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15 Microsoft Word tips and tricks that will help any user work more efficiently

Microsoft Word has many useful features you might not know about. Westend61/Getty Images Microsoft Word is filled with little-known tips and tricks that allow for more efficient work.  Some tricks, like "Focus" mode and quick translations, make writing and editing a breeze. Other features, like a built-in Resume Assistant and a document-signing tool, can aid on professional documents. Visit Insider's Tech Reference library for more stories. It's easy to take Microsoft Word for granted, des...
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13 Easy Changes to Your Daily Routine That Will Boost Long-Term Productivity

What’s one change people can make to their daily routines today that will help increase their productivity in the long run? Why is it effective? These answers are provided by… Read more » The post 13 Easy Changes to Your Daily Routine That Will Boost Long-Term Productivity appeared first on
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Does Working From Home Affect Productivity?

Working from home can make for a more productive environment than the typical office cubicle. For some, work from home situations are ideal for helping them in enhancing their work-life balance.  Since the advent of the global COVID-19 pandemic caused by the novel coronavirus in 2020, more individuals are finding themselves working from home. It’s natural that they’d be wondering how work-from-home situations might affect their productivity. So, what’s the difference between working from home an...
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Thoughts on Leadership: Short-Term Memory

I was thinking about what I wanted to write for today’s [at press time] post, and a topic came to mind we’ve never really discussed before: memory. I was diagnosed with dyslexia before doctors and researchers even knew what it was, but even with dyslexia, people always remark how sharp my memory is—and in fact, the two are purportedly related. In a 2013 study, Enhanced Recognition Memory … in Children with Developmental Dyslexia, researchers compared the performance of a group of 11-year-old dys...
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Create a magnetic company culture by taking these 4 steps

A strong and engaging culture improves performance levels and ultimately drives financial results — and it doesn't take a big budget to achieve.
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5 Types of Email Workflows Every Luxury Real Estate Agent Needs in Their CRM

Phrases like “email workflows” and “automation” get thrown around a lot in real estate these days, but what do they really mean? Whether you’re a new or experienced luxury real estate professional, you know time is your most valuable asset. The more time you can spend in the field networking, closing deals and getting the job done, the better. That means there are other areas of your business that could benefit from automation. In other words, there are some things best handled with a “set-it-an...
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How to turn off all notifications across your devices to reclaim your time and attention span

Constant notifications can drain energy not only from your devices, but from you as well. Cecilie_Arcurs/Getty Images There's no easy way to turn off notifications on all of your devices at once. If you want to turn off all your notifications, you'll need to disable them on each device individually. Most devices let you turn off or mute notifications easily, usually through a settings menu. Visit Insider's Tech Reference library for more stories. Sometimes you just need to tune everything ...
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How to block social media apps from yourself to stop distractions and be more productive

You can block social media apps from yourself with the help of several apps and plug-ins. Chesnot/Getty If you want to block social media apps from yourself, there are dozens of apps, extensions, and tools you can use. We've picked out three tools to block any website or app — Freedom, StayFocusd, and RescueTime — which are perfect for blocking social media. Blocking social media apps can save you time, stop distractions, and protect your mental health. Visit Insider's Tech Reference libra...
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Not everyone wants to return to the office - here's how the hybrid workforce may expand post-pandemic

Working in an office can help employees to explore collective creativity and team-build. Thomas Barwick/Getty Images Stav Vaisman is a marketing expert, startup founder, and writer on business and entrepreneurship. He says the pandemic shows workers can be just as productive working from home as they are in the office. With a hybrid work model, WFH productivity can be combined with team-building interaction.  Visit the Business section of Insider for more stories. The end to our global hea...
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From Plant to Animal: The Evolution Of Business

The Evolution Of Business From Brick and Mortar Rigidity to Athletic Agility Since the beginning of the industrial revolution, companies have defined themselves by their “Brick and Mortar.” Or, their hard assets, in the form of equipment, warehouses, manufacturing facilities, and corporate office buildings. Though this remains for many, such as manufacturing-based companies or business models […]
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4 tips for college students to avoid procrastinating with their online work

If you take classes online, chances are you probably procrastinate from time to time.Research shows that more than 70% of college students procrastinate, with about 20% consistently doing it all the time.Procrastination is putting off starting or finishing a task despite knowing that it will seriously compromise the quality of your work – for instance, putting off a major class project until the last minute.In fact, research has shown that procrastination can be a harmful behavior that lowers a ...
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Thoughts on Leadership: Lessons From the GOAT

I was energized by (this year’s) Super Bowl, when Tom Brady, in his first year as quarterback for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, won his seventh Super Bowl championship. I’ve written about Tom Brady before—his incredible study habits, his friendliness toward all teammates—but for this post, I want to talk about Brady’s specific leadership characteristics and his distinct ability to lift others to greatness. Earlier this year I had a conversation with my dear friend and mentor, Allan Dalton, who is a ...
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The Need For Further Employee Training For Productivity In The Office

New employee recruitment processes and new job training processes are due to the Achilles heel of many organizations and small businesses. So is it best to further train employees? 
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Why being stuck at home – and unable to hang out in cafes and bars – drains our creativity

While the pandemic has caused thousands of small businesses to temporarily close or shutter for good, the disappearance of the corner coffee shop means more than lost wages.It also represents a collective loss of creativity.Researchers have shown how creative thinking can be cultivated by simple habits like exercise, sleep and reading. But another catalyst is unplanned interactions with close friends, casual acquaintances and complete strangers. With the closure of coffee shops – not to mention ...
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Sourcing Cookbook: A Recipe to Save Time and Increase Conversion Rates

Sourcing Cookbook: A Recipe to Save Time and Increase Conversion Rates I enjoy automating my sourcing workflow. In this article, I will share my sourcing cookbook recipe which will lead to an increase in conversion rates and reduce the man-hours of manual task. Let’s find some Solution Architects, shall we? Step 1. LinkedIn We can […]
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Thoughts on Leadership: The Power of Discipline

Feb. 1 marked the beginning of Black History Month. A few weeks ago, I wrote about an extraordinary Black leader: Michael Jordan. The career and story of this sports superstar provides a blueprint for outstanding leadership. He once said: “Some people dream of success while others wake up and work hard at it.” Jordan was all about putting in the work. And that work is what separates the extraordinary from the ordinary, the mega-achievers like Jordan from those who favor mediocrity over medals. A...
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How I use the 'batched schedule' method to organize my workday and get more done as a freelancer

Author Toni Koraza says he creates daily schedule and sticks to it. Toni Koraza Toni Koraza is a London-based copywriter, non-fiction editor, and founder of digital agency Mad Company. He uses the 'batched schedule' method to organize his many freelance duties into manageable tasks. Koraza says batching helps him create a better workflow and produce higher quality work in less time. Visit the Business section of Insider for more stories. Bad schedules put freelancers in bad places. Sunday ...
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Need a boost? 6 motivational books that’ll inspire you

Planning for growth this year? Fill your mind with uplifting material, and you’ll feel positive and motivated all year long. If you haven’t already read these six books, add them to your 2021 reading list immediately.
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10 Ways to Fight Back Against the Zoom Zombies

Best Practices for Leaders to Increase Employee Engagement If you’re a fan of horror films and video games, you know the signs. The dead-eyed stare. The lack of emotions. The failure to communicate.  Zombies. And if you’ve led a meeting recently using Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, or another virtual platform, you’ve probably experienced some […]
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[PODCAST] 3 Ways to Work with the Press & Media Publication

3 Ways to Work with the Press & Media Publication Today, Ryan asks and William (self-proclaimed industry pain-in-the-ass) explains how to work with the press and media publication. Here’s the thing: being published in the right outlet has the potential to change your life (at most), and give you a resource to share with your […]
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[PODCAST] 3 Ways to Work with Members of the Press and Media Publications

3 Ways to Work with Members of the Press and Media Publications Today, Ryan asks and William (self-proclaimed industry pain-in-the-ass) explains how to work with members of the press and media publications. Here’s the thing: being published in the right outlet has the potential to change your life (at most), and give you a resource […]
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What Job Hunters Will Be Looking For From Your Company in 2021

What Job Hunters Will Be Expecting From Your Company in 2021 While 2020 is finally in the rearview mirror (phew!), businesses continue to navigate the repercussions of the pandemic. This includes a dramatic shift in employee expectations, specifically when it comes to work-life balance and flexibility. After almost a year of upheaval, where working conditions […]
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How to Respond to Procrastination and Start Becoming More Productive

Who doesn’t feel like there’s not enough time in the day to accomplish everything on their to-do list? Procrastination is a big problem and it may be the main reason you’re not getting things done. Do not put off reading this blog post! Checking out these tips now instead of at some unknown time in the distant future is in your best interest. Here’s how to respond to your tendency toward procrastination and to start becoming more productive in the new year. 1. Remain Calm It can be counterprod...
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Team Still Remote? Six Digital Tools and Resources to Try in 2021

Team Still Remote? Six Digital Tools and Resources to Try in 2021 The COVID-19 pandemic started shutting down U.S. businesses almost a year ago, which means countless employees are still logging on each day from their remote offices. According to surveys by McKinsey and Co., most people think Americans will reach herd immunity (effectively ending […]
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3 ways to maximize the time in your workday and fight procrastination

Finding a scheduling format can help you organize your day and stop procrastinating. Getty Images It's important to take breaks while working from home and physically separate from your workspace. When it's time to work, start with the most urgent item on your to-do list and focus on one task at a time. Speak up when your plate is full, and delegate extra tasks to other members of your team.  Visit the Business section of Insider for more stories. Entrepreneurs are busy people. From virtua...
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Ticktock! 8 time-wasters agents should avoid

Time management is a hot topic and will continue to be as long as people only have 24 hours in a day. Here’s a look at some of the biggest time-sucks agents are up against in today’s world. (Hint: The internet is a major culprit.)
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The 6 Types of Grit (And How to Develop Them)

We all want to be better than we are today.  And that often requires pushing yourself beyond your comfort zone, even when you don’t feel like it. It requires getting back up and trying again and again when you fail. It requires sticking with a path long enough to see it through.  In short, becoming a better man requires grit .  The concept of grit has become well-known in recent years, due to the efforts of psychologist Angela Duckworth, who has spent her career trying to figure out w...
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February 2021 Leadership Development Carnival

Welcome to the February 2021 Leadership Development Carnival! We’re excited to share posts from leadership experts from around the globe on the topics of communication, development, engagement, motivation, productivity, team building, and more. Communication Marina Jankovic explains The role of coaching in building a culture of trust . Marina shares: “ While trust is the foundation for productive relationships and high-performing teams, it’s not something that can be achieved overnight. Ev...
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Workplace disrupted – five themes that will define the future of work

Last year the Government of India announced ground-breaking measures that ease several registration and compliance requirements to enable employees of IT and BPO companies to work from anywhere, permanently.This was a watershed moment for the future of jobs and workplaces scripted in a country that has 4.36 million ICT workers (almost half of that of the whole of Europe) who are at the forefront of global digital transformation that is currently afoot, providing services to virtually every Fortu...
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6 Ways Mobile Apps Are Impacting HR and TA

  6 Ways Mobile Apps Are Impacting HR and TA There isn’t a single element that has remained untouched by the digital transformation that is prevalent in the business world. When we counter in aligning the business process with changing customer needs, it becomes equally important to consider the changing needs of internal stakeholders – […]
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