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Director Renny Harlin's Essential Genre Films, Ranked

These days, Finland-born director Renny Harlin is mostly known as Geena Davis’ ex-husband who directed her in the infamous Cutthroat Island. But his long and occasionally strange career encompasses way more than that. For instance: super-smart sharks!Read more...
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Star Trek's Jeffreys Combs, Ranked

Star Trek is filled with fantastic guest actors, but there are perhaps few more prolific, as prominent, or as downright varied as Jeffrey Combs. Read more...
Tags: Science, Superlist, Star Trek, Cbs, Jeffery Combs, Star Trek Deep Space Nine, Ranker, Star Trek Enterprise, Jeffrey Combs, Star Trek Voyager, Jeffreys Combs

All 9 Planet of the Apes Movies, Ranked

The ongoing pandemic has taught us a lot about how selfish and greedy humans can really be. One might even start to wonder...maybe it’s time to give another species their shot? With a new Planet of the Apes movie in the works, we decided to rank all the entries in the iconic sci-fi series so far.Read more...
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11 Cartoon Dads, Ranked

Everybody’s got a dad. Some are just a little more...animated than others. Let’s take a look at some of who, despite being two dimensional, are fully realized people who make their respective families proud.
Tags: Science, Animation, Harley Quinn, Spider Man, Steven Universe, Peter Parker, American Dad, Ranker, Bobs Burgers, Craig of the Creek, Spider Man Into The Spider Verse, Kipo and the Age of Wonderbeasts, She Ra And The Princesses Of Power, We bare bears, She Ra, Watch It Nerds

Darth Names, Ranked

Star Wars, a franchise barely anyone talks about these days, is primarily known for three things: stars, the existence of wars among them, and some really incredible (and incredibly silly) naming conventions. The fearsome Sith Lords of the Dark Side are no exception, and in light of their own equally silly day of…Read more...
Tags: Star Wars, Science, Disney, Darth Vader, Lucasfilm, Names, Underexplained Lists, Ranker, Goofballery, Sith, Darth Sidious

Rons Perlman, Ranked

Like many character actors, Ron Perlman (who marked his 70th birthday in April!) has a lengthy resumé filled with roles that span a huge range—he’s done comedies, crime dramas, comic book movies, many TV shows, and many more animated voices. For the purposes of this list, we’ve narrowed it to our 14 favorite…Read more...
Tags: Science, Pacific Rim, Beauty and the Beast, Conan the Barbarian, Hellboy, Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them, Cronos, Ron Perlman, Ranker, Season of the Witch, Alien Resurrection, The Last Winter, The Island Of Dr Moreau, Blade Ii, Star Trek Nemesis, Watch It Nerds

Watchworthy App Released By Ranker To Help You Find What To Watch

With everyone practicing social distancing (or at least physical distancing – let’s stay social), there has never been more need for good ideas of new things to watch. I mean, listen, let’s all read as many more books as we watch more television and movies, but… As certain streaming services are being asked to discontinue HD options to compensate for the increase in demand, people need to know what to watch next, instead of spending an hour “watching” the Netflix menu scroll past. Situatio...
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Watchworthy’s personalized TV recommendation app will help you find your next binge

Ranker, an online publisher that turns crowdsourced lists and fan-rankings into a data business, is now turning its attention to the world of streaming services. The company this week launched a new app, Watchworthy, that helps you find something new to watch across TV networks and over 200 streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, Prime Video, Apple TV+, and many more. Ranker, as you may already know, is the website that always pops up in search results when you’re looking for some sort of “best o...
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A New Way to Find TV Shows to Binge: Watchworthy App Claims Instant Personalized Recommendations

In the time of “Netflix and quarantine,” more people than ever are looking for the next great TV show to binge-watch. But with literally tens of thousands of titles across multiple streaming services, it’s tough to zero in on the ones you’re most likely to love. Now there’s a new app aiming to offer a […]
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Cinematic Batman Lips, Ranked

Last night, we got our very at Robert Pattinson suited up as the latest live-action incarnation of Batman. Glimpse is a diplomatic word for it, frankly—softly shot, lit in red, and barely lit at that, we did not get to see much of this new Batman. Not even a full cowl! But we saw enough to rank…Read more...
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Which public US universities graduate the most funded founders?

Joanna Glasner Contributor More posts by this contributor Big revenues, huge valuations and major losses: charting the era of the unicorn IPO Some reassuring data for those worried unicorns are wrecking the Bay Area A lot of students attend public universities to lessen the financial burden of higher education. At last tally, tuition and fees at American public colleges and universities averaged around $6,800 a year, per the federal govern...
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The Pokémon of Detective Pikachu, Ranked By Their Horrifying Cuteness

When it was first announced, not a lot of people thought a live-action Pokémon movie could work. And then the trailers for Detective Pikachu collectively blew our socks off by presenting realistically-rendered monsters that trade anime cartoonishness for a frankly incredible mix of adorableness and sheer terror.Read more...
Tags: Science, Superlist, Video Games, Cute, Horror, Pokemon, Warner Bros, Pikachu, Ranker, Detective Pikachu

The Many, Many Voices of Batman, Ranked

Many actors have donned the bat-mantle to provide a voice to Gotham’s Dark Knight—the latest example being the delightfully loopy Batman Ninja, out now on Blu-ray and DVD—over decades of film, TV, and games. But who’s done it best? Here’s our bat-ranking of Gotham’s finest voice actors.Read more...
Tags: Science, Video Games, Gotham, Animation, Batman, Ranker, Voice Acting

10 Years of Marvel Movie Hero Costumes, Ranked

Ten years ago today, Marvel Studios heralded its grand cinematic universe with the arrival of Iron Man. We’ve spent a decade watching the rise and fall of Marvel’s mightiest heroes and villains, but we’ve also spent a decade judging their fashion choices each movie. So, without further ado, here’s our favorite heroic…Read more...
Tags: Costumes, Science, Marvel, Marvel Studios, Ranker, Scifashion, Underexplained List

A Tribute to Hawkeye, a Character Who Is Definitely in Avengers: Infinity War at Some Point

Avengers: Infinity War features practically every iconic hero from Marvel Studios’ decade of groundbreaking superhero blockbusters coming together in one film. It also has Hawkeye! But alas, we’ve not seen a second of Hawkeye in any of the footage so far. So to honor our absent archer, here are his best movie moments…Read more...
Tags: Science, Superlist, Marvel, Avengers, Marvel Studios, Hawkeye, Ranker, Goofballery, Avengers Infinity War, Hawkguy

The most insane things found in abandoned luggage

Sometimes people leave some amazing things behind and Ranker has chosen the top 3 most amazing things found in abandoned luggage. Buzz60's Tony Spitz has the details.            [Author: Buzz60]
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11 Top Fast Food Franchises to Consider

When it comes to fast food, Americans simply can’t get enough. You don’t have to travel far before you see the familiar sign of a well-known fast-food chain at the side of the road. According to a recent survey by Ranker, Wendy’s is the nation’s favorite fast food brand, followed by Subway and in third place KFC. America’s number one fast food restaurant recently began offering franchise opportunities for investors looking to run a franchise restaurant with a popular and well-known brand. Thoug...
Tags: Subway, US, Sales, America, United States, Kfc, Taco Bell, Franchise, Wendy, Arby, McDonald, Dunkin Donuts, Chick, Ranker, Taco Bell Taco Bell, Ranker Wendy

Wendy’s and Other Top Brands on Fast Food Survey Offer Franchise Opportunities

Americans have ranked the country’s favorite fast food restaurants, and Wendy’s restaurant takes the top spot. The burger joint just recently began offering franchise opportunities to investors as it looked to expand. And it wasn’t the only franchise restaurant that topped the chart. Subway and KFC come in second and third respectively, according to the latest survey of top fast food brands in the country by digital polling company Those companies, too, are available to investors lo...
Tags: Sales, America, Kfc, Taco Bell, Franchise, Wendy, McDonald, Big Mac McDonald, Ranker, Ranker s Favorite Fast Food Restaurant

Marvel Apocalypses, Ranked

Today, Thor: Ragnarok hits theaters to threaten a chunk of the Marvel Cinematic Universe with apocalyptic doom. In the comics, however, an apocalypse is not nearly as rare an occurrence as you might think, because the Marvel multiverse has faced utter calamity several times in the past. Here are the 10 best…Read more...
Tags: Science, Marvel, Ragnarok, Thor Ragnarok, Ranker, Goofballery, Apocalypses

Marvel Superheroes Who Basically Only Protect New York City, Ranked

The New York City of the Marvel universe is teeming with heroes, being home to everyone from Steve Rogers to Peter Parker. With four of those famous New Yorkers teaming up on the small screen today in The Defenders, we decided to rank the finest inhabits of the comic book Big Apple.Read more...
Tags: New York, Science, New York City, Marvel, Daredevil, Doctor Strange, Luke Cage, Spider Man, Jessica Jones, Peter Parker, Steve Rogers, Howard the Duck, Ranker, She Hulk, New York City Ranked

All 28 DC Animated Original Movies, Ranked

Now that Wonder Woman has put DC back in the good graces of fans and critics alike, we can turn our attention to the rest of the DC movie universe while we await Justice League. (Please be good. Please be good.) This list contains the 28 DC Animated Original movies released so far, ranked from worst to best on the…Read more...
Tags: Science, Superman, Animation, Justice League, Wonder Woman, Batman, Dc, Green Lantern, Ranker, Dc Animated Originals

The Greatest Spider-Women of All Time, Ranked

Last week, we brought you the definitive ranking of the most superior Spider-Men in Marvel’s comic books—but let’s be honest: who runs the Spider-world? Spider-Girls. In the years since Peter Parker first donned the Spider-mantle, leagues of legendary women have taken on Spider-heroics of their own, and now its their…Read more...
Tags: Comics, Science, Superlist, Marvel, Peter Parker, Ranker, Spider Woman

The Greatest Spider-Men of All Time, Ranked 

Spider-Man is one of the world’s most beloved superheroes. So beloved, in fact, that far more people than just Peter Parker or even Peter’s clones have taken on the Spider-Mantle. In celebration of Spider-Man: Homecoming’s release, here are the many Spider-Men of the multiverse, judged and ranked for your pleasure.Read more...
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io9 Is Proud to Present the Poe Dameron Scale, the Ultimate Star Wars Name-Ranking System

It is well documented that we—we being James and Katharine—are obsessed with the names in Star Wars. We even have our own not-at all-scientific rating system to judge our favorite, comical names from the galaxy far, far away: the Poe Dameron Scale™. And we are proud now to introduce the PDS to the world.Read more...
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This Is America's Favorite Comfort Food

After a rough day, there’s nothing quite as cathartic as curling up on the couch for a Netflix marathon with your favorite comfort food in hand. Some of us go straight for the sweets, while others are partial to savory foods — so Ranker took a poll to determine America’s favorite comfort food once and for all. (Well, at least until the next survey is conducted.)A grilled cheese sandwich took the well-deserved top spot. After all, who can resist that gooey melted cheese smacked between two slice...
Tags: Fashion, Music, America, Netflix, Ranker, IMHO

Deadpool 2's Potential Cables, Ranked

Over the last year, we’ve been drowning in rumor after rumor about just who will play time-traveling mutant Cable in Deadpool 2. We’ve had so many at this point, with no end in sight, we decided to do the only thing we could: scientifically rank all of the rumored candidates, in order of likeliness, desire, and…Read more...
Tags: Science, Cable, Deadpool, Deadpool 2, Ranker, Goofballery

All of Marvel's Star Wars Comics, Ranked

It’s been two years since Marvel regained the rights to make Star Wars comics, and since then the publisher has released a ton of comics, both ongoing and miniseries. Want some recommendations on what’s out there? We’ve ranked them all, from the must-reads to the ones you should avoid like they were old Jar Jar Binks.Read more...
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The 19 Scifi and Fantasy Movies of Keanu Reeves, Ranked

John Wick: Chapter 2 opens today, and while that film quite doesn’t fit within io9's science fiction/fantasy borders, star Keanu Reeves has certainly devoted a large chunk of his career to those genres we love best. So now seems a good a time as any to remember his oeuvre. His performances don’t always vary much, but…Read more...
Tags: Science Fiction, Science, Fantasy, Scifi, Keanu Reeves, Matrix, John Wick, Keanu, Ranker, Bill And Teds Excellent Adventure

Things Bones McCoy Is Not, Ranked

Leonard McCoy is famous for many things. Mostly announcing that someone is dead and insulting Spock in ways that seem awfully xenophobic for Star Trek. He also famous for explaining, angrily, that he is a doctor and literally nothing else. Here it is, the definitive ranking of things that Dr. McCoy is not.Read more...
Tags: Science, Television, Movies, Star Trek, Spock, McCoy, DeForest Kelley, Karl Urban, Ranker

23 Years of Power Rangers Uniforms, Ranked (Part Two)

Over two decades of Power Rangers shows have brought us some amazing superhero costumes... and some less amazing ones. As dedicated followers of Ranger fashion, we’re embarking on a mad quest to rank them all, from best to worst—and that quest continues right now!Read more...
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