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John Prine’s Last Song Was Also His First to Go No. 1: Watch Him Perform “I Remember Everything”

It feels cosmically ironic that Great American Songwriter John Prine died of COVID-19 in early April, just before the U.S. response to the virus was developing into what may well be the Greatest Political Folly most Americans have ever witnessed in their lifetimes. Mass death for profit and power, colossal stupidity and bullying ignorance—these were just the kinds of things that got Prine’s wheels turning. His thoughts became folk poetry with teeth. Prine’s targets included the conservat...
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Illinois Governor Names John Prine Honorary Poet Laureate

Upon his death from COVID-19 in April, legendary singer-songwriter John Prine was widely remembered as a masterful lyricist. In a remembrance at this site, Stephen Deusner wrote that Prine "seemed to emerge as a fully formed songwriter, one whose gift for wordplay and character were already intact by the time he … More »
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John Prine – “I Remember Everything”

The late, great John Prine was honored with a star-studded tribute special on Thursday night featuring contributions from Jason Isbell, Kacey Musgraves, Kurt Vile, Sturgill Simpson, and many more. Shortly after it ended, the Prine family released the last song that John Prine had ever recorded. It's called "I Remember Everything" … More »
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Watch Kurt Vile Cover John Prine’s “Sam Stone”

Kurt Vile and John Prine had a history. The two musicians played together and collaborated together, and in a recent interview with Vulture, Vile reminisced about how nervous he would get when he was in the same room as Prine: I’d get starstruck and kinda awkward around John. He’d be talking, … More »
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Lucinda Williams: 'I don't mind pushing people's buttons'

She’s faced abuse, depression – and now coronavirus has killed two of her friends. But the revered singer-songwriter is coming out swinging with her most political album yetLucinda Williams has been sleep-talking more than usual. One night last week, she dreamed that Mormons invaded her house, converted her friends and stole her possessions. That wasn’t the issue: “They were all sitting next to each other, and I said: ‘Don’t you understand, you’re supposed to be quarantined!’” Williams laughs, h...
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Watch Margo Price Cover John Prine, Play New Songs In At-Home Session

John Prine had taken Margo Price under his wing. The legendary songwriter, who passed away last week, performed with the up-and-coming Nashville star a lot over the last few years, and they recorded a song together for Prine's 2019 Living Room Sessions. Price has been paying tribute to him since he … More »
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Elvis Costello Shares Personal Essay Honoring John Prine

The songwriting legend John Prine died last week. Even before Prine passed away, when the news came out that he was sick with coronavirus, Prine's peers and admirers were quick to sing his praises. Tons and tons of people -- from Roger Waters to Phoebe Bridgers to
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The Clarity That Comes With Hard Times

My worries over small things recede in a crisis.
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Watch Roger Waters Cover John Prine’s “Paradise”

Roger Waters is the latest musician to pay tribute to John Prine by way of a cover. The country songwriting legend passed away last week. Waters covered Prine's "Paradise," which appeared on his 1971 self-titled debut and is about the effects of coal strip mining, an environmental political cause that is no doubt … More »
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Whicker: In coronavirus era, it’s always must-win when athletes become doctors

She had always been a lifeguard, long before she realized women would some day play lacrosse in college, or that she would be USC’s career assist leader. Caroline deLyra was at Ocean Beach on Fire Island, on the north shore of Long Island, when she noticed a man in distress. “We had saves every day,” she said. “This was a life-saving event. We had a strong lifeguarding team and we saved this one guy. Suffolk County gave us an award. “That moment changed me. I realized maybe I was designated to k...
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20 of the greatest John Prine songs: Remembering a legend

Prine died Tuesday of COVID-19 at age 73.
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Dave Matthews Covers John Prine’s ‘Speed of the Sound of Loneliness’ for Stephen Colbert (Watch)

Dave Matthews has long made John Prine's "Angel from Montgomery" a recurring part of his sets. But in paying tribute to the late singer-songwriter on "The Late Show with Stephen Colbert" Thursday night, Matthews chose an equally forlorn but less frequently optioned chestnut from Prine's deep catalog: "Speed of the Sound of Loneliness." In contrast […]
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President Of Ireland Shares Statement About John Prine’s Death

John Prine passed away earlier this week, and the memorials to the legendary songwriter have been rolling in in the form of covers and statements. The President Of Ireland, Michael D. Higgins, has even weighed in with some words about the late musician. Prine's wife, Fiona Whelan Prine, is … More »
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John Prine Superfans Brandi Carlile and Stephen Colbert Share Her Moving Rendition of ‘Hello in There’ (Watch)

Stephen Colbert did not have to bone up on John Prine to pay tribute to the late singer. As he explained on Wednesday night’s telecast of “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert,” sharing Prine’s music was an early bonding experience between him and his wife-to-be, and he even studied and learned songs of his when […]
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John Prine's surprise gift

Writer Michael R. Branch pays tribute to John Prine's music, which brought Branch's family closer together, and Prine's kindness -- along with that of his wife, Fiona -- which gave Branch's young daughter a moment she'll always remember.
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John Prine’s 15 Essential Songs

He showed how much humor you could put in a song and still be taken seriously. The singer and songwriter died of complications of Covid-19 at 73.
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John Prine: The 'Prine-isms' that made him a Nashville treasure

John Prine loved meatloaf, drank his own signature cocktail and rolled through town in a classic Cadillac.          [Author: Nashville Tennessean]
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John Prine's wife remembers late singer, praises caregivers

The wife of celebrated singer-songwriter John Prine said she was able to sit with her husband in the last hours of his life. Prine died Tuesday at 73 from complications of COVID-19. Fiona Whelan Prine said in a statement Wednesday that “in spite of the incredible skill and care of his medical team at Vanderbilt he could not overcome the damage this virus inflicted on his body."
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Brandi Carlile Covers John Prine’s ‘Summer’s End’ as Her Sleepless, Firelit Prayer (Watch)

Like many John Prine fans and friends, Brandi Carlile couldn’t sleep in the wee hours Wednesday morning. She put that insomnia to better use than most by picking up an acoustic guitar and singing a tender rendition of “Summer’s End,” the moving ballad that was a highlight of Prine’s final album, “The Tree of Forgiveness.” […]
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John Prine, Who Chronicled the Human Condition in Song, Dies at 73

A folk singer and songwriter with a raspy voice and an offbeat humor, he was revered by his peers, including Bob Dylan. He died of the coronavirus.
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Watch Jeff Tweedy Cover John Prine’s “Please Don’t Bury Me”

Last night brought the unfathomably sad news that the great songwriter John Prine had died of complications from COVID-19. Prine was hospitalized a couple of weeks ago, and many of admirers -- Joan Baez, Adrianne Lenker, Kevin Morby -- have been sharing videos of themselves covering Prine's … More »
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Watch Natalie Maines Cover “Angel From Montgomery” In Tribute To John Prine

The whole world is reeling from the loss of John Prine, who passed away yesterday after a battle with coronavirus that started a couple of weeks ago. Artists have been paying tribute to Prine's genius catalog since we knew he was sick. We've had covers from Joan Baez and More »
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Singer-Songwriter John Prine Dead Of COVID At 73

“A onetime Army mechanic and mail carrier who wrote songs rooted in the experiences of lower-middle-class life, Mr. Prine rose to prominence almost by accident. He was at a Chicago folk club called the Fifth Peg one night in 1969, complaining about the performers, when someone challenged him to get onstage, saying, ‘You get up and try.’ … Within a year, he released his first album and was hailed as one of the foremost lyricists of his time, even as a musical heir to Bob Dylan. He went on to rec...
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"Prine’s stuff is pure Proustian existentialism. Midwestern mind-trips to the nth degree."

Said Bob Dylan in 2009, quoted in "John Prine, One of America’s Greatest Songwriters, Dead at 73/Grammy-winning singer who combined literary genius with a common touch succumbs to coronavirus complications" (Rolling Stone).I don't know exactly why Bob Dylan said that; I didn't really follow John Prine. If you think someone who loves Bob Dylan would love John Prine, you don't know enough about Bob Dylan. And I don't know much about John Prine. I had to scan the article to be reminded of song titl...
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Remembering American Songwriting Legend John Prine (RIP): “A True Folk Singer in the Best Folk Tradition”

“A friend called our new world ‘a ghost ship,’” wrote Nick Cave in a recent installment of his Red Hand Files blog. “She has recently lost someone dear to her and recognizes acutely the premonitory feeling of a world about to be shattered.” The experience has become distressingly common. We have all begun to lose people dear, if not near, to us—artists taken by the disease before their time like Bill Withers, whose “Lean on Me” is now more poignant than ever. Whatever else we’re faced wi...
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Remembering John Prine: The songwriting great who invented East St. Paul

Our critic looks back at the great American songwriter, all the way back to Prine's first concert at the Guthrie Theater in 1972.
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Bill Murray Explains How He Was Saved by John Prine

Judging by the outpouring of affection in online comment sections, Chicago folk musician John Prine (may he rest in peace) has helped a great many of his fans through tough times with his humanist, oft-humorous lyrics. Add funny man Bill Murray to the list. Taping a video in support of The Tree of Forgiveness, Prine’s first album of new material in over a decade, Murray recalled a grim period in which a deep funk robbed him of all enjoyment. Though he carefully stipulates that this “bumm...
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John Prine, R.I.P.

Singer-songwriter John Prine died today of complications of COVID-19. His songs were covered by numerous artists and he was admired by Bob Dylan and discovered by Kris Kristofferson. My favorite Prine song was recorded by Bonnie Raitt (among others) – Angel from Montgomery: Readers who are fans, leave your favorite Prine song in the comments. John Prine, R.I.P.
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Legendary singer/songwriter, John Prine, has died from COVID-19

We are sad to report that, according to John Prine's family, he has finally succumbed to the COVID-19 virus that he'd been battling for the past nine days. Rolling Stone writes of Prine's career: As a songwriter, Prine was admired by Bob Dylan, Kris Kristofferson, and others, known for his ability to mine seemingly ordinary experiences — he wrote many of his classics as a mailman in Maywood, Illinois — for revelatory songs that covered the full spectrum of the human experience. There’s “Hello i...
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