BikePortland) Hi everybody! The good news is that it’s autumn in Portland, so there are many excuses to go out and explore the beautiful views around the city (or outside it). The other good news is that this weekend is full of great rides and events. From a warehouse sale with great deals on rain gear (that will probably offer some answers to Shannon’s recent inquiries ) and a good, old-fashioned swap meet, to another fun ‘cross r...
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Winter Cardinal Paint-by-Number Wall Art Kit

Tired of decking the halls with the same old boughs of holly? This year, the whole family can flock together to paint a stunning new bird-themed wall hanging that celebrates the advent of winter. With the included paintbrushes and numbered paint pots, you'll enjoy the cozy calm of paint-by-numbers on an artist-quality canvas. Created by illustrator Rachel Austen, the kit comes with a built-in frame and an attached string to hang your new creation on the wall. Made in Portland, Oregon. Ages 13+.
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Metro Councilor Bob Stacey’s retirement marks end of an era, and a connection to the past

Left: During the early days of land use nonprofit 1000 Friends of Oregon. Right: On Chehalem Ridge.(Images: Metro) This article was written by Metro Public Affairs Specialist Nick Christensen and first appeared on When the Metro Council adjourns today, it won’t just be the end of a meeting. It will mark the end of an era. With the crash of the virtual gavel, Councilor Bob Stacey will finish his last meeting on the elected body, ending one of the final links between today’...
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Embattled NWSL moves championship game from Portland to Louisville

Los Angeles (AFP) – The National Women’s Soccer League on Wednesday announced a new venue and kickoff time on Wednesday for its November 20 championship game after complaints from players. The league and its players... Visit for the rest of the story.
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At NeoCon 2021: Hightower’s Revamped Showroom

Congrats to Hightower on winning IIDA’s award for best small showroom (under 4,000 sq. ft.) at NeoCon last week. IIDA CEO and Executive VP Cheryl Durst commented, “an exceptional use of thought and creativity that humanizes the way we think about design.” I’m pleased to second the notion. The exhibition space is relatively small yet replete with a stunning variety of textures and colors, shapes and sizes, large spaces and intimate enclaves that gently ease observers through while invi...
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Ex-Tualatin Police Officer Facing Misconduct Charges

A former police officer in a southwestern Portland suburb is facing official misconduct and public indecency charges for crimes that allegedly happened while on-duty in 2019.
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Portland leaders unanimous in support of plan for new transportation fees

Passed! Now it’s time to get to work. The free ride for car, truck and delivery drivers in Portland isn’t over, but the end has never been easier to see. At City Council Wednesday, Mayor Ted Wheeler and the four other commissioners voted unanimously to adopt a resolution that will allow the City of Portland to develop a suite of new transportation-related fees. These “pricing strategies” include six near-term recommendations developed by the Pricing Options for Equitable Mobility (POEM) Task Fo...
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Family Biking: There’s no such thing as bad weather

(Photo: Jonathan Maus/BikePortland) I’ve often found it intriguing that Portland would become one of the most active biking cities in this country: a city known for rainy weather. Wouldn’t biking make more sense in San Diego? Or LA? Or somewhere in Florida or South Carolina? Someplace with sunshine and warm weather year-round? My incredulity is born from living in a sheltered, pampered, and climate-controlled culture. The lifestyle I am most familiar with, familiar to many Americans, is on...
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Stream Former Thermals Leader Hutch Harris’ Extremely Bleak New Solo Album Suck Up All The Oxygen

For many years, Hutch Harris made fired-up, erudite music with the Thermals, the persistently underrated punky indie rock band from Portland. The Thermals broke up in 2018, and Harris released his solo debut Only Water shortly thereafter. Today, Harris has followed that album with a new LP called Suck Up All The Oxygen. And holy shit, this new album is dark.
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Did you know you can adopt that concrete planter on your street?

Gregory Condominium residents and their lovely, planted traffic diverter. (Photo: Pearl Dist N’hood Association) As you know, we love those concrete traffic diverters the City of Portland has installed with increased frequency in the past few years. The only problem with them is they can look pretty drab out-of-the-box. But give them a coat of paint and a bit of gardening love, and they can add much more to your street than calmer traffic. I recently came across an article in the Pearl Dis...
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BikePortland Podcast: Michelle DuBarry on grief, traffic violence and making change

In this episode I talk with writer, north Portland resident and Families for Safe Streets volunteer, Michelle DuBarry. Michelle and her family have endured the ultimate sacrifice in the War Against Cars. In 2010, Michelle’s husband Eric and her son Seamus were walking across the intersection of North Interstate and North Lombard when a man driving a car struck both of them. Eric sustained minor injuries, but Seamus died in the hospital a day later. He was just one year old. I spoke with Mich...
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Masturbation memories: a sex toy giveaway (50 prizes!)

Here we are, in the formerly-futuristic year 2021, and it's been 14 years since I sat in my college dorm room and typed up my very first sex toy review. My blog is now a teen, the same age I was when I fell in love with a girl for the first time. Should I be asking my blog about its sexuality? Honey, you know you can come to me with anything. I could yammer on about how different everything was back in 2007, because BOY WAS IT, but I'll leave that for my social media posts throughout the giv...
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‘Streets 2035’ and Pedestrian Design Guide will help city decide who gets what, and why

It’s a lot to think about.(Source: Streets 2035/PBOT) If you’ve ever wondered who-gets-what-and-why on streets and sidewalks, you might want to tune into the Portland Bicycle Advisory Committee meeting Tuesday night (10/12) where managers of the city’s Streets 2035 and Pedestrian Design Guide projects will be presenting. We know it sounds dry and wonky, but there’s reason to pay attention. Here’s why: At their heart, Streets 2035 and the Pedestrian Design Guide update are silo-busters. Eac...
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Portland Crackdown on Street Racing Continues

Authorities say officers saturated an area of Portland Sunday night known for street racing and stopped dozens of would-be racers from congregating.
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Portland has a new plan to persuade you to stop driving so much

(Photos: Jonathan Maus/BikePortland) This week at city council, Transportation Commissioner Jo Ann Hardesty will ask her colleagues to adopt a new plan for how Portland promotes the type of trips that will create a more healthy and humane city — while discouraging ones that do the opposite. Given that the same council meeting will include adoption of the Pricing Options for Equitable Mobility (POEM) report, Portland city government is finally poised for a more aggressive approach to influen...
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The Monday Roundup: Troubling Texas teens, greener Google Maps, friendly honks, and more

This week’s post is sponsored by Showers Pass, who reminds you to drop by their big Warehouse Sale this Saturday from 9am to 1pm . Welcome to the week. Please take time today to honor Indigenous Peoples Day and think about the people who first settled — and continue to live — on the land your ride through (see the map above). Green Google Maps: The company has announced that this week their service will show the travel mode option with the lowest estimated carbon emissions and will even d...
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Portland Police ID Officer Involved Non-Fatal Shooting

Portland police have released the name of the officer involved in a non-fatal shooting while he was investigating a reported burglary in the Maine city.
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As the homeless population booms due to sky-high rent prices, we need to think of the California homeless crisis as a refugee crisis

A man lays on a mattress in People's Park in Berkeley, California, on Tuesday, September 28, 2021. Scott Strazzante/San Francisco Chronicle/Getty Images I've reported from refugee camps in Mexico, and the homeless camps in San Francisco feel familiar. Both refugees and unhoused people are forced to leave their homes through no fault of their own. By rethinking the crisis, we can stop blaming our unhoused neighbors and better take care of them. Jack Herrera is an independent repo...
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Person Injured in Shooting With Police in Portland

Authorities say police investigating a reported burglary shot and injured a person in Portland.
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NBA preseason schedule: TV schedules, dates, matchups for NBA preseason

NBA The NBA preseason schedule starts on Saturday, a precursor to the start of the 68th NBA season, which is less than a month away. The preseason kicks off Oct. 5 with the Oklahoma City Thunder facing Fenerbahce Ulker in Istanbul, Turkey. From there comes a long list of games that roll out until Oct. 25. Over the course of the preseason, 116 games will be played, including the NBA Global Games preseason slate, which features eight games in eight ...
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Oregon Road Trip Highlights

I spent the first week of August exploring the state of Oregon, a place I had never been to before even though it’s my neighbor to the north. On my road trip, I stopped in Ashland, Portland, Hood River, and then drove the entire Oregon coast home all the way back to California.  It was a lot of driving but I wanted to visit my northern neighbor by car to see the mountains, rivers, and explore the towns. I had to make my way through several northern counties in California before crossing the bord...
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Tools to address gun violence and traffic violence come together in Mt. Scott-Arleta neighborhood

One of 24 barrels and signs placed around the Mt. Scott-Arleta neighborhood in a bid to quell violence.(Photo: Commissioner Hardesty’s office) “The hope is that through traffic changes… we can slow down activity at these gun violence hot spots and make it more difficult to commit a crime and get away with it.”— Jo Ann Hardesty, city commissioner For many years, Portland’s problems of gun violence and traffic violence have operated on separate tracks. At times they have even been in conf...
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