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Here’s the tech real estate agents wish their brokerages offered

Cyber security and lead generation topped the list of tech tools agents wished their brokerages offered, according to a new National Association of Realtors study.
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Here’s the tech real estate agents wished their brokerages offered

Cyber security and lead generation topped the list of tech tools agents wished their brokerages offered, according to a new National Association of Realtors study.
Tags: Technology, Social Media, Cyber Security, Ransomware, Radio, Drones, Lead Generation, NAR, National Association of Realtors, Select, MLS & Associations, Theme Months, Listing Tech Month, Theme-month-202108

'The Situation Is Very Serious': Ransomware Hackers Hobble Covid-19 Vaccinations in Italy

A series of cyberattacks has disrupted COVID-19 vaccinations in Italy’s Lazio region—a large area that encompasses the nation’s capital, Rome.Read more...
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Disrupting Ransomware by Disrupting Bitcoin

Ransomware isn’t new; the idea dates back to 1986 with the “Brain” computer virus. Now, it’s become the criminal business model of the internet for two reasons. The first is the realization that no one values data more than its original owner, and it makes more sense to ransom it back to them — sometimes with the added extortion of threatening to make it public — than it does to sell it to anyone else. The second is a safe way of collecting ransoms: bitcoin. This is where the suggestion to ban c...
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Kaseya Is Making Its Customers Sign Non-Disclosure Agreements to Obtain Ransomware Decryption Key

Kaseya is requiring customers affected by the massive REvil ransomware attack to sign non-disclosure agreements in order to obtain the decryption key, a move that could shroud the incident in further mystery. Although the decryption key will no doubt bring relief to some victims, others are stating that it will have…Read more...
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Kaseya Ransomware Saga Mysteriously Comes to an End, but Nothing to See Here, Folks, Just Keep It Moving

Kaseya, the cloud provider at the center of a gargantuan ransomware attack on hundreds of businesses, announced this week that it had some good news: Somehow, it had come into possession of a “universal decryptor” to unlock all of the data affected by the recent hack.Read more...
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Ransomware attack threatens closings, sensitive client data

A ransomware attack on Cloudstar, which provides cloud hosting for title insurance applications, is threatening to derail mortgage closings and put sensitive client information at risk.
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DNSFilter secures $30M Series A to step up fight against DNS-based threats

DNSFilter, an artificial intelligence startup that provides DNS protection to enterprises, has secured $30 million in Series A funding from Insight Partners. DNSFilter, as its name suggests, offers DNS-based web content filtering and threat protection. Unlike the majority of its competitors, which includes the likes of Palo Alto Networks and Webroot, the startup uses proprietary AI technology to continuously scan billions of domains daily, identifying anomalies and potential vectors for malware,...
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Ransomware hits law firm with dozens of major corporate clients

A major law firm with name-brand clients in over a dozen sectors of the economy was hit by ransomware in February, it said, in a breach that may have leaked Social Security numbers, health insurance information and even biometric data.
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U.S. and Allies Blame China for Wave of Recent Cyber Attacks in Coordinated Statements

Hackers associated with China are allegedly responsible for a massive wave of recent cyber attacks targeting thousands of businesses, governments, and non-profit organizations in the western world, according to countries that make up the Five Eyes spying alliance of the U.S., UK, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. Read more...
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REvil is Off-Line

This is an interesting development: Just days after President Biden demanded that President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia shut down ransomware groups attacking American targets, the most aggressive of the groups suddenly went off-line early Tuesday. […] Gone was the publicly available “happy blog” the group maintained, listing some of its victims and the group’s earnings from its digital extortion schemes. Internet security groups said the custom-made sites ­- think of them as virtual conference r...
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REvil: Ransomware gang websites disappear from internet

The REvil group has been blamed for cyber-attacks on hundreds of businesses worldwide.
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Notorious Ransomware Gang REvil Mysteriously Disappears After Causing Global Havoc

After causing international mayhem, a notorious cybercrime group appears to have disappeared. Read more...
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Protect your email now against the return of this nasty ransomware botnet

The infamous Trickbot ransomware botnet is on the rise again after being dismantled in 2020. Here's what you need to know to stay safe.
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Using Our Tools Against Us: Adversaries Continue To Abuse Trust In The Supply Chain

I believe that GLaDOS (the evil AI from the Portal video game franchise) may have been trying to make a point about the state of security with her song “Still Alive.” The fictional, artificially super intelligent computer system from Portal once sang, “But there’s no sense crying over every mistake. You just keep on trying ’til you run out […]
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Microsoft confirms it’s buying cybersecurity startup RiskIQ

Microsoft has confirmed it’s buying RiskIQ, a San Francisco-based cybersecurity company that provides threat intelligence and cloud-based software as a service for organizations. Terms of the deal, which will see RiskIQ’s threat intelligence services integrated into Microsoft’s flagship security offerings, were not disclosed, although Bloomberg previously reported that Microsoft will pay more than $500 million in cash for the company. Microsoft declined to confirm the reported figure. The announ...
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Kaseya's Staff Sounded the Alarm About Security Flaws for Years Before Ransomware Attack

Employees warned Kaseya’s higher-ups for years about critical security flaws in its software but their concerns were brushed off, former workers told Bloomberg. Several staffers quit in frustration or were fired after repeatedly sounding the alarm about failings in the IT firm’s cybersecurity practices. Now, Kaseya is…Read more...
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C'mon, Man! Biden Asks Putin to Crack Down on Ransomware Hackers (Again)

In light of ongoing ransomware attacks originating from Russia, President Joe Biden made a phone call to Vladimir Putin on Friday, stressing that Russia should crack down on cybercriminals operating within its borders, while adding that the U.S. will take “any necessary action” to defend itself against future attacks.Read more...
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Hackers Derail Iran's Train System, Post Supreme Leader's Phone Number as Help Line

Cyberattacks reportedly disrupted Iran’s railway system on Friday, causing “unprecedented chaos” at stations throughout the country, according to state media.Read more...
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This crowdsourced payments tracker wants to solve the ransomware visibility problem

Ransomware attacks, fueled by COVID-19 pandemic turbulence, have become a major money earner for cybercriminals, with the number of attacks rising in 2020. These file-encrypting attacks have continued largely unabated this year, too. In the last few months alone we’ve witnessed the attack on Colonial Pipeline that forced the company to shut down its systems — and the gasoline supply — to much of the eastern seaboard, the hack on meat supplier JBS that abruptly halted its slaughterhouse operation...
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What you need to know about REvil - the hacking group that extorted hundreds of companies - in one minute or less

The hacking group REvil has launched ransomware attacks against hundreds of companies. Chris Collins/Getty Images REvil is an ambitious hacking group that extorts tens of millions from victims. REvil is likely Russia-based and linked to a ransomware strain used to attack healthcare firms. The group's solely financial motivations can make it more dangerous than other hacking groups. See more stories on Insider's business page. REvil, one of the most notorious and ambitious hacking g...
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This Crowdsourced Ransomware Payment Tracker Shows How Much Cybercriminals Have Heisted

Ransomware attacks are on the rise, but quantifying the scope of the problem can be tricky when only the most high-profile cases make headlines. Enter Ransomwhere, the crowdsourced ransomware payment tracker with a punny name that means to shine a light on these cyberattacks that have increasingly rattled governments…Read more...
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Details of the REvil Ransomware Attack

ArsTechnica has a good story on the REvil ransomware attack of last weekend, with technical details: This weekend’s attack was carried out with almost surgical precision. According to Cybereason, the REvil affiliates first gained access to targeted environments and then used the zero-day in the Kaseya Agent Monitor to gain administrative control over the target’s network. After writing a base-64-encoded payload to a file named agent.crt the dropper executed it. […] The ransomware dropper Agent.e...
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White hats reported key Kaseya VSA flaw months ago. Ransomware outran the patch

So close, and yet so far One of the vulnerabilities in Kaseya's IT management software VSA that was exploited by miscreants to infect up to 1,500 businesses with ransomware was reported to the vendor in April – and the patch just wasn't ready in time.…
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Invest Now: Your Interoperability Strategy Will Drive Patient Outcomes

“The first wealth is health.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson These words of perennial wisdom are a compelling reminder that public health is the bedrock for constructing a prosperous economy and nation. This very philosophy beckoned me to the healthcare field as a student and public health professional for the past two decades. My name is […]
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REvil Gang Takes Credit for Massive Kaseya Attack and Asks for $70 Million Ransom

The REvil ransomware gang has taken credit for the Kaseya attack that has affected more than 1,000 companies worldwide and prompted an investigation by U.S. intelligence agencies. The criminals are asking for a $70 million ransom in bitcoin to publish a public universal decryptor that will unlock all affected…Read more...
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Businesses around the world left reeling following a ransomware attack on Florida-based IT firm

Thomas Trutschel/Photothek via Getty Images A ransomware attack at Florida-based IT firm Kaseya left businesses around the world scrambling. Cybersecurity experts say the Russian-linked REvil ransomware gang appears to be behind the attack. The REvil ransomware gang was blamed by the FBI for paralyzing meat packer JBS last month. See more stories on Insider's business page. Businesses around the world rushed Saturday to contain a ransomware attack that has paralyzed their computer net...
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EXPLAINER: Ransomware and Its Role in Supply Chain Attacks

Another holiday weekend in the U.S., another ransomware attack that has paralyzed businesses around the world.
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REvil ransomware group strikes again with attack on hundreds of companies right before long holiday weekend

Homeland Security secretary Alejandro Mayorkas speaks speaks at a White House press briefing on March 1, 2021. AP Photo/Andrew Harnik Russian-based REvil launched a ransomware attack on Friday that may have impacted hundreds of companies. The group targeted IT management software provider Kaseya VSA in what's known as a supply-chain attack. REvil most recently attacked meat supplier JBS and received an $11 million payment from the company. See more stories on Insider's business pag...
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