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Ray Troll x Eva's Wild "Save What You Love"

I love Ray Troll's art.You occasionally see it on fly fishing websites and may not even realize it.  I first put two and two together when I visited Ketchikan, Alaska a few years ago as a stop on a summer vacation. There's an eclectic little street (Creek Street) with several touristy traps, one of which is an art gallery/gift shop featuring the works of Ray Troll. I spent more than my fair share of time in "Soho Coho" looking at vibrant images of salmon, bears, and other forms of life... from ...
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How T-shirt artist Ray Troll fused ‘Cruisin’ the Fossil … ’ collaborations with paleontologist Kirk Johnson

The Backstory: ‘Paleo-nerds’ collided at Seattle’s Burke Museum, resulting in friendship — and 2 science books featuring Troll’s quirky art.
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Vacation Roundup: Ketchikan, Alaska

Well, if you don't want to see vacation pictures... umm... you should probably pick another blog to read this week. Wanted to write a few Alaska vacation posts for posterity's sake, and well, that's going down for the next few days... starting now. if you're new to the game and want to see a bit of our pre-cruise side trip to Mount Rainier, go back in time HERE. Ketchikan, Alaska So after a day at sea, our first port was Ketchikan, Alaska. Evidently Alaska's first city, it's also very, very tour...
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No, You Really Do *Not* Want To Hear Running Water In A Museum After Hours

At the Museum of Cultural and Natural History in Eugene on Wednesday night, "Cold water poured down from a broken humidifier on the roof of the museum, flowing behind a 4½-by-7-foot Ray Troll illustrated map of Oregon. Fast action by janitors and campus plumbers helped the museum avoid disaster."
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Alaska fossil of the bizarre 'buzz saw' shark, lost for 29 years,...

Alaska fossil of the bizarre 'buzz saw' shark, lost for 29 years, goes on display at the Alaska SeaLife Center An illustration of a Helicoprion "buzz saw" shark featured in the show "Summer of Sharks" at the SeaLife Center in Seward this summer. Leif Tapanila, from Idaho State University, Anchorage Geologist Richard Glenn and Ketchikan artist Ray Troll and the Helicprion fossil at the UAA ConocoPhillips Integrated Science building in Anchorage, AK on Wednesday, May 13, 2015.
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