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Police in all 50 states are using secret tools to break into locked phones — and they're using them for cases as low-level as shoplifting, records show

Getty / Jose Maria Hernandez / EyeEm More than 2,000 police departments across all 50 states have purchased high-tech tools that can crack into locked, encrypted smartphones, according to a new report. Documents surfaced through open records requests by the Washington nonprofit Upturn show that police use phone-cracking technology far more often than previously known — and often without a warrant. Once they break into someone's phones, police can use the technology to extract all of their...
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The US and 6 other countries are pressuring tech companies to weaken encryption and make it easier for police to snoop on apps like iMessage or WhatsApp

Reuters The US and six of its allies issued a joint statement last week calling on tech companies to weaken encryption and make it easier for law enforcement to access people's private messages. The UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, India, and Japan joined US Attorney General William Barr in calling on tech companies to build "back doors" for law enforcement to access encrypted messages. Currently, messaging apps like iMessage and WhatsApp are end-to-end encrypted, meaning no one — incl...
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Police have tools to crack encrypted smartphones

Most police have access to tools that can retrieve cleartext data from about 50% of the phones they confiscate, reports The New York Times. Phone-hacking tools typically exploit security flaws to remove a phone's limit on passcode attempts and then enter passcodes until the phone unlocks. — Read the rest
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Mine raises $9.5M to help people take control of their personal data

TechCrunch readers probably know that privacy regulations like Europe’s GDPR and California’s CCPA give them additional rights around their personal data — like the ability to request that companies delete your data. But how many of you have actually exercised that right? An Israeli startup called Mine is working to make that process much simpler, and it announced this morning that it has raised $9.5 million in Series A funding. The startup was founded CEO Gal Ringel, CTO Gal Golan and CPO Kobi ...
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Chrome 'Bug' Purged Browser Data, Except From Sites That Google Owned

In the latest example of Google’s public-facing privacy push turning out to be little more than a farce, it seems the tech giant was accidentally exempting some of its own sites from a feature meant to clear browser caches and cookies in its Chrome browser. Whoops!Read more...
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Latest Chrome "Bug" Purged Browser Data, Except From Sites That Google Owned

In the latest example of Google’s public-facing privacy push turning out to be little more than a farce, it seems the tech giant was accidentally exempting some of its own sites from a feature meant to clear browser caches and cookies in its Chrome browser. Whoops!Read more...
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Ireland’s data protection authority probing Facebook, Instagram over handling of children’s data

Ireland’s Data Protection Commission has opened two investigations into Facebook and Instagram, both dealing with how the latter processes children’s data on its platform, it said in a statement on Monday. Broadly, the first inquiry will focus on Facebook’s legal bases for processing children’s personal data, and the second one will analyse Instagram’s profile and account settings, and how appropriate they are for protecting children’s privacy. As part of the first enquiry, the regulator will a...
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Google Chrome retains your site data from Google and YouTube, even when you ask it to cover your tracks

FILE PHOTO: Google Chrome logo is seen near cyber code and words "spy" in this illustration picture Reuters Google Chrome's optional auto-delete feature for cookies and site data doesn't affect data attached to or YouTube, the Register reports. Google says it's the result of a fixable bug, rather than a case of the tech giant giving itself a way to continue tracking privacy-minded users. "We are aware of a bug in Chrome that is impacting how cookies are cleared on some first-pa...
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Amazon Faces Allegations It Harvested and Stored Sensitive Voice Data

Amazon is being hit with a class-action suit alleging that the tech giant’s severs are storing biometric voice data from countless callers, in contravention of an Illinois privacy law. Read more...
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EU switches on cross-border interoperability for first batch of COVID-19 contacts tracing apps

The European Union has switched on cross-border interoperability for a first batch of COVID-19 contacts tracing apps that use Bluetooth proximity to calculate the exposure risk of smartphone users after a pilot of the system last month. National apps whose backends are now linked through the gateway service are Germany’s Corona-Warn-App, the Republic of Ireland’s COVID tracker, and Italy’s immuni app. This means a user of one of those apps who travels to any of the other countries can expect the...
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‘We don’t collect subscribers’ genetic, religious, health and sexual data,’ Airtel clarifies

Airtel has said that it does not collect any personal information related to subscribers’ genetic data, religious or political beliefs, and health or sexual orientation. The telco instead attributed the inclusion of such data in its privacy policy to a “clerical error”. The second largest ISP in the country (by number of subscribers) had “inadvertently put” the broad definitions of personal data from the Information Technology Act on to its website, the company said in a statement to MediaNama. ...
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Instagram’s handling of kids’ data is now being probed in the EU

Facebook’s lead data regulator in Europe has opened another two probes into its business empire — both focused on how the Instagram platform processes children’s information. The action by Ireland’s Data Protection Commission (DPC), reported earlier by the Telegraph, comes more than a year after a US data scientist reported concerns to Instagram that its platform was leaking the contact information of minors. David Stier went on to publish details of his investigation last year — saying Insta...
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Without law, govt cannot deny services for not installing Aarogya Setu: Karnataka High Court

In the absence of a law, central and state government agencies cannot deny any benefit to citizens if they don’t install Aarogya Setu, Karnataka High Court ordered on Monday. This is the first time that the Court passed such an order even though its has acknowledged the issue in different ways in the past. The division bench, comprising of Chief Justice Abhay Oka and Justice Ashok Kinagi, was hearing Anivar A. Aravind’s petition which is seeking a permanent order against the use of the contact t...
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Tracking, tracing and transparency

Governments are processing tons of personal information to limit the spread of Covid-19. They must ensure this does not cost us our privacy The post Tracking, tracing and transparency appeared first on The Mail & Guardian.
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How coronavirus restrictions inadvertently lead to mass surveillance

Mashable has a great new piece — in video, and in text — about the intersections between COVID-19 restrictions and surveillance-style privacy invasions. The reporting by Tulika Bose and Jack Morse is smart and nuanced enough that it doesn't veer into anti-masker conspiracy theories, and rather, takes a rational skeptic's approach to the potential abuses — deliberate, or incidental — of the systems we've established to monitor the virus. — Read the rest
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How to delete messages on Signal from your devices and on others' devices

It's easy to delete messages on Signal on desktop or mobile. Thomas Trutschel/Getty Images You can delete messages you've sent on Signal, but in most cases, you'll only be able to delete it from your own devices. If you try to delete a message you sent on Signal within the last three hours, you may be able to delete it everywhere, but you'll need to be using the iPhone app or the latest beta version of the Android app. To delete a message from the Signal mobile app, tap and hold your f...
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Do You Let Your Kids Follow You on Social Media?

If you’re the parent of a pre-teen or teenager, you’ve probably spent a lot of time thinking about and talking with them about social media. Social media can be an important way for older kids to connect with their friends, especially right now. But it can also be full of predators, cyber bullies, and inappropriate…Read more...
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Is Signal secure? How the encrypted messaging app compares to other apps on privacy protection

Signal is one of the most private and secure messaging apps available. Westend61/Getty Images Signal is a secure messaging app that encrypts all communication from end to end, making all data accessible only to the sender and recipient. Signal records no metadata about your contacts or messages, so it's virtually impossible to infer anything about your communication based on your use of the app.  Visit Business Insider's Tech Reference library for more stories. You might know that Signal i...
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IAB Europe’s ad tracking consent framework found to fail GDPR standard

A flagship framework for gathering Internet users’ consent for targeting with behavioral ads — which is designed by ad industry body, the IAB Europe — fails to meet the required legal standards of data protection, according to findings by its EU data supervisor. The Belgian DPA’s investigation follows complaints against the use of personal data in the real-time bidding (RTB) component of programmatic advertising. The IAB Europe’s Transparency and Consent Framework (TCF) can be seen popping up...
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China accuses Five Eyes nations of hypocrisy for demanding backdoors to encrypted communications

2020 is indeed an upside-down year. In a discombobulating development, China, American Civil Liberties Union, Electronic Frontier Foundation and a host of other global civil society organisations have found themselves on the same side of a debate — standing up against backdoors to end-to-end encrypted platforms. A Chinese Foreign Ministry official, on October 13, accused the Five Eyes intelligence alliance, the US in particular, of double standards for asking companies to build backdoors to encr...
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WeChat Likely Won’t Be Banned While Court Battle Proceeds, Judge Indicates

A federal judge in San Francisco indicated that the Department of Justice still doesn’t have jack shit to convince her to allow the Trump administration to move forward with a ban on new downloads of Chinese messaging app WeChat while court battles proceed, per the Verge.Read more...
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Update Your Barnes & Noble Password Right Now

In a recent email, Barnes & Noble informed its customers of a security breach on October 12 that may have exposed email addresses and other account information.Read more...
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Chinese lawmakers deliberate upon personal data protection bill

China on Tuesday sent its draft personal data protection law to its legislature for deliberation, a press release from the National People’s Congress (NPC), the country’s parliament, said. Summarising the bill, the release warns countries and regions with “corresponding measures” if they take “unreasonable measures” against China in the name of data protection. The release has also cautioned international organisations of consequences if they harm Chinese citizens’ privacy. The bill is not yet p...
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How to pin chats on the Signal app on an Android or iPhone, and keep certain conversations easily accessible

It's easy to pin your Signal conversations to the top of the app. JohnnyGreig/Getty Images You can pin chats on Signal so that your frequently visited conversations remain at the top of the screen for easy access. To pin a chat on an iPhone, swipe it to the right and tap "Pin" in the swipe options. You can repeat the right-swipe to unpin it. To pin a chat on an Android, tap and hold the person or group and then tap the pin icon from the banner atop the screen. You can unpin it the same...
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How to archive chats on the Signal mobile or desktop app, and clear out your inbox without deleting important messages

Archiving your Signal chats helps you declutter your inbox without losing any important info. Boy_Anupong/Getty Images You can archive chats in the Signal messaging app to hide them from view if you don't need them clogging up your inbox anymore.  To archive a chat on an iPhone, swipe it to the left and choose "Archive." On an Android, tap and hold the chat and then tap the Archive icon from the banner at the top of the screen. You can archive chats in the desktop app by using the three-do...
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‘Backdoors to encryption are bad,’ civil society group tells Five Eyes, India, Japan. Again.

Debates on encryption often follow a predictable pattern. Every few months, USA, UK and Australia, at times accompanied by allies, rail against end-to-end encryption and demand backdoors for law enforcement agencies — either through statements or through draft legislation.  Soon enough, like clockwork, this is followed by response from civil society (and Big Tech), who criticise these statements, remind the world of the fundamental  rights to privacy and freedom of expression, before finally inf...
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Google provides police with user info based on search terms

Google is giving police info that identifies users who have searched for terms the police specify, reports CNet's Alfred Ng. The practice is exposed in the case of an arsonist, collared after police asked Google for anyone who had searched for the victim's address. — Read the rest
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Google Responds to Warrants for “About” Searches

One of the things we learned from the Snowden documents is that the NSA conducts “about” searches. That is, searches based on activities and not identifiers. A normal search would be on a name, or IP address, or phone number. An about search would something like “show me anyone that has used this particular name in a communications,” or “show me anyone who was at this particular location within this time frame.” These searches are legal when conducted for the purpose of foreign surveillance, but...
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Despite recession, IT and communications saw 7.1% growth: IT Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad

India’s IT and Communications Ministries registered 7.1% growth even during COVID-19, Communication and IT Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad said on Monday. This is despite the global and local recession, he said. In his inaugural address at CyFy, an annual cybersecurity conference organised by the think tank Observer Research Foundation (ORF), he hailed the Indian government’s digital schemes and argued that the digital ecosystem brought about “some degree of sanity” during COVID-19. Prasad said tha...
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If the ad industry is serious about transparency, let’s open-source our SDKs

Erick Fang Contributor Share on Twitter Erick Fang is the chief executive officer of Mintegral, where he oversees management, customer relationships and product development for this global mobile advertising platform. Year after year, a lack of transparency in how ad traffic is sourced, sold and measured is cited by advertisers as a source of frustration and a barrier to entry in working with various providers. But despite pro...
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