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When Narendra Modi took notes: How the owners of India’s language newspapers “advised” the PM six hours before he announced a 21-day shutdown. (Or so it seems.)

Narendra Modi‘s relationship with the news media since becoming prime minister in 2014 has been built on conspicuous contempt and confrontation, but behind the scenes, chummy co-option and cultivation has been a constant endeavour. Modi likes the world to believe he is not bothered with what the “news traders” of the mainstream media say, when he can directly “speak” to the people through social and public media: so no media adviser; no journalists on board his aircraft; no press conferences; no...
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11 of Our Best Weekend Reads

Notes from a former teenage Riverdancer. What it’s like to be haunted by a gene. Working from home. Essential Indian recipes. Billie Eilish. And more.
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51 Judges Named by Trump

Appointees by the president make up more than a quarter of the appellate bench, populating seats on 11 of the 13 circuits. This was their path to confirmation.
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A Conservative Agenda Unleashed on the Federal Courts

President Trump’s imprint on the nation’s appeals courts has been swift and historic. He has named judges with records on a range of issues important to Republicans — and to his re-election.
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Chasing AMD, Intel Promises Full Memory Encryption in Upcoming CPUs

"Intel's security plans sound a lot like 'we're going to catch up to AMD,'" argues FOSS advocate and "mercenary sysadmin" Jim Salter at Ars Technica, citing a "present-and-future" presentation by Anil Rao and Scott Woodgate at Intel's Security Day that promised a future with Full Memory Encryption but began with Intel SGX (launched with the Skylake microarchitecture in 2015). Salter describes SGX as "one of the first hardware encryption technologies designed to protect areas of memory from unau...
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Molekule hopes to clear the air with $58 million in Series C funding and Berkeley Lab’s seal of approval

Silicon Valley air purifier startup Molekule was born out of an idea Dr. Yogi Goswami had back in the ’90s using photo-voltaic technology to kill air pollutants. His son, a young boy at the time, suffered from severe allergies and Dr. Goswami wanted to build something those like him could use in their home to clear the air. But the sleekly designed Molekule took a bit of a blow last fall when Wirecutter called it “the worst air purifier we’ve ever tested.” Molekule has since told TechCrunch c...
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This pitch deck convinced skeptical investors that Molekule could reinvigorate a struggling hardware industry while tackling a global air pollution crisis

Molekule, a startup that makes air purifiers, announced its $58 million Series C led by RPS Ventures on Tuesday. Cofounder and co-CEO Jaya Rao told Business Insider that it was initially difficult to raise funds for the startup because investors were hesitant to back a hardware startup spinning out of academic research. Rao said the Series C was the easiest fundraise yet. During the Series A she was flying between Florida, where she was living, and California, and she was pregnant during the S...
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Reset Button is approaching student debt from a new angle

Student loan debt in the U.S. totals $1.5 trillion, and more than 44 million Americans have outstanding student loan debt. According to research by Jason Iuliano, Villanova law professor, a million student loan debtors have filed for bankruptcy in the past five years. However, 99.9 percent of them did not include their student loan debt in their bankruptcy filing. This research was the seed of what would become Reset Button, a new startup founded by Iuliano and Rob Hunter looking to help student...
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"Erika Righter raises her tattooed forearm to her face, in despair of all of the racism she’s witnessed as a social worker, then laments how a white friend always ends phone calls with 'Love you long time.'"

"'And what is your racism, Erika?' Rao interrupts, refusing to let her off the hook. The mood becomes tense. Another woman adds: 'I don’t know you, Erika. But you strike me as being really in your head. Everything I’m hearing is from the neck up.' Righter, a single mother, retreats before defending herself: 'I haven’t read all the books. I’m new to this.'"From "Why liberal white women pay a lot of money to learn over dinner how they're racist" by Poppy Noor in The Guardia). [Author: [email protected]
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A Hindu bomber detonates the Mangalore ‘bomb’ in the face of Kannada news media. And a newspaper suggests mental tests and medical treatment for the ‘real terrorists’: embedded editors, owners and TV anchors.

Karnataka is the outlier in peninsular India—the only state in the South that the BJP has managed to come to power, by hook and by crook. Twice. There is a plethora of political reasons for this, including caste realignment, but there can be little doubt that the Kannada media has played a hands-on role in paving the way for the Hindu nationalist party to gain a foothold, and then obtain a stranglehold, in a progressive state known for pioneering social reforms. Politically invested media owners...
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constant doubt and outrage

When I was visiting in Rome in 2012 I met a fellow tourist, an older gentleman from Australia, who told me that he had stopped a pick-pocket on the train who was trying to lift his wallet. He had cried out and grabbed the thief’s hand. As the train came to a stop, the locals on the train created a human wall and forced the thief out, while at the same time calling for the police. They then apologized on behalf of their city. Rome is a 2,750 year-old community that keeps on trying, in spite of it...
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DOJ’s New Argument: Trump’s No King. He’s a Roman Emperor.

With Donald Trump, there’s never a strategy; only the tactic of upping the pressure on his enemies. That is why Trump—whose only lasting accomplishment if he leaves office next year will be the confirmation of young, right-wing federal judges—is asking the courts to give up their power over the Executive Branch, a power that forms the very basis of their legitimacy and maintains the balance of power in our system of government.    The nation’s Founders were preoccupied with the evils of tyranny....
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Trump Judge Suggests DOJ Could Ignore Order OKing Release Of Mueller Grand Jury Docs

A Trump-appointed appeals court judge and the House’s top lawyer tangled for several minutes Friday over the idea that court could authorize the Justice Department to release special counsel Robert Mueller’s grand jury materials, but not compel it to. The lawyer, House General Counsel Douglas Letter, said the premise D.C. Circuit Judge Neomi Rao laid out in her question was “stunning” and “astonishing.” He said as a former DOJ attorney himself, he “would have been embarrassed” if he had to te...
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Intel spent $2 billion to buy another AI chip startup, and a Wall Street analyst shows the deal suggests its AI master plan is struggling (INTC)

Intel just another AI chip startup, Habana Labs, for $2 billion — a move that the company says "advances" and "turbo charges" the semiconductor giant's AI game plan. But the purchase is a head-scratcher for a Wall Street analyst, who said the sizable purchase sends a puzzling signal. It appears to muddle Intel's existing AI game plan, which hinges on Nervana, the other AI chip startup Intel bought in 2016.  "This suggests to me that Nervana is not going that well," Bernstein Research analyst S...
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How Climate Change Exacerbates Gender Inequality Across the Globe

Among the lesser studied effects of climate change are the social and economic impacts on women. Nitya Rao, professor of gender and development at University of East Anglia has been studying gender and development for decades; with the recent attention on the profound impact that global temperature changes are having on local and national economies, she decided to analyze the impact of climate change on women specifically. She and her team studied data collected from 25 case studies in 11 h...
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L-Theanine: Benefits, Dosage, and Side Effects

Everyone is curious about what the future has in store for them. The difference is what we choose to do with that curiosity. People attempt to find those answers from many sources, like spiritual leaders and palm reading. Sometimes, they even go looking at the bottom of a cup of tea—tasseography is the ancient practice of reading and interpreting the formations of tea leaves at the bottom of the cup. But you may not need to get to the bottom of your cup to get to the bottom of what’s ...
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Trump Seeks Emergency SCOTUS Ruling To Block House Subpoena For Financial Docs

President Trump is asking the Supreme Court to intervene on an emergency basis to block a House subpoena for his financial records until the high court can decide whether to take the case. Trump is trying to block a House subpoena of his longtime accountant Mazars USA LLP for years of his financial records. The subpoena was issued in April by the House Oversight Committee. The Friday filing is preliminary, and only asks the court to issue a stay on the subpoena while Trump prepares to take th...
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Taking a Different Approach to Fighting Climate Change

The research of Narasimha Rao, a Yale professor, shows that reducing inequality could improve our ability to mitigate some of the worst effects on the environment.
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Trump Records Must Be Given to the House, Appeals Court Says

(Bloomberg) -- President Donald Trump, under siege from House Democrats weighing impeachment, suffered a stinging blow as a federal appeals court upheld a subpoena ordering his accountants to provide Congress with his financial records.The ruling, by a divided three-judge panel of the U.S. Court of Appeals in Washington, means Trump will lose control of his long-secret financial records at Mazars USA LLP unless the full court reconsiders the decision or the U.S. Supreme Court blocks it.In their ...
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Trump Judge Wants To Severely Limit Congress’ Ability To Probe POTUS Misconduct

If a Trump-appointed appellate judge could have her way, Congress could only investigate presidential misconduct if it formally opened an impeachment inquiry — and went through an extensive process that included a full House vote. For now, the views that Judge Neomi Rao expressed in a dissent Friday will have no effect in a dispute between House Democrats and President Trump over the House’s subpoena of his accounting firm for his financial records. The appellate panel on which she sat voted ...
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Appeals Court Upholds House Subpoena Of Trump Financial Records

President Donald Trump has lost his bid in the Washington, D.C. federal appeals court to shield his financial records from Congress. The ruling comes just a few days after the President lost his bid in a New York federal district court to block the release of his tax returns. The three-judge appeals panel split 2-1. D.C. Circuit Court Judge David S. Tatel wrote the opinion for the court and Judge Neomi Rao dissented. Asked Friday whether the President would appeal, Trump lawyer Jay Sekulow to...
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Rao’s: Rao’s Soup, A Soup with Nothing to Hide

Video of The Evolution of Soup ...
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Comment on stuffed eggplant parmesan by Elena

I’ve always made my own “gravy” but once I found Rao’s marinara and haven’t looked back. It’s better than my Dad’s but I’d never tell!!
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On the Smugglers’ Radar

“On The Smugglers’ Radar” is a feature for books that have caught our eye: books we have heard of via other bloggers, directly from publishers, and/or from our regular incursions into the Amazon jungle. Thus, the Smugglers’ Radar was born. Because we want far more books than we can possibly buy or review (what else is new?), we thought we would make the Smugglers’ Radar into a weekly feature – so YOU can tell us which books you have on your radar as well! On Ana’s Radar: I hear The Waywa...
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