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Republican Steve King, rebuked over racist remarks, compares himself to Jesus

Republican Congressman Steve King was removed from committees and publicly rebuked by his own party after his history of racist remarks flowered into open white supremacy. The experience gave him insight into Jesus's crucifixion. "For all that I've been through -- and it seems even strange for me to say it -- but I am at a certain peace, and it is because of a lot of prayers for me. And when I have to step down to the floor of the House of Representatives, and look up at those 400-and-some accus...
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Mortal Kombat 11’s Jax Ending “Goes Woke”

Those that still believe Mortal Kombat 11 isn’t trying to push the gaming industry’s grotesque narrative may finally be convinced by the ending for beloved character Jax, as it seemingly discards the fighter’s established past in order to make him a “valiant soldier” forcing people to “go woke”. A video of Jax’s ending, hit with […]
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'Confederate' militia detains migrants at gunpoint — with Border Patrol's tacit OK, they claim

“A right-wing militia group operating in southern New Mexico has begun stopping groups of migrant families and detaining them at gunpoint before handing them over to Border Patrol agents, raising tension over the tactics of armed vigilantes along the border between the United States and Mexico,” writes Simon Romero at the New York Times. They post videos to Youtube of themselves abusing migrants. Here is one such video. We knew the armed volunteer mobs would do this. We knew Trump's in...
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Marijuana makes people morally unfit for U.S. citizenship, pot users lack 'good moral character' — Trump administration

Tom Angell of Marijuana Moment says, “The Trump administration just issued a memo saying that marijuana use or working in the cannabis industry—even if it is legal under state law—makes immigrants ineligible for citizenship because it means they don’t have 'good moral character.'” We issued policy guidance clarifying that naturalization applicants must comply w/federal controlled substance laws, including those pertaining to marijuana, to establish good moral character during the naturaliz...
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K-Pop Fanboys Get Real Estate Agent Fired

Toxic Western fans of K-Pop band BTS got a real estate agent fired after he made a “racist” tweet directed toward the worshiped boy band, perhaps once again demonstrating why rabid K-Pop fanboys are so despised. The “controversy” began after the group’s performance on Saturday Night Live, where Variety TV editor Brian Steinberg made a […]
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Library of Congress collection used for wartime comic book research

#22 from Grand Comics Database Paul Hirsch used the papers of the Writers' War Board held in the Library of Congress, specifically Box 11 of the collection, to look at how a semi-official government body influenced the depiction of the Axis in comic books during the war. DC Comics, Fawcett Comics, and Street & Smith are specifically mentioned. The WWB also encouraged racial reconciliation in America at the same time, with a 'Race Hatred Committee' which helped with an anti-lynching ...
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After 150 years, Runaway Negro Creek finally has a new name

The US Board on Geographic Names has officially renamed Runaway Negro Creek on Savannah, Georgia's Skidaway Island. It's now called Freedom Creek. Last year, State Sen. Lester Jackson sponsored the resolution to get rid of the offensive name. According to WJCL, the creek was originally "named after slaves that escaped after the Civil War."
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MuslimARC Releases Guide for White Muslims By White Muslims

By Bill Chambers “As people who are both white and Muslim, we straddle two identities -one privileged in society and the other, not. We experience Islamophobia to varying degrees, sometimes more overtly depending on how we physically present, and at the same time we have been socialized as white people in a society where white people hold more social power than People of Color (POC). The focus of the toolkit is to provide resources and information that will help guide us toward good practices an...
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Twitch Streamer Banned for “Blackface” Cosplay

A Twitch streamer was temporarily banned after painting her face black in order to cosplay as Apex Legends character Lifeline, bound to surprise few considering how sensitive snowflakes have become over such an “offensive” act. The female streamer wanted to demonstrate to her viewers (she supposedly had about 160 at the time) the difficulties behind […]
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Jackie Robinson Day

April 15 marks the day in 1947 when Jackie Robinson broke the color barrier in major league baseball. The executive who signed him with the express purpose of combating racism was Branch Rickey, president of the Brooklyn Dodgers. I share a hometown with Branch Rickey — Portsmouth, Ohio — and was always reminded of his legacy because I played high school baseball in Branch Rickey Park (pictured below). To me, Branch Rickey’s role in this story is sweet irony. White supremacy was strong in my home...
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After YouTube Shuts Down Racist Chat On Hearing Vid, Rep Asks If It’s A ‘Hate Hoax’

YouTube confirmed Tuesday that it closed the live chat function on a livestream of a congressional hearing addressing “hate crimes and the rise of white nationalism” due to “the presence of hateful comments.” A Republican congressman said of the comments, which came up later during the hearing itself: “Could that be a hate hoax?” Hate speech has no place on YouTube. We’ve invested heavily in teams and technology dedicated to removing hateful comments / videos. Due to the presence of hateful ...
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Most Americans believe Trump has made race relations worse in America: Pew Research

A new report from Pew says 56% of American adults — including 49% of White Americans, and 20% of people who identify as Republican voters — believe Trump has made race relations worse. “More than four-in-ten say the country hasn’t made enough progress toward racial equality, and there is some skepticism, particularly among blacks, that black people will ever have equal rights with whites, according to a new Pew Research Center survey.” Pew data says 45% of American adults believe that since Tr...
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Trump to armed border agents: “If judges give you trouble, say, 'Sorry, judge, I can't do it.'”

President Donald Trump today instructed federal agents to break the law. “If judges give you trouble,” the President instructed the armed men, “Say, 'Sorry, judge, I can't do it.'” The news hits just as a related breaking news story crosses the wires: “Judge blocks Trump administration policy of returning asylum seekers to Mexico but won't immediately put order in place.” Trump doesn't like those judges. Here's an excerpt from a longer piece by CNN's Jake Tapper about the ouster of Krjsten Ni...
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'Privileged,' Utah Jazz star Kyle Korver's powerful essay on race in the NBA and America

What an incredibly powerful piece of writing from Utah Jazz basketball player Kyle Korver on playing in the NBA, on coming to understand his own racial justice blind spots, and -- beautifully -- the difference between guilt and responsibility. Excerpt from 'Privileged' at Two concepts that I’ve been thinking about a lot lately are guilt and responsibility. When it comes to racism in America, I think that guilt and responsibility tend to be seen as more or less the same t...
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Donald Trump on asylum seekers at border: 'These aren't people. These are animals.'

President Donald Trump today described the people asking for asylum at the U.S.-Mexico border as follows: "These aren't people. These are animals." [email protected] on people asking for asylum "These aren't people. These are animals." — Mark Elliott (@markmobility) April 5, 2019 Also, at this same press conference, Donald Trump said of these people, many of whom are indigenous Maya people from Central America, all of whom are fleeing death, poverty, and viol...
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Fear that far-right terrorists will stage attacks if Brexit is canceled

The world's law enforcement agencies have a terrible blind spot when it comes to far-right, white supremacist terror groups, treating them as unimportant lone wolves despite their prolific and bloody acts of violence. The pro-Brexit side in the UK has more than its share of murderous right-wing thugs, who were critical to the passage of the initial Brexit vote, going so far as to stab an anti-Brexit MP to death for her political views. Now, with the future of Brexit in doubt, there's reaso...
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Teacher fired for reporting hate speech says she hasn’t had her job reinstated despite reports

"For the record, I have not been reinstated as a substitute or the GSA sponsor at McCormick Junior High," Kaycee Cook said on Facebook.
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Facebook says this white nationalist video doesn’t break its new white nationalism ban. Huh?

Just as pretty much everyone predicted, one week after Facebook made a big deal of banning white nationalist and white separatist content on its platform.... Facebook now says a viral video on its site which is obviously and explicitly white supremacist and toxic does not break Facebook's new policy. It's explicitly white supremacist content. No, this does not make any sense. Welcome to 2019. “HuffPost showed the company a racist, fear-mongering video by Faith Goldy. Not a problem, a spokespe...
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How Reconstruction Still Shapes American Racism

Even descendants of black heroes of Reconstruction have lost the memory of their ancestors’ heroic achievements
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“Racist” Pantsu-Sniffing German CM Causes Outrage

A CM depicting a Japanese woman buying pantsu worn by a white man from a vending machine and then sniffing them has caused the most recent wave of politically-correct outrage online. Online culture critics have reacted with predictable rage against a German CM that shows a Japanese woman buying a sweaty pair of white men’s […]
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Black and gay for the first time in Trump’s America, after a decade away

My gay black friends in the U.S. have warned me to brace myself. "No blacks" has been an American mantra forever.
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Facebook says white nationalist and white separatist content now officially banned from platform

Facebook announced today that it is officially banning white nationalist and white separatist content from the platform. But they've made similar announcements before about other forms of harmful and bogus content, such as illicit gun sales and misinformation about vaccines, and the net result was -- not much. Big announcements like this are easy to make. Following up with action, not so much. Motherboard had the scoop. Facebook also committed to trying to deprogram people who try to post wh...
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Arizona State University students exposed for bashing gays and promoting eugenics on social media

Screenshots of online chats and other social media posts from the dossier were obtained and published by Phoenix News Times.
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ACLU: Black Man Detained While Moving into Own Home

He was also allegedly blocked by the police chief from filing a racial bias complaint with the department.
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