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This is Us' recap: Jack, Randall, Kevin, and Toby struggle to align work and ideals with the realities of fatherhood

In tonight's episode, "Four Fathers," Randall is irked by Déjà, work gets in the way of fatherhood for Toby and Jack, and Kevin continues to struggle with his co-parenting situation – plus, a... #jackdamon #fourfathers #toby #randall #déjà
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WATCH: “The Proud Family: Louder and Prouder” Trailer

The … Proud … Family … what?! The official first full-length trailer for The Proud Family: Louder and Prouder has arrived! The trailer for The Proud Family reboot sees our favorite animated family with a fresh new look, but up to the same old shenanigans we grew to love them for in the original series. And almost all of the original cast has returned—Kyla Pratt (Penny Proud), Tommy Davidson (Oscar Proud), Paula Jai Parker (Trudy Proud), Jo Marie Payton (Suga Mama), Karen Malina White (Dijonay Jo...
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Omicron drives Covid surge but New York a long way from pandemic’s early days

America’s biggest city is seeing another winter spike, but with good vaccines and a new message many residents say this wave feels differentIn the spring of 2020, Hart Island, a mile from City Island in the Bronx, was a focal point of grief in New York. It was here, at the city’s public cemetery or potter’s field, the final resting place of more than a million people, that officials ordered trenches dug to accommodate those the coronavirus was expected to kill.The trenches were never filled. Man...
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One Of The Scariest Scenes In Gremlins Tricks You At The Last Minute

(Welcome to Scariest Scene Ever, a column dedicated to the most pulse-pounding moments in horror with your tour guides, horror experts Matt Donato and Ariel Fisher. In this edition: Matt reminds everyone that "Gremlins" bites back, and Ariel gets "The Gremlin Rag" stuck in her head for the umpteenth time.)Last week, Ariel rightfully snatched "Krampus" before I could write about Michael Dougherty's frightfully festive gift to the world. Part of me wanted to double-dip this week and talk about why...
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True Story With Ed And Randall: Release Date, Cast, And More

(Welcome to ...And More, our no-frills, zero B.S. guide to when and where you can watch upcoming movies and shows, and everything else you could possibly stand to know.)After the seven season run of the hybrid dramatization/improv comedy show "Drunk History," the forever-addictive nature of dramatized re-enactments on shows like "Sex Sent Me to the ER," and the comedic reactionary storytelling history podcast "The Dollop," Peacock's upcoming series "True Story with Ed and Randall" looks to marry...
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The Reason Kevin Smith Barely Speaks In Clerks

Kevin Smith is not usually what you would call a man of few words ... except when it comes to his long-running character, Silent Bob, who first appeared in the filmmaker's low-budget directorial debut, "Clerks."Since breaking onto the scene as an independent filmmaker with "Clerks" in 1994, Smith has gone on to have a career in other mediums, including comics and podcasting. In fact, he hosts several podcasts, and a quick perusal of his official YouTube channel shows that episodes regularly run ...
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Watch the newest commercials from Peacock, Dave, AT&T and more

Peacock promotes its upcoming hybrid scripted/unscripted original comedy series “True Story With Ed and Randall,” starring Ed Helms and Randall Park.
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True Story With Ed And Randall Trailer: Ed Helms And Randall Park Host A Hybrid Scripted And Unscripted Comedy Series

Funny men Ed Helms and Randall Park are teaming up for a new Peacock series, "True Story with Ed and Randall." The Warner Bros. production is billed as a comedy series with both scripted and unscripted elements, and all six of the show's 60-minute episodes will premiere exclusively on NBCUniversal's streaming service Peacock on the same day in January 2022.Helms and Park serve as the hosts of this series, and in that capacity, they'll be sitting down with ordinary people to unlock their inner ra...
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Here's When You Can Watch Don't Look Up At Home

Netflix has been on an absolute tear when it comes to releasing original movies in 2021, with at least one original movie arriving on the streaming service each week — and in many cases several. But the company has saved one of its biggest for last, as director Adam McKay's star-studded comedy "Don't Look Up" is set to arrive this month.Mckay got his start with comedies such as "Anchorman" and "Step Brothers," but has gravitated towards more serious affairs as of late, with films such as "The Bi...
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Rep. Thomas Massie Seems To Have Skipped Over The 1st Amendment In His Rush To 'Defend' The 2nd (techdirt)

This weekend, Representative Thomas Massie got an awful lot of attention for tweeting a picture of what I guess is his family holding a bunch of guns. It generated a bunch of outrage, which is exactly why Massie did it. When the culture war and "owning" your ideological opponents is more important than actually doing your job, you get things like that. Some might find it a vaguely inappropriate to show off your arsenal of weaponry just days after yet another school shooting, in which the teenage...
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The Dark Tower Easter Egg You Never Noticed In The Shawshank Redemption

What do "The Dark Tower" books and "The Shawshank Redemption" movie have in common, besides author Stephen King? A guy named Randall. Easter eggs are all the rage in today's King adaptations — and movies in general. Back in 2017 (when we proclaimed the King film renaissance), Mike Flanagan's adaptation of "Gerald's Game" featured numerous references to other King stories, not the least of which was a line of dialogue where one character randomly says, "All things serve the Beam." This was a dire...
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Don't Look Up Trailer: Adam McKay's Disaster Comedy Makes A Big Impact

Things have been feeling a little apocalyptic for a while, but that doesn't mean Hollywood's going to slow down on apocalypse stories. Honestly, it means they're all the more relevant, and Adam McKay's disaster satire "Don't Look Up" looks to be especially relevant. In the Netflix comedy, an astronomy grad student named Kate (Jennifer Lawrence) and her professor Dr. Mindy (Leonardo DiCaprio) discover that a comet is on a crash-course with Earth. The comet is a planet-killer, the kind of thing th...
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SPOTTED – 10/27/2021

Here are some interesting new products found on store shelves by your fellow readers. If you’ve tried any of the products, share your thoughts about them in the comments. Wheaties Limited Edition Century Collector Series Michael Jordan Box Wheaties Limited Edition Century Collector Series Michael Jordan Back (Spotted by @the_cerealqueen at Walmart.) Great Value Bianca Wood Fired Pizza Great Value Spicy Pepperoni Wood Fired Pizza Great Value Spicy Barbecue Chicken Wood Fired Piz...
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Local Pitcher For Diamondbacks Affiliate Has Lawn Mowing Side Job To Get By

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Don't Look Up Clip: Meryl Streep Puts A Positive Spin On The End Of The World

Netflix released the first teaser trailer for "Don't Look Up" just a couple weeks ago, but thanks to their recent Tudum hype event for upcoming movies and TV shows, we have a new clip from the apocalyptic satire about a comet that is on a collision course with Earth. Just as we saw in the trailer, Leonardo DiCaprio and Jennifer Lawrence are scientists trying to warn the government, led by Meryl Streep as the President of the United States, about this forthcoming disaster. This new clip plays out...
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Don’t Look Up Clip Showcases Star-Studded Netflix Comedy

During Netflix’s Tudum fan event, Jennifer Lawrence and writer/director Adam McKay showed off a new Don’t Look Up clip from the upcoming Netflix comedy. The film has a star-studded cast featuring Lawrence, Leonardo DiCaprio, Jonah Hill, Rob Morgan, and Meryl Streep. The movie is out on December 10, 2021. Check out the Don’t Look Up clip below: Don’t Look Up‘s all-star ensemble cast is led by DiCaprio and Lawrence as two low-level astronomers, who must go on a giant media tour to warn mankind ...
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Don't Look Up Trailer: Leonardo DiCaprio And Jennifer Lawrence Try To Warn Us About The End Of The World

There have been plenty of movies about the end of the world. Within that subgenre, a handful of them have been about an asteroid being on a collision course with Earth and threatening to destroy the planet. In 1998 alone there were two of them in the same year. Now director Adam McKay is trying his hand at the end of the world with "Don't Look Up," another story about a comet that spells extinction-level trouble for the citizens of this planet. The only problem is, when Kate Dibiasky (Jennifer L...
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Don’t Look Up Teaser & Photos: Leonardo DiCaprio Leads Netflix’s All-Star Pic

Netflix has finally dropped the first Don’t Look Up teaser trailer for Adam McKay’s upcoming star-studded sci-fi black comedy film, which will be led by Oscar winners Leonardo DiCaprio, and Jennifer Lawrence. The highly-anticipated film is currently slated to arrive in select theaters on December 10 and will be available for streaming on December 24. The teaser, which you can check out below along with the first-look photos, begins with a very anxious Leonardo DiCaprio, whose character is seemin...
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Spotlight: Gold Star Logistics Group Helps More Entrepreneurs Enter the Industry

Freight logistics can be a tough industry to enter — especially for underrepresented groups like women. But one woman-owned business, Gold Star Logistics Group, wants to change that. Learn how the company helps more people get started in this week’s small business spotlight. What the Business Does Provides freight and transport services. Services include: Freight dispatch Transportation compliance Dispatch training Trucking coaching Business Niche Training new freight dispatchers. Founder...
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UK regulator says celebrities such as Kim Kardashian are putting investors at risk by pushing unknown crypto tokens

Kim Kardashian promoted an unknown crypto token to her followers in June. NurPhoto/Getty Images Celebrities such as Kim Kardashian are putting investors at risk by advertising crypto tokens, a UK regulator said. The chair of the Financial Conduct Authority said online influencers regularly promote crypto scams. Kardashian advertised a crypto token called ethereum max on her Instagram account in June. See more stories on Insider's business page. The UK's financial watchdog has said ...
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2021 Randall’s Run for the Gym 5K

Results Courtesy of Split Time Race Management
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Don't Look Up: Release Date, Cast And More

(Welcome to ...And More, our no-frills, zero B.S. guide to when and where you can watch upcoming movies and shows, and everything else you could possibly stand to know.)This Christmas, director Adam McKay and one of the biggest casts ever will come together to tell a timely story about the impending apocalypse. Since it's McKay, you can expect the movie's themes to be laid on pretty hard, and not with any trace of subtlety. Whether or not that's a good thing is up to you! One thing is for sure: ...
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LA area ranks 4th nationwide in earnings for new Airbnb hosts, and this Woodland Hills homeowner couldn’t be happier

A new report from Airbnb ranks the greater Los Angeles area as the nation’s fourth most profitable region for new Airbnb hosts with one U.S. listing during the first six months of 2021. L.A.-area hosts collectively earned $6.2 million in revenue through June, the study said, outpacing the North Carolina Coast ($4 million), Smoky Mountains ($3.9 million), Poconos ($3.5 million), Houston ($3.3 million), Catskills and Hudson Valley ($3.1 million) and Denver ($2.9 million). The company declined to r...
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I flew on Tailwind Air, the seaplane airline that flies between New York and Boston - I'd choose it over Acela in a heartbeat

Flying on a Tailwind Air seaplane. Thomas Pallini/Insider Tailwind Air just launched seaplane flights between New York City and Boston. The short flights leave from New York's East River and Boston Harbor, providing unique city views. Easy access and short flight times make it better than Amtrak's Acela in terms of convenience. See more stories on Insider's business page. Less than 200 miles separate New York and Boston, but traveling between the two cities is anything but ...
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Interview: Midnight in the Switchgrass Director Randall Emmett Talks Star-Studded Thriller

Based on a true story, the film Midnight in the Switchgrass chronicles the serial abductions and murders of young women and the FBI agents that are trying to stop them. The directorial debut of Randall Emmett, the film stars Bruce Willis, Megan Fox, Emile Hirsch, Lukas Haas, and Caitlin Carmichael. It’s now available on Blu-ray and DVD. Interview: Emile Hirsch Talks Midnight in the Switchgrass, Working With Megan Fox “While in Florida on another case, FBI agents Helter (Willis) and Lo...
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Workers brace for renewed 'rebellion and anger' in stores and restaurants amid changing mask guidance

Walmart required shoppers and employees - regardless of vaccine status - wear masks in stores in areas with high COVID-19 transmission. AP Photo/Nam Y. Huh Insider spoke with 8 retail workers on the return of mask mandates as COVID-19 cases surge. Some workers said they feel safer if shoppers wear masks. But they worry about new levels of anger and violence. Retail workers have confronted anger and violence over mask wearing. See more stories on Insider's business page. Some retail wor...
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LAPD’s West Valley Community police host annual National Night Out gathering

Officers talk to local residents during the National Night Out with the Los Angeles Police Department West Valley Community Police Department Tuesday. The event included meeting community police officers and members of neighborhood council and neighborhood watches, face painting, a petting zoo, popcorn and a screening of “Onward”.(Photo by Andy Holzman, Contributing Photographer) People enjoy snacks during the National Night Out with the Los Angeles Police Department West Valley Community Po...
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These are the places where you can buy plant-based fish, from Whole Foods to Long John Silver's

Good Catch's vegan seafood options are debuting at some Long John Silver's locations. Good Catch Long John's Silver is debuting vegan fish fillets and crabcakes on its menu. Good Catch, the vegan seafood brand, uses a blend of beans to imitate the taste and flavor of whitefish and crab meat. Previously, the brand trolled Subway by handing out vegan tuna sandwiches outside of Subway locations in some cities. See more stories on Insider's business page. Another vegan protein ...
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Interview: Jordan Oram Talks Spiral, Shooting Drake’s Biggest Music Videos

Spiral is now available on 4K UHD, Blu-ray, DVD, and digitally. The Saw spin-off stars Chris Rock and Samuel L. Jackson in the lead roles and is directed by Saw II-IV director Darren Lynn Bousman in his return to helming the horror series. While it exists in the Saw universe, it’s very much its own thing and provides a fresh experience thanks to the work of director of photography Jordan Oram. RELATED: Interview: Spiral Director Darren Lynn Bousman on Crafting a Saw Spin-off ComingSoon Editor-in...
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Insurtech startup Spot brings in $17.5M equity, debt to fill insurance gaps for accidental injuries

Affordable healthcare continues to be a major problem in the U.S., with roughly 30 million people without comprehensive healthcare and high medical costs causing many to go into debt. Spot is tackling this issue with a digital, on-demand injury insurance product that can be as-is or as a complement to traditional health insurance. Headquartered in Austin, the company raised $15 million in equity and $2.5 million in debt in a round of seed funding led by GreatPoint Ventures, with participation fr...
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