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What to Do When Your Child Fails a Test

As our kids begin to wrap up this Pandemic School Year From Hell, they are likely to face some final exams in the coming weeks. While it would be great for them to ace every single class and individual test, realistically, they may struggle—whether with anxiety, with poor study habits, or with mustering the enthusiasm…Read more...
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Be Ready to Answer These Questions at Just About Any Job Interview

Most job interviews come with a set of stock questions, with a few additional that are specific to the job and company culture. And while many of the stock questions seem easy to answer, it’s always best to know and rehearse your answers before you head into an interview. Preparation is key, even for a simple question…Read more...
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Are psychometric assessments still relevant in recruitment?

This article was contributed by the good people at PeopleHR. Psychometric testing to support selection Before you invest too much time into a candidate for consideration, there’s a lot you can learn by reviewing their application. But while Simon Kilpatrick, lecturer at Leeds Becket University, and founder of Intrinsic Links, tells me that you can […]
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Guy Who Gave Cambridge Analytica All That Facebook Data: Actually, My Data Sucked

Cambridge University psychologist Aleksandr Kogan, the scientist whose app “thisisyourdigitallife” harvested for disgraced and now-shuttered election data firm Cambridge Analytica, wants everyone to know that his data set is not responsible for the way the 2016 federal elections…Read more...
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Congressmen Expressed Interest in Talking to Big Data Firm in Russia Probe

Prominent Democrats from the Senate and House intelligence committees said they want to question representatives from Cambridge Analytica.
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World Of Statistics

The World of Statistics—the successor to the highly successful International Year of Statistics (Statistics2013) campaign celebrated in 2013—is a global network of nearly 2,360 organizations worldwide committed to: increasing public awareness of the power and impact of statistics on all aspects of society, nurturing statistics as a profession, especially among young people and promoting creativity and development in the sciences of probability and statistics. Why is statistics important? The sh...
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Center for Applications of Psychological Type (CAPT)

The Center for Applications of Psychological Type, CAPT, was founded in 1975 by Isabel Briggs Myers and Dr. Mary McCaulley, but the seeds of its creation were planted six years earlier when those two women met for the first time. In 1968, Mary McCaulley, a psychologist then on the faculty of the University of Florida Department of Clinical Psychology, discovered the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator instrument in the Buros Mental Measurements Yearbook. She became fascinated with the Indicator and Jun...
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National Institutes of Mental Health

The National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) is the lead Federal agency for research on mental illnesses. The mission of the NIMH is to transform the understanding and treatment of mental illnesses through basic and clinical research, paving the way for prevention, recovery, and cure. The urgency of this mission arises from the public health burden. According to recent estimates, mental illnesses account for 21.3 percent of all years lived with disability in the United States. An estimated 9....
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Online Psychology Laboratory

The Online Psychology Laboratory (OPL) represents the first National Science Foundation funded entry for psychology in the National Science Digital Library. The APA Education Directorate also provides support for this project. OPL currently offers classic studies in psychology that students can participate in, and then analyze data from the experiences. As OPL continues to develop, new materials will be added to enhance learning about the discipline of psychology in high school, community colleg...
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