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The Best Procreate Brushes for iPad (Free & Premium Packs)

Procreate for iPad is a creative application for artists that makes use of the iPad’s sensitive display to draw directly on-screen. It’s becoming an increasingly popular tool with illustrator’s and letterers who enjoy being able to use traditional art techniques with handheld tools, without the disconnect between a graphics tablet and computer monitor. As with established software like Photoshop, Procreate incorporates brushes to simulate various media, such as paints, inks and pencils. There’s ...
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Glitter and Foil Procreate Kit for Premium Members

Access All Areas members have a huge kit of textures and brushes for Procreate to download this week, courtesy of iPad Calligraphy. The Glitter and Foil Kit is perfect for iPad lettering artists, it’s packed to the brim with versatile resources to make your designs shimmer & shine, without covering the floor with tiny specks of glitter! Over 30 high resolution textures and almost 50 Procreate brushes are included, covering a variety of glitter, foil and confetti effects. There’s no denying l...
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Procreate Texture Brush Pack for Access All Areas Members

Access All Areas members have a brilliant set of Procreate Brushes to download this week, courtesy of Quiver Supply Co. This Procreate Texture Brush Pack contains 40 hi-definition texture brushes with a myriad of surface effects, including halftones, concrete, paper, metals and noise. Procreate is a powerful digital illustration app for iPad, which allows creatives to produce beautiful artwork by sketching directly on the device screen. This unique brush packs helps you make authentic looking ar...
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A Must-Have Upgrade for Artists Using an iPad Pro

I’ve had an iPad Pro 12.9″ and Apple Pencil for almost two years now. In that time, artists the world over have taken to the device and are creating some amazing work with it. For me, though, it’s never really clicked. I always went back to working on my Wacom Cintiq. Now that I am without said Cintiq (temporarily), I’ve had to re-examine the prospect of drawing on my iPad Pro. Client work knows no excuses, so reacquainting myself with performing real illustrative work is less of a want and more...
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Check out these paintings drawn on iPad Pro at the PGA TOUR

 Over the last few years the PGA TOUR has gotten more creative about how it keeps fans at home in touch with what’s happening on the course. For example, during last year’s THE PLAYERS Championship they commissioned an iPhone-only photographer to capture professional-quality photos from the course, which greatly cut down on the time it took to upload these photos and share them… Read More
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Interview: Artist Narinder Sagoo: An architect at Foster + Partners by day captures human moments on his morning commute

Narinder Sagoo has worked at Foster + Partners for 20 years as an architectural illustrator. His hand drawing skills are incredible—he renders rich, precise scenes that bear emotion and story all without backtracking, erasing or changing course. Even...... Continue Reading...
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How pros make gradient calligraphy on iPads

Calligraphers continue to explore the possibilities of portable tablets for enhancing their craft, and few are doing more than Ian Barnard. Here's his latest tutorial, turning handwritten script into a neon-like gradient. Bonus video: just look at this hand-lettered banana: • How to do gradient & shadowed lettering in Procreate on the iPad Pro (YouTube / Ian Barnard)
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Saturday felt like the last glimpse or reminder of summer… we took the new wheels to the coast, soaked up the vibes at Babushka, lapped up the sunshine on the east strand in Portrush and said goodbye to summer. [Sunflowers painted on iPad Pro using Procreate and Apple Pencil]  
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I recently bought an iPad Pro and Apple pencil. I’ve been having great fun sketching, painting and creating various ideas with them. Here are a few of my first ‘pencil/pen’ sketches…
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Thoughts on the 12.9″ iPad Pro

I picked up my 12.9″ iPad Pro the very day Apple made the smaller 9.7″ model available. Though I had the opportunity to play with both at the Apple Store, ...
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Arrival: iPad Pro and Pencil

At long last, I’ve purchased an iPad Pro and Pencil. Is it a viable “on the go” digital art making device? Does it replace having a Cintiq or Yiynova display? ...
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