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Plugging Into the Third Mind

The Third Mind closes with a tribute to Roky Erickson and the 13th Story Elevators' dark classic "Reverberation". This cover feels like the most straightforward track on the album, coming across like a particularly sprightly (and Edgy) U2 tune with a dash of hair metal thrown in the mix. On paper that might sound horrific but scraping away a bit of the original's psychedelia reveals "Reverberation" to be a terrific rock tune, and there's nothing wrong with that. That's the cool thing about The...
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Tame Impala's 'The Slow Rush' Is an Open Diary Set to Perfect Music

On the final track of The Slow Rush, "One More Hour", we are told time has passed. We are older now, together. Whereas the first track asked for one more year, now we ask for just 60 more minutes. Parker is at his most self-reflective here. There might not be another chance at connection, he warms. "Whatever I've done, I did it for love. I did it for fun. Couldn't get enough. I did it for fame but never for money!" Whether these are thoughts expressed tongue-in-cheek, they are also soaked in t...
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Black Lips Create a Killer Country Record, Infused with Lo-fi Garage Rock

From Cole's opener, the cantankerous ill repute themed oddity, "Hooker Jon", to Swilley's possible ode to his great Uncle who very well may have been forever immortalized as a GI Joe character both in real life and song form (hear the first single "Rumbler" for more on that) In a World That's Falling Apart will spend ample time on your decks or headphones. An auditory delight for anyone in the know, or out of it, for that matter. "Georgia" is the best Waylon song that Waylon never wrote. F...
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Marco Benevento Strikes Sonic Gold in San Francisco

It feels like going through a cosmic wormhole to a groovy land of enchantment that blends a retro foundation with a futuristic funk, a realm in which Benevento has long been a tone science master. Rykman has been a revelation all night, and after seeing her star turn on lead vocals, it's not hard to imagine the bassist leading her own band on tour in the not too distant future. The retro-future funk vibe soon continues with a crowd-pleasing cover of INXS's "One of My Kind", with Benevento sing...
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The Claypool Lennon Delirium Defies Time and Space to Ring in 2019 at the Fillmore

None It's New Year's Eve in San Francisco, and there's some compelling entertainment options around the Bay Area. But the most intriguing show has to be the Claypool Lennon Delirium at the Fillmore, with Les Claypool and Sean Lennon teaming up again to bring their psychedelic space rock project to rock's most sacred sonic temple for this auspicious occasion.The tradition of the rock 'n' roll New Year's Eve show largely began right here in this room in the 1960s, with bands like the Grateful ...
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The Dandy Warhols' 'Why You So Crazy' Is a fastidious "F-you" to Music Industry Bigwigs Spewing Variations of a Repackaged Theme

Throughout their 25-year career, the Dandy Warhols have subverted conformity. Their recent release, Why You So Crazy, follows that trajectory accordingly. The band's tenth studio album is an unequivocal rejection of expectation and casts a defined irreverence for the music industry, and in many ways, their audience. Considering the former, Why You So Crazy is a fastidious "fuck you" to the music industry bigwigs spewing variations of a repackaged theme. The album also casts a more subtle pro...
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The Chris Robinson Brotherhood Keeps the Vibe Alive at the Fillmore

None It's mid-December in San Francisco, and one of modern rock's best new traditions continues as the Chris Robinson Brotherhood rolls into the Fillmore for a three-night stand to cap off their nationwide fall tour here for the third year in a row. The CRB is known for their vast rotating repertoire and exploratory jams, so no two shows are ever the same, and many fans on hand will be attending all three nights. A fair number have also caught the band earlier in the month at shows in Sonoma, S...
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Volcano Emits Acid-washed Afrobeat on "The Island" (premiere)

None As San Diego group Volcano's upcoming record The Island unfolds, it tells a tale, one of chaotic wilderness, of man versus nature, of a fictional uncharted island hiding a host of secrets. The story is an intriguing one - and so is the music of its title track, acid-drenched, Afrobeat-inspired, and oozing with energy."'The Island' was the tune that helped us realize the overall tone of the record," says guitarist Zach Oakley, who describes lead vocalist and keyboardist Gabe Messer's initia...
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Marty Balin, a Founder of Jefferson Airplane, Dies at 76

A guitarist, singer and songwriter for a San Francisco band that defined the psychedelic rock era of the late 1960s, then morphed into Jefferson Starship.
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Mercury in Retrograde: An Interview with Former Brian Jonestown Massacre Jester Joel Gion

Picture Joel Gion for a second. The image you have is probably the hip, perma-cool, sharp-dressed tambourinista, front and center with the ever-changing, ever-volatile Brian Jones Massacre. Well, scratch that and replace it with that of a camera-wielding tourist with a corn dog in one hand and a bag of cotton candy in the other, sporting a Dolly Parton T-Shirt while he waits to jump on the "Smoky Mountain River Rampage" ride. "I'm going to Dollywood!" says Gion excitedly, at the sta...
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