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The human body is "full of evolutionary leftovers that no longer serve a purpose"

People have a little pink band in the inside corner of their eye. "This is the plica semilunaris," says Dorsa Amir, an evolutionary anthropologist. "It used to be a third eyelid that would blink horizontally." Amir posted a fascinating Twitter thread of other " evolutionary leftovers that no longer serve a purpose" in the human body. Did you know the human body is full of evolutionary leftovers that no longer serve a purpose? These are called vestigial structures and they’re fascinating. (1/8) ...
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Douglas Bader became Britain's top flying ace in World War II despite losing his legs

Douglas Bader was beginning a promising career as a British fighter pilot when he lost both legs in a crash. But that didn't stop him -- he learned to use artificial legs and went on to become a top flying ace in World War II. In this week's episode of the Futility Closet podcast we'll review Bader's inspiring story and the personal philosophy underlay it. We'll also revisit the year 536 and puzzle over the fate of a suitcase. Show notes Please support us on Patreon!
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A cow escaped from a rodeo 6 months ago and no one can catch her

Last summer a 3-year-old cow named Betsy (not the one in the photo; that's a stock image I used because our content management system doesn't allow us to post something without an image) somehow escaped from a rodeo in Alaska and went to a 4,000-acre park on the outskirts of Anchorage. She's been spotted many times in the park by hikers and bicyclists, but so far no one has been able to capture her. “I’m just totally exhausted from looking day in and day out,” Frank Koloski, Betsy’s owner, told...
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Trump calls 50,000 federal employees back to work, won't pay them

About 800,000 federal workers aren't getting paid because Trump doesn't want to lose the game of chicken he foolishly chose to play. Now he is forcing 50,000 to come back to work, but they won't get paid. From Washington Post: The Trump administration on Tuesday said it has called back tens of thousands of federal workers to fulfill key government tasks, including disbursing tax refunds, overseeing flight safety and inspecting the nation’s food and drug supply, as it seeks to blunt the impact o...
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Most Americans want a 70% tax rate on earnings over $10,000,000

During a 60 Minutes interview Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez casually mentioned that she thought that America's super-rich should pay a marginal tax-rate of 70% on annual earnings over $10,000,000 (which is a better deal than they got under Reagan); since then, the proposal has roiled the political classes and billionaire-backed news outlets, who coincidentally oppose taxing billionaires. Though the establishments of the Democratic and Republican parties have scrambled to brand this proposal "u...
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Of Course The School That Hired Karen Pence To Teach Bans Gay, Trans People

The private Christian school that just hired second lady Karen Pence to teach art part-time requires all potential employees to affirm their belief in certain religious convictions that uphold the school’s policy to ban homosexual and transgender people from attending or teaching at the school. The contract is part of the school’s , as The Washington Post reported, and it asks applicants to sign off on beliefs that include recognizing marriage as having “only one meaning; the uniting of one man...
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A deep dive into the technical feasibility of Bloomberg's controversial "Chinese backdoored servers" story

Last October, Bloomberg published what seemed to be the tech story of the year: a claim that Supermicro, the leading supplier of servers to clients from the Pentagon and Congress to Amazon, Apple and NASA, had been targeted by Chinese spies who'd inserted devastating, virtually undetectable hardware backdoors into their motherboards by subverting a small subcontractor in China. But the story didn't quite add up. After it was published, the tech giants implicated in it released detailed, une...
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Washington Faux-st: Fake WaPo Paper Hails Trump’s Exit From Presidency

Fake print editions of the Washington Post are circulating in Washington, D.C., with the headline “UNPRESIDENTED” screaming across the page, surrounded by fake articles about President Donald Trump stepping down from the presidency. According to the Washington Post’s Twitter account, there is also a website mimicking the outlet’s. There are fake print editions of The Washington Post being distributed around downtown DC, and we are aware of a website attempting to mimic The Post’s. They are n...
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Revealed! The cover of RADICALIZED, my next book of science fiction

On March 19, Tor Books will release my next book, Radicalized, whose four novellas are the angry, hopeful stories I wrote as part of my attempt to make sense of life in our current moment. As with my novel Walkaway and the reissues of my adult backlist, Radicalized will have a cover by the amazing Will Stahle, who is, for my money, the best cover designer working in the business at the moment. Today, Tor has published Stahle's cover for Radicalized, and holy fucking shit, is it ever great...
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Decorative unicorn skull

Some unicorns chase; some are chased down. These splendid and totally real unicorn skulls [Amazon] are sourced from troll and ogre fairtrade collectives, are 8.5" long and 10.75" tall, and individually skinned and boiled for an odor- and insect-free presentation. The horn of the unicorn skull is screwed onto the skull for safe shipping and handling. Brace yourself with this fossil skull phantom of a unicorn stallion. Display him at your desks, shelves or what have you and he will be a star at a...
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The Twist Plus World Charging Station adapts to fit outlets in 150 countries

It's a rude awakening for that rookie vacationer abroad when they try to plug in their gear for the night. Veteran jet-setters know that outlet shapes can vary wildly from country to country, which necessitates that most boring must-have for any world-traveler: A sackful of clunky power adapters. Awkward problem, elegant solution: The Twist Plus World Charging Station. Essentially a skeleton key of international plugs, the Twist Plus rotates easily to change between one of four configurations mo...
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Edgar Allan Poe or emo band lyric?

A quiz from Mental Floss: Who Wrote It: Edgar Allan Poe or an Emo Band? [via MeFi] "I stand amid the roar of a surf-tormented shore"
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Section 8 rent checks in jeopardy if shutdown lasts until March

Tenants getting federal rent subsidies have yet to be affected by the partial government shutdown, now in its fourth week. But big problems could arise for those renters and their landlords should the shutdown last until March. Local housing authorities serving about 125,000 Section 8 tenants in the region say rent payments will run out after February if the shutdown continues. And the mere uncertainty of future payments may impact those now reaching the top of years-long waiting lists, making i...
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Karen Pence teaches at school that bans LGBTQ kids and staff: Report

Karen Pence, wife of Vice President Mike Pence, just started a new job this week. She's an art teacher at a Christian school that makes job candidates sign a pledge not to engage in homosexual activity. Gay kids, you're not welcome either. The Pences are nothing if not consistent. Consistently horrible. Huffington Post's Rebecca Klein reports that the school where Pence now works discriminates against LGBTQ people in its job application, and doesn't want any queer kids around, either. Immanue...
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Like Putin, Trump wants U.S. out of NATO

How much more evidence does America need that Donald Trump isn't working for us, but for Russia? No, seriously. Trump can't stop talking about removing America from NATO. Trump hasn't had an original idea in his whole life. Who told him that'd be a good idea? Who wants the USA out of NATO? Russia. “It would be the wildest success that Vladimir Putin could dream of.” -- Michèle Flournoy, an under secretary of defense under Obama. From the New York Times' Julian E. Barnes and Helene Cooper: S...
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This wine bottle hides an umbrella

From the WTF why? files comes this hidden umbrella! Seriously disappoint your friends, who would probably rather have wine! I am wondering what occasion this prank is right for? Playmaker Toys Brella Vineyards Cabernet Wine Bottle Hidden Umbrella, Burgundy via Amazon
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Roku deletes Alex Jones' Infowars after user outrage and canceled orders

Following up on our earlier story about Roku re-platforming Alex Jones and Infowars, it looks like Roku got so much criticism from users, they've reversed course and will remove the Infowars app. ‏ After the InfoWars channel became available, we heard from concerned parties and have determined that the channel should be removed from our platform. Deletion from the channel store and platform has begun and will be completed shortly. — Roku (@Roku) January 16, 2019 That didn't take long, b...
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#TacosForTeachers: crowdfunding to feed LA's teachers as they strike against privatization and austerity

Teachers in the Los Angeles Unified School District (America's largest district) are walking the picket line this week in the pouring rain, demanding an end to the billionaire dark-money backed privatization movement that funnels public education funds to the shareholders of racially segregated, underperforming charter schools. The Democratic Socialists of America have started a GoFundMe to provide taco truck meals to the striking teachers. It was originally intended to raise $1,000 and fee...
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Strategies To Grow Your Online Clothing Business

If you think managing an online clothing business is a lot easier than having a traditional store, you are wrong. Even if you won’t be maintaining a physical store for your business, an online store is still challenging. There are still risks that you would have to deal with and sometimes, you will also fail to get high profit. However, there are strategies that you can do to make your business succeed in the fashion industry. This article will give you some tips so read on! Know Your Ta...
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Chuck Wendig, Apple Reviewer

Chuck Wendig isn't just a fine novelist, he's also got a discerning sense of what distinguishes good apples from bad, and what elevates apples to true greatness. He ate 15 grocery-store apples and produced tasting notes on each (Red Delicious: "Point is, this wasn’t hellish. I still wouldn’t buy one. I’d still throw it at enemies") and while he sleights my favorite ("It’s the jazz hands of apples. Meaning, it’s zippy and fun, and swiftly overdone if you indulge too much.") I was intrigued b...
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The Post's Betancourt talks to David F. Walker

The voice behind some of the top black superheroes in comics is now writing about Frederick Douglass By David Betancourt Washington Post January 15 2019 [Author: Mike Rhode]
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LEGO Bowie contemplates post-Ziggy Stardust character ideas: Cobbler Bob? A Mad Deus? Viscount Jizzmark?

Yesterday, we paid tribute to the 42nd anniversary of David Bowie's iconic album Low by featuring The Brothers McLeod animation of comedian Adam Buxton's hysterical radio tribute to Bowie from 2013. We follow it up with another animation done from Buxton's radio show, this time with Chris Salt of Oblong Pictures using LEGO stop-motion to lovingly lampoon our favorite alien rock god. In the video, David pitches his wife, Angie Bowie, on new character ideas after deciding to "kill off Ziggy." A...
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Prime Minister's Brexit plan defeated by 230 votes

Prime Minister Theresa May's Brexit plan was not expected to pass, but it was brutally murdered in a far larger margin of defeat than was expected: 432 to 202. This is the largest parliamentary defeat for a sitting government in history. The options for the Brits now include a no-deal Brexit on March 29; desperate negotiations for a new plan; or asking for an extension from the EU while a fresh hell is organized, such as a new referendum or a general election. Opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn im...
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Woman with medical condition can't hear "male voices"

A woman in China reportedly suffering from a rare medical condition supposedly can't hear male voices. Most hearing loss occurs at higher frequencies when the delicate hair-like stereocilia of the inner ear are damaged, but this woman has the much less common reverse-slope hearing loss (RSHL) that affects the ability to hear lower frequencies. From LiveScience: At the hospital, Chen was treated by Dr. Lin Xiaoqing — a woman — who noted that while Chen was able to hear Xiaoqing's voice, she c...
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William Barr says he can "conceive of situations" where journalists should be prosecuted

Nominee for Attorney General William Barr told the Senate Judiciary Committee this morning that he "can conceive of situations where, as a last resort," journalists could be prosecuted for “putting out stuff that is hurting the country.” This was in response to Sen. Amy Klobuchar, D-Minn., who, using the murder of Washington Post journalist Jamal Khashoggi as an example, asked Barr whether he thought the Justice Department should prosecute journalists "for doing their jobs." Yep, this is wh...
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Why switching attention from one thing to another wrecks your productivity

"Every time you switch your attention from one target to another and then back again, there’s a cost," Cal Newport said in a New York Times interview. "This switching creates an effect that psychologists call attention residue, which can reduce your cognitive capacity for a non-trivial amount of time before it clears." Newport has a new book that explores this and related ideas, called Digital Minimalism. From the New York Times: The second rule is to “embrace boredom.” The broader point here is...
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Even the rightsholders think Europe’s Article 13 is a mess, call for an immediate halt in negotiations

With only days to go before the planned conclusion of the new EU Directive on Copyright in the Single Digital Market, Europe's largest and most powerful rightsholder groups -- from the Premier League to the Motion Picture Association (MPA) and the Association of Commercial Television in Europe -- have , repeating their message from late last year: namely, that the Directive will give the whip hand to Big Tech. Article 13 -- which still mandates copyright filters for big platforms, despite...
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Angry Christians riot and throw firebomb at a museum that exhibits 'McJesus' sculpture

Hundreds of angry Christians protested at a museum in Haifa, Israel, demanding that the museum remove an exhibit that featured a "McJesus" sculpture. The sculpture – Ronald McDonald crucified on a cross – is part of a larger exhibit commenting on society's worship of capitalism, but after photos of the crucified clown were shared on social media, a group of Christians became irate. They rioted by throwing a firebomb at the museum and stones at police officers, injuring three of them. Police the...
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Rigorous new scientific study: Link between kids screen time and their well-being is highly overstated

In a heavy-duty new scientific paper published this week, University of Oxford researchers argue that the association between adolescent well-being and digital technology use is tiny. Really tiny. From Scientific American: (The paper by experimental psychologist Andrew Przybylski and grad student Amy Orben) reveals the pitfalls of the statistical methods scientists have employed and offers a more rigorous alternative. And, importantly, it uses data on more than 350,000 adolescents to show per...
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The Flying Morgans threw another insane NYE bash

This year I missed the party, but as usual stellar photographer Star Foreman captured an amazing gallery of images! Every year Los Angeles' fantastic circus family, The Flying Morgans, throw the most incredible New Years Eve party! It is chock full of Happy Mutants! From their castle atop the Hollywood Hills several hundred revelers enjoy stellar 270 degree views of the city... Actor Matty Cardarople, his wife, and the amazingly bendy Bonnie Morgan are surrounded by the circus themed de...
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