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Scientists Save Quantum States in a Diamond, a Tiny Step Toward a Quantum Internet

A newly created system can enhance quantum communications over longer distances—a small but crucial step toward a quantum internet.Read more...
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Quantum Machines raises $17.5M for its quantum orchestration platform

Quantum Machines, a Tel Aviv-based startup that is building both hardware and software to operate quantum computers, today announced that it has raised a $17.5 million Series A funding round. The round was led by Israeli tech entrepreneur Avigdor Willenz, who, among other companies, co-founded Habana Labs and Anapurna Labs and sold them to Intel and Amazon respectively. and Harel Insurance investments. TLV Partners and Battery Ventures also participated in this round. TLV Partners also led...
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R&D Roundup: Smart chips, dream logic and crowdsourcing space

I see far more research articles than I could possibly write up. This column collects the most interesting of those papers and advances, along with notes on why they may prove important in the world of tech and startups. This week: crowdsourcing in space, vision on a chip, robots underground and under the skin and other developments. The eye is the brain Computer vision is a challenging problem, but the perennial insult added to this difficulty is the fact that humans process visual informatio...
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Stressed Pooches, Global Outbreak, and Immortality: Best Gizmodo Stories of the Week

With all this talk about the spread of COVID-19, I would blame you if you’re considering staying inside and away from people (more than usual, at least) until all this blows over. I know I am. Thankfully, if voluntary house arrest is in your future, the good folks at Gizmodo have plenty of amazing coverage to keep you…Read more...
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Rigetti Computing took a $71 million down round, because quantum computing is hard

The $71 million in financing that quantum computing technology developer Rigetti Computing recently raised came at a significant cut to the company’s valuation, according to several sources with knowledge of the company. The company declined to comment on its valuation or the recent round of funding it secured. Rigetti is one of a handful of startups attempting to make quantum computing commercially viable. It’s a vitally important emerging technology with implications for national security and ...
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The Cast of Alex Garland's Devs Divulge Their Character Motivations

Today, Alex Garland’s move from film into television debuts on the new “FX on Hulu.” Devs’ world is filled with people very clued into tech, science, and all its advances and the show itself sits pretty much right up against our own reality when it comes to the concepts and theories at play in the narrative. Want to…Read more...
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What You Need to Know About Honeywell's New Quantum Computer

Business conglomerate and defense contractor Honeywell announced today that it will bring what it claims is the most powerful quantum computer yet to market in the next three months.Read more...
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Honeywell says it will soon launch the world’s most powerful quantum computer

“The best-kept secret in quantum computing.” That’s what Cambridge Quantum Computing (CQC) CEO Ilyas Khan called Honeywell‘s efforts in building the world’s most powerful quantum computer. In a race where most of the major players are vying for attention, Honeywell has quietly worked on its efforts for the last few years (and under strict NDA’s, it seems). But today, the company announced a major breakthrough that it claims will allow it to launch the world’s most powerful quantum computer wi...
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MIT predicts the 10 breakthrough technologies of 2020

Have you heard about tiny A.I. or satellite mega-constellations? You will in 2020.
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Searching for Dark Matter With Quantum Computers, One Blip of Light at a Time

For decades, scientists have struggled to define the stuff that comprises a quarter of the universe: dark matter. As experiments continue to turn up empty-handed, one team hopes to find dark matter by incorporating the laws that govern subatomic particles—quantum mechanics—with a nascent kind of technology called a…Read more...
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Alex Garland's Foray Into TV Is a Messy Trip Filled With Intriguing Concepts

Alex Garland has covered a lot of ground in his career—from authoring novels to screenwriting and directing. You might have noticed that he leans toward sci-fi; his directing debut, Ex Machina, dealt with artificial intelligence, and its follow-up, Annihilation, focused on alien life. Devs, his new television…Read more...
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Devs Review: Alex Garland's Foray Into TV Is a Messy Trip Filled With Intriguing Concepts

Alex Garland has covered a lot of ground in his career—from authoring novels to screenwriting and directing. You might have noticed that he leans toward sci-fi; his directing debut, Ex Machina, dealt with artificial intelligence, and its follow-up, Annihilation, focused on alien life. Devs, his new television…Read more...
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Scientists discover how to use time crystals to power superconductors

A team of scientists proposes using time crystals to power topological superconductors.The approach could lead to error-free quantum computers.Time crystals appear to break laws of physics. The concept of time crystals comes from the realm of counterintuitive mind-melding physics ideas that may actually turn out to have real-world applications. Now comes news that a paper proposes merging time crystals with topological superconductors for applications in error-free quantum computing, extremel...
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White House Earmarks New Money For AI and Quantum Computing

The Trump administration on Monday unveiled its $4.8 trillion budget proposal which, among other things, includes plans to increase federal funding for the development of AI and quantum computing. "The technologies are expected to become an important part of national security, and some worry the United States is behind China in their development," reports The New York Times. From the report: The funding [...] would direct more money for A.I. research to the Defense Department and the National Sc...
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The End Of The Digital Revolution Is Coming: Here’s What’s Next

The next era of computing will stretch our minds into a spooky new world that we’re just starting to understand. In 1946 the Electronic Numerical Integrator and Computer, or the ENIAC, was introduced. The world’s first commercial computer was intended to be used by the military to project the trajectory of missiles, doing in a ...
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'Remarkable' Mathematical Proof Describes How to Solve Seemingly Impossible Computing Problem

You enter a cave. At the end of a dark corridor, you encounter a pair of sealed chambers. Inside each chamber is an all-knowing wizard. The prophecy says that with these oracles’ help, you can learn the answers to unanswerable problems. But there’s a catch: The oracles don’t always tell the truth. And though they…Read more...
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US patents hit record 333,530 granted in 2019; IBM, Samsung (not the FAANGs) lead the pack

We may have moved on from a nearly-daily cycle of news involving tech giants sparring in courts over intellectual property infringement, but patents continue to be a major cornerstone of how companies and people measure their progress and create moats around the work that they have done in hopes of building that into profitable enterprises in the future. IFI Claims, a company that tracks patent activity in the US, released its annual tally of IP work today underscoring that theme: it noted that ...
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Alex Garland's Tech Horror Series Devs Drops an Eerie First Trailer

After all the intriguing glimpses we got of Devs—Alex Garland’s new FX on Hulu sci-fi series, starring Nick Offerman (Parks and Recreation) and Sonoya Mizuno (Garland’s Ex Machina)—at last year’s New York Comic Con, we’re excited to see there’s now an official trailer and a release date for the eight-episode series.Read more...
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Scientists Link Silicon Qubits Over (Relatively) Huge Distances

Scientists have linked two silicon quantum bits with photons over a relatively large distance. The new advance could end up being a watershed moment for a lesser-known quantum computing processor architecture, bringing silicon quantum computer a step closer to reality.Read more...
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Why Did Scientists Cool LEGOs to Nearly Absolute Zero?

Scientists cooled LEGOs to nearly absolute zero—and hope to one day incorporate a LEGO-style material into a quantum computer. Read more...
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What We Learned in Science News in 2019

Developments in science that we’re still thinking about at year’s end.
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Google Scientists Are Using Quantum Computers to Study Wormholes

Google researchers are figuring out how to study some of the weirdest theorized physics phenomena, like wormholes that link pairs of black holes, using experiments in a lab.Read more...
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Fields used to be closer together than they are now. Good? Bad?

There was a retired software Eng professor that I had heard two very non-controversial rumors about: 1) He got his PhD in Numerical Analysis 2) He got his PhD in Compiler Optimization. So I asked him which was true. The answer: Both! In those days you had to optimize your code to get your NA code to run fast enough. We cannot imagine that anymore. Or at least I cannot. Over time the fields of computer science advance more so its hard to be  master of more than one field.  But its not that simple...
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D-Wave sticks with its approach to quantum computing

Earlier this month, at the WebSummit conference in Lisbon, D-Wave and Volkswagen teamed up to manage a fleet of buses using a new system that, among other things, used D-Wave’s quantum technology to help generate the most efficient routes. While D-Wave’s 2000Q only played a small part in this process, it’s nevertheless a sign that quantum computing is slowly getting ready for production use and that D-Wave’s approach, somewhat controversial in its early days, is paying off. Unlike other playe...
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Microsoft Will Use Quantum Tools with Classical Computing

Microsoft’s topological qubit architecture is not ready. Microsofts Nadella highlighted a “quantum on classical” approach. Quantum tools will be used alongside classical computation to optimize the... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]
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What Are the Biggest Challenges Technology Must Overcome in the Next 10 Years?

Technology’s fine—I definitely like texting, and some of the shows on Netflix are tolerable—but the field’s got some serious kinks to work out. Some of these are hardware-related: when, for instance, will quantum computing become practical? Others are of more immediate concern. Is there some way to stop latently…Read more...
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Why Google’s Quantum Supremacy Milestone Matters

The company says its quantum computer can complete a calculation much faster than a supercomputer. What does that mean?
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Will the quantum economy change your business?

Google and NASA have demonstrated that quantum computing isn’t just a fancy trick, but almost certainly something actually useful — and they’re already working on commercial applications. What does that mean for existing startups and businesses? Simply put: nothing. But that doesn’t mean you can ignore it forever. There are three main points that anyone concerned with the possibility of quantum computing affecting their work should understand. 1. It’ll be a long time before anything really p...
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Quantum computing’s ‘Hello World’ moment

Does quantum computing really exist? It’s fitting that for decades this field has been haunted by the fundamental uncertainty of whether it would, eventually, prove to be a wild goose chase. But Google has collapsed this nagging superposition with research not just demonstrating what’s called “quantum supremacy,” but more importantly showing that this also is only the very beginning of what quantum computers will eventually be capable of. This is by all indications an important point in compu...
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Link About It: This Week’s Picks

From biomimicry breakthroughs to advancements in quantum computing, our roundup of the internet this week The US Air Force Leans on Biomimicry for New Body Armor The US Air Force plans to research whether or not body armor can replicate the strength of an arapaima’s exterior. This Amazonian fish, native to places like Brazil, Peru, and Guyan, is capable of fending off deadly piranha with …
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