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Original Art Up For Grabs!

ORIGINAL ART FANS! I put up a really cool DRIVE piece on eBay, called "The Great Quiet". It starts at one penny, so GO SNAG IT!
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YouTube has shut down a popular channel after the mother was accused of abusing her children

YouTube creator Machelle Hackney, behind the popular channel "Fantastic Adventures," has been arrested in connection with allegations she beat and starved her children who starred in the videos. Her seven adopted kids reportedly told officers they were punished when they didn't follow direction or during filming for the YouTube channel, which has more than 800,000 subscribers. Since the arrest, YouTube says the channel has been "demonetized," and the channel was terminated Wednesday afternoon....
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YouTube has shut down a popular channel after the mother was charged with allegations of abusing her children

YouTube creator Machelle Hackney, behind the popular channel "Fantastic Adventures," has been arrested in connection with allegations she beat and starved her children who starred in the videos. Her seven adopted kids reportedly told officers they were punished when they didn't follow direction or during filming for the YouTube channel, which has more than 800,000 subscribers. Since the arrest, YouTube says the channel has been "demonetized," and the channel was terminated Wednesday afternoon....
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Angelina’s boozing, Prince Charles’ divorce, and college entry cheat Lori Loughlin “tells all,” in this week’s dubious tabloids

Do tabloid editors even read what their reporters write? It’s hard to imagine, given the disconnect between headlines and the barely-detectable trace elements of facts contained in the stories beneath them. “Alex Trebek — Lung & Liver Surgery” reports the cover story of this week’s National Enquirer. But he’s had neither surgery according to the story on the inside pages about the beloved host of TV’s Jeopardy, who recently admitted having stage four pancreatic cancer. Is Trebek even poised to u...
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Border Patrol detains 9 year old U.S. citizen for 36 hours after falsely accusing her of lying about her identify

In San Diego, the United States Border Patrol grabbed a girl who is 9 and a U.S. citizen and on her way to school, accused her of lying about her identity, then detained her for 36 hours. Many families in the San Diego-Tijuana area cross the border routinely for work, school, and shopping. The child and her mother live on the Mexico side, and school is on the U.S. side. They were reunited after the kid had been held away from her parents for 36 hours, when the Mexican consulate got involved....
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Antivax GOP Kentucky governor exposed his kids to chickenpox on purpose so they'd get sick

Kentucky's antivax Republican Governor Matt Bevin said in a radio interview today that he exposed his children to chickenpox intentionally so they would catch the highly contagious disease, and become immune.  Bevin was on Bowling Green radio station WKCT earlier today, and revealed that his kids were "miserable for a few days" after they got chickenpox, and "they all turned out fine." Bevin and wife Glenna have nine children, four of whom are adopted. Governor Bevin said parents who fear thei...
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Trump wants Bob Kraft at White House despite despite prostitution sting

President Donald Trump has told White House aides that he wants New England Patriots owner Bob Kraft, who was at the center of a Florida prostitution sting just last month, to come to the Patriots' Super Bowl celebration at the White House. “The situation's causing problems for those planning the event,” writes Gabby Orr at Politico. From Politico's story: President Donald Trump wants Kraft to join his players at the White House this spring for a celebration of their January Super Bowl victor...
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‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ Editor is as Embarrassed About that One Scene as You Are

By now you’ve likely seen the viral Bohemian Rhapsody clip that’s been making the rounds. The one in which Queen meets with future manager John Reid for the first time, and the camera angles keep cutting wildly for no apparent reason. When Bohemian Rhapsody picked up an Oscar for Best Editing, the scene in question exploded across the internet, as proof there was no way in hell a movie edited like this should’ve won such an accolade. It turns out the film’s editor, John Ottman, isn’t happy abou...
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The wasabi you think you're eating isn't wasabi

Real wasabi, Wasabia japonica, is apparently one of the most expensive vegetables to grow. That green stuff you're eating? Ground horseradish, Chinese mustard, and, you guessed it, green food coloring. Yum. According to The Atlantic, "Worldwide, experts believe that this imposter combination masquerades as wasabi about 99% of the time." Above, meet Shigeo Iida, 75, whose family has grown real wasabi for eight generations. (via NextDraft) image: HK 北角 North Point 和田 Wada Japanese Restau...
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Auschwitz asks visitors to stop balancing on rail tracks for photos

The rail tracks at Auschwitz, where more than a million Jews, Poles and other victims of the Nazi regime were murdered, have become a popular spot for selfies and other photos. "Balance beam" poses are especially popular. The museum would appreciate it if this would stop happening. The BBC: The official account for Auschwitz Memorial said on Tuesday: "There are better places to learn how to walk on a balance beam than the site which symbolises deportation of hundreds of thousands to their deaths...
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Will 80s hairstyles make a resurgence?

Richard Marx silhouette reminds me of a buffalo for some reason. Flock of Seagulls hair was outstanding. The Go Gos on the other hand just looked good. Cyndi Lauper and Captain Lou would be my inspiration today, but I am bald. Aside from Flock of Seagulls, these were not even extreme hairstyles. I am sure you have better ones... Also 80s punk never went out.
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Easy-to-install bidet is a game changer

Having traveled to Europe and Japan many times, I've grown to appreciate bidets. It's a shame they aren't commonplace in the US. Here's a cheap one on Amazon. It's really easy to install. It doesn't have warm water jet like a Japanese toilet, but you'll get used to it.
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A post by Racist Iowa congressperson Steve King threatens a second American Civil War

Steve King, a racist Republican US congressperson from Iowa, is making waves again. King posted a meme to Facebook suggesting GOP-leaning Red states would win a new civil war. LA Times: “Folks keep talking about another civil war,” the meme read. “One side has about 8 trillion bullets, while the other side doesn’t know which bathroom to use.” King, whom Congress recently stripped of committee assignments over his comments about white supremacy, annotated the image with a winking emoji and mu...
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Why newsletters are the best form of social media: “You don’t have to fight an algorithm to reach your audience”

In The New York Times, Mike Isaac explains why newsletters are a better way of communicating than Facebook and Twitter. For me, the change has happened slowly but the reasons for it were unmistakable. Every time I was on Twitter, I felt worse. I worried about being too connected to my phone, too wrapped up in the latest Twitter dunks. A colleague created his own digital detox program to reduce his smartphone addiction. I reckon he made the right choice. Now, when I feel the urge to tweet an idea...
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Short video about life on a Japanese wasabi farm

According to this video and article from by The Atlantic, most of the wasabi eaten around the world is horseradish with green food coloring in it. Shigeo Iida, a 75-year-old farmer in Japan, grows the real stuff, and in this beautifully shot video, we get to see him harvest wasabi and make wasabi paste while he waxes philosophical. “Real wasabi, like the ones we grow, has a unique, fragrant taste that first hits the nose,” he says. “The sweetness comes next, followed finally by spiciness.” Im...
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"Ayn Rand is a Dick" - excerpt from a new book by Mike Monteiro

Mike Monteiro, co-founder and design director of Mule Design, has a new book called Ruined by Design: How Designers Destroyed the World, and What We Can Do to Fix It. He posted a sample chapter from the book, about Objectivist philosopher Ayn Rand's influence on Silicon Valley. He's a funny writer! Welcome to Silicon Valley. A libertarian stronghold at the very end of America. (Literally.) Silicon Valley, and specifically the venture capital firms of Silicon Valley, are mostly run by old white m...
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Look at all the dead projects in this Google Graveyard

I use lots of Google products (Chrome, Gmail, Gcal, YouTube, and Google itself) and like them, but I'm wary of using new Google projects because the company has a history of releasing something, allowing a user base to grow, then yanking the rug out from under everyone by killing the project. This site shows 147 dead Google projects. I miss Google Reader, and will miss Google URL Shortener, Inbox, and even Google+.
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Organize your workspace with this 12-in-1 modular desk organizer

Throughout the working day, our desks can become cluttered and deeply unorganized messes that limit our potential through creating distractions and reducing efficiency. This is only made worse by the abundance of cables that weave around our desks. We need something that contains all the essential items and places them within one organized location. The Stealtho Desk organizer is here to do just that; It carries an array of features that keep everything you need in one tidy place!Stealtho is t...
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Brother Of Bezos GF Admits ‘Deal With The Devil,’ Claims He Tried To Protect Couple

The brother of Lauren Sanchez, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos’ girlfriend, admitted to Fox News on Tuesday that he made a “deal with the devil,” referring to the National Enquirer, but claims he was only trying to protect the couple, who were both still married at the time and having an affair. During an interview with Fox’s Howard Kurtz, Michael Sanchez said he cooperated with the National Enquirer’s investigation into Bezos and Lauren Sanchez’s affair, but wouldn’t say whether he was paid the $200,0...
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Odd and gruesome workplace safety ads that aired on TV

Ontario, Canada's Workplace Safety and Insurance Board created these splatterpunk workplace safety ads in 2012. "This is not a feel-good campaign," said WSIB Chair Steven Mahoney. "We’ll feel good when the number of injuries and fatalities go down.”
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IBM supplied surveillance gear to Davao while Duterte was mayor and cheering on the city's police-linked death-squads

During the long years when Philippines strongman Rodrigo Duterte (previously) was mayor of Davao (circumventing term limits by periodically allowing his daughter to run for mayor and serving as her vice-mayor) the city was terrorized by death-squads who enjoyed total impunity as they assassinated police suspects and Duterte's political opponents, while Duterte cheered them on (Duterte has boasted about his participation in extrajudicial killings during this period, but has also denied participa...
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Health industry lobbyists are posing as "ordinary citizens who don't want Medicare for All"

Here are some "ordinary citizens" who have recently been featured in the press as people who are completely OK with the state of American healthcare and totally opposed to Medicare for All or any other project to reform America's worst-in-the-world health care system: "Mustafa Tameez, businessman, Texas" (Tameez is managing director at Texas-based Outreach Strategists, a public affairs and lobbying firm that reps Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas, University of Texas Physicians, and St. Luke’s Ho...
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How Your Website Can Help People Find Joy

44% of Americans say they frequently feel stressed in their daily lives, according to a recent Gallup poll. 18% of Americans have an anxiety disorder, 27% have difficulty sleeping most nights, and drug and alcohol abuse are at record levels. People are in desperate need of hope and joy in their lives. As followers of Jesus, we know true joy comes from knowing we are loved by God, forgiven through Christ, and have the Spirit of God living in us. This is something those who don’t follow Jesus need...
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Ars Technica is looking for a "technology and society" reporter

If you've got 3+ years of experience and want to cover "the growing political and cultural Big Tech backlash,' copyright clashes, the culture of Silicon Valley firms, tech-policy battles, and important tech-related court cases" then Ars Technica wants to hire you.
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California's Right to Repair Bill, killed by Big Ag and Apple, has been reintroduced

Last year, California was one of several states to introduce right to repair legislation that would force companies to end practices that discourage the independent repair sector, creating a requirement to sell replacement parts, provide documentation, and supply codes to bypass DRM systems that locked new parts out of devices until the company activated them. The bills were mostly defeated, thanks to coalitions led by Apple -- which subsequently warned its investors that its profits were...
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Sponsor of the "Discouraging Frivolous Lawsuits Act" sues Twitter cow-account for $250 million

Devin Nunes (previously) is a Trump-loyalist whose scandals have ranged from secretly moving his family farm to make it easier to hire undocumented workers to a bizarre obsession with the Steele Dossier; and like a lot of far-right types, he's big on "preventing frivolous lawsuits" (which is to say, he wants to make it harder for the public to sue companies that harm them, which is why he cosponsored last year's Discouraging Frivolous Lawsuits Act. Another trait Nunes shares with a lot of f...
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Business systematically videos people getting towed from its parking lot

The parking spot has "NO PARKING" and tow-warning signs, and is so notorious for enforcement that legitmate customers tell anyone parking their car there what is going to happen. This is all being filmed, from 60 angles, by people who have seen it happen many times before. Because they are the people who make it happen. Then it happens. This time around the drivers get warned IN PERSON. Does it work? Nope. But there's so much more going on here. Watch on! ... Q: You suck. A: That's not a que...
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More than 130 European businesses tell the European Parliament: Reject the #CopyrightDirective

The EU's Copyright Directive will be voted on in the week of March 25 (our sources suggest the vote will take place on March 27th, but that could change); the Directive has been controversial all along, but it took a turn for the catastrophic during the late stages of the negotiation, which yielded a final text that is alarming in its potential consequences for all internet activity in Europe and around the world. More than 5,000,000 Europeans have signed a petition against Article 13 of the ...
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NYC! I'm coming to The Strand tonight at 7PM with my new book RADICALIZED! Next up: Toronto, Chicago, San Francisco...

Thanks to everyone who came to last night's launch event at San Diego's Mysterious Galaxy! The next stop on my tour is an event at 7PM at The Strand in NYC where I'll be appearing with the award-winning investigative journalist Julia Angwin, who is pinch-hitting for Anand Giridharadas, who has had a family emergency. Tomorrow night, I'll be appearing at the Toronto Metro Reference Library at 7PM, with the Globe & Mail's Barry Hertz; from there, I go to Chicago's C2E2 festival and then to Be...
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Fly space missions in your yard with this Star Wars drone

Seems like drones are doing a lot of jobs these days, from reconnaissance to delivery. Now, we can add "keeping the Death Star safe" to that list. Whether you're a drone enthusiast or a Star Wars fan, these Star Wars Propel Drones are undeniably the coolest toy around. Yes, that's a fully functional drone replica of Darth Vader's Advanced X1 Tie Fighter. Fire up the controller and it takes off into the sky at speeds of up to 35 miles per hour, lifted by reverse propulsion technology. That means ...
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