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Walter Capps—Erikson, Psychohistory, Worldview

Walter Capps"Erik Erikson's Contribution Toward Understanding Religion"in Ideas and Identities: The Life and Work of Erik Erikson (1998) ed. Wallerstein and Goldberger pp. 67-78 were the primary Erikson insight writ large, one could make a compelling case that the religious traditions themselves can be approached as extensions and exemplifications of the lives—indeed, the biographies—of their founders. (69) And in a footnote to a related passage: In making this suggestion, I wish to call atten...
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Fromm and Maccoby on the Total Character Structure

The nonproductive forms of social relatedness in a predominantly productive person—loyalty, authority, fairness, assertiveness—turn into submission, domination, withdrawal, destructiveness in a predominantly nonproductive person. Any of the nonproductive orientations has, therefore, a positive and a negative aspect, according to the degree of productiveness in the total character structure. (78)Erich Fromm and Michael MaccobySocial Characterin a Mexican Village (1970)p. 79 has a long list of "po...
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Fromm and Maccoby on Cultural Stimuli

In our discussion thus far we have paid little attention to the problem of the happiness of the peasant. In fact, we have stressed the economic advantage of the productive orientation, but said little of the subjective factor of satisfaction and contentment. In order to understand this problem better, we must have in mind the important fact, mentioned in Chapter 5, that the village is a cultural and spiritual desert. The values which existed for the precapitalistic peasant, and which Tawney ha...
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Anna Freud—Adolescence, Ego, Intellect

There is a type of young person whose sudden spurt in intellectual development is no less noticeable and surprising than his rapid development in other directions. We know how often the whole interest of boys during the latency period is concentrated on things with have an actual, objective existence. Some boys love to read about discoveries and adventures or to study numbers and proportions or to devour descriptions of strange animals and objects, while others confine their attention to machine...
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Parsons on Ideological Skewness

The relation of an ideological system to the social system in which it takes root is highly complex, and subject to a great deal of variation in different circumstances. In a well-integrated society the dominant ideology in large measure reflects and interprets a large part of the system of actually institutionalized patterns. But even in the most stable societies the ideological patterns are selective relative to the institutional. Ideological formulation often reflects a need to justify, which...
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The Genetic Fallacy in Art and Life (i)

(2016, rev. 2020-21) (Previously: Author's Disclaimer/Preface) (a part ii may or may not be forthcoming, perhaps before, during or after another massive series) It is always tempting to assign blame for unsavory social or scholarly trends to partisans of particularly visible brand name thinkers: to the Damned Freudians, the Fucking Marxists, the Obstinate Foucauldians. If not for Fanon, there would be no political violence on the Left! Blame the white male descent into anarcho-capitalism on Mi...
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Is Your 'Attachment Style' Causing Your Relationship Problems?

The ways we were raised have an effect on our abilities to maintain healthy relationships. That particular can of worms is addressed in all manner of self help and mental health practices, but as of late, you’ve likely been hearing about most in relation to something called “attachment theory.”Read more...
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Is the "Death Drive" Real?

Statistically, at least ten people reading this article will be dead within sixteen months. I just made that statistic up, but if you felt a little flutter of excitement at the prospect of your imminent demise, you might be verifying the death drive—Freud’s theory, postulated in 1920, that each consciousness is dually…Read more...
Tags: Psychology, Science, Freud, Psychoanalysis, Death Drive

Fox News blowhard Dr. Keith Ablow accused of turning patients into sex slaves

Three women went to Dr. Ablow to treat their depression and claim that he turned them into drug-addicted sex slaves.
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Freud versus Jung: a bitter feud over the meaning of sex

On 27 February 1907, at Berggasse 19 in Vienna, Sigmund Freud fell in love. The object of his affection was Carl Gustav Jung: 19 years younger than Freud, the young psychiatrist was already the clinical director of the prestigious Burghölzli Hospital and a professor at the University of Zurich. Jung had gained international recognition for his invention of the word-association test, and his practice was renowned for its gentle incisiveness. But when Jung read Freud's The Interpretation of Dreams...
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On observing one’s past

Let me share a memory with you. It’s a childhood memory, about an event from when I was around 13 or 14 years old. My father and I are playing soccer together. He is the goalkeeper, standing between the posts, I am the striker, taking shots from outside the box. My dad has been encouraging me to shoot with my weaker left foot, to develop the skills that come more easily on my more natural right side. He throws the ball to me, I control it on my chest, let it drop, and hit a sweetly-timed volley ...
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Psychoanalyst Puts Trump on the Couch - Dr. Justin Frank

Here's a recent segment with Thom Hartmann and guest Dr. Justin Frank discussing the disturbing topic of Donald Trump: [Author: [email protected] (Jude Cowell)]
Tags: Donald Trump, Astrology, Psychoanalysis, Justin Frank, Thom Hartmann, Jude Cowell, Dr Justin Frank, Malignant Narcissism

Here’s What Your Recurring Nightmares Actually Mean

Everyone has a bad dream once in a while. But having the same one over and over may signal that something specific is missing in your daily life, new research suggests. Men and women in the study who felt frustrated and incompetent during the day were more likely to have recurrent bad dreams at night…
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Pope Francis Says He Saw a Psychoanalyst Every Week, Decades Ago

The pontiff said he wanted to "clarify some things", according to newspaper reports based on a forthcoming book.
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“My latest brain child”

In his 1954 essay ‘Metapsychological and Clinical Aspects of Regression within the Psycho-Analytical Set’, Donald Winnicott states: “The idea of psycho-analysis as an art must gradually give way to a study of environmental adaptation relative to patients’ regressions. […] I know from experience that some will say: all this leads to a theory of development which ignores the early stages of the development of the individual, which ascribes early development to environmental factors. This is quite ...
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Reflections on Freud, the first “wild analyst”

Sigmund Freud was a more radical and speculative thinker than many have been willing to concede. This is apparent in his many discussions of childhood sexuality. For example, few really understand how Freud’s conclusions about childhood sexuality predate by decades the clinical observations of actual children – later done by dutiful analysis, most often by women analysts like Melanie Klein and Freud’s own daughter Anna Freud, most often of children within their own families or close friends. Bey...
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The hygge of psychoanalytic psychotherapy

The Danish concept of ‘hygge’ has captivated the British imagination. Pronounced runner-up word of the year, it seems a fitting counterpoint to the word ‘post-truth’ in first place: an apt response to the seismic political shifts of 2016. Hygge is difficult to translate: it is not a concrete entity, but something akin to a cozy, warm, and homely feeling, a sense of familiarity, a state of mind in which all psychological needs are in balance. The antonym of ‘hygge’ is ‘uhyggelig’, something that ...
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Best of Our Blogs: July 29, 2016

You’re here to learn how to cope, deal, or manage a problem. You might be stuck in the thick of it and trying to feel your way through. You’ve dealt with this your whole life or maybe this issue is new. You’re focused on finding a solution. Sometimes you beat yourself up for not figuring things out. But of all the things that filter through your mind, I bet you don’t think about this. But you should. Everyone has problems. But you’re not just reveling in it, you’re searching for support and solu...
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Best of Our Blogs: July 5, 2016

I caught a recent post on our Facebook page and it brought the seriousness of your daily struggles to light. While many struggle with issues with family, work or self-criticism, some are in dire need of support. Some feel all alone. Depression and suicide are two very real concerns for many of us. It’s not if it affects us, it’s how it affects us and what we can do about it. As someone who has suffered with depression as a teenager, I understand the heaviness, the dull pain and belief that nothi...
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Hawaii’s Big Island Film Festival Announces 2016 Winners

“The Closer,” a Brooklyn-set tale of betrayal and greed among friends, won the best feature prize at the Big Island Film Festival, which wrapped earlier this week in Hawaii. Eli Hershko wrote, produced and directed the picture. “Catfish Blues,” the tale of a reclusive young boy who begins to open up when he joins a... Read more »
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Psychodynamic Psychotherapy: A Misunderstood But Effective & Powerful Treatment

Today, psychodynamic psychotherapy tends to get dismissed or outright rejected. It’s seen as ineffective, unscientific and archaic. It’s associated with Freud and some of his “outlandish” theories — many of which have become caricatures. If you’ve ever learned about psychoanalysis or psychodynamic psychotherapy in college or even grad school, it’s likely your professors got it wrong. Psychodynamic psychotherapy arose out of psychoanalysis, but it’s since evolved. A lot. As psychologist Jonathan ...
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Best of Our Blogs: March 1, 2016

Think about someone who really annoys you. Maybe it’s your neighbor that can’t stop talking about himself, your judgmental mother or insensitive co-worker. You can’t stand them. But there’s something valuable about their presence in your life. Instead of just writing them off, take note of those individuals that annoy you. They may be the key to a greater understanding of the neglected parts of yourself. Perhaps a selfish friend is a reminder that you need to focus on self-care or someone who do...
Tags: Psychology, Narcissism, Influenza, Narcissistic Personality Disorder, Selfishness, Emotion, Best Of Our Blogs, Neglect, Psychoanalysis, Antisocial Personality Disorder, Lenora, Body Image Issues, Benefits hugging, Bipolar and personality, Childhood neglect and adulthood, Empathy narcissists

Platonic reception: that obscure object of desire

Of all the things we could possibly care about, why should we care about the reception of Plato? Wars rage round the world. The planet is in the process of environmental meltdown. Many remain mired in poverty, oppression, and disease. Surely this is a most obscure, not to say obscurantist, pursuit. But perhaps we are too hasty. Not to say that all the issues listed above are not urgent, and arguably more urgent than our scholarly pursuits, but if we take the example of the way Plato was read by ...
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Best of Our Blogs: February 16, 2016

I was pleasantly surprised to see O magazine’s February issue dedicated to mental health. Although it was shown mostly in the back of the magazine’s personal essays, it gave an honest and gripping perspective of what it’s like to live with mental illness. Here are a few takeaways that do a wonderful job in capturing the often misunderstood and rarely discussed issue we all face. “…perhaps those who are depressed, anxious, and struggling won’t be doubly handicapped by a culture asking what’s wron...
Tags: Psychology, Depression, Psychiatry, Narcissism, Posttraumatic Stress Disorder, Sigmund Freud, Best Of Our Blogs, Mental Disorder, Psychoanalysis, Antisocial Personality Disorder, Adolescence and sociopathy, Cynthia Bond, Elizabeth Berg (author), Freud and love, Freud and sex, Kill Switch

Mind this space: couple therapy

What happens in our relationships? This is the question that draws people into the profession of couple therapy. Therapists stand outside the couple in order to understand how their relationship systems and unconscious dynamics work. What is it that the couple have created between them? How can you restore the balance within that relationship? We spoke with David Hewison and Kate Thompson of the Tavistock Centre for Couple Relationships on couple therapy: what it offers, why it’s unique among ot...
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Best of Our Blogs: January 26, 2016

If you could get rid of your problems forever, you would. But what if that wasn’t possible or more importantly, what if it wasn’t even preferable to do so? The idea seemed foreign to me until I heard these words from The Fear and Anxiety Solution author Dr. Friedemann Schaub in this Sounds True podcast: “You actually don’t want to get rid of anxiety forever because you will understand that anxiety is a very important inner messenger…And so you want the anxiety as this inner guide, this inner com...
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Best of Our Blogs: January 5, 2016

We beat ourselves up every year with resolutions we know we’ll never live up to (at least within a year’s time). And if we were to really consider each of them, it’s not what we truly want anyway. Instead of creating the same old list that sounds a lot like the following: lose weight make more money land perfect job find perfect mate get organized What we’re looking for is more meaning, joy and love in our lives. The question is, “how do we get there?” Will the above lead us to what we really...
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