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Exploring Interconnectedness in 'Echoes of the Invisible' Doc Trailer

"A path forward during uncertain times." Utopia has released an official trailer for an award-winning indie documentary titled Echoes of the Invisible, from filmmaker Steve Elkins. "The film became a reflection on the importance of silence and stillness in the digital age. Thinking about our relationship to technology at this point in human history, it's a really critical moment." It follows remarkable explorers as they embark upon seemingly impossible journeys to find the connective tissue ...
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Ist es je möglich, mit der Familie der:des Ex in Kontakt zu bleiben?

Elaine Ventura war etwa ein halbes Jahr mit ihrem Ex zusammen gewesen, als sich die beiden trennten. Die Trennung verlief relativ schmerzlos. „Wir waren einfach nicht auf derselben Wellenlänge“, erklärt sie. „Außerdem war ich viel älter als er.“ Kurz danach gingen sie getrennte Wege. Seitdem haben sie kein einziges Wort mehr ausgetauscht. Ventura hat aber immer noch Kontakt zu seiner Mutter. „Ohne seine Mutter auszukommen, fiel mir viel schwerer, als ihn gehen zu lassen“, meint sie. „Wi...
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18 relationship facts everybody should know before getting married

Here are red flags to be wary of before tying the knot. DreamWorks Relationships are complicated, and every relationship is different.That said, researchers have identified some predictors of success in relationships that are important to consider before getting married.For example, getting excited for each other's news is a good thing and focusing too much on materialistic things is not. Visit for more stories.Thinking about popping the question?Before you do, consider ...
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For Couples, Being Stuck Inside Together Isn’t The Same As Being Intimate

If you’re quarantining with your partner, chances are “more intimacy” is not something you think you need. After all, you guys are together, like, all the time. Sure, maybe you escape to different rooms during the day. But still — you breathe a sigh of relief when your counterpart leaves for a 15-minute CVS run.As it turns out, the disintegration of our normal boundaries can actually erode emotional intimacy.Renown relationship therapist Esther Perel writes about this idea in her book, Mating In...
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Die Selbst-Isolation könnte eure Beziehung zerstören – muss sie aber nicht

Die eigene Wohnung nicht mehr verlassen zu können ist ein vergleichsweise geringer Preis, den wir aktuell zahlen müssen, um die alarmierende Geschwindigkeit der Corona-Ausbreitung einzudämmen. Aber das heißt nicht, dass es einfach ist. Es kann langweilig sein, es kann einsam sein, es kann zu Panikattacken führen. Und wenn du mit deiner Partnerin oder deinem Partner zusammenlebst, kann es eine echte Herausforderung für eure Beziehung sein. Wozu das schlimmstenfalls führen kann, zeigt die St...
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Over 200 Members of Congress Urge Supreme Court to ‘Reconsider’ Abortion Rights Under Roe v. Wade. Pro-Choice Advocates Say They’re Ignoring Public Opinion

More than 200 members of Congress told the Supreme Court that its landmark decisions on abortion, Roe v. Wade and Planned Parenthood v. Casey, should be “reconsidered and, if appropriate, overruled” in a brief they submitted to the court on Thursday. Anti-abortion group Americans United for Life organized the amicus curiae brief (translated from latin to mean “friend of the court”) in support of a restrictive Louisiana abortion law that is currently under a temporary stay and slated to be c...
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Feeling Jealous? Here's What It Might Mean

Whether you're in a long-term, committed relationship, or are just weeks into a new fling, chances are you may have felt a slight twinge of jealousy at some point. You spot your partner checking out someone cute, and suddenly you're on high alert, questioning why they'd ever want to look at someone else. You're sitting right in front of them — and you're fabulous.But while you might blame your partner for your jealous reaction by claiming that they made you feel jealous, here's a reality check:...
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It's Okay To Pause Your Dating Life During The Holidays

The holidays and cuffing season slam right into one another, meaning a lot of people's dating lives kick into high gear this time of year. Between the parties, the cozy nights at home, and the fact that your heat is so damn finicky that you just need a warm body to keep you toasty, you may find yourself swiping around on dating apps more than usual.But all that obsessive dating could lead to some pretty serious burnout. "The feelings of loneliness and sadness that get brought up for a lot of pe...
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Can You Ever Really Let Someone Down Easily?

In a dating world where ghosting seems to be the main way of telling a potential partner that you don't want to hang anymore, the idea of letting someone down easy might seem as old-school as picking up the phone and calling someone for a date. (The horror.) But if you've been dating someone for a few weeks or months, and you're just not feeling it anymore, it's a good idea to let them off the hook easily."I always tell people to proceed cautiously in the first couple of months in a relationshi...
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THIS Is How You Win A Breakup

There's a scene in Sex and the City where, after Carrie breaks up with Big for the first time, a photo of her appears in the newspaper. In the photo, she's wearing a new dress and she's on a date with a famous baseball player. The women all talk about how it's a coup for Carrie. "Big is going to see this and die," Samantha says.The idea that, post-breakup, each party tries to get one over on the other is a sentiment many people who've ever ended a relationship are familiar with. To "win" the br...
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Everyone's Engaged & You're Still Single — Here's How To Cope

There are certain things I expect around the holidays. I expect to stress over how to afford all the gifts I want to buy while also paying my electric bill. I expect to drink too much wine on Thanksgiving and pass out before the post-dinner turkey sandwiches. And I expect to scroll through Instagram between now and New Year's and see about five million engagement announcements. It's engagement season, and rings are being handed out like it's Oprah's "Favorite Things" episode.Meanwhile, I'm stil...
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You're Doomed To Be A Helicopter Parent — But It's Not Your Fault

I’m staring at my 2-year-old daughter through a night-vision monitor. I pan the camera side to side until the screen images her midsection, and zoom in to be sure I see it rise and fall beneath her tight-fit dinosaur pajamas. Sometimes, I still sneak into her room for an in-person check, too — there’s only one way to be sure my child is safe, my thinking goes, and it involves my own two eyes.It makes sense that the technology I use for this is otherwise reserved for warfare. Parenting is like t...
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How I Keep From Being Cynical When Dating Totally Sucks

I used to never understand people who would wax poetic about the beginnings of relationships. They’d go on about how much they loved the new-ness of everything — the first kiss, the first time they had sex, the first time they realized their partner hated the same things they hate. People talk about the honeymoon phase in relationships all the damn time. But the first month for me rarely feels like a honeymoon, which I assume is just a suspended state of vacation sex. No, the beginning of a rel...
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Why We Get Attached To People We Haven't Met IRL

Whether you're new to online dating or a seasoned pro at swiping, chances are you've fallen into what I like to call the "haze." The haze is when you match with a person, you get to talking, and you really hit it off. After a few messages, you've already envisioned your relationship together — the weekend trips you'll take, where you'll put your jade plant in the loft apartment you'll move into together, and what you'll name the kitten you adopt — all before you've even met the person in real l...
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How To Handle The Scary, Sad, No-Good Single Days

When you start writing about your romantic life, people tend to assume certain things about you. Over the weekend, a guy asked if I felt pressure to seek out strange sex and dating experiences in order to make my stories more interesting. (I don’t.) A friend of mine figured I’d start having a harder time finding men to go out with, since they’d be afraid of being turned into content. (I haven’t.) But the biggest misconception I've come across is that since I’ve started writing this column, I ha...
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Now in its fourteenth year, the 2017New York Musical Festival will take place July 10th through August 6th at The Acorn Theatre at Theatre Row, The Peter Jay Sharp Theater, Playwrights Horizons Rehearsal Studio, The Green Room 42 YOTEL, and The Castillo Theatre in New York City. Dan Markley serves as NYMF Executive Director and Rachel Sussman serves as Producing Artistic Director. BroadwayWorld brings you photos from rehearsals below [Author: Jennifer Broski]
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It's Time To Call "Ghosting" What It Really Is

Two days ago, I yelled at my computer after reading a series of articles across the web. In them, the writers describe the exact relationship I currently find myself in: one in which we’ve passed the casual hook-up phase, but have put the brakes on the full-blown relationship for the time being. But instead of describing it as "the gray area between only texting after 11 p.m. and meeting his mother, but he also has contact solution at my place," the internet’s relationship-defining experts call...
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Sidewalk kintsugi: repairing cracks with gold

Artist Rachel Sussman discovered the ancient art of kintsugi, repairing cracked vases with gold, and applied it to cracked pavement and flooring for her Sidewalk Kintsukuroi series. (more…)
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A crack in everything

I was walking with my son at MASS MoCA on a recent rainy day. He was collecting Pokémon on my phone, and I was letting my mind wander with our footsteps. The asphalt of the pavement beneath my feet was cracked in several places. As in many places, the cracks had been filled in and repaired. But then I noticed that these repaired cracks weren't quite like the ones I see everywhere else. They gleamed. They were golden. And then I noticed the small plate on the side of building 11 indicating tha...
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Watch: this woman traveled the world to photograph the world’s oldest living things

Follow Matador on Vimeo Follow Matador on YouTube FOR THE PAST 5 YEARS, Rachel Sussman has found organisms all over the world that have lived for over 2,000 years. In this video, she shows us pictures ranging from an “underground forest” in South Africa to a 500,000-year-old bacteria in Sweden. She also explains how these ancient organisms connect to our current debates on climate change. Watch the video to learn more.
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Psychology Around the Net: April 23, 2016

Earlier this week, a recently unemployed friend of mine began a round of several interviews for a new job that, if all goes well, potentially could be the perfect fit for him. During the first interview he was asked, “What is your strongest attribute and how would it benefit our company?” My friend is a quick thinker and delivered an answer that, after talking about it later, we both decided indeed summed up his strongest attribute; however, the interviewer’s question made us both start thinkin...
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Interviews: Rachel Sussman Answers Your Questions

Back in November you had a chance to ask Rachel Sussman about photography and her work. Her most famous project may be the Oldest Living Things in the World, a collection of organisms that are 2,000 years old and older from around the world. Below you'll find her answers to your questions. Read more of this story at Slashdot.
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Interviews: Ask Rachel Sussman About Photography and the Oldest Living Things

samzenpus writes Rachel Sussman is a photographer whose work covers the junction of art, science, and philosophy. Perhaps her most famous work is the "Oldest Living Things in the World" project. Working with biologists, she traveled all over the world to find and photograph organisms that are 2,000 years old and older. Sussman gave a TED talk highlighting parts of the project including a clonal colony of quaking aspen 80,000-years-old and 2,000-year-old brain coral off Tobago's coast. Rachel has...
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