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Jonny Greenwood – “Licorice Pizza”

Paul Thomas Anderson’s new film Licorice Pizza hits select theaters today, with Alana Haim in a starring role. The movie’s soundtrack is mostly filled with music contemporaneous to its 1973 setting, but frequent PTA collaborator Jonny Greenwood did contribute at least a little bit of score to it. The Licorice Pizza Original Motion Picture Soundtrack is out today and it features a Greenwood track called, you guessed it, “Licorice Pizza.”
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Radiohead’s Kid A Mnesia Campaign Comes To PS5, Fall Guys

Radiohead are revisiting their past with the release of the joint Kid A/Amnesiac reissue KID A MNESIA. Kid A and Amnesiac turned 20 last October and last June, respectively, and to celebrate the anniversaries, Radiohead have also launched a digital art installation featuring original artwork from that era created by Thom Yorke and the band’s longtime art director Stanley Donwood and sound design by Radiohead producer Nigel Godrich.
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Jonny Greenwood on the Dark Power of His Music for ‘The Power of the Dog’

One of the most intriguing, and certainly dark and disturbing, scores of this season is Jonny Greenwood’s music for “The Power of the Dog,” filmmaker Jane Campion’s Western starring Benedict Cumberbatch as a surly, complicated cowboy in early 20th-century Montana. It’s one of three scores the Radiohead musician-songwriter has in end-of-year awards contention. Pablo Larrain’s […]
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Stream Jonny Greenwood’s Score For The New Movie The Power Of The Dog

Radiohead’s Jonny Greenwood has been scoring films ever since 2003, when he composed the music for the documentary Bodysong. Lately, though, Greenwood has been extremely busy with that particular side hustle. Just last week, Greenwood released his score for Spencer, the new Pablo Larrain film about Princess Diana. Greenwood also did some score cues for Licorice Pizza, the forthcoming movie from his longtime collaborator Paul Thomas Anderson. And today, we get to hear a whole other Jonny Greenwoo...
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Taylor Swift's All Too Well Short Film Has Higher Letterboxd Ratings Than Parasite

If you haven't been online in the past four days, then you may have missed the big news: musical icon Taylor Swift just added director to her long list of accolades. Along with a 30 song album, Swift dropped "All Too Well," a short film based on the 10-minute version of her famous song, released back in 2012. As you may know, this here film website doesn't usually follow the goings-on of pop stars, but Swift has made herself pretty damn impossible to ignore, given the absolute insanity taking ov...
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Jonny Greenwood’s Spencer Score Out Now, Power Of The Dog & “Licorice Pizza” Coming In Next 2 Weeks

It’s a boom time for Jonny Greenwood film scores! The Radiohead guitarist’s baroque classical and free jazz-blending soundtrack for Spencer, Jackie director Pablo Larraín’s new drama about Diana, Princess Of Wales, is out now — and that’s just the tip of the iceberg!
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Radiohead: Kid A Mnesia review – two classic albums, plus surprises

(XL)The band’s 20th-anniversary reissue of Kid A and Amnesiac along with unreleased material makes for fascinating listening Recorded together but released a year apart, Kid A (2000) and Amnesiac (2001) marked a huge departure from the increasingly baroque guitar-led anthems of Radiohead’s first three albums. The broadening of their palette to embrace Warp-influenced electronica, free jazz and krautrock abstractions initially baffled many (the Guardian awarded Kid A two stars, while Melody Maker...
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Jonny Greenwood, Hans Zimmer Among Likely Original Score Contenders for Oscars in 2022

It’s impossible to guess, some three months away from the nominations, what might be up for Oscar in the music categories. But we can’t resist trying. The only sure thing seems to be that English composer Jonny Greenwood will be nominated for at least one Oscar and maybe two. The Radiohead guitarist has been nominated […]
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Stream Radiohead’s Kid Amnesiae Featuring Previously Unreleased Tracks From The Kid A & Amnesiac Sessions

Surprising no one, Radiohead’s new combined Kid A and Amnesiac reissue is kind of confusing, etymologically speaking. The full three-disc set is called KID A MNESIA; its first two discs are Kid A and Amnesiac, and the third is a collection of previously unreleased tracks titled Kid Amnesiae. So, yes, KID A MNESIA contains Kid Amnesiae; there’s also a two-cassette edition of KID A MNESIA titled Kid Amnesiette that fills out the second tape with some of the beloved B-sides from the era.
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‘We had a fierce anger and suspicion’: Thom Yorke and Stanley Donwood on Radiohead’s Kid A and Amnesiac

In this extract from a book compiling artworks made by Donwood and Yorke for Radiohead, the pair discuss how alienation with Cool Britannia saw them retreat into landscapes, labyrinths and inadvertently inventing TwitterStanley Donwood I can’t believe the innocent world we lived in when we were making this work. It was before 9/11, before the “war on terror”, before the conjoining of the police and the military – all of the social changes that have led towards the position we now find ourselves ...
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Radiohead – “Follow Me Around”

“Follow Me Around” is one of those songs that has achieved mythic status in part due to its rarity. Radiohead have accumulated quite a few such tunes over the years, a function of a band that likes to test out new material on the road plus a fiercely dedicated fan base that refuses to see any promising material confined to the discard pile forever. A lot of those holy grail tracks have materialized later on, particularly in recent years as the band has shifted into retrospective mode: studio ver...
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Watch The Strange, Wonderful Spectacle Of Kelly Clarkson Singing “Karma Police”

Whoever picks the music for The Kelly Clarkson Show — and I sincerely hope that it’s Kelly Clarkson herself — is now clearly just baiting websites like this one into posting her covers. Clarkson’s daily daytime talk show features a segment where the host and her backing band will cover someone else’s song everyday. In the past few weeks, we’ve posted Clarkson’s versions of songs from Depeche Mode, Beck, and the Weeknd. And today, Clarkson was out here singing Radiohead — an event that nobody wou...
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Hear Two Jonny Greenwood Songs From The Power Of The Dog

Radiohead’s Jonny Greenwood has shared two new songs, “West” and “25 Years,” from his forthcoming soundtrack to the Jane Campion-directed film The Power Of The Dog.
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The best guitar-learning apps for Android and iOS

Anyone can play guitar, Radiohead once sang. Well, now anyone really can, thanks to these excellent guitar apps for beginners for Android and iOS smartphones.
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How Radiohead Wrote the Perfect James Bond Theme Song

Over the past 59 years, the duty of performing a James Bond movie theme has fallen to the likes of Tom Jones, Paul McCartney, Carly Simon, Bono, Madonna — and most recently, for the latest installment, No Time to Die, Billie Eilish. But one of the greatest Bond themes ever written has never been heard in any of the movies. This, in any case, is the contention of the video essay above, “How Radiohead Wrote the Perfect Bond Theme.” Commissioned for 2015’s Spectre, the second-most recent fi...
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How Radiohead Wrote the Perfect Bond Theme

For his YouTube channel Listening In, Barnaby Martin analyzed the theme that Radiohead wrote for the 2015 Bond film Spectre, a song that he calls “one of the greatest Bond themes ever written”. Somewhat notoriously (at least around ), the producers rejected this theme in favor of a lukewarm by Sam Smith. After watching Martin’s video, — it’s so much better than the theme they used in the film. Tags: Barnaby Martin   James Bond   movies   music   Radiohead   Sam Smith   video [Author: J...
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Jonny Greenwood – “Crucifix”

Radiohead’s Jonny Greenwood wrote the score for the upcoming film Spencer. A biographical drama about Diana, Princess Of Wales, née Spencer, directed by Jackie‘s Pablo Larraín and starring Kristen Stewart, Spencer is Greenwood’s first film score since his work on Paul Thomas Anderson’s The Phantom Thread and Lynne Ramsay’s’ You Were Never Really Here in 2017. The movie and its score are both out next month, and you can preview Greenwood’s contributions by streaming the emotionally heavy classica...
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Watch Thom Yorke & Stanley Donwood Discuss Working Together On Radiohead’s Album Art

Stanley Donwood has worked closely with Thom Yorke (aka Dr. Tchock) on the artwork for every Radiohead album since 1995’s The Bends. Given the extent to which his work has defined their iconography, Donwood is practically a member of the band at this point. And if you’ve ever wanted to see him and Yorke hanging out and reflecting on that creative relationship, you’re in luck.
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Y: The Last Man 'Killed' Weird Al, And Here's How He Responded

American treasure Al Yankovic had no idea what to expect when he sat back for lowkey night of binging on Hulu. In his search, he stumbled across an interesting new show: "Y The Last Man." But how could he have known the dark truth if its premise?"Y The Last Man" has everything you could need: episodes ready to binge? Check. Intriguing premise? Yup. A Capuchin monkey?! Huge win. But after barreling through the first five episodes, poor ole Al made two discoveries. First off, "Y The Last Man" airs...
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David Bowie’s Lost Album Toy Will Get an Official Release: Hear the First Track “You’ve Got A Habit Of Leaving”

To the serious Bowie fan, the unreleased self-covers album Toy is not a secret. This collection of reworked pre-“Space Oddity” songs recorded with his touring band from his 2000 Glastonbury appearance was bootlegged a year after it was shelved in 2001. And it has been re-pressed illegally nearly every year since, sometimes as Toy and sometimes as The Lost Album. Some of the fourteen cuts popped up as b-sides over the years, but the whole album? Maybe, fans thought…one day. Well, that one...
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Thom Yorke’s Son Noah Releases Radiohead-esque Debut Single

Radiohead frontman Thom Yorke’s son Noah has released his debut single, and between the falsetto and the In Rainbows-esque guitar, it sounds a whole lot like Radiohead.
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Jaunty soulful cover of Radiohead's Creep

This "James Brown"-styled cover of Radiohead's creep would likely annoy James Brown, Radiohead and The Hollies, but it is, nonetheless, lovely.
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Animals returned to enclosure in Radiohead's latest music video

Radiohead's If You Say The Word has a bleakly amusing video ("bleak by amusingly bleak" if you need an accurate compass direction) in which escaped managers are rounded up and returned to their natural habitat. I love it all the same, but the whole "isn't middle-class work terrible? —
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Radiohead’s Eerie Video For Kid Amnesiae Single “If You Say The Word” Is Here

Radiohead will soon celebrate the 20th anniversaries of fraternal twin masterpieces Kid A and Amnesiac with a deluxe reissue titled KID A MNESIA. The package includes both albums plus Kid Amnesiae, a disc of newly unearthed recordings from those sessions. (Sadly, the only version of this reissue that also includes the era’s many iconic B-sides is Kid Amnesiette, the double-cassette format.)
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New hustle: Pulitzer winner Colson Whitehead on his heist novel

The author talks about his book set among small time crooks in 1960s Harlem, the joy of switching it up - and why he looks up to Stanley KubrickSomething strange happened the morning after Colson Whitehead finished his forthcoming novel. “I put the book to bed, and then I got up the next morning and Minneapolis was on fire,” he says. It was 26 May 2020, the first of three days of riots last year after the murder of George Floyd. Whitehead had chosen to conclude his latest novel, Harlem Shuffle, ...
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Glory days: what does success mean in 2021?

Our panel of stars – from Brian Cox and Lena Dunham to Edgar Wright and Rina Sawayama – reflect on what creative contentment means to themScreenwriter, It’s a Sin Continue reading...
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Listen to this unreleased Radiohead song from Kid A/Amnesiac era

In honor of Radiohead's 20th and 21st anniversaries of Kid A and Amnesiac, the band is releasing a triple-LP deluxe version—Kid A Mnesia—combining the two albums along with a third record titled Kid Amnesiae, described by the artists as "a memory palace of half-remembered, half-forgotten sessions & unreleased material." — Read the rest
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Radiohead to Release Expanded ‘Kid A’-‘Amnesiac’ Triple Album With Bonus Tracks

Radiohead has announced the forthcoming release of “Kid A Mnesia,” a multiple format triple-album release marking the 21st anniversary of the group’s influential “Kid A” and “Amnesiac” albums, due November 5 via XL Recordings. Those two albums, the group’s fourth and fifth, found the band moving away from the rock sound that had vaulted them […]
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Radiohead Announce Kid A / Amnesiac Reissue With Album Of Unreleased Tracks

Radiohead are celebrating the anniversaries of Kid A and Amnesiac — which turned 20 last October and last June, respectively — with a three-volume collection called KID A MNESIA. It includes the original two albums and a third called Kid Amnesiae, which features previously unreleased tracks from the Kid A/Amnesiac recording sessions.
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Thom Yorke Goofs On Radiohead’s “Embarrassing” TikTok Analytics

Radiohead joined TikTok back in April. Since then, the band has used their verified account exclusively to post bizarre videos featuring the mysterious Chieftain Mews character from their old webcasts. Their first TikTok got a million views, but that number has been steadily decreasing with every new post. And in a new video posted today, Thom Yorke and Radiohead artist Stanley Donwood goof on their own “embarrassing” analytics.
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