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Queen drummer on Freddie Mercury’s sexuality: “He felt great confusion”

In those days, things were very different and everything was hidden.
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Dilemma: He let his straight roommate bang him, now he’s giving him the silent treatment

As a general rule of thumb, it's usually best not to fornicate with your roommate, especially if that roommate is straight or closeted. 
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The 2019 Oscar nominations are in… and so are the memes

The nominations for the 91st Academy Awards were announced yesterday and the competition is fierce.
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Antigay megachurch pastor caught on tape talking about all the gay sex he’s had

Pastor Earnest Angley is a real piece of work.
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Gay graduate from racist Catholic school says he’s “not surprised” by Native American elder video

"It was only a matter of time that something this school community did would blow up to this degree, and I think they need to be held accountable."
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Shocking new sexual misconduct claims lodged against Bryan Singer in damning exposé

The Atlantic just published a year-long investigation into allegations of sexual misconduct made against the Bohemian Rhapsody director.
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Twitter gags over Lady Gaga’s Oscar nominations

Check out how Twitter is celebrating Stefani Germanotta’s big honor in tweets and memes
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Over 35? Then don’t even think about coming to this naked speed dating event!

That's right, fellas. If you're 36 or over, you're too old to get naked with the other guys.
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Pro soccer player comes out as gay by introducing his boyfriend on Instagram

The former Cleveland Crew soccer star shocked Instagram with a coming out post.
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An entire nation just shut off Grindr

Grindr users in the nation of Lebanon reported the program had quit working amid reports of a government ban.
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Conversion therapist rebrands himself as a gay muscle daddy, says M4M sex is “a non-negotiable need”

A notorious conversion therapist from Utah is kicking off 2019 by rebranding himself as a proud gay man/muscle daddy looking for love.
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Openly gay Deciem founder dead at 40 after posting unsettling video to Instagram

40-year-old Brandon Truaxe was the founder of the hugely successful skin care company Deciem.
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This MLK Day, follow these 5 exciting QPOC racial justice advocates on Twitter

This MLK Day, don't just commemorate the past, listen to the future!
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Dear white guys: Here are 10 things you shouldn’t be afraid to say to a black guy

Just because something can be misconstrued as racist or tone deaf doesn't mean I object.
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Gay quadriplegic has lifelong dream realized by appearing in “hard, aggressive” adult film

Kenneth Connin is living proof that dreams really can come true.
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7 celebrities accused of queerbaiting: James Franco, Nick Jonas, and more

Sexuality is fluid, but some straight Hollywood stars only seem interested in the same sex when they have something to sell.
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If you’re fat-phobic, you might have these 2 personality traits

Fat-phobia is a thing, and it's a big problem with a possible psychological cause.
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Tilda Swinton as a man, a queen and Queen: If Queerty picked Oscar nominations

Our rundown of the most awards-worthy work of the year. Who will score the glory, and who will get snubbed.
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7 new gay TV couples we’re already shipping

Here are seven gay male TV romances that have been fogging up our flatscreens recently.
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Rose McGowan apologizes to the transgender community

The actress and #MeToo icon has issued a video apology for comments she made about transgender women.
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Mike Pence says it’s “deeply offensive” to object to wife’s job at school that bans LGBTQ kids

"This criticism of Christian education in America should stop."
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Tulsi Gabbard releases awkward four minute cellphone video apologizing for her years of homophobia

Since announcing her 2020 Presidential bid one week ago, the progressive Hawaiian Democrat has been on doing serious damage control.
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Pro soccer star Ruben Loftus-Cheek addresses his sexuality on Twitter

Pro soccer star Ruben Loftus-Cheek took to social media this week to clear up some confusion surrounding his sexuality.
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Homophobic gang of 9 jailed for squirting acid onto men’s faces

Acid quickly burns through skin, fat and bone, permanently disfiguring and even killing some victims.
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Kevin Hart’s new film role will be based on a massively popular board game

The gay community may be disappointed in him, but he's still golden in Hollywood.
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Evangelical woman tells church to go F themselves after they insist she disown her queer daughter

"I realized I was being asked to choose between the two most important parts of my life: my child and my church. I chose my child."
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