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'Lynching was treated as a celebratory event': Adrian Younge on the history of US racism

Already a law professor turned soul composer, Younge explains his latest project, encompassing an album, podcast and short film“I’m sacrificing myself to deliver a message,” says the composer, multi-instrumentalist and now podcast-maker Adrian Younge. “We aren’t aware enough of black history, nor of the integral role black people have played in building America. There is an educational sterilisation going on and it’s my duty to make people understand that history of racism – something America ha...
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Spanish people take to streets over rapper's jailing – in pictures

Free speech protests have continued since the jailing of musician Pablo Hasél last week for exalting terrorism in his lyricsAngry words: rapper’s jailing exposes Spain’s free speech faultlines Continue reading...
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Kim Kardashian and Kanye West file for divorce

The reality TV and rap superstar couple known as Kimye are parting ways after almost seven years of marriage, following reports a split was ‘imminent’Kanye West and Kim Kardashian are getting a divorce after almost seven years of marriage.The reality TV superstar, 40, filed for divorce from the rapper, 43, on Friday in Los Angeles, court sources confirmed to the AP, and is seeking joint legal and physical custody of their four children, daughters North, seven years old, and Chicago, two, and son...
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Angry words: rapper's jailing exposes Spain's free speech faultlines

Violent protests over treatment of Pablo Hasél are forcing government to confront laws and the judiciaryPablo Hasél had promised he wouldn’t go quietly, and he kept his word.The Spanish rapper, whose jailing this week has sparked violent unrest and a political row within Spain’s socialist-led coalition government, barricaded himself in the university of the Catalan city of Lleida on Monday. Continue reading...
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Spanish riot police clash with protesters after rapper arrested

Rubber bullets fired at crowds in Madrid day after Pablo Hasél was detained on charges of glorifying terrorismPolice have fired teargas, rubber bullets and sound bombs at thousands of protesters in Madrid, the day after a rapper was arrested on charges of glorifying terrorism and insulting royalty in his songs.Protests in the capital’s central Plaza de Sol square were initially peaceful, with people clapping their hands in unison and chanting, “No more police violence” and “Freedom for Pablo Has...
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Free speech protests erupt in Spain after rapper's arrest – video

Protesters clashed with police in several Spanish cities on Tuesday night after the arrest of Pablo Rivadulla, known as Pablo Hasél, for allegedly glorifying terrorism and insulting royalty and the police in his lyrics and on social media. Hasél had barricaded himself in Lleida University to highlight 'a hugely serious attack' on freedom, and his arrest has fuelled debate about freedom of speech in Spain and the country’s so-called 'gag law'Angry protests as Spanish riot police arrest rapper at ...
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Spanish police arrest fugitive rapper at centre of free-speech debate

Pablo Hasél had barricaded himself inside university to avoid prison sentence on charges of glorifying terrorismRiot police have entered a university in the north-eastern Spanish city of Lleida and arrested a rapper who had barricaded himself inside the building to avoid serving a prison sentence for glorifying terrorism and insulting royalty and the police in his lyrics and on social media.In 2018, Pablo Rivadulla, known as Pablo Hasél, was given a two-year jail sentence and a fine of almost €3...
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Spanish police storm university in Lleida and arrest fugitive rapper

Pablo Hasél had barricaded himself inside after being sentenced to jail on charges of glorifying terrorismDozens of Spanish police have stormed a university and arrested a rapper who had barricaded himself inside the building after being sentenced to jail on charges of glorifying terrorism and insulting royalty in his lyrics.Pablo Hasél and a group of his supporters had taken refuge on Monday in the university town of Lleida in north-eastern Catalonia. He had been given until last Friday to hand...
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The New York Post publishes the Bret Stephens column that the New York Times spiked.

It's not that Stephens, a regular NYT columnist, can or would just give the rejected column to another newspaper to publish. The Post tells us the column — which defends the NYT reporter who got ousted for saying the n-word — "circulated among Times staffers and others" and the Post got hold of it "from one of them, not Stephens himself." Presumably, the Post publishes it because it is newsworthy — not as an opinion on the news but because the spiking of it is news, so we need to see what it is....
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“REALTORS” Official Music Video ;)

Another day in our series of rapping REALTORS! Today we are introducing this great video which has agents wearing grills. Word! If you enjoyed this post you’ll certainly enjoy these other ‘Just For Fun’ posts!
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Mugre Sur – Cleptocratas (Videoclip)

Mugre Sur es un colectivo de guambras ecuatorianos (palabra de origen Kichwa wamra que significa adolescente, joven, muchacho o muchacha)  que hacen Rap con fuerte contenido político y social. En su nuevo videoclip titulado “Cleptocratas“, unión entre las palabras cleptómano (trastorno del control de los impulsos que provoca una necesidad irresistible de robar) y la palabra aristócrata que generalmente se asocia a la clase política y dirigentes de un país, se evidencia una fuerte crítica a lo...
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Who is this man? DOOM collaborator John Robinson on the Villain’s approach to life and art, part one

Living in Georgia in the US for a few years, John Robinson, aka Sci, built a close bond with DOOM. In this two-part interview, he reminisces on the moments they shared The post Who is this man? DOOM collaborator John Robinson on the Villain’s approach to life and art, part one appeared first on The Mail & Guardian.
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Who is this man? DOOM collaborator John Robinson on the Villain’s approach to life, part two

Living in Georgia in the US for a few years, John Robinson, aka Sci, built a close bond with DOOM. In this two-part interview, he reminisces on the moments they shared The post Who is this man? DOOM collaborator John Robinson on the Villain’s approach to life, part two appeared first on The Mail & Guardian.
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Someone you loved: how British pop could fade out in Europe

Brexit rule changes that make it tricky to tour the EU will hold back UK artists from a fast-growing marketLimiting UK artists from working and touring in the EU post-Brexit will destroy the development of British music, say European industry experts, amid thriving competition from German rap, Spanish pop and more.British artists now face the need for visas, work permits and equipment carnets when working in the EU, with emerging acts most likely to feel the impact of this costly and time-consum...
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What Rhymes with Hamilton?

I can't begin to tell you how much I miss making musicals. It's like someone cut a leg off.The only way I can keep my sanity during the Great Pandemic is to write about musical theatre. If I can't direct musicals for awhile, at least I can still do research and lots of pondering. I spent last year creating some really fun musical theatre novelty books -- a horror anthology, a Christmas carol collection, a children's book (that's not just for kids), and a "civilian's guide." And it was only last...
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Instrumental de Rap – Minevar / Base de Rap – Trap (Prod. by Bajo La Escena & FPC Studios Music)

Este nuevo instrumental fue creado por dos estudios (Bajo la Escena y FPC Studios) que unieron sus talentos para sacar esta base de rap con un sonido melancólico pero a la vez con bajos fuertes, con un bombo clap bien marcado y al cual llamaron Minerva, en honor a la diosa romana, diosa de la sabiduría y las artes, protectora de Roma y patrona de los artesanos. En la mitología griega es conocida como Atenea, por eso es que el sonido también nos recuerda un poco a la banda sonora de la famosa ...
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'The music industry kills artists': Damso, Belgium's biggest rap star

With multi-platinum No 1 albums including topics like suicide and the psychology of paedophiles, the Congolese-Belgian MC has carved his own lane with total determination‘The questions that I ask myself about death aren’t about dying, they’re about death in this life.” Damso doesn’t really do small talk. Engaging and magnetic even through a computer screen, the 28-year-old Congolese-Belgian rapper is sporting a flamboyant shirt and a considerable amount of jewellery as he ponders the nature of e...
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Forever dope: Stahhr on lessons from DOOM

Emcee Stahhr spoke to Kwanele Sosibo about DOOM’s influence on her craft, and how he taught her to separate her life from her art The post Forever dope: Stahhr on lessons from DOOM appeared first on The Mail & Guardian.
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Shaw Calhoune – “The Rudy Tape” (Album Review)

Shaw Calhoune is a rapper from Maryland who has recently blessed us with his new 9 track album, “The Rudy Tape”. The rapper, known for his heavy hitting bars and boom bap production, enlists the help of some very cool samples from the late, great Rudy Ray Moore, himself. From start to finish, this tape is sprinkled with sound bites of the Godfather of Rap. The Rudy Tape by Shaw Calhoune “Rudy Moore” is the second track on the project and Shaw delivers a special performance. Several different ...
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For Those I Love: Ireland's potent new poet of grief

Recalling the delivery of the Streets and the music of James Blake, David Balfe’s project is a cathartic document in the wake his best friend’s deathIrish drill, jazz violin and supermarket musicals: 30 new artists for 2021When the Irish recession of 2008 shattered the country’s economy, communities from Dublin’s inner city neighbourhoods of Coolock and Donaghmede were struck hard. The frank lyrics of David Balfe, under the pseudonym For Those I Love, illuminate a generation who emerged from the...
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Ghanaian pop star Amaarae: 'I'm presenting black women as deities'

Raised between Accra and Atlanta, the genre-rejecting singer draws from her cosmopolitan upbringing – and a love of Kelis – to confront narrow definitions of womanhoodIrish drill, jazz violin and supermarket musicals: 30 new artists for 2021“You can’t box anyone in any more,” Amaarae says from her bedroom in Accra, Ghana. “As older cultures die out, things inevitably change.”The 26-year-old is describing the shift underway in West Africa embodied by alté, the eccentric musical style that has exp...
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'I'm not wearing tracksuits, I'm sexy!' Ivorian Doll, drill's first female star

Having trained in the gossip-rich world of YouTube, the London rapper is breaking up the boys club with hilarious and brazen lyricsIrish drill, jazz violin and supermarket musicals: 30 new artists for 2021“I didn’t think I would get anywhere, I can’t lie to you,” Ivorian Doll tells me, somewhat unexpectedly. “I mean, I wouldn’t have taken me seriously if I was on the other end.”In reflecting on the success she’s recently found, the rapper isn’t as assured as you would expect from an artist of he...
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MF Doom, iconic masked hip-hop MC, dies aged 49

Rapper and producer known for multiple projects including Madvillain died in October, according to announcement by wifeMF Doom, one of US hip-hop’s most distinctive and respected MCs and producers, has died aged 49.His wife Jasmine posted on his Instagram account: Continue reading...
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'Audiences don't want white anger': how white rap grew a conscience

With Machine Gun Kelly and Post Malone swapping gold grills for guitars this year, are white rappers using Black aesthetics becoming a thing of the past?With Jack Harlow’s major label debut Thats What They All Say selling strongly alongside a bumper deluxe version of Eminem’s Music to be Murdered By, white rappers are riding unexpectedly high at the end of 2020.Harlow, a 22-year-old from Kentucky, celebrates being a dorky outsider who has somehow made it to the top of the rap game (“At 16 I neve...
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I feel lured into talking about Hilaria Baldwin, but what do I want to say? What did I say about Rachel Dolezal... and is this the same... or worse... or better?

I thought I could get away with dropping this one seemingly juicy sentence from The Washington Examiner.... But while, say, the New York Times decided that Hilaria's cosplaying as a Latina stereotype was off-limits — even as they wrote growing profiles of her as well, including uncritically her "slight Spanish accent" — the paper of record has celebrated children having their college admissions revoked for a video of them singing the N-word along to a song when they were 15 as a "reckoning."  I...
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Back to Black: how the music industry reckoned with race this year

Black Lives Matter sparked overdue changes – but if deeper prejudices go unaddressed, they could be all too fleeting“In the wake of George Floyd” is a sentence I have both read and written too many times this year. His brutal and racist killing forced an elevated conscience across every industry: suddenly, organisations cared about Black lives and everyone wanted to amplify Black voices.The global music industry acknowledged the tragic event in May particularly strongly because so many global su...
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Wonder breaks the silence: pop, rock and classical music for 2021

Cardi B pushes into Beyoncé’s turf and Sleaford Mods tot up the cost of Covid, while UK orchestras head back to the concert hall – our critics look ahead to big music momentsThe title of Sleaford Mods’ sixth album is apparently an oblique reference to the fatalities in the first wave of coronavirus: “Human lives are always expendable to the elites,” in the words of vocalist Jason Williamson, “we’re in a constant state of being spare ribs.” The presence of a track called Shortcummings suggest eve...
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Eminem's "Lose Yourself" as if the rapper was a 1940s horse race announcer

"If you had one shot… one opportunity… would you read everything in a transatlantic accent?" (Elise Roth)
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T-lonius – Canción Inédita (Videoclip)

Les presentamos el estreno de “Canción Inédita” la nueva producción audiovisual de T-lonius. Una canción que nace por la lluvia de preguntas sin respuesta que generan las noches de desvelo del artista. El video fue grabado en días de cuarentena desde el cuarto de T. También es el segundo single del proyecto “Onírico”, el LP donde se juntaron el beatmaker sueco Daniel El Campeón y T-lonius, disco que verá la luz muy pronto en las redes sociales del rapero capitalino. Como dice el artista: ¡Que...
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Sagaz – Crudo ft. Dj J.L.P (Videoclip)

El artista bogotano Sagaz estrenó el 6 de diciembre del 2020 el videoclip de “Crudo” el primer sencillo del álbum Flying. Nuevamente tenemos letras con contenido explícito, crudo y sin censura. Andrés Tapia a.k.a Sagaz siempre ha caracterizado su Rap con un estilo más americano, hardcore y también con fuertes influencias del skate. En este corte audiovisual nos muestra el aperitivo de lo que será el resto del disco de Flying. El beat que estuvo a cargo de Skall, quién es un incansable beatmak...
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