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A company is using artificial intelligence to insert new products and ads into content, including old movies - and the technology could come to streaming platforms

A side-by-side shows how Mirriad inserted an ad onto the back of a newspaper. Mirriad Mirriad uses AI technology to insert products and ads into new and old content. It's the in-content solution for the Chinese giant Tencent and plans to work with streaming platforms. The startup could provide a solution for advertisers to make revenue amid a widespread shift to streaming. See more stories on Insider's business page. There's no question that traditional television is being ecli...
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New product placement may be digitally added to classic films

Advertisements for new products can now be digitally inserted into classic films. This means there could suddenly be a Pepsi billboard in the train station in North By Northwest or a pair of Nikes in the shop window in Breakfast at Tiffany's. — Read the rest
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Where is Your Focus–Process or Product?

When it comes to developing presentations, the overwhelm of deadlines, expectations and information can steal your focus. Deciding which approach to take while introducing your product or idea to your listeners requires great discernment. While knowing your product inside and out is paramount to your success, so is the process in which you go about delivering that information. Striking the balance between the two can prove challenging. Let’s highlight the differences between product-focused pres...
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QOTD: Lamest Product Placement You’ve Seen?

The tedium of self-isolation reached depraved new depths this past weekend, as your author, finding himself all alone with nothing to do, took advantage of the government-imposed privacy to indulge in a shameful solo act. An occurrence that was sadly all too common in his teenage years. That’s right — with the lights turned low and […] The post QOTD: Lamest Product Placement You’ve Seen? appeared first on The Truth About Cars.
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Virtual product placement is coming for TV and movies and Ryff has raised cash to put it there

In a world where ad rates are declining for traditional broadcast media, the corporations responsible for making the fictions that millions devour daily need to find a new business model. Subscription services are on the rise — with every major broadcaster launching an on-demand service — and so are ad-supported video streaming services to replace the traditional networks. But there’s another holy grail of the advertising industry, long thought to be too technologically difficult to achieve, tha...
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Netflix Is Ad Free, but It Isn’t Brand Free

Tide Pod shout-outs onscreen. Flirtatious exchanges with companies on Twitter. Netflix may not run ads, but it has become a coveted marketing platform.
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The Psychology Behind Product Placement

With the pressure from online sales, the retail space needs to work at its best to keep the attention of the customer. You need to keep the consumer browsing happily through your area, finding the products they desire with ease. The study of retail product placement is big business. Even though there is a science behind the arrangement of your products, most would tell you that it is more art than anything.  You need to use part knowledge and part instinct to find the correct location for the p...
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Monster Energy Drink Stocks Rise After Death Stranding Release

Monster Energy’s decision to use product placement in anti-Brexit game Death Stranding seems to have paid off, as its stocks have soared since the title’s release. The company’s stock rose to its highest level in a month after Death Stranding‘s release, with prices rising by $3 from the 7th of November to the 8th (the […]
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A Katy Perry Song Drops a Gift in Harley-Davidson’s Lap

“Harleys in Hawaii” has been streamed and viewed millions of times, by a demographic the motorcycle maker has had a hard time reaching.
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How ‘Project Runway All Stars’ Became an Ad for Nothing

J.C. Penney ended its partnership with the reality franchise after the bankruptcy of the Weinstein Company. Lifetime decided to air the new season anyway.
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Are you SURE your clients really want to PAY LESS?

I’ve been saying it for years. I learned this from my many mentors, including Dan Kennedy and Robert Cialdini. Prices are elaaaaaaaaaaaaaastic! There have been tons of studies proving it. Payless just proved it again. We’re not paying for “the thing”. We’re paying for how the thing makes us feel. And sometimes we like to […]
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Taco Bell ‘Demolition Man’ Pop-Up Restaurant Wins #SDCC

This year at San Diego Comic-Con, Taco Bell opened a futuristic pop-up that was an edible treat. Celebrating the 25th anniversary of Demolition Man, 1993’s futuristic sci-fi action blockbuster starring Sylvester Stallone, Wesley Snipes and Sandra Bullock, Taco Bell recreated its futuristic, upscale restaurant as depicted in the film. CMO Marissa Thalberg even brought Snipes to the party: 25 years ago #DemolitionMan predicted a future when all restaurants were Taco Bells. Loved showin...
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Prime Down: Amazon’s sale day turns into fail day

It’s not just you. Amazon Prime Day started 15 minutes ago, and so far, it’s not going well for Amazon. The landing page for Prime Day does not work. When most links are clicked, readers are sent to an error page or to a landing page that sends readers back to the main landing page. Direct links to the product pages, either from outside links or the single product placement on the landing page, seem to work fine. I just bought this tent two weeks ago for $120. Some users are reporting errors ...
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BMW is Back For Another Spin in “Mission: Impossible – Fallout”

The BMW Group is the exclusive worldwide automotive partner of the next installment of Paramount Pictures’ and Skydance Media’s legendary action film franchise, Mission: Impossible – Fallout, which opens in cinemas worldwide on July 27. This is film where star Tom Cruise broke his ankle while performing a stunt and made history with a HALO (high altitude, low opening) jump. BMW has been a partner of the iconic film series since 2011, and in the upcoming film, once again provides a range of v...
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Target-Kroger Merger—A Fantasy Fit for Primetime?

Shares of U.S. big-box retailer Target and supermarket titan Kroger  in pre-market trading on Friday after a report by Fast Company said the chains were discussing a merger, evidently talking since last summer. CNBC quickly knocked down the report, with a source saying there’s “no truth” to the rumor of merger talks—but that there was plenty to discuss regarding Shipt, the same-day delivery specialist Target acquired in December. Ready for a brand-new episode of @NBCSuperstore tonight on NBC?...
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In Ad Pact, Procter & Gamble Buys Dialogue, Plot on ABC’s ‘black-ish’

Procter & Gamble makes products like Tide and the Swiffer that help consumers clean up their homes. Now the large advertiser is paying ABC to polish the plotline on one of its most popular sitcoms. In a unique advertising pact, the characters in “black-ish” will talk about a two-minute film Procter & Gamble released last […]
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New Organic Life Mist Gets Musical Boost from Art Rock Outfit, YACHT

Product launches are such difficult affairs. When the new product is Kibu — One for All Life Mist (which SOLD OUT within seconds of being introduced this week) the process is even harder. Nevertheless, YACHT makes it look easy. Typically, a rock band uses their music video to “sell” their song. Placing an actual product […] The post New Organic Life Mist Gets Musical Boost from Art Rock Outfit, YACHT appeared first on Adpulp.
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Blade Runner 2049 Product Placement Has Only Blade Runner to Blame

Why did Blade Runner’s product placements feel so organic in 1982 while Blade Runner 2049’s placements feel forced and painful in 2017? You can blame Blade Runner. Blade Runner became a cult classic by asking what it means to be human. But the Ridley Scott film was also influential in the way it imagined the future of brands, pondering what it means to be a consumer-based culture. This vision of commercialization is on display in the new Blade Runner sequel in ways that again transcend typical...
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Madison Avenue Wants to Crash Netflix, Amazon

When Ben Watkins wanted to buoy the quality of his series “Hand of God,” he turned to what might be an unlikely partner: an online compendium of real-estate data. Zillow, the real-estate listings site, paid Watkins and his team to include the company’s name in a plot line in which a character seeks to move […]
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Eggo Heats Up ‘Stranger Things’ Return to Netflix

As fans of the Netflix series Stranger Things will know, the character of Eleven survives on not much more than Kellogg’s Eggo frozen waffles in season one. So as the hit series is about to unveil Season No. 2 at the end of this month, naturally Kellogg is trying to take full advantage—just as Hasbro unveils a game that celebrates its cameo in the series. In Stranger Things, Eleven is a young girl who’s been brainwashed by a mad scientist who’s dabbling in alien intelligence. When she escapes ...
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Define Drivers: Keys To A New Caddy; A Bespoke Chocolate Egg; Dinner at La Banane

Cadillac Canada has partnered with renowned Toronto chocolate maker Brandon Olsen on a direct mail campaign that puts a decadent twist on the standard test drive invitation. Working with its lead agency Red Lion, the automaker tucked away keys to new Cadillac CT6s inside the hugely popular “Ziggy Stardust Disco Egg” from Olsen’s trendy Toronto […] The post Define Drivers: Keys To A New Caddy; A Bespoke Chocolate Egg; Dinner at La Banane appeared first on Adpulp.
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Johnnie Walker Gets Personal in Blade Runner 2049 and Beyond

Johnnie Walker is more than 165 years old, but the brand’s drive to make a mark on today’s generation has kept the Diageo-owned iconic spirits marque forever young. The brand is the world’s No. 1 Scotch whisky and is enjoyed in more than 80 countries. A big part of the reason is the brand’s consistent release of interesting flavors and designs, so that no one ever might suspect a heritage rooted in the deep past. For instance, in mid-2016 Johnnie Walker released an Exclusive Collection Global E...
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From Sponsorships to Social Issues, Heineken Is Punching Above Its Weight

Heineken has been a brewing leader for more than 150 years and, besides being a staple in its European home market and the seventh most popular beer brand in the world, is America’s leading beer import. As Marketwatch notes, “Dutch brewer Heineken sells more than 8.5 million barrels of its various beer brands in the U.S., more than double that of Boston Beer Co., the biggest craft brewer. However, it’s about half of what Constellation Brands (Ballast Point, Corona, Modelo) and less than 10% of ...
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Nominative Fair Use of Ride-Share Logos?

Earlier this year, we contemplated a suitable, accurate, and efficient generic name for the service category created by the highly-disruptive Uber brand: App-Based Ride Service. A visit to Chicago this past weekend, left me thinking that Ride-Share Service or Ride Sharing are suitable alternatives, that appear to be gaining some traction, as seen here: The sign appears to be designed by the hotel to steer drivers of these kinds of vehicles away from the apparently more-highly preferred and more...
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Dodge and the Furious: Brand Integration Done Right

Need proof that the Fast and Furious franchise has become a Star Wars-like marketing force? The upcoming 2017 film—The Fate of the Furious, hitting theaters on April 14—boasts two different tiers of official brand partner. There are brand partners specific to this film such as Castrol. And then there are partners of the overall franchise, including Mattel, Jada Toys and mall retailer Buckle. One brand in particular—FCA’s Dodge—is particularly noteworthy, which comes as no surprise as the franch...
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How Air Jordan Space Jam 11 Became Nike’s Most Successful Shoe Ever

The 1990s are back, baby! And nothing is more 1990s or hotter right now than the Nike reboot of its Air Jordan XI, the sneaker made famous by Michael Jordan in the 90s classic movie Space Jam. You remember Space Jam: basketball legend Jordan and cartoon legend Bugs Bunny teamed up with other basketball greats and Looney Tunes characters in a combination animated/live-action feature that was released by Warner Bros. Entertainment in 1996. Jordan Brand celebrated the 20th anniversary of the mo...
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Deloitte’s Advice for Brands in Binge-Watching, Snackable Content Era

Deloitte’s 11th Digital Democracy Survey finds Americans are consuming more media than ever before via streaming and binge watching, with millennials leading the charge. With 84 percent of Americans on social networks, multitasking and social network influence continue to accelerate and challenge traditional revenue models. Ads are being skipped as consumers opt for more free content changing the revenue proposition for brands to new platforms, more product placement and geo-location ads on sma...
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The Question

Here’s more Shakespeare [Author: Doug]
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Disney Stickers on a Dole Banana? Is nothing sacred?

Is nothing sacred? Can a person not eat a piece of fruit any more, without being marketed to? Years ago, songwriter, Nancy White, lamented about the annoying task of having to deal with Stickers on Fruit in her album and song of the same name. We’re used to that by now. A grapefruit usually has […]
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Oscars 2017: Academy Awards Brand Highlights, From Serious to Silly

In an Oscars telecast laced with political commentary and a surprise ending that rivaled the nominated films or the dramatic fashion (and fashion drama) this year, brands revealed campaigns that highlighted diversity, inclusivity and unity (along with some lighter moments): Cadillac debuted its third annual Oscars campaign around the theme of “Dare Greatly” with four ads including “Carry,” which features a voiceover stating: “We are a nation divided. That’s what they tell us, right? This chas...
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