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JOHN WILCOCK: A Smoke Bomb at The Anarchist Cookbook Press Conference

Thank you for reading -- After eight years on Boing Boing, the John Wilcock story will conclude next week! -- From John Wilcock, New York Years, by Ethan Persoff and Scott Marshall -- (See all Boing Boing installments)
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‘The Intelligence Coup of the Century’ (The Washington Post)

For more than half a century, governments all over the world trusted a single company to keep the communications of their spies, soldiers and diplomats secret. But what none of its customers ever knew was that Crypto AG was secretly owned by the CIA in a highly classified partnership with West... Canary Trap is a platform for exclusive, well-researched, and objective information relating to intelligence, terrorism, corruption and politico-security matters.
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Sustainable value propositions demand the integration of PX

Click to enlarge. Feel free to download and share. Treating the planet with the respect we have come to understand must be accorded to our customers is not only a 'nice to have' - a box to tick in the latest ESG commitment or vision statement - it is a business imperative in the customer relationships of the next 20 years.Just as great Customer Experience treats the customer as your partner in a relationship of mutual benefit, so Planet Experience elevates the relationship you have with t...
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France’s music publishing was worth $450m+ from latest reports

France’s music industry is growing each year and the latest publishing reports show how strong 2018 was. The latest figures from the French music publishing trade associations The CSDEM and CEMF show considerable growth in 2018. According to their reports two-thirds of 15,000 new French work published in 2018 were from new talents. Their Barometer of Music Publishing report analysed the country’s music publishing results between 2017-2018. They found that revenues were up 7% to €393 mil...
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International flavor comes to America: Early Ethnic cookbooks

Chinese-Japanese Cook Book by Sara Bosse and Onoto Watanna [pseud.], Chicago, Rand McNally [c1914]. First Edition The folks at Rare Books Digest have put together an informative list of first appearances of various ethnic cookbooks in America. From the 1828 first American publication of a French cookbook to the first Greek cookbook that, amazingly enough, wasn’t published in this country until 1942! Here’s a sampling.  El cocinero español by Encarnación Pinedo. San Francisco, 1898. T...
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Your customers are the voice of the planet

Does the planet get to make choices in the way that customers do? When a customer feels they are being exploited they can adapt, reject or seek better.What can the planet do? And what's the role of the customer in generating positive Planet Experience? FasterFuture is regularly updated by David Cushman [Author: [email protected] (David Cushman)]
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Planet Experience (PX) won't win alone

FasterFuture is regularly updated by David Cushman [Author: [email protected] (David Cushman)]
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Stop. Stop the presses.

At the end of an exceptional first week for our new program in News Innovation and Leadership at the Newmark J-school, the students — five managing editors, a VP, a CEO, and many directors among them — said they learned much from teachers and speakers, yes, but the greatest value likely came from each other, from the candid lessons they all shared. When I first proposed this program about four years ago, I suggested it should offer a smorgasbord of courses to be taken at will. Then ...
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Getting started on your PX transformation

It's important to recognise where you start from - and which direction you need to head in - when you are going on a journey. The journey to generating a great Planet Experience is no different.So here's one way of considering your start-point and what good might look like on your organisation's route to a better, more sustainable partnership with your planet. Consider this (above) alongside the high-level designs I have previously shared:First (immediately below), the need ensure all the dimen...
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Introducing Planet Experience

FasterFuture is regularly updated by David Cushman [Author: [email protected] (David Cushman)]
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Paulo Coelho deletes draft of children's book collaboration with Kobe Bryant

Alchemist author says basketball player’s death in helicopter crash means book has ‘lost its reason’Author Paulo Coelho has deleted the draft of a children’s book he was working on with Kobe Bryant, saying that without the basketball player’s contribution, “this book has lost its reason”.The bestselling Brazilian author revealed on Monday that he had been writing a children’s book with Bryant, a fan of Coelho’s spiritual fable, The Alchemist. Following the NBA legend’s death in a helicopter cras...
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No Planet B - so we need Planet X

There's no Planet B - but there is Planet X. Planet Experience is the framework through which we can help make our organisations ones we can all live with; as customers, as employees and as participants in a biosphere we all rely on.In recent and previous posts I have outlined the value of PX as the new business superpower - shaping our overall experience as potential and repeat customers (Customer Experience [CX]), as potential and continuing employees (Employee Experience [EX]), and in shapin...
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Planet Experience - the next business superpower

The winners of the last start-up revolution achieved their success by focusing on experiences.Their continuing success has built on designing to deliver great customer experiences, expanding, as they have expanded, to also deliver great employee and workplace experiences.To deliver these require different priorities in everything from ops to marcomms. Having a 'digital'  or data-led business model alone will not and does not cut it.It's why I believe to deliver a successful digital transformati...
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The next 1000 start-ups need to be Planet-led as much as they are Customer-led

Tesla's success in becoming the first US car maker to reach a valuation of $100bn provides stark evidence that start-ups will always outperform incumbents once they reach the scale to compete with incumbents. The model S only started delivering in 2012. Growth has been, er, rocket-like.Businesses built on start-up principles (purpose-driven, platform, working in insight-led (data and human) rapid iterative cycles towards customer value at every step, with processes & ops designed to deliver...
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Davinder Singh – the man who helped bring two nuclear powers to war twice

What the arrest of senior Jammu and Kashmir police officer Davinder Singh with two Hizbul Mujahideen terrorists purportedly on way to Delhi to carry out a terror attack on Republic day does, is put a spotlight on the hidden world of Indian secret service operatives because the list of unanswerable... Canary Trap is a platform for exclusive, well-researched, and objective information relating to intelligence, terrorism, corruption and politico-security matters.
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The next net: expertise

The net is yet young and needs to learn from its present failures to build a better infrastructure not just for speaking but also for listening and finding that which is worth listening to, from experts and people with authority, intelligence, education, experience, erudition, good taste, and good sense. Here is a preview of one nascent example of such a system built on expertise from Samir Arora, the former CEO of Glam. Samir and I bonded a dozen years ago over the power of networks, wh...
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Amazon fires employees for leaking customer email addresses and phone numbers

Amazon has fired a number of employees after they shared customer email address and phone numbers with a third-party “in violation of our policies.” The email to customers sent Friday afternoon, seen by TechCrunch, said an employee was “terminated” for sharing the data, and that the company is supporting law enforcement in their prosecution. Amazon confirmed the incident in an email to TechCrunch. A spokesperson said a number of employees were fired. But little else is known about the empl...
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In defense of targeting

In defending targeting, I am not defending  , I am attacking mass media and what its business model has done to democracy — including on Facebook. With targeting, a small business, a new candidate, a nascent movement can efficiently and inexpensively reach people who would be interested in their messages so they may transact or assemble and act. Targeted advertising delivers greater relevance at lower cost and democratizes advertising for those who could not previously afford it, whether...
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More than 800 Russian academic articles retracted after "bombshell" report reveals plagiarism and other misconduct

After Antiplagiat, a private plagiarism detection company, accused Russia's scientific and scholarly journals of being rife with plagiarism, self-plagiarism, duplication and other misconduct, the Russian Academy of Sciences chartered a committee to investigate the problem: their report confirmed the accusations, finding more instances of plagiarism/self-plagiarism, as well as instances in which the same paper was published in different journals under different authors' names. The committee ...
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After Soleimani: The cost-benefit for US, Israel, Saudi Arabia and Iran

The consequence is that the assassination-in-a-hurry has united even disparate forces in Iran, Iraq and the larger West Asia. It left Europe dazed, Britain embarrassed and the rest of the world wondering as to what would happens next. Canary Trap is a platform for exclusive, well-researched, and objective information relating to intelligence, terrorism, corruption and politico-security matters.
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New Travel Stories for the 2020s

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Do Make Me Think

2020 marks 20 years since Steve Krug's Don't Make Me Think ushered in two decades of 'Easy'. The next decade is one in which meeting more than our dumb desire for instant gratification will need to be taken much more seriously.Easy has been a mantra across web design, UX, c Work it out for yourself... ustomer experience, communications strategy and alarmingly, media and political propaganda.The drive for easy should now be tempered with the need we all have to apply more critical think...
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Soleimani’s murder: It is building upto a terrible crescendo in West Asia

The assassination of Major General Qassem Soleimani by US airstrikes in Iraq brings West Asia nearer the precipice. By this action, President Trump, who cannot get out of Afghanistan, has got himself deeper into the West Asian Quagmire. Canary Trap is a platform for exclusive, well-researched, and objective information relating to intelligence, terrorism, corruption and politico-security matters.
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Edward Snowden’s profits from memoir must go to US government, judge rules

Court says state is entitled to any profits from Permanent Record because its publication breached non-disclosure agreementsEdward Snowden is not entitled to the profits from his memoir Permanent Record, and any money made must go to the US government, a judge has ruled.Permanent Record, in which Snowden recounts how he came to the decision to leak the top secret documents revealing government plans for mass surveillance, was published in September. Shortly afterwards, the US government filed a ...
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Enough testosterone

Full disclosure — I am everything I am about criticize: male, white, old, privileged, entitled, too-often angry. I, for one, was appalled at Joe Biden’s attack on an Iowa voter who asked him critical questions about his son and his age. Biden, oddly unprepared for either challenge, was immediately angry, calling the voter, an elderly farmer, a “damn liar,” not giving a substantive response regarding his son, and justifying his place in the campaign solely on entitlement: “I’ve been aroun...
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Thank you, Kamala Harris

I’m sorely disappointed to lose Kamala Harris from the race. I am angry at the parade of white men; old, white men; and old, white, male billionaires who came marching into the campaign because they felt they had to mansplain the race; because they apparently believed they had to rescue us from wonderfully diverse, young, and fresh slate of candidates; and because: ego. I am angry at journalists and pundits — my own field — for their bias in covering candidates of color and women, a bias t...
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Seeing life from a new perspective

Breaking news… Tuesday was World Disability Day and the Scholarly Kitchen published a blog featuring the first-hand experiences of four people with disabilities working in academic publishing. I’d like to […]
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"Asset" is a magazine about miniature donkeys

Perfect topic, perfect name: ASSET magazine is a professional quality, full-color publication which compliments, promotes, and presents the Miniature Donkey in a favorable light and gives them credibility as an alternative livestock. The National Miniature Donkey Association is a nonprofit organization founded in 1989. The Association's goals are to protect and promote the Miniature Donkey breed, and to provide an educational forum for owners and breeders on donkey care and management. Super ...
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Trouva, an online marketplace for independent boutiques, raises $22M

Amazon helped pioneer and now dominates the online marketplace business model, where a variety of merchants post items for sale on its platform for billions of consumers to discover and buy them. Today, a London startup that’s taken that idea but is applying it to a far more curated set of retailers and goods has raised some money to fuel its international growth. Trouva, which provides an online marketplace for brick-and-mortar independent boutiques selling “beautiful” and hard-to-find piece...
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A Conversation with Brett Hurt

Brett Hurt Bio Brett is the co-founder and CEO of, a data catalog company that co-created the Manifesto for Data Practices. Brett founded Bazaarvoice and served as CEO , leading the company from bootstrapped concept to almost 2,000 clients worldwide and through its successful IPO. Much of his early-stage venture investments are done through his own company Hurt Family Investments. Brett established the Bazaarvoice Foundation and is very active in the philanthropic arena. He received ...
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