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"Lo and behold, the great philosopher’s number was listed right there, next to those of mere mortals. But who should be the one to call Rawls?"

"No one volunteered for this daunting task. So Anjan nominated me. 'You should talk to him,' he said, 'because you guys have a lot in common.' The idea that a world-famous political philosopher would have anything in common with an obscure high school sophomore struck me as ridiculous. Still, a part of me was flattered by Anjan’s suggestion that I should be the one to call Rawls. So I let him persuade me. With trembling fingers, I dialed Rawls’ number, half-hoping that he wouldn’t be home. It tu...
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John Rawls: an ideal theorist for nonideal times?

Fifty years ago, the publication of John Rawls’s A Theory of Justice started a conversation in political philosophy that continues today. Rawls’s voice remains central in contemporary philosophical debates across a wide variety of topics—from arguments about principles of economic justice to questions of fair policies for international relations; from basic philosophical methodology to the grounds of democratic legitimacy.Despite the enduring significance of Rawls’s work in contemporary politica...
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Rousseau explained: What his philosophy means for us

Jean-Jacques Rousseau was a Swiss Enlightenment philosopher with some radical ideas. He argued passionately for democracy, equality, liberty, and supporting the common good by any means necessary. While his ideas may be utopian (or dystopian), they are thought-provoking and can inform modern discourse. Modern political debates often ask how much democracy we should have and what should, and should not, be subject to a vote. Whenever we discuss these issues, we stumble on the famously tricky ph...
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Seven books for philosophical perspectives on politics [reading list]

2020 has come to be defined by widespread human tragedy, economic uncertainty, and increased public discourse surrounding how to address systemic racism. With such important issues at stake, political leadership has been under enormous scrutiny. For some countries, this has coincided with their election season: Jacinda Ardern has just won her second term in office and the 2020 US presidential election will take place on Tuesday 3 November.As the US election approaches, we’re featuring a selectio...
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Article V: There Is No Other Way

For the Balkinization Symposium on  Alexander Keyssar, Why Do We Still Have the Electoral College? (Harvard University Press, 2020), and Jesse Wegman, Let the People Pick the President: The Case for Abolishing the Electoral College (St. Martin's Press, 2020).  Jack Rakove               Back in the early 1970s, when my old friend Alex Keyssar and I were Harvard graduate students, we were part of an occasional “politics table” at Leverett House featuring John Rawls and Judith ...
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Anti-discrimination law in Baseline Hell

For the symposium on Andrew Koppelman, Gay Rights vs Religious Liberty? The Unnecessary Conflict (Oxford University Press, 2020).Rick Hills Andy Koppelman has written a thoughtful, fair-minded, and probably correct defense of moderation in the drafting of anti-discrimination laws.   His specific proposal, laid out in clearest detail in the final chapter, is to provide an exemption from anti-discrimination laws that would allow vendors with religious objections to assisting with same-sex weddin...
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Man Who Refused To Decrypt Hard Drives Is Free After Four Years In Jail

An anonymous reader quotes a report from Ars Technica: A Philadelphia man has been freed after a federal appeals court ruled that his continued detention was violating federal law. Francis Rawls, a former police officer, had been in jail since 2015, when a federal judge held him in contempt for failing to decrypt two hard drives taken from his home. The government believes they contain child pornography. After losing that appeal, Rawls raised another challenge: the federal statute that allows ...
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The Meaning of Justice in Family Law Disputes

Justice is a complicated concept. The dictionary definition is short enough, typically given as “fairness and moral conduct,” but the seductive simplicity of the explanation ignores the important analyses offered by major thinkers from Plato – through Hobbes, Rousseau and Mill – to Rawls, and tends to stop at the doorstep of the courthouse in any event. A few weeks ago, I was asked to speak at an ADRIC conference on justice in family law disputes and the difference, if any, between “justice”...
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Religieuze geluiden in een liberale democratie – De Blauwe Moskee en de oproep tot gebed

Gastauteur: Pooyan Tamimi Arab De Blauwe Moskee in Amsterdam heeft aangekondigd de islamitische oproep tot gebed te willen versterken met luidsprekers. De vragen die ik al jaren van journalisten krijg over deze kwestie zijn steeds dezelfde: hoeveel moskeeën in Nederland doen het? Mag het ook in andere Europese landen? Is er sprake van een trend? Maar, hoe en waarom de liberale democratie zich zo heeft ontwikkeld dat alle religieuze groepen zich in het publieke domein kunnen manifesteren, blijft ...
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#Boerenprotest, Burgers en Protest tegen het #boerkaverbod

Boerenprotest en protest tegen het boerkaverbod Op 9 augustus jl. vond in Den Haag een protest plaats tegen het zogeheten boerkaverbod, meer precies het gedeeltelijk verbod op gezichtsbedekkende kleding. De demonstratie werd georganiseerd door Hand in Hand tegen het Niqabverbod; vrouwen die de islamitische gezichtssluier dragen en die vooral door dit verbod geraakt worden. De verontwaardiging was alom. Voor de duidelijkheid: verontwaardiging over de demonstratie. Zo lezen we bij Omroep West: De ...
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Rawls’ 21 pts sends Morgan St past Bethune-Cookman

BALTIMORE (AP) — Kyson Rawls had a career-high 21 points and Sherwyn Devonish-Prince Jr. scored 16 and Morgan State beat Bethune-Cookman 77-71 on Saturday to end a two-game skid. Malik Miller and David Syfax each scored 10 points for Morgan State (8-12, 3-4 Mid-Eastern Conference). Martez Cameron distributed five assists and now has 401 for […]
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What if We’re All Coming Back?

The prospect of being reborn as a poor person in a world ravaged by climate change could lead us to very different political decisions.
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Our Critics Pick the Dance Moves (and Objects) to See This Fall

Judson Dance Theater at MoMA; William Forsythe’s “Choreographic Objects”; Balanchine at City Center; and a Claudia Rankine-Will Rawls collaboration.
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LB Mauldin, RBs Rawls and West among 14 cut by Jets

Linebacker Lorenzo Mauldin was among 14 players cut by the New York Jets as they cut their roster to the NFL's 53-man limit            [Author: AP]
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America's outcasts: the women trapped in a cruel cycle of exploitation

Caught in a recurring pattern of prostitution and incarceration, they are among the most vulnerable women in the US. Yet gaps in the criminal justice system, ruthlessly exploited by sex traffickers, make escape almost impossibleKate had spent three years behind bars at Lowell Correctional Institution, Florida’s largest women’s prison, when the letters from Richard Rawls started to arrive.Men had written to Kate in prison before, but this time was different. Although she had never met him, Rawls ...
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Further reflections on "the common good"

As noted yesterday both Patrick Deneen's and Steven Brill's new books, about which I am very enthusiastic, both ultimately turn on the belief that there is an ascertainable "common good" or "public interest" that is being ignored by feckless politicians, for whatever reasons, including, of course, the sheer power of the donor class.  I am not unsympathetic with this critique.  One of the reasons I have become so critical of the Constitution is that, as Mark Graber has pointed out, it is structur...
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Board Question #91421: I'm not sure if this is the best place to ...

Q: Dear 100 Hour Board,I'm not sure if this is the best place to ask this question, but after losing my faith I've struggled with identifying a foundation for determining morality. I see no evidence for a belief in God, and with that means that I struggle with knowing what is right/wrong since without a higher being, morality must be a human construct. To those who have gone through a faith crisis, what do you recommend using to determine how to act and what causes to support?For now, I've mad...
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How merit-based college became unfair

WASHINGTON — During World War I, chemist James Conant was deeply involved in research on what was considered the worst imaginable weapon: poison gas. During World War II, as a science adviser to President Franklin Roosevelt, Conant was so central to the development of the atomic bomb that he was at Alamogordo on July 16, 1945. His most disruptive act, however, may have come in the interim when, as Harvard’s president, he helped put the university, and the nation, on the path toward a meritocracy...
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Meet this week’s Rams opponent: Seattle Seahawks

The job of Seattle Seahawks starting running back is not one that holds great security this year. The Seahawks have gone from Chris Carson to Eddie Lacy to Thomas Rawls to Mike Davis, with C.J. Prosise and J.D. McKissic sprinkled in. An early-season injury to Carson caused those dominoes to fall, and when the Rams travel north for Sunday’s game, much of the focus will be on Seattle’s pass game. Davis, the Seahawks’ current lead back, had only 15 carries (for 66 yards) in their loss to Jacksonvil...
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Seahawks’ Bobby Wagner and Thomas Rawls fined for hits in Sunday’s win over Houston

Wagner was fined $18,231 for a horse-collar tackle on Houston running back Lamar Miller in the third quarter of Seattle’s 41-38 win over the Texans on Sunday. Rawls was fined $9,115 for a chop block.
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Rams vs. Seahawks: Who has the edge?

RAMS (3-1) vs. SEAHAWKS (2-2) When: Sunday, 1:05 p.m. Where: Coliseum Line: Seahawks by 1.5 TV/radio: Ch. 2; 710-AM, 100.3-FM, 1330-AM (Spanish) RAMS OFFENSE vs. SEAHAWKS DEFENSE The Rams’ offense is rolling, Seattle’s defense is banged up and this is a very strange NFL world right now, isn’t it? This one isn’t too complicated. The Seahawks are going to try to stop Todd Gurley on early downs, then put enormous pressure on Jared Goff in passing situations. It’s nothing new, but even with their...
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It’s now or never for oft-injured Seahawks running back Thomas Rawls

A set-for-life deal once seemed inevitable for the man who racked up 209 yards vs. San Francisco two years ago. Now it’s on the brink of disintegration thanks to injuries. But with Chris Carson suffering a broken leg Sunday, Rawls will be thrust back into the lineup.
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What we learned from day 9 of Seahawks training camp: Wilson again sharp, Rawls back to 2015 form, OL continues to shuffle and more

Here's what we learned on day 9 of Seahawks training camp.
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Claudia Rankine and Will Rawls: Surveillance and the Black Experience

The poet and the choreographer team up for a work that meshes language and dance to address an open-ended question about surveillance and being human.
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What is social justice?

Using a social justice lens helps organizations to reframe issues generally viewed as individual in origin to include broader social, political, economic, and cultural understandings. In the following excerpt from the Encyclopedia of Social Work, Janet L. Finn and Maxine Jacobson explore the meanings and principles of social justice—a term which at times can be rather elusive and unclear in its applications. How do those individuals, whose work is centrally guided by the values of social justice...
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The Michael Novak book that changed reality

The Michael Novak book that changed reality Nineteen eighty-two was not a happy year for freedom. A severe and protracted recession gripped America. Many were beginning to wonder if Ronald Reagan was going to be a one-termer. Unemployment in Britain hit a postwar high. Across the Channel, François Mitterrand was busy nationalizing banks and raising taxes. Daniel Ortega’s Sandinistas were firmly in control in Nicaragua. The Soviet grip on Eastern Europe seem...
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Thomas Rawls breaks through, sets a Seahawks playoff record for rushing yards in a game

Thomas Rawls rushed for 161 yards against the Lions on Saturday. It was exactly the game Rawls and Seattle's offensive line needed.
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Thomas Rawls’ record rushing performance powers Seahawks to wild-card win over Lions

Rawls rushed for 161 yards, breaking the previous mark of 157 set by of Marshawn Lynch against Green Bay in the 2015 NFC title game, and the Seahawks rolled to a 26-6 victory over Detroit. The Seahawks play at Atlanta 1:35 p.m. next Saturday in the divisional round.
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Latest from NFL: Rawls and Richardson lead Seahawks

The latest from the NFL's wild-card Saturday. (All times Eastern)
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Teaching and learning in a post-truth world

As alt-right ideology spreads worldwide, teachers and students develop skills to learn about respect and diversity of thoughts. Peggy_Marco/pixabay Michelle Mielly, Grenoble École de Management (GEM) In today's post-truth environment, university educators face new challenges. Their students are surrounded by a broader spectrum of ideologies and beliefs than ever. Some are fuelled by the US alt-right movement and the growth of similar identitarian movements across Europe. With Brexit and Trum...
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