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Vundabar – “Big Funny” Video

Last year, the Boston-based duo Vundabar released a really great album, Smell Smoke -- we interviewed them about it back when it came out -- and they've been hitting the road hard in support of it. They're about to embark on another long tour (dates below), and to celebrate its start … More »
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Hinako Omori Reimagines KT Tunstall's "Human Being" in New Remix (premiere)

None Over the past year, KT Tunstall released her sixth studio album, WAX. The second in a trilogy intent on journeying through the spirit, body, and mind, the album was a notable success for the celebrated rock artist. Now, Tunstall has given over the reins to one of its singles, "Human Being", to her close friend, keyboardist and backing vocalist Hinako Omori. Omori's reimagining of Tunstall's tune is striking, offering a great turn of atmosphere compared to the original composition. Dreamily...
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Quentin Sauvé Embraces the Healing Power of Love in New Music Video (premiere)

None Although he is best known for his bass efforts in the hardcore band Birds in Row, Quentin Sauvé's solo effort marches to the beat of a softer drum. It's not the first time an artist known for a more indelicate musical disposition has veered towards something far different for a new project; Dallas Green notably shifted from Alexisonfire to develop City and Colour, for instance. Albeit, where Green moves into sweet folk melodies, Sauvé taps into textured guitar-centric arrangements still wi...
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Active Bird Community – “Somewhere” (Feat. Samia)

Brooklyn band Active Bird Community specialize in punchy meat-and-potatoes indie rock powered by nervous tension. As with prior songs "Spend The Night" and "Dead Legs," new single "Somewhere" is a reminder of how satisfying a song like that can be. More »
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Young Hunting Creates an Anthem For the Idle With "Crimes" (premiere)

None "Crimes" is the latest offering from Los Angeles-based dream pop outfit Young Hunting. With primary songwriters Hari Rex and Ilya Malinsky having first bonded over a shared love of Nick Cave, Jason Molina and Can, among others, the tune is an appropriate blend of the world-weary and the resolute. Filled with vocal harmonies that would not have been out of place on radio during the 1970s with musical settings that recall the warmth and glory of LPs by all those listed above, "Crimes" is qui...
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The Curls Skewer 'Lowest Forms of Entertainment' in Outlandish Video (premiere)

None Bands don't come more deliciously — yet naturally — weird than the Curls. Nigh-impossible to succinctly describe or pigeonhole into any indie rock subgenre, the Chicago sextet has that tongue-in-cheek, madcap derangement that makes one think of Captain Beefheart and the Magic Band reincarnated for the 2010s with inverted pop sensibilities in place of abrasive elements.Bizarre as their pastiche of sounds is, it's self-conscious without being forced or a put-on. Their video for latest single...
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Vesper Wood Brings Emotion, Conviction to "Descend" (premiere)

None "Descend" is the new track from Vesper Wood. Culled from the album Instar, the piece is an unadorned exploration of Christina Wood's vocal power. The song evolves slow, surely, avoiding pop music and emotional clichés. Instead of culminating in an overwhelming climax, the song simply disappears to where it came from and proves all the more haunting for it. The music appeals to fans of Björk, Jarboe, and Myrkur with plenty of darkness tempered with light."It's a very emotional track, very w...
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Bethany Curve Are Back, and This Time It's 'Murder!' (album premiere)

None More bands should have their own mottos. Californian shoegazers Bethany Curve have long had one: "Atmosphere | Arrangement | Sound | Layering | Noise." This could easily be adopted as the motto for all shoegaze music.Younger fans of the genre -- and even some older ones -- likely first found out about Bethany Curve by way of Cherry Red Records' Still in a Dream: A Story of Shoegaze 1988 - 1995 compilation from 2016. The good news for newcomers then was that there was a good-sized back cata...
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Carolina Lins and Os Planatos Give the Kaiser Chiefs' "I Predict a Riot" a Brazilian Touch (premiere)

None Carolina Lins and band Os Planatos take a quintessentially Brazilian approach to their cover of the Kaiser Chiefs' classic "I Predict a Riot". Featured in 2018 documentary film Kaiser: The Greatest Footballer Never to Play Football, the group juxtaposes the original track's anarchic spirit against the infectious stylings of música popular brasileira. Warm brass and swaying beats add tropical flavor to the mix, elevating the tune from raucous to rapturous.Alongside the sounds are visuals fr...
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Huntly – “Low Grade Buzz”

Huntly are a Melbourne trio making indie-pop in both senses of the phrase. By which I mean: "Low Grade Buzz," the title track from their upcoming debut album, exists in continuum with the many artists who've spent the past decade putting an artful spin on mainstream pop, but it's also operating on a twee wavelength … More »
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Low Life – “The Pitts”

Downer Edn -- that second word is pronounced "edition" -- is the second album from Low Life, an Australian punk band from the same scene that gave us Royal Headache and Total Control. It's out in March, preceded today by the release of opening track "The Pitts." … More »
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Tishmal Turns the Tables on Mistreaters in "You're Afraid" (premiere)

None Meaning "hummingbird" in the language of her Native American heritage, Luiseño, Tishmal is the brainchild of indie pop soloist Rachel Brockbank. It was a name bestowed upon her when she was young, right around the same period during which she first began to write and perform music. With Tishmal's debut EP soon to be released on 24 January, the artist is premiering a new single with PopMatters. Entitled "You're Afraid", the song captivates with its undulating, synth-laden arrangement. Esp...
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Lula Miranda Makes an Acoustic Mashup Out of "Cherry Kiss" (premiere)

None Trading in the heavy bass synth and electronic melodies of her song, "Cherry Kiss" for a live acoustic ensemble, Lula Miranda offers a new take on her infectious single. Other than its ushering in of organic instrumentation and softer direction, Miranda's acoustic rendition of "Cherry Kiss" also remixes Camila Cabello's "She Loves Control" along the bridge. The two songs are meshed together expertly by the Argentinian artist and her band, creating just as much of a groove to lose oneself i...
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HBO’s True Detective Season 3 Sees Ratings Decline in Premiere

BEGIN SLIDESHOW HBO’s True Detective Season 3 sees ratings decline in premiere HBO’s new season of True Detective got off to a rather lackluster start, snaring 1.4 million total viewers for its first episode and 1.2 million viewers for its second episode (via The Wrap). The numbers are a far cry from the 3.2 million people that tuned in for the season 2 premiere though, and a sizable drop from the 2.3 million that watched the Season 1 premiere. The news is not all bad, however, as the re...
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Shana Cleveland – “Face Of The Sun”

In the interim between La Luz albums, frontwoman Shana Cleveland is embarking on a new project. She made her solo debut in 2015 as Shana Cleveland & The Sandcastles with the wandering, folky Oh Man, Cover The Ground. And now, she’s gearing up to release Night Of The Worm Moon, this … More »
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Mdou Moctar – “Kamane Tarhanin”

Tuareg guitarist Mdou Moctar makes blistering and gritty psych rock. He’s an experimentalist who’s gained recognition from frenetic live shows, 2011’s Auto-Tune compilation Music From Saharan Cellphones, as well as his starring role in Niger's remake of Prince’s musical drama Purple Rain -- translated to Rain The Color Blue With A Little Red … More »
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Astralingua Stunningly Isolates and Introspects on "Space Blues" (interview + premiere)

None The term "Astralingua" refers to the language of stars and astral planes, and on their latest record, Safe Passage, the "Nomadic space-folk" pair creates invasively introspective and elegant music to exemplify their namesake. Comprised of composer/vocalist Joseph Andrew Thompson and back-up vocalist Anne Rose Thompson, Astralingua ensures that each of the LP's 11 tracks lingers with awe-inspiring sounds and arresting soul, ranking alongside meditative masters like Nosound, the Autumn Cho...
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Hunt Sales Sings About Love, Hate in "Angel of Darkness" (premiere + interview)

None Hunt Sales returns with a new album, Get Your Shit Together, on January 25 via Big Legal Mess through Fat Possum. The album, released under the name Hunt Sales Memorial, may be pre-ordered now. In addition to work with Todd Rundgren and Iggy Pop (he provides the unmistakable intro to "Lust For Life"), Sales was a founding member of Tin Machine with his brother Tony, David Bowie and Reeves Gabrels. He has also worked with Lowell Fulson, Bootsy Collins, Los Super Seven and has fronted a vari...
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Rosie Tucker – “Gay Bar”

Los Angeles-based musician Rosie Tucker released their debut album, Lowlight, in 2015, and followed that up last year with a handful of songs, including "Fault Lines" and "Spinster Cycle," both of which are featured on Tucker's upcoming sophomore album, Never Not Never Not Never Not, which is being announced … More »
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Dave Harrington Group – “Belgrade Fever”

Since the breakup of his psychedelic electronic duo Darkside in 2014, Dave Harrington has been fronting the improvisational Dave Harrington Group. Back in December, they announced their forthcoming effort Pure Imagination, No Country, the follow-up to 2016’s debut Become Alive, and shared lead single "Well." They’re back today with … More »
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Motherhood Heed the Call of the Wild on "Bird Chirp" (premiere)

None Motherhood hail from Fredericton, the picturesque capital of New Brunswick, Canada. The trio -- guitarist-vocalist Brydon Crain, keyboardist-vocalist Penelope Stevens, and drummer-vocalist Adam Sipkema -- also seem to be pretty keen on dogs. Their previous single from last September was called "Pick of the Pugs", and now we have this video for their latest."Bird Chirp" is the first single to be taken from Dear Bongo, Motherhood's new album features a canine on the cover art. Not only that,...
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Hear Townes Van Zandt’s Previously Unreleased “All I Need”

Townes Van Zandt made a career out of weathered, introspective songs dedicated to despair and yearning. Spanning nearly 30 years and 10 studio albums, the late Texan’s country-folk has endured, weary and enigmatic and elegant. And today’s previously unheard "Sky Blue" is no different. More »
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Bellows – “Denouement” & “What Can I Tell You About the World?”

Bellows is the folk-pop project of the Brooklyn-based musician Oliver Kalb. His most recent album, 2016's Fist & Palm, chronicled the decline of a friendship, and in the years since we've heard a few one-off singles, including last year's "Housekeeping." Kalb preemptively released that song ahead of announcing his new album, … More »
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Writhing Squares Scrape Away the "Dirt in My Mind's Eye" (premiere)

None The Philadelphia-based band Writhing Squares consists of Daniel Provenzano of Purling Hiss (among other groups) and Kevin Nickles of Ecstatic Vision and Taiwan Housing Project. Playing together over the past few years, Provenzano handles bass, Nickles handles saxophone and flute, and both take turns doing vocals, keyboards and percussion. Together they revolve in serrated circles, turning up and tuning into cosmic static like a Dark-Side-of-the-Moon Duo. "Dirt in My Mind's Eye" is the lead...
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Electronic Artist Kayla Painter Gets Esoteric on "Sacrificial Magic" (premiere)

None Bristol, England-based electronic artist Kayla Painter released an EP last year entitled Cannibals at Sea. It's an atmospheric affair, full of eerie sounds and voices that seem to have been gathered from the astral plane. A song particularly rich in this feeling is "Sacrificial Magic", the esoteric video of which premieres below. Inspired in part by Fijian mythology and in another by folk horror films such as The Wicker Man (the 1975 original, not the insipid 2006 remake) and 2015's THE VV...
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Eerie Wanda – “Pet Town” Video

Eerie Wanda is the project of Marina Tadic, a Netherlands-based artist born in Yugoslavia to Croatian parents. Her latest album, Pet Town, is out later this month on Joyful Noise, and today we have a video for its lovely title track. More »
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Wood & Wire and Danny Barnes Join Forces for "Just Don't Make 'Em (Remix)" (premiere)

None It's been a long past year for Wood & Wire, having ultimately led up to a Bluegrass Grammy nomination for their latest album, North of Despair. Teaming up with iconic banjoist Danny Barnes, the band's newest single release is a remix of one of their North of Despair tunes, "Just Don't Make 'Em". Blending bluegrass with funky electronic influences isn't something that happens everyday, but in the hands of an artist like Barnes, the song is given a new life that peacefully coincides with i...
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Mineral’s Chris Simpson On His Band’s New Book, New Music, Ancient Memories, & Enduring Legacy

Chris Simpson doesn't think he's ever met a casual Mineral fan, but the potential for millions of them briefly existed in the minds of people like Sylvia Rhone, Jimmy Iovine, and Clive Davis. Even your parents can probably name the careers shepherded by these legendary A&Rs: Santana, Bruce Springsteen, 2Pac, Eminem, Billy Joel, Aerosmith, Metallica, … More »
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Otoboke Beaver – “anata watashi daita ato yome no meshi” Video

Kyoto’s Otoboke Beaver bang out vicious garage punk at high speed. Last year, we premiered the quartet's "anata watashi daita ato yome no meshi" 7", which saw them throw their screams and savagery at the cruelty of love. The title translates to "After making love to me, you eat your wife’s cooking." Today, … More »
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Abigail Dowd's "Chosin" Ruminates Over the Cost of War (premiere)

None Throughout life, Abigail Dowd had a set perception of her grandfather. While attending his funeral, however, the North Carolinian artist found a new lens to view him through. "Chosin" is an ode to him and his comrades from the Korean War's Battle of Chosin, some of whom she had the chance to speak with at the funeral. The plaintive arrangement features robust acoustic guitar and subtle tones of instrumentation that offer themselves well to the song's feelings of reflection, carried forward...
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