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Italian House Rajani Presented Two New Editions at Pitti Fragranze 2019

My visit with the Rajani booth at the Pitti Fragranze perfume exhibition (2019) was a bit more challenging then most others, since the charming brand owner and creator  Raffaella Tarana and I only had the French language in common, which is not my most fluent language, but it was proven once again that perfume transcends the spoken language and we had a nice exchange centered around her two new c... Read full article: Italian House Rajani Presented Two New Editions at Pitti Fragranze 2019 from ...
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Makeshop: A Genius Bar for Creative Services

Talent doesn’t just grow on trees, but in urban hubs like New York City, independent creatives are flourishing—and they’re almost everywhere you look, from coffee shops to co-working spaces. Ajay Rajani realized this at a café in New York City, where he noticed everyone around him working on projects—from designing logos to building PowerPoint decks. As an entrepreneur, Rajani knows there are just as many business owners and brand leaders wishing they could find on-demand help with their latest...
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Found: a 'flaw' in the Taj

New Delhi, March 27: Satellite imagery specialist Mandyam Rajani recalls almost flinching when her senior colleague Dilip Ahuja proposed she might find a flaw in one of India's most treasured architectural showpieces, the Taj Mahal. Ahuja, unable to dismiss something he had sensed nearly three decades ago during his second visit to the Taj, asked Rajani whether she could apply her skills in analysing images to measurements of the monument's central dome.
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