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Rebecca Foon Gets Honest and Raw with the Gorgeous 'Waxing Moon'

True to the raw beauty of the planet she's honoring, Waxing Moon sees Foon embracing a sparser, more piano-centric sound. There is a bare, unadorned quality to the first track, "New World", the earthy arrangement creating an exquisite feel. Eventually, the piano becomes busier, almost frantic, and melancholy strings are introduced to add another simple, stark layer. A coterie of fellow Canadians is on hand throughout the album for additional instrumentation: Arcade Fire's Richard Reed Parry,...
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Unconditional Arms Fuse Post-Punk and Post-Rock on "You're Just As Desperate" (premiere)

Upcoming ShowsFEB 27 Elbo Room Jack London- Oakland, CAFEB 28 The Orchard House- Santa Rosa, CAKeep Reading
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Caspian's Wall-of-Sound Post-Rock Is Handwritten Large with 'On Circles'

It's unclear how Caspian's latest will age, especially alongside a gem like 2015's Dust and Disquiet. There's little on this LP that's as instantly gratifying as Dust's "Arcs of Command" or "Darkfield". But maybe it shouldn't have to be. With On Circles, Caspian continue to map out an ambitious campaign of crafting walls of sound on the borders of contemporary post-rock. Come December, and we won't be talking about this as one of 2020's finest records. But we might certainly still be spinning ...
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Infinite Color & Sound Are Free Spirits in New York

Mike McCready and Kate Neckel 's collaborative project Infinite Color & Sound (IC&S) has been around for about a year. Since then, the Pearl Jam guitarist and the visual artist have evolved and expanded the project as they become more comfortable beyond their typical spheres (guitars and brushes, respectively). When they came through New York City for one performance on Thursday, 19 September at the dark, often clubby, PublicArts space, IC&S infused the city's energy into their sonic form...
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Listen Up

Solange's new record, a hopeful and political anthem, a tribute to Talk Talk's Mark Hollis and more Solange: Sound of Rain Released at midnight, Solange’s superb fourth full-length album When I Get Home is a lush sonic exploration. Sprawling across 19 tracks (some of which are just brief interludes) the record is all written, performed and executive produced by Solange, but includes contributions from Dev …
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Ireland's Talos Exhibits Sensitive Strength on Sophomore Record 'Far Out Dust'

In Greek myth, the giant automaton Talos was created for the vigilant purpose of defending the island country of Crete. It's a fitting moniker for singer-songwriter-producer Eoin French, a native of Cork, Ireland who possesses a deep appreciation for his island home and for the wondrous natural world which surrounds him. Taking cues from the likes of Jónsi, Jon Hopkins, and James Blake, the cold atmospheres of French's 2017 debut Wild Alee felt as though they were recorded in the coldest of ...
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Rustin Man Returns with Avant-Garde Folk Charm on 'Drift Code'

None Best known as the former bass player of Talk Talk and as one-half of experimental duo .O.rang (alongside Talk Talk drummer Lee Harris), English musician Paul Webb is a master of spearheading ventures that spawn imaginative and intriguing results. Case in point: Rustin Man, a pseudonym he's only used once previously (on 2002's folkish Out of Season alongside Portishead singer Beth Gibbons and a host of guest players). Nearly 20 years later, Webb returns with a very worthwhile follow-up, Dri...
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Tangents Trace a Shifting Landscape with "Lake George" (premiere)

None New Bodies, the second album from the Sydney-based experimental five-piece Tangents, was named one of our 70 Best Albums last year. Tangents now have a video for its opening track, "Lake George", and it is an appropriately stunning accompaniment. The video was made by Hospital Hill and the band's own Ollie Bown, with visual effects done by the Mod studio. Located between Sydney and the capital city of Canberra, Lake George has a reputation as a place of mystery. The water level of the lake...
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Pop a cork and sit down. For Slowdive, vinyl is all about the ceremony

Slowdive guitarist/vocalist Neil Halstead discusses the band’s new appeal to teenage audiences, why you have to curb your digital options during the recording process, and why shoegazing is no longer a four-letter word. The post Pop a cork and sit down. For Slowdive, vinyl is all about the ceremony appeared first on Digital Trends.
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And So I Watch You From Afar: The Endless Shimmering (review)

With its first four albums, the Irish post-rock quartet And So I Watch You From Afar set out a challenging musical game plan: on just about every one of its songs the band ties itself into as many musical knots as possible, only to somehow unthread the song with a force of energy unrivaled by any of its peers. Like its English counterparts in Maybeshewill, And So I Watch You From Afar prefers the structure of an intricate and quick wind-up toy to the lengthier, painterly soundscapes of gr...
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Esmerine: Mechanics of Dominion

Even within the experimental music scene of Montreal, Esmerine tends to stand out. Formed by former Godspeed You! Black Emperor drummer/percussionist, Bruce Cawdon, and former Thee Silver Mt. Zion cellist Rebecca Foon, the band displays an affection towards the post-rock base and its minimalistic quality found in the other bands of the scene, but also explores further intricate concepts. Forming its sound around a neo-classical and chamber music perspective, and with t...
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Popdose Profile: King G & the J Krew Celebrate “Humpback’s” 25th Anniversary

Twenty-five years ago today, the beat was born. It was the sound of young adults from Louisville – a sprawling collection of collaborators, most of them close friends since childhood – surging with ideas, and busting out with a declaration that they intended to live an unfiltered, untethered life of art and music. It also was an incredible encapsulation of a moment in time: a Bizarro-world hybrid of rap and rock, heavy on samples, levity and inside references, that pre-dated nu-metal and all of ...
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Album Review: David Grubbs, “Creep Mission”

It starts with the guitar and the guitar alone, amplified slightly but not distorted, its complicated figures as crystalline as frosted glass. It advances, carefully, with the occasional pitter-patter of percussion and well-placed interjections of bass, both low in the mix, letting the real star shine. Two minutes in, it climbs a scale, there’s the faintest hint of an organ and, after a brief bridge, it climbs the scales again, more emotive than cerebral despite the gallery-like presentation. Fo...
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