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Artist Raku Inoue making floral arrangements at its purest form

Artist Raku Inoue making floral arrangements at its purest form AoiroStudioMay 15, 2019 Our good pal Raku Inoue has been slaying incredible pieces via his Instagram and now has been collaborating with many many incredible brands. We are hugely happy for his success and incredible ride so far. We just wanted to share his latest work to keep the momentum going and again back with his insane skills with floral arrangements. Make sure to check Raku's own tag on A...
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Artist Raku Inoue recreates the Adobe CC logo with beautiful flowers

Artist Raku Inoue recreates the Adobe CC logo with beautiful flowers AoiroStudioJan 15, 2019 Our good friend Raku Inoue just released his latest stunning project, a collaboration with his series Natura Insects with Adobe Creative Cloud. Basically, as you can see by the cover, it is a reinterpretation of the Adobe CC logo made of real flowers displayed over a styrofoam board base. The level of creativity is always taken to a higher scale with Raku and it's not...
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Natura Insects Series6: Crafting insects made by flowers

Natura Insects Series6: Crafting insects made by flowers AoiroStudio Sep 17, 2018 Raku Inoue is an artist with many many talents, the last time we have featured him on ABDZ. His Instagram has been blowing up ever since with many articles about his art from other awesome popular sites. We are really happy for him and even still, Raku still comes up with impressive pieces of art like from the Safari Triforce series. Today we are featuring the continuatio...
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Local's guide to Vegas off-strip

I t doesn’t matter how many times you’ve visited Las Vegas. Until you work your way off the Strip and into the neighborhood nooks, take it from this local: You’re missing out. For starters, Vegas has a notable coffee scene, with independent roasters crafting small-batch beauties all over the place. Our dimly lit small-bite eateries and old-school lounges are topping “best of” lists year after year. And then there are the incredible shopping and nightlife venues off-Strip… But you need to know...
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Las Vegas like a local

If you want to experience Las Vegas like a local, the first thing you need to do is get the hell off of the Strip. Fremont Street in Downtown Las Vegas is the second-most-popular tourist area in Vegas, and yes, locals do actually hang out there: even those of us perpetually surrounded by spectacle still enjoy the crazy-ridiculousness of Fremont. But aside from Fremont Street, what else is there to do off-Strip? A LOT, actually. These are a few of our favorite things off the Strip and away from...
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Raku & Steel House Numbers or ??? (vallejo / benicia) $99

Artfully assembled steel and raku (ceramic) house numbers. Or a wall art piece reminding you of something that transpires at 8:15 (AM or PM, very versatile) Or partial lotto numbers. Heavy. It measures about 1.75" thick X 20" wide X 18" top to bo [...]
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All You Need is “Love”

As always, with the conclusion of the first season of “Nisekoi” (“False Love”), none of the original questions were answered, new characters entered and the plot was complicated by Ichiro’s faulty memory, so the real question was how long we would have to wait for the second season. With a couple of bridge OVAs to keep us interested and fill in some gaps, we now have our second season, but it is more of a conduit, as we further complicate matters with, uh, further complications. We had best ru...
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INSUB records & netlabel - far darrig

Argiope There’s a style of Japanese pottery known as Raku, described in Allen S. Weiss’ Zen Landscapes: Perspectives on Japanese Gardens and Ceramics, that is traditionally hand-moulded rather than thrown on a potter’s wheel. This gives the finished… (in post Miguel A. García from Fluid Radio. More by this artist at )
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