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Reader Submitted: This Compass Features a Familiar Mechanism Similar to Camera Apertures

Iris is a new tool for drawing and measuring circles. Simply rotate the rings to open and close its captivating aperture mechanism. Iris' concept came from conversations with our Kickstarter Community. Our supporters said that circle drawing tools lacked innovation and were difficult to use. These tools were unreliable and short-lived. So, we set out to completely redesign the circle drawing tool.As amateur photographers, we noticed that camera apertures were reliable mechanisms and were surpris...
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Reader Submitted: A Communal Table Made From Up-cycled Construction Aluminum

As part of an ongoing effort to transform public perception regarding waste and its potential for reuse, Bee'ah, the leading waste management company in the Middle East, commissioned designer Ammar Kalo to develop a communal table for Dubai Design Week 2018. View the full project here
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Reader Submitted: A Chair Inspired By Repetitive Thoughts

Shook is the first in a series of lounge chairs inspired by the repetitive nature of an obsessive mindset. The viewer is invited to recline while contemplating the thoughts trapped in their head. View the full project here
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Reader Submitted: A Floating Cutlery Set Designed for Good Hygiene

FLYDE (danish: "to flow") is a floating cutlery set consisting of a fork, a knife and a spoon. On many cutlery sets, the parts that are meant to touch the food as well as your mouth are often in contact with the table's surface. The idea of FLYDE is that the functional parts do not touch the table and remain hygienic. The asymmetric Design of the Fork and the Spoon evolved from the dynamic silhouette of the knife to create a consistent look of the set. View the full project he...
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Reader Submitted: A Student-Designed Urban Instrument Takes Over Times Square During NYCxDesign

Project Hurrah! is an urban musical instrument designed by Karol Murlak, Danielle Begnaud, Kasia Michnowska, and Marzena Krupa. This playful and interactive installation is a celebration of the hundredth anniversary of diplomatic relations between Poland and the United States. The installation takes the form of a large-scale xylophone composed of stainless steel vertical tubes. When tapped consecutively with a drumstick, the tubes play the Polish birthday and anniversary song, Sto Lat. Users don...
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Reader Submitted: Throwise

Throwise is a new waste disposal system for elementary schools that alters the ordinary interaction between students and waste bins through a game-based strategy.Inspired by the concept "pay-as-you-throw" which is not yet implemented in Toronto, students will have to pay using Ren, a new currency, depending on the type(s) of waste they produce.The campaign is proposed to be launched as a pilot run during Waste Reduction Week (WRW) in Canada 2019. The lesser waste students produce, the more Rens...
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Reader Submitted: Block : A modular wireless tabletop electronic device set

Block is a set of modular electronic devices and wireless chargers that helps manage charging personal electronic devices and organizes your desk top. View the full project here
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Reader Submitted: Dancing into Design: Vancouver Product Designers Release 3D Printed Light Inspired by Ballet

Figure turns heads and shifts narratives with its ingenious modular design. When placed upright, Figure’s light is elegantly focused downward, toward your work surface. Unscrew the weighted cap and attach it to the other side, and light soars upward to dramatize ambient or spacial moods—all with no moving parts. Figure was inspired by William Forsythe’s “Enemy In The Figure,” a ballet that explores the boundaries of dance via the simple relationship between a single light and shadow. Through it...
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Reader Submitted: This Clock Aims to Improve Your Sleep Cycle 

We are giving new life to one of the most classic devices in your home: the clock. The lights around the perimeter of the clock work as guide for telling the time. There are infinite light customization options to help you fit the clock with your mood, and it is easily controlled so you can be sure it matches perfectly with your mood and the design of your home. View the full project here
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Reader Submitted: 3 Phone Concepts Developed with the Wellbeing of Users in Mind

Morrama's smarter phone concepts were created as part of a study to balance consumers' desire for premium, high-performing smartphones with a growing need to switch off from the digital and be 'in the moment'. The three concepts focus on enabling users to easily switch between full functionality and wellbeing settings through seamless, physical interfaces. The key features include a 'mindful-mode' setting, a second display with a voice assistant button on the back of the smartphone and an interf...
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Reader Submitted: An Electric-Assisted Cargo Bike Designed for Streamlined Deliveries

EAV are pleased to announce their company launch and release details of Project 1, their new last-mile delivery vehicle—an electric-assisted, cargo, peddle bike. International parcel delivery service, DPDgroup UK, have placed an initial order on the vehicle which was designed in partnership with creative lab, New Territory. The practical and easily operated bike was developed to revolutionize the process of urban delivery, reducing the impact it has on our carbon footprint and pollution. This la...
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Reader Submitted: MONO

MONO is a brand new furniture project that approaches the use and sharing of space by both humans and pets. View the full project here
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Reader Submitted: Ohm - A pressed porcelain lights collection

Ohm Porcelain Lights Collection Neither wind, water nor strong sunlight will change the glazed surface of Ohm porcelain lights collection, designed by Kauppi & Kauppi for company Ifö Electric. Ohm is a family of light fixtures for indoor and outdoor use on walls, facades, ceilings and tables. The first grand collection in more than ten years, by Scandinavia's only press porcelain producer. Inspired by old porcelain insulators, the soft curves and restrained silhouettes references the company's l...
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Reader Submitted: Formation

Artifact Zine is a publication examining the material world and our systems of making.Each issue features short essays, interviews, and analysis of the artifacts, manufacturing processes, and technologies running behind the scenes of everyday life. The first issue, Formation, is an introduction to the questions Artifact Zine explores: why do we make, and how are we shaped by the technologies we use to produce those objects? View the full project here
Tags: Design, Essay, Zine, Reader Projects

Reader Submitted: This Self Driving Shuttle Considers the Big Picture of Autonomous Transportation Systems

South Korean company KLIO Design has designed the WITH:US self driving shuttle concept. Embodying three basic principles of simplicity, habitability and expandability, the project is proposed as an icon of future smart cities. Unveiled for the first time at the 2019 Seoul motor show, the design envisions a public transportation system that cares about the environment and people of all ages. Unmanned Solution Inc., which developed WITH:US, is a self-driving solution company that has been leading ...
Tags: Design, US, Korea, Seoul, DMC, Sangam, Mapo, Reader Projects, Autonomous Transportation Systems, KLIO Design, Unmanned Solution Inc

Reader Submitted: Nook's Design Elevates the Classic Indoor Playground

Nook, a new children's play and learning space in Ballston, VA, reimagines the "family-friendly" destination as a curated, gallery-like experience, filled with thoughtfully designed furniture and multi-sensory installations. No rainbows needed.This is the third venue to open for the nascent modern family brand, and the most ambitious design and programming effort to date. The project was designed by Mickus Projects, who also fabricated and installed several of feature millwork pieces.Much of the...
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Reader Submitted: An Organizer Designed for Business Travel that Keeps Clothes Wrinkle-Free and Electronics Safe

Do you ever wish for a business trip where you don't have to worry about the condition of your shirts and the existence of a proper hotel iron? IAMRUNBOX initially developed their garment bags as a solution for commuters to keep their shirts wrinkle free on the go. Along the way, they realized how the simple and optimal way of packing made it ideal for business travelers too. For three years the garment bags have been tested and loved by active people all over the world. Now it's time to give it...
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Reader Submitted: Already Tired of High Maintenance Shared Electric Scooters? This Autonomous Version Takes Care of Itself so You Don't Have To

Rol is the scooter that comes to you. Equipped with autonomous technology, Rol drives to pick you up. After taking care of you, it takes care of itself. Driving itself to recharge, relocate, or park, Rol is a self-sufficient progression of today's shared electric scooters.
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Reader Submitted: This Student Project Uses Available Resources to Make Lower-Limb Prosthetics Accessible in Developing Countries

This project is dedicated to reclaiming prosthetic care for amputee's that live in rural communities within developing countries. Amputees in these communities often cannot afford professional prosthetic care or live too far away from existing services. While new technologies and services are currently being integrated into prosthetic services in developing countries, these developments often don't reach those most in need, with up to 95% of amputees going without access to care. Compounding thi...
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Reader Submitted: A Wine Rack Inspired by Tongues

Tongue is a wall mounted modular steel bottle rack. View the full project here
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Reader Submitted: Snapboard: Magnetically Managed Measuring

The kitchen drawer containing the measuring cups and spoons is often one of the most cluttered. In an effort to keep measuring cups organized, they are typically stacked. However, the process of stacking and unstacking can be tedious. Measuring spoons are even more frustrating to deal with. Although the spoons often come attached together with a ring, using them while connected is incredibly clumsy and clipping them on and off the ring is, again, tedious.Snapboard was designed to be the most foo...
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Reader Submitted: What if Google Assistants Used More than Voice to Communicate?

Conventional smart speakers work with voice and allow a conversation with the user. However, Those products have limitations since they are only using voice to communicate and exchange information.Our idea of 'visible artificial intelligence' takes a step further into shaping our relationship with products that surrounds us. It uses Google's artificial intelligence, speech recognition and space recognition technology. Google Visual Assistant is a new 'AI projector' concept that combines sound an...
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Reader Submitted: A Floating Tea Infuser that Gives Your Tea Bags a Second Life

Fill the Lippa with your favorite tea leaves and let it float in your cup. When your tea is ready, just lift Lippa from your cup and turn it upside down on the table. Lippa catches the drips. When you want a second brew, just re-fill your cup with hot water and re-insert the tea infuser. No more wasted leaves and tea bags. View the full project here
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Reader Submitted: MAGEN: Imagining the Future of Emergency Rescue Systems

After serving as a project manager in the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) for three years, Dan had experienced, how, in the line of duty, every second counts. Working alongside combat medics and EMTs, he understood how these overlooked rescuers were standing in the way of danger, when providing life-saving treatment, with inefficient medic bags and obstructive safety gear. It was then, as a student at the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) where he and his colleague, Shivin, a business-oriented m...
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Reader Submitted: How a Ukrainian NGO is Improving Post-Soviet Children's Hospitals Through Design

For The Vlada Brusilovskaya Fund, contemporary interactive design is a way to improve service of post-Soviet children's hospitals. The charitable foundation has been collaborating with both young and experienced Ukrainian designers for three years, aiming to change the relationship between doctors, patients and their parents for the better. Post-Soviet interior sickness nursed by therapeutic design Children's hospitals built in the Soviet Union from 1950s to 1980s are easily confused with any ot...
Tags: Design, Ukraine, Cuba, Soviet Union, Reader Projects, Vlada Brusilovskaya Fund, CUBA BUBA

Reader Submitted: SmartBowl: Homeware from Hardware

This rubber sleeve wraps tightly around smart hubs to transform hardware into homeware.At the moment, technology is on the home, against the home, and fighting for your attention. In the future, tech hardware will blend in, perhaps using its exterior, physical surfaces for our benefit—instead of simply protecting its own internals.To materialize this vision, I designed a flexible sleeve that wraps around both the Apple TV and Phillips Hue Bridge (two of the most popular smart home objects) to cr...
Tags: Apple, Design, Reader Projects, Phillips Hue Bridge

Reader Submitted: This Smart Ring Aims to Provide Better Lives for People with Sickle Cell Disease 

Oxygem is a smart ring that aims to provide people with Sickle Cell Disease a better lifestyle and reduce the amount of deaths caused by this disease each year. On average, statistics show that in every 1,000,000 people, 1 in 6 people is a carrier of Sickle Cell Disease, and 1 in 25 is diseased, with a death rate of 1 per week.Sickle Cell Disease is a condition in which red blood cells are not shaped as they should be. Red blood cells usually look like round discs. But in Sickle Cell Disease, th...
Tags: Design, Reader Projects, Provide Better Lives for People

Reader Submitted: This Partially 3D Printed Leg Sleeve Ensures Safe (And Less Painful) Landings for Athletes

A customizable and comfortable garment athletes can wear to ensure a safe landing. By using 3D printing technology, the Safe Landing Garment SLG garment will ensure that users with different needs perform with good landing mechanisms. View the full project here
Tags: Design, Reader Projects

Reader Submitted: Five Machines Explore An Alternative Narrative of Human-Machine Relationships

Five Machines is an exploration of an alternative narrative of the existence of machines in our life. Through building 5 machines with different intents and behaviors, the project attempts to propose a new human-machine relationship. Machine 1 in work Machine 1: protecting privacy Machine 2: articulating opinions Machine 4: longing for serendipity Machine 3: trading energy Machine 5: eager to debate Machine 5 in work View the full project here
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Reader Submitted: What Design Characteristics Will Define the Ideal Domestic Robot of the Future?

Overcoming the technical challenges of developing a domestic robot requires nothing short of symphonic integration. These challenges have kept home robots out of reach...until now. We are finally at a nexus where technology, design and cost have aligned to present an opportunity. View the full project here
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