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Trump's economy is great for billionaires, not for working people | Bernie Sanders

Instead of giving tax breaks to billionaires and large corporations, we must demand that they pay their fair shareDonald Trump tells us the US economy is “absolutely booming”, the “strongest we’ve ever had” and “the greatest in the history of America”.Well, at his Mar-a-Lago country club where the price of admission has doubled to $200,000, he is right. The economy could not be better for the top 1% and corporate America. Continue reading...
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"All in all... I prefer a campfire-roasted porcupine that I killed and butchered... slathered with highbush cranberry ketchup..."

"... foraged chickweed salad with mushrooms on the side, a hot cup of stinging nettle tea to wash it down and a handful of wild blueberries for dessert. Bugs, sticks, sand and assorted forest floor debris sometimes makes it into my vittles but... 'It’s clean dirt.'.... My toilet is a hollow cottonwood stump and I bathe with a kettle of hot creek water. Some places along the highway offer showers but they cost money and contribute to ecocide, so I clean my crotch in the creek occasionally. But pe...
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What would make a woman go back to Boko Haram? Despair | Azadeh Moaveni

In northeastern Nigeria, the militant group exploits a broken social system. There are lessons here for the rest of the worldZahra and Amina seem like lucky survivors of the scourge of northeastern Nigeria, the jihadist movement known as Boko Haram. Both were wives of fighters. Zahra escaped by agreeing to detonate an explosive vest that the militants strapped to her. After walking miles to her intended target, a government checkpoint, she turned herself over to soldiers. Amina fled with her thr...
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Justin Welby: no-deal Brexit would harm poorest people in UK

Archbishop of Canterbury says he prays every day for Theresa May and other politicians The archbishop of Canterbury has said a no-deal Brexit would hit the poorest and most vulnerable people in the UK.Justin Welby also said he was praying for Theresa May and other politicians at the start of what is expected to be one of the most tumultuous weeks in recent parliamentary history. Continue reading...
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The Housecleaning Job That Saved My Life

My client knew she was dying. She helped me figure how to live.
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How financial literacy impacts youth prostitution, AIDS, and women’s survival

Around the world, girls are in positions of extreme vulnerability and risk. How can we increase the survival and empowerment of girls and women who have no education, who are married off as children, forced into prostitution, and who live in regions where AIDS/HIV is common?One proven strategy is financial literacy programs, from as early as age six. It is the bedrock of change. When girls understand finance, savings, and how to think assess opportunity and risk, it is proven to impact seemingly...
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Life on the breadline: 'Helping others might not be easy, but it's rewarding' | Mick Smart

During the holiday season we were unable to afford gift giving, or to travel and see family, but the new year brings new possibilities and a huge silver lining • About this seriesName: Mick SmartAge: 32 Continue reading...
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Canadian woman becomes eighth person to die in charity bin since 2015

Charities are rethinking design of bins as advocates for homeless, who use the bins as shelter, are calling them ‘death traps’ Seemingly harmless charity donation bins have become what advocates for the homeless are calling “death traps” following multiple incidents of people dying after getting stuck in bins.Most recently, a 35-year-old Canadian woman was found dead in a clothing donation bin in Toronto on Tuesday morning. Police cut open the donation bin in an attempt to rescue the woman, but ...
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Michael Che Grew Up in New York City’s Projects. Now He’s Trying to Help Them.

The ‘Saturday Night Live’ star has recruited a few friends to raise money for a group that assists public housing residents.
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Feature: How Cities Make Money by Fining the Poor

In many parts of America, like Corinth, Miss., judges are locking up defendants who can’t pay — sometimes for months at a time.
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Weatherwatch: why cold weather is still a killer in the UK

Research finds local communities can do most to halt unnecessary deathsIn an affluent, educated country like the UK it is surprising that there is still a large spike in the number of people who die in cold weather because they cannot afford to heat their homes or do not understand the danger they are in.Last winter there were 50,100 excess deaths in England and Wales, many of which were entirely preventable. Most of those who die unnecessarily are older adults who have not kept themselves warm ...
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Times Insider: Hearing Divorce Cases on a Sidewalk in Niger, as Women Assert Their Power

The testimony I listened to — before a judge sitting on a sheepskin rug, as cars, motorbikes and sheep passed by — could have been aired by annoyed wives in courtrooms, or living rooms, anywhere in the world.
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Czech democracy ‘under threat’ from rising debt crisis

MPs to vote on new law to ease punitive collection systemSnowed under with debts from a failed business, Renata’s hands shook as she told a tale of financial misery that drove her to contemplate suicide and visited fear on her ageing parents.“I was so scared of the debt collectors because they were coming to my parents’ house,” she said, depicting a nightmare scenario as hungry creditors closed in. “If you are a debtor here, the state criminalises you, worse than if you’re a real criminal. Even ...
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Why 2018 Was the Best Year in Human History!

Once again, the world’s population was living longer and living better than ever before.
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Of 800,000 Poor New Yorkers, Only 30,000 Can Get the New Half-Priced MetroCards

The city’s new Fair Fares program will get off to a modest start, with only those receiving cash assistance from the city eligible for the discounts.
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'My parents sold me': poverty drives trade in child brides in Zimbabwe | Nyasha Chingono

Married off at 13, Maureen lost her education and her health. Her plight is common in a country racked by economic turmoilThe end of Maureen’s days at a primary school in north-eastern Zimbabwe marked the beginning of her life as a wife.At 13, the brightest student in her class in Mudzi, Mashonaland, she was married to a man three times her age. Continue reading...
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New York City’s Poor Were Promised Half-Priced MetroCards. They’re Still Waiting

New York City was scheduled to start a discount fare program for low-income riders on Jan. 1. But the rollout has been a bit of a mess.
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The Dangerous Rise of the IUD as Poverty Cure

The notion that limiting women’s reproduction can cure societal ills has a long, scary history.
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Living Paycheck to Paycheck Looks Different For Everyone, But the Struggle Is Still Real

There are a great many people in this country who are one missed paycheck away from financial ruin.Read more...
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Tributes paid to homeless man found dead in Manchester canal

Tony Lawless had reportedly been in hospital the day before his body was foundA “gentle giant” found dead in a canal in Manchester on Boxing Day was a known rough sleeper and had been in hospital on Christmas Day, it has been reported.Tony Lawless, who lived on and off the streets following the death of his father, had been in the North Manchester General hospital on Tuesday after a collapse, the Manchester Evening News said. Continue reading...
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Life on the breadline: 'Am I wearing out my welcome?' is a lingering question | David Samuel

I wrestle the social anxiety that only multiplies the uncertainty of living in a spare bedroom, trying to be a low maintenance guest in someone’s houseBeing homeless is more than the loss of the physical space – the ambience and decor you created for yourself to enjoy. It is more than losing that mental space where you feel comfortable, relaxed and secure. Homelessness is a state of being. People usually take it to mean no permanent physical place of residence; agency forms record NFA (no fixed ...
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Jimmy Carter’s howay days in Newcastle | Brief letters

Homelessness and MPs | Mathew Law | Presidential visit | Donald Trump’s wall | Easter origins | Scotland’s MacedoniaNearly 600 homeless die on the streets (Report, 21 December). About the same number of MPs take two weeks’ leave to go back to their warm homes after a ridiculous PM’s questions; I cannot call it a debate. MPs must decide: Brexit circus – the most disastrous decision since the Iraq war – or education, housing and health. Two words sum it up: grow up.Joan LangrognatHarrow, Middlesex...
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Economic Growth, Population and Poverty Numbers

I normally don’t do numbers. But in this post, I will have to refer to numbers because wealth and poverty have to be understood quantitatively too. So let’s do the numbers. It is an amazing fact that extreme poverty has fallen both in absolute and relative terms. The world’s population living in extreme poverty has … Continue reading Economic Growth, Population and Poverty Numbers
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Trump administration puts squeeze on food stamps recipients

New rule tightens work requirements for 40 million AmericansRegulatory crackdown is tradeoff for Trump support of farm billThe Trump administration is setting out to do what this year’s farm bill did not: tighten work requirements for millions of Americans who receive federal food assistance. The agriculture department on Thursday proposed a rule that would restrict the ability of states to exempt work-eligible adults from having to obtain steady employment to receive food stamps. Continue read...
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Meanwhile: Who Are San Francisco’s Most Generous Citizens?

It's home to more billionaires than ever. But a different set of people are doing the most valuable work.
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Wooden sleeping pods offer privacy to London's homeless

Charity in Deptford upgrades facilities to help cope with sharp rise in rough sleeping this winterA charity in south-east London has introduced sleeping pods for homeless people, as figures revealed a record number of people sleeping rough in the capital.The latest survey found 3,103 people on London’s streets between July and September 2018 – the first time the total has exceeded 3,000 in a three-month period. Charities attributed the surge to a lack of affordable housing. Continue reading...
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In Home Village of Girl Who Died in U.S. Custody, Poverty Drives Migration

Jakelin Caal Maquin, a 7-year-old girl who died in the custody of American officials, came from a poor Guatemalan village where many see emigration as the only escape from poverty.
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Past Oxford’s Dreaming Spires, an Artist Shows a Different View

A new exhibition by the artist Penny Woolcock shows that, contrary to tourist clichés, England’s famous university city is blighted by poverty and inequality.
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The Best Last Minute Gift Because Time Is Running Out

Kristen Welch and I are sorta, kinda, soul sisters? As I serve on the board of directors of the ministry Kristen founded, Mercy House Global, I get to see it first hand again and again, what we can all do together to change the world for women, if we say our brave yes.  — and I am all in here with Kristen, with Mercy House Global, and togESTHER — we are the Esther Generation. Called for such a time as this, right where we are, to change the world for our sisters….  I absolutely love this woman ...
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Asylum seekers must be allowed to work | Letter

Banning asylum seekers from working doesn’t make economic sense, says Catherine West MPBanning asylum seekers from working is not only a great social injustice, it’s economically illiterate. An asylum seeker receives £5.39 a day to live on – an allowance that needs to cover clothing, transport, food, personal hygiene and often the cost of their asylum application.Last month’s Equality and Human Rights Commission report revealed the shocking reality asylum seekers are being forced to choose betwe...
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