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Sack Sarri now Chelsea to save our season. Here's reasons why it MUST happen!

In today's Chelsea Daft Vlog I call for Maurizio Sarri to be sacked now in order for us to save our season after our worst Premier League defeat ever against Manchester City yesterday. Points of note: Hazard should have played on the right to face Zinchenko. Jorginho offers nothing defensively in his position. Chelsea pressed high with Kante and Barkley leaving us exposed - on instruction from Sarri. Defensively shocking. Teams change their style and tactic approach to face us. We don't. Same f...
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Blog Comments V2

All righty then, I seem to have worked out my problem and can now comment from my new laptop... It appears to be a Chrome extension called Ghostery (an ad blocker) and I think that an update (or perhaps fresh install in this case).  Selecting "Trust Site" or disabling the "Enhanced Anti-tracking" seems to do the trick.  Uninstalling also works... [Author: Andrew Thomson]
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Blog Comments

Hi all Yet again I seem to be having issues with Google/Blogger and blog comments.  I've yet to check on my other computer but on my new laptop I cannot comment on any blogs - including my own! So, I'm not ignoring you - just smashing my head against a brick wall! Now for some detail: I'm permanently logged into my Google account and Gmail, Google Drive, Photos and Blogger (when blogging) all [Author: Andrew Thomson]
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Bournemouth 4-0 Chelsea: Now Maurizio Sarri has to go so Chelsea can save their season.

Chelsea suffered a humiliating 4-0 defeat tonight to Bournemouth at the Vitality Stadium and full credit to our hosts for their performance. As for Maurizio Sarri - I have nothing against the man personally but seriously, now he has to go in order to save our season and cling onto a top four position. Tonight was another demonstration of how Sarri-Ball does not work in the Premier League. You can pass, pass and bloody pass the ball as much as you like, if you create little or hardly anything fr...
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15 years (and 7% of the year). #3

Image Source Yo whoever still reads this on a regular basis. Wassup?So, the first post on this blog came up on Jan 18, 2004. See it here. And yes, its cringe-inducing. But heck it was a start. To something that has become such an integral part of my life that I cant imagine a life without it. There have been times when I've thought of shutting the blog down, making it private, publishing an archive in to a book and merging with other publications that I have started at various times in li...
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Is this now the beginning of the end for Maurizio Sarri at Chelsea ??

After defeat against Arsenal and once again a poor, blunt and boring performance from Chelsea, Maurizio Sarri has now had a pop at his players.Is this now the beginning of the end for him at Chelsea?The only solution I can see is 4-2-3-1 even with Gonzalo Higuain here at Chelsea too!What do you think of anything discussed in the Video? I want to read as many Chelsea opinions on these as possible on here or over on my new YouTube channel.Thank you SO MUCH for watching. Show your support and help ...
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Sarri-Ball Rant | What's the point if we do not finish top four | The Chelsea Daft Vlog

After another uninspiring performance last night and yet more points dropped against Southampton, I could not help myself but have a Sarri-Ball rant on my You Tube Vlog Channel. To recap the points made in my Rant:What happens if Chelsea do not finish inside the top four this season? Will he be sacked?At Napoli Maurizio Sarri was given time to bring in the players he wanted in three seasons.At Chelsea he will not be given the same time to do so because of expectations these days. He refuses to ...
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5 Things to do during the Christmas Season in Berlin

Ah, December in the city. Have you spent winter in Berlin before? No? Well, then here’s a list of my Top 5 things not to miss during my favorite time of the year – because all of a sudden, everything’s magically different. 1. Discover a whole new world for your olfactory sense Take the smells for example. Begin your every day with the unique scent of fresh urine in your staircase – it’s cold outside now, so the fact that your Hausverwaltung chronically lacks f**** to give about your front d...
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The Pixel 3 Is Proof That Google Doesn't Care About Hardware

After a rocky start with the Pixel 1 (which remains one of the ugliest phones made this decade), a big—but still not fully realized—improvement on the Pixel 2, the Pixel 3 came out and finally made good on Google’s homegrown phone initiative. And unlike phones from Samsung or Huawei, the Pixel 3 achieved this not by…Read more...
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Podcast 009: The Headlines Lied

In This Episode: There’s a lot of talk about accuracy in the media these days, up to and including frequent accusations that the mainstream press publishes “fake news.” For the most part, I don’t think that’s true, but that doesn’t mean people who watch TV or read news online don’t have to be intelligent consumers of news, especially when it comes to medical or scientific topics. Or, to put it another way, we need to exercise Uncommon Sense as a filter on the news, and this episode has an exampl...
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Tottenham 3-1 Chelsea: Credit Tottenham. Chelsea's performance was a disgrace!

Chelsea turned up at Wembley under Maurizio Sarri unbeaten, confident and looking to demonstrate their impressive Sarri-Ball. Instead, they were humiliated,  humbled and made to look very ordinary by Tottenham. Tottenham literally battered Chelsea at Wembley tonight in what can only be described as one of the worst defensive performances I have seen in recent seasons. It was a truly disgraceful performance and one that many had seen coming bearing in mind the fact that Arsenal had ripped us apa...
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Welcome to the subjective view on Chelsea - The Chelsea Daft Vlog!

Are you tired of being preached to? Tired of reading comments on Social Media digging players out and encouraging others to do the same? Would you rather listen, read or watch something different?Welcome to the Vlog, follow me on Social Media, check out the website and if possible show your support to get your name in the end credits of every single video - on Patreon.Twitter: ...
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The Sleeping On Streets Story (in Title Case)

Of course you know that I am homeless. Will be till the 20th. And while it's an amazing feeling to have and I loved the idea of it when I was staring at the homelessness, now that I am living through it, it sucks.Like S. U. C. K. S.Really.I know this is not how I imagined homelessness to be. I had high hopes from the experience. Heck, I even romanticized it a few days ago (on this blogpost). And the romance was gorgeous af (need to up my vocabulary. To do that, need to read more. To do that, nee...
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You're not alone.

View this post on Instagram You are not alone. . To all the brave women who’ve been talking about what they’ve gone through, I know nothing can heal the wounds and scars. But please do know that you’re not alone. In your strength is ours. Hope your courage makes the world a better place. And thank you. Really. . #noTags #gratitude A post shared by SG (@altsaurabh) on Oct 9, 2018 at 11:41pm PDT So, last few days have been disturbing...
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Update - 02 Oct 2018

As I write this, I haven't written in a while. More than a month. Or if Vivek is to be believed, I've made just one post in last two months. I don't know what’s worse - nothing in a month or just one in two months. Whatever is. The worst of them has to be the fact that I haven't been writing. Not here, not on my echochamber, not emails and no updates for sure.I can hide behind a veil and put blame on a million things but of course while I haven't been writing, I’ve shat, ate, slept and did all t...
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Fabregas, Cahill, Courtois, Giroud, Ampadu, Mount, Abraham, Miazga, JT and Chelsea Ladies.

Hello and welcome to my take on some of the past weeks events in football and around the media in my recorded Vlog this morning. It's been a busy week so let's get cracking!In today's Chelseadaft's Chelsea Vlog:Cesc Fabregas - As important as ever at Chelsea - Gary Cahill - He's won it all and has nothing to prove - Olivier Giroud - Scores a...
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What I Want in a new Mac Mini

Visit any Apple news site and you’ll see plenty of buzz surrounding the inevitable release of a new MacBook Air and Mac Mini. I’m stoked about both announcements, but what I’m really excited about is the rumor that the Mac Mini will be more focused towards pro level users. The idea of a headless Mac has a lot of appeal for me. Since it’s not out yet, I thought it would be fun to offer my wish list for what I would like to see in the 2018 Mac Mini. My hypothetical Mac Mini (hyMacMini) would b...
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Thibaut Courtois - Absence from training says it all really.

Thibaut Courtois has decided to take matters into his own hands as far as forcing his way out of Chelsea by refusing to report for training. It's a disgrace and shows the complete lack of respect for what our club has done for him.It was Chelsea that spotted his talent and signed him for £8m when he was 19 in 2011. It was Chelsea that agreed to loan him to Atletico Madrid for three years which gave him a platform to impress. It was Chelsea that decided to bring him back here, to oust our legend...
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Pai Rosehip Oil, a Rant!!! and More Draw Fun!

Perfume PossePai Rosehip Oil, a Rant!!! and More Draw Fun! So.  After a couple of years of financial terrorfication, I find myself in a Pretty Decent Place  – not Great, mind you – no trips to Paris (at least not right now) but I am able to pay bills in… Continue Reading → Perfume PossePai Rosehip Oil, a Rant!!! and More Draw Fun!
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The Daily Grind - 2710 - 010818

Since I wrote this, at least two people have told me that its not fair. At two levels.  A. If I am friends with them, I ought to talk to them. Point taken. While I try to spend more time offline than what I spend online, I need to connect deeper with people. I will do it from now on. If the two of you are reading this, you've earned the "right" to confront me.  PS: I will eventually get back to being the online attention hog (soon).   B. I cant be ranting.  Reminds me of a time of about...
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Living the dream

Forbes recently named Kylie Jenner one of the “60 richest self-made women.” Ann Friedman isn’t having it: America is not the level playing field that places such as Forbes pretend it is, and Jenner illustrates perfectly that, while your odds of going from rich to filthy rich are still pretty good, your odds of going from rags to riches have never been slimmer. Americans love “rags to riches” stories. We mythologize immigrants who came to our shores with nothing and rose to become titans of...
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The Daily Grind - 2711 - 310718

7:45 AM, Mumbai31 July 2018 I know I said that I wont rant. I know I said that I will rather talk about lessons (and not rants). I know I've promised myself to be not harsh on myself. I know it all. [haha]But this is important. I have to rant out. There is no one else that I confide in and can be honest about things. [Funny. I am confiding in a blog that is open for the world to see. Dear prospective employer (or client), if you are reading this, please know that this too shall pass.]  So, I...
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The Daily Grind - 2714 - 280718

I did not write yesterday. I could've. I just dint feel like it. No, not cool. Need to overcome these bouts of laziness if I am to get ahead. No, not being harsh at myself. But looking at myself from a few feet in the air and evaluating what am upto. Anyhow, without further ado, here's the post of the day. So, Krishna read the posts that I've been making over the last few days and told me to get married.When I asked him about his rationale for saying so, he couldnt give me a specific answer. He ...
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The Daily Grind - 2714 - 260718

If there are days that I'd say are weird, today would take the cake.I had a good time while working.I had arguments over petty things.I said no for the first time and it came to bite me back in the ass.I was told that I cant keep my people happy.I saw a silver lining in the otherwise cloudy, vague kind of life am living. And the kind of work am doing.There were good things. And there were bad.There were expected thing. And there were unexpected surprises.I need to not have days like today.I prom...
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The Daily Grind - 2715 - 250718

So here's the post for the day. I am ODing on coffee and hope.Coffee.Since I am no longer on Keto, I am eating, drinking and binging on everything that comes my way. Oh and while I am it, I had some variant of chicken the other day. Thanks to AR. And surprisingly I was ok with it. I need to ramp this up.Hope.I was in Delhi and I was here to pitch to a prospective client and kick off things for the next phase of C4E. And what is that next phase? A phase where I go really fast for the next 9 month...
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The Daily Grind - 2716 - 240718

Today's post. Its 1104 and I have less than an hour. 1000 words. Let's do this. Disclaimer. So, today's post is going to be kind of sad. And one of the things that I preach to the world around me is that we need to avoid things that make us sad. These things rub off. So in case you want to not spoil the day or whatever, may be don't read (assuming you read this on a day to day basis).So, why am I sad? I have no reason to be sad to be honest. Life is ok. I am not really unhealthy. I have enough m...
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The Daily Grind - 2717 - 230718

So it has happened! After 11 days of non-stop one post a day, I did not post yesterday and the day before. So a break of 2 days. Bummer! Day before, I could've posted but I did not. There are no excuses. I was plain lazy. I mean I did get stuck at a meeting that never ended and then I had to attend a social gathering and then had to meet a few friends at night, but I did have a few hours in the middle that I could've used to write. But I did not. I know everyone has an active social life and ...
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The Daily Grind - 2722 - 200718

Day 11. As I write this, its 10:52. About an hour from the impending deadline for the day. Which is ok. I think I work better when the deadlines are hovering over my head. The point is that I am consciously trying to publish a piece every day. Which, given the life that I lead is next to impossible.And yet, here I am. Doing it. I agree that most pieces that I write may not qualify as quality content. But like I keep saying, I am the kinds that needs to put in hours and hours before I get some go...
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The Daily Grind - 2723 - 190718

Day 10. Of publishing everyday. An average of 1000 words. Yay to that. No, none of the posts has gone viral. Yet. So, Nay to that.As I write this, I am not sure what to write about. There are ideas and thoughts and open ends and all that but I am not sure any of those are worth writing about. I mean most things that I wrote about over the last few days dint have any great insights! Ok so I know what to talk about. Work! After all that's what's been clouding my head over the last few days. I run ...
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The Daily Grind - 2725 - 160718

As I write this, its 11 PM and this little voice in my head says that If I can write AND publish today, I can win the world! Why? Because I am not really in the best of moods. And its like the longest day ever. And the day's todo list is one-mile long.Plus unlike last time around where I would cheat by writing after midnight and count it as post for the previous day, I dont want to do it this time around. Why not? Because I want to see if I push myself, what all am I capable of doing. And thus t...
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