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Temples of Osian

The nondescript village of Osian might not have turned eye balls of tourists and travellers despite being in Rajasthan. However, the temples of Osian have garnered the attention of pilgrims who have been visiting them for years. The temples are scattered across Osian with narrow alleys leading to them. While a couple of them are functional, most of them remain in a neglected and dilapidated state. These clusters of temples are sometimes referred as Khajuraho of Rajasthan due to the intric...
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Om Banna Temple, Rajasthan

India has always been known over centuries for its culture, heritage and beliefs. The country has numerous shrines and temples dedicated to various deities. One of the interesting temples in India is Om Banna Temple, near Pali in Rajasthan, where the deity is a motorbike. Referred as Bullet temple, the shrine attracts people from surrounding regions and also travellers who are on this stretch between Jodhpur and Udaipur. The motorbike which has a registration- RNJ 7773 was owned...
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Mandu: Lost in Time

Dilapidated structures narrated numerous stories of kings and queens, lush green landscape looked picturesque, lakes shimmered during the day, tall baobab trees induced the feel of a far away land and the fort walls took me deep into history. That’s Mandu, which has been hailed by many as one of the most romantic destinations in India. I do adhere to that statement as Mandu seems like lost in time and reeks of nostalgia. It’s a place one would want to go back and stroll through aga...
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Fields of Gold!

Basar, Arunachal Pradesh. November 2018. [Author: R Niranjan Das]
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It was mid noon as I strolled through a nondescript village in Basar, Arunachal Pradesh. When the rising mist slowly revealed the gorgeous green hills, I was encapsulated by one of the prettiest landscapes I had ever seen. The golden paddy fields and the lush green canopy in the foreground further accentuated the charm of the surreal landscape. [Author: R Niranjan Das]
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Maheshwar: Fort, Temples and Carvings by the Narmada

Walking down a narrow lane, past small shrines, I was awestruck when I suddenly found myself in front of the magnificent edifice that stood facing the Narmada. While people around me happily posed and took photographs, all that I wanted to do was admire the magnificent outer façade of Ahilya fort. A peep through one of the arched windows of the fort revealed that life in Maheshwar revolves around the fort. While Narmada flowed languidly along the ghats, the local hawkers, priests, boatmen...
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Bread Seller!

A frame from one of the alleys in Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh. October 2018. [Author: R Niranjan Das]
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A Day in Bhopal: Places to Visit

A languorous walk through Bhopal’s busy lanes, an evening stroll along its lakes, a gaze at its minarets and a peek at its structures reveal a lot about the city’s history and heritage. Stories of the city meander its way around kings, begums, dilapidated structures, Mughal rule and water bodies from the 11th century. Bhopal might at the first impression seem like any other bustling Indian city with chaos, traffic snarls and narrow lanes. However, the city slowly reveals its historical st...
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Stupas of Sanchi: A UNESCO World Heritage Site

Spread over a well maintained garden, the renowned Buddhist stupas of Sanchi and the surroundings exhibited a serene influence all around. I was the first visitor for the day and had all the stupas, sculptures and carvings to myself. The unfinished monasteries and the monuments reminded me a lot of the heritage site at Sarnath. The sun had just begun to warm up and it was a pleasant walk amidst the Buddhist monuments of this UNESCO world heritage site. Though I was awed by the carvings a...
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Udayagiri caves and Vidisha

The rock cut cave temples of Udayagiri are believed to be sculpted in early 5th century during the Gupta dynasty’s rule, and are some of the oldest cave temples in India. Located a short drive away from Bhopal, these remarkable temples are known for their wonderful sculptures and carvings related to Hinduism and Jainism, apart from inscriptions about Gupta dynasty. There are in total 20 caves, most of which are dedicated to Vaishnavism, and a couple of them to Shaivism and Jainism. The s...
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Bhimbetka: A stroll through pre historic age

As I moved from one cave to another, I was gradually transported to the times of cave dwellers from the Mesolithic and Paleolithic ages, which left me flabbergasted. All that I did was to gaze in oblivion at the wonderful rock paintings. From the present days of photoshops, adobes and canvases, it was a quick jump to the age of rock paintings using natural colours. Conjuring up images of people in cave shelters living their nomadic life was the only way I could envisage those days. 'Those...
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Champaner- Pavagadh Archaeological Park: An Underrated Treasure

Sprawling over a large archaeological park, the structures and ruins of Champaner- Pavagadh are a delight to walk through. This UNESCO World Heritage site reminded me a lot about Hampi, not so much with regard to the monuments, but the way it is spread out and how a few hidden gems remain unexplored by most visitors. Once you cross the large fort walls and entrances, it is quite a different scene from the outside chaos. The mosques, minarets, tombs, temples, residential spaces and othe...
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Sholayar Reservoir

The sprawling Sholayar reservoir as seen from Athirappilly- Valparai road. February 2019. [Author: R Niranjan Das]
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Places to Visit in Doha, Qatar

Along the coast of Persian Gulf, the city of Doha stands tall as the capital of Qatar, and is one of the prominent cities in the Gulf region. Founded in early 19th century as a part of Al Bidda, the city became the capital of Qatar in 1971. The city has grown multifold over the years and has emerged as one of the major commercial and financial centres in the Middle East. Doha is also all set to host the Fifa World Cup 2022 and there is extensive work happening across the city in this rega...
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My Favourite Places in Tamil Nadu

Enchanting Tamil Nadu in southern India is popular for its rich culture, traditions, art, and music. The state has a plethora of places to explore for both, the traveller and the tourist. Once ruled by dynasties such as Cholas and Pandyas, the state is known for its innumerable temples with spectacular sculptures and carvings.  It also boasts of a beautiful coastline, lined with several less-explored beaches. The Niligiris biosphere has ensured that Tamil Nadu is also home to ...
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Khonoma: A Quaint and Secluded Village in Nagaland

Engulfed by hills, paddy fields and lush greenery is Khonoma, an Angami village 20 Kms away from the city of Kohima. Khonoma is where two prominent British- Angami battles took place in mid 19thcentury. The village also has a memorial erected in remembrance of the same. The village is often referred as the first green village in India. The initiative taken by the government and tourism board to keep the village as green as possible is well supported by the villagers who have stayed away ...
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Kohima in 24 hours- Places to visit

Engulfed by hills, Kohima is a bustling city nestled in the north eastern part of India and is known for its popular Hornbill festival. The city which is the capital of the state of Nagaland was also pivotal during the Second World War as it was witness to the English- Japanese treaty. Presently Kohima doesn’t portray any glimpses of the colonial times and has all the characteristics of a modern city. However, it has a few attractions apart from the Hornbill festival and the beautiful interi...
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Nagaland ILP for Indians

Inner Line Permit or ILP is a travel document that is required by Indians to visit Nagaland. This document is mandatory for all Indian citizens unless they are a domicile of Nagaland. This can be procured from Deputy Resident Commissioner’s office in New Delhi, Kolkata, Guwahati, Shillong or Dimapur. Dimapur is the only city in Nagaland which people can visit without the permit. While travelling from Dimapur to Kohima or Hornbill festival or to other deeper regions of the state, one needs to sh...
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EcoStay Hostel, Kohima- Review

Kohima, the capital of Nagaland is known for the Hornbill festival that happens a few kilometers away from the city very year. The city also has a few other attractions such as war cemetery, naga museum etc. There are numerous home stays, camps and hotels available in Kohima. However, the city has only one or two hostels that caters to the backpacker community who are on budget travel. EcoStay Hostel is a fairly new hostel located next to the war cemetery. It is beautifully design...
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Portraits from Hornbill Festival

Festivals are always a great place to capture portraits and candid frames. Hornbill festival known as the 'Festival of Festivals' is undoubtedly the place to visit if one would like to photograph the Naga tribes. Below are a few frames I captured during Hornbill Festival 2018 near Kohima, Nagaland. P.S.: I was hosted by The Holiday Scout at Hornbill Festival. [Author: R Niranjan Das]
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Hornbill Festival- A Colourful and Vibrant Confluence of Naga Tribes

The renowned Hornbill festival is undoubtedly the most popular tribal festival across North East India. Referred as the ‘Festival of Festivals’, it is a convergence of 17 Naga tribes who come from different parts of the state of Nagaland to showcase their culture and traditions. Though each of these tribes celebrates their separate festivals, Hornbill festival acts as a coming together of their inter tribal culture and heritage. The festival also helps in reviving the traditions and cus...
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Mechuka: A Valley Flanked by Breathtaking Landscapes

When in Mechuka, all that you would want to do is soak in the beauty of nature. The endless landscapes are an absolute eye soother for any visitor. The engulfing mountains make Mechuka a secluded valley, a delight for the discerning traveller who would like stay disconnected from the modern world.  The landscape is so gorgeous that one could gaze at them in oblivion for long. Located at a height of almost 6000 feet above sea level in the eastern Himalayas, Mechuka is s...
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Basar: Surreal Land of the Lovable Galo Tribe

It was tough to say ‘Alruudo’ the last time I uttered that beautiful word as I left the wonderful land of the Galo tribe. Alruudo in Galo means 'Thank you' and I had learnt this word and a few others while interacting with the friendly people of Basar. The fairy land of Basar is a cluster of small villages, home to the Galo tribe of Arunachal Pradesh. Basar was my home for a week and its amiable people were my guides with whom I wandered this surreal land. I stayed in their homes, had mea...
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27 Portraits from Basar Confluence, Arunachal Pradesh

It is a delight to capture frames at unique festivals. From attires to expressions to performances, festivals throw up innumerable frames to capture. Basar Confluence or BasCon 3.0 which I attended in Arunachal Pradesh was one such experience. This community driven festival by the Galo tribe of Arunachal is held in Basar every year. You can read more about this cultural festival here- Basar Confluence. Below are a few interesting portraits from BasCon 3.0. ...
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Basar Confluence- A Cultural Extravaganza of Galo Tribe

Clad in colourful and authentic attires, groups of women meandered through the large open ground swaying to the tunes of Galo folk songs. Armed with swords and spears, men brought out their wedding and war dancing skills. More performances, theatre, dances, music and sporting events continued one after the other. The food stalls which were always crowded, offered Galo cuisine and Poka, a local rice beer.   The nights despite the chillness turned the crowd hysterical as contemporary mus...
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Let the Road be your Home!

May the year 2019 be full of adventure, fun and travels laced with enchanting views and wonderful memories.  Happy New Year! The above frame was shot between Basar and Mechuka in Arunachal Pradesh. November 2018. [Author: R Niranjan Das]
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Siko Dido Waterfall

The bumpy ride from Basar to Mechuka in Arunachal Pradesh was laced with numerous small waterfalls, views of the distant mountains and the meandering Siyom river, a tributary of Brahmaputra. While all these looked enchanting, what made us stop the vehicle to capture a frame was Siko Dido waterfalls in Irgo village, a few kilometers before Mechuka. Falling from a height of approximately 200 feet, the falls has a plunge pool at its base. Located by the road that leads to Mechuka, the falls has ...
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A ferry ride across Brahmaputra river

I alighted from my car at Bogibeel and gazed at the calm Brahmaputra in oblivion. The calmness was something that I could not relate with this river. Always known for its floods, Brahmaputra, the only male river in India showed a different face with absolute tranquility. I was on my way for the Basar Confluence in Basar, Arunachal Pradesh and had to cross the mighty river to reach Likabali, the border town in Assam. A couple of large rickety boats were moored along the banks and a...
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Kodaikanal Lake. September 2018. [Author: R Niranjan Das]
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Popular Temples of Kumbakonam

An hour’s drive away from Thanjavur lies the temple town of Kumbakonam, believed to be where the pot (Kumbham) containing nectar of life was spilled by Shiva. Kumbakonam is one of the prominent temple towns in the Cauvery region and also houses the holy tank of Mahamaham where the nectar pot fell.  The town is lined with colourful gopurams of numerous temples and is also a prominent place for religious studies. From Cholas to Pandyas to Marathas to British, the town was under various r...
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