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Top 10 Best Office Chairs for Maximum Comfort

In 2012, a study found that we spend an average of 64 hours every week sitting on our gluteus maximus, the back to our fronts, more commonly known as our butt. That works out to about nine hours a day. That’s for an average person. If you work from home, it is likely going to be a much higher average number per day, depending on the day. While too much sitting every day can lead to health problems such as weight gain, poor blood circulation, and even diabetes having an occupation where sitting i...
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Walking the coastal path with Katherine May & Raynor Winn @Budleighlitfest

It was real coastal path weather in Budleigh Salterton yesterday; fitting as the path passes through the town and the perfect weather for a battalion of Seasalt macs to gather in one place. I’m not sure there shouldn’t be a name for them, honestly every which way I looked (including me) there we were testing out the guaranteed waterproof macs we’ve hardly needed all summer. Checked linings and rope toggles everywhere, though to be honest I really could have done with being dressed for High Dartm...
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Neve Campbell Reveals She's Adopted A Baby Boy!

Congratulations are in order for Neve Campbell and her family!!! On Friday evening, the House of Cards star revealed on her Instagram account that she and partner JJ Feild have adopted a baby boy!! Related: Party of Five Stars Dish During WWHL Reunion! The former Party of Five star gushed about the new addition to her family in the post, revealing the big news and a name (Raynor!) but keeping some things private, too! Ch-ch-check out the big news (below)!!! Sheer joy!!!!....So it’s been a s...
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Neve Campbell reveals she adopted 'beautiful' baby boy with partner JJ Feild

Neve Campbell revealed on Instagram Friday that she and partner JJ Feild have adopted a baby boy named Raynor: "Sheer joy!!!!"            [Author: USA TODAY]
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FBI Official, Who Exposed Clinton’s ‘Fast & Furious’ Cover Up, Found Dead don't know if this part is true: Quote: Special Agent Raynor was “stabbed multiple times” and “shot twice with his own weapon” just one day before he was due to testify before a US Federal Grand Jury where he was widely expected to testify that Hillary Clinton acted illegally while covering up the Fast and Furious scandal to protect Obama administration crimes.
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Off the Beaten Path — Side Treks and Things To Do Between HOT ROD Power Tour Stops

Were a week away from the start of HOT ROD Power Tour! This is the part where you’re either packed-and-ready to roll or are in a mad-thrash pulling together that one last minute project that’s fighting you — but in any case, we’ve spotted a few extra things for you to do and see along the routes. Did you know the world’s biggest fire hydrant can be found on the route? Or what about a freak gnome-infested cave in the hills of Tennessee? Scroll down for our favorite things to see off the beaten pa...
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The Salt Path ~ Raynor Winn

An upcoming theme for our Endsleigh Salon book group is ‘Never Judge a Book By its Cover’. My plan is to re-read a certain book from last year that had a stunning cover but for me didn’t live up to the hype or the expectations (I know it did the opposite for many of you). The book was bought for me as a special gift and it was one I was committed to enjoying on that basis alone...maybe I try even harder when a book is given to me in that way.  To no avail, I just couldn’t make it work past the t...
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Tunnelvisions - Tanami (Original Mix)

Tunnelvisions is a new act by Dutch pals Emiel van den Dungen and Raynor de Groot. Together they produce slow, grooving psychedelic house music. ‘Tanami’ – their debut single – is named after a desert in the northern… (in post Premiere: Tunnelvisions – Tanami (Original Mix) from Deep House Amsterdam. More by this artist at )
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South Dakota Black Hills Snowmobile Trails Open December 15

Snowmobile  South Dakota Game, Fish, and Parks PIERRE, S.D. -( The Black Hills recently received up to 3 feet of snow, but South Dakota Game, Fish and Parks (GFP) officials want to remind snowmobilers that the snowmobile trail system does not open until Dec. 15.“We get a lot of people asking why the trails aren’t open when there is so much snow in the Northern Hills,” says Ryan Raynor, trail program specialist for GFP. “A large portion of the trail system runs through private...
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$45K witness-intimidation fine upheld against attorney Raynor

A three-judge Pennsylvania Superior Court panel has upheld a fine of almost $45,000 against insurance defense attorney Nancy Raynor, imposed for witness intimidation during the medical-malpractice case that at one point also resulted in a controversial $1 million sanction against her.
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What Would the Range of Possible Outcomes Be?

We make decisions all day every day about so many different things. By the time we get to work, we've already decided when to get up from laying in bed, what to have for breakfast, if anything at all, what we wear, take with us and pack, the road we take to work, whether to stop for coffee on the way, whether to drive or take the train into the city, and so on. Showing up at a certain time and place is complicated. Once we're there, we may already be suffering from decision fatigue. In psycho...
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This Face-Mask Video Is Going Viral — & We Have A Lot Of Questions

I WILL NEVER DO THIS SHIT AGAIN— Cachet (@Cachet___) September 6, 2016 No one describes waxing as a pleasant experience or extractions as an enjoyable afternoon treat. At-home masks, on the other hand? Those are our feel-good, Sunday-kind-of-love beauty treatments. They should impart joy, rest, and relaxation. Unless, of course, you're Cachet Raynor.The Glen Burnie, MD, resident recently experienced our beauty nightmare when she tried to peel off a black facial mask...
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Lawyer's $1 million sanction was reversed but still threatens her career

Nancy Raynor has finally won her epic legal battle. But her victory came at a terrible price. Ever since Common Pleas Court Judge Paul Panepinto slapped Raynor with an unprecedented - and, as it turned out, unwarranted - $1 million sanction in 2014, her career has been hanging by a thread. Her legal practice declined by more than half as clients walked out.
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More Risk. Good for Your Business?

Risk is good. Not properly managing your risk is a dangerous leap.                                                                                          -        Evel Knievel " The Strategy Paradox , " Michael Raynor's classic book, should be required reading for executives interested in understanding the connection between risk and return in strategic planning and decision-making. Raynor’s basic premise is that almost everyone, because of how human beings are fundamentally wired,  over...
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Sunnyvale: Council approves use permit and environmental review for Stratford School at Raynor

The evening was a contentious, tense and crowded affair that saw much debate over the future of the Raynor Activity Center. Stratford will pay $22,000 per year for park maintenance, will prohibit guests from using the neighborhood for overflow parking during special events, and will tell the city when it won't need use of Area 1 so that time will be available for public reservations. The number of students who can attend the school will be set at 460. The other two are located on Lime Drive and ...
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Strong counselor. From the ancient personal name Ragnar.
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Farmers restaurant moves to mall; others moving out

He plans to close his buffet-style eatery on July 29 and reopen the reborn restaurant on Aug. 1. That date holds a special place for Raynor, who opened the first Farmers Family Restaurant in Columbia that same day exactly eight years ago. The owners of the building where he is currently located at Shady Brook Plaza are looking to develop the site into a retail center, Raynor said.
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Plan to Adapt – Part Two

In my last post I put forth a simple idea management approach that involved an Investigating step as a means of assessing and refining ideas and concepts. What does this look like from an agile standpoint? One of the primary needs is to obtain customer feedback as rapidly as possible, for the least amount of cost and effort. We need a tool that enables us to engage with and iterate with potential customers quickly and easily while assessing whether an opportunity is worth pursuing. One such tool...
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Plan to Adapt – Part One

As I covered in Chapter Two’s The Depth of Agile discussion (in the What is Agile Development? post), agile is built from a foundation of Lean and Learning Organizations. Focusing on the business is one way of categorizing the values, principles and characteristics that serve as our foundation. Conceptually, the Business category is one pillar of what will be a House of Agile that has a common foundation: Figure 3-10 The House of Agile is a model to act as a guide for reflection and conversatio...
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