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Global smartphone shipments with embedded hardware security grows by 39% YoY in 2019: Report

In recent times, we have seen a push towards smartphone manufacturers taking the security of their devices more seriously. According to a report, about one-third of global smartphones sold in 2019 had some level of embedded hardware security chips in them, with Apple continuing to be in the lead. Evident from their marketing, the company that leads the market share of secure devices is Apple with a nearly 42% share in 2019. Since the iPhone 5s, Apple has been embedding a Secure Enclave (e...
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Samsung Exynos i S111 NB-IoT solution with LTE modem, real-time tracking, battery life of over 10 years announced

Samsung has announced Exynos i S111, its latest narrowband (NB) Internet of Things (IoT) solution optimized for real-time tracking applications like safety wearables or smart meters offering extremely wide coverage, low-power operation, accurate location feedback and strong security. It includes modem, processor, memory and Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) for connected devices. Samsung Exynos i S111 specifications and features CPU - Cortex-M7 200MHz;  On-chip Memory - SRAM 51...
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Reply to Hogan: Direct evidence of RNA-protein interactions and rewiring [Biological Sciences]

We agree with G. J. Hogan (1) that evolution of PUF–RNA interactions is an important problem, but disagree with his characterization of our report (2). First, we cite Hogan et al. (3) and Jiang et al. (4) seven and four times, respectively; credit them with proposing Puf3-regulon rewiring; describe Hogan’s...
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Nitrogen doped bimodal cellular structure activated carbon produced

Phenol-urea-formaldehyde (PUF) organic foam were used as precusors for the new monolithic nitrogen-containing microporous cellular activated carbons production. Carbonization and CO2 activation were used to prepare this novel monolithic nitrogen-containing activated carbon foam with both interconnected macroporous and micro/meso- porosity structures from the developed PUF organic foam.
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Mineral wealth for human development: The Texas way

Originally published by the World Bank Group: co-authored with Patricio V. Marquez, lead Health Specialist, World Bank Group As countries look to domestic resources to help meet the ambitious development agenda laid out in 2015, there is value in looking at international experiences where mineral wealth has become a dedicated revenue stream for financing development efforts, particularly for investing in human capital ...
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Famed publisher opens Paris' first on-demand only bookshop

PARIS (AP) " To many Parisians, the letters PUF have always been associated with the intellectual heart of the French capital.So when the 95-year-old venerable publishing house specializing in human and social sciences was forced... [Author: [email protected]]
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Target selection by a redesigned PUF protein [Biochemistry]

Pumilio/fem-3 mRNA binding factor (PUF) proteins bind RNA with sequence specificity and modularity, and have become exemplary scaffolds in the reengineering of new RNA specificities. Here, we report the in vivo RNA binding sites of wild-type (WT) and reengineered forms of the PUF protein Saccharomyces cerevisiae Puf2p across the transcriptome....
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