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Stop the name-calling! Let’s fix the broken system

Agents need to find the discrimination and exclusive institutions in the industry and start dismantling them one at a time. It's time to rebuild them to be inclusive and anti-racist. If not now — when?
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How Many People Can You Spot in These MLS Photos?

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10 Fun Realtor T-Shirts

We’ve highlighted some creative real estate gifts before and here are ten more, all fun Realtor t-shirts, available from Which one is your favorite? If you enjoyed this post, then you’ll definitely enjoy these other ‘Just for Fun’ posts!
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Do You Know This Real Estate Agent? Hopefully Not…… ;)

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What you can be doing right now to prepare for a recession

A very abrupt and widespread economic disruption is taking hold and presenting unprecedented challenges. What should you be doing to ensure you’re ready for whatever’s next, whether you’re an individual agent, a team or a broker-owner?
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NAR revives free program for first time since 2009 recession

The program gives Realtors free access to transaction tools, educational webinars and other services.
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Normal is gone: How to mentally prepare for the unknown future

If we've learned anything from past downturns, it's that there is no normal — new or old. In today's stressful time, we just have to learn to play the hand we're dealt. Here's how one indie broker broaches life and work during a global pandemic.
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7 ways you can take control and refocus your business

Just because the industry (and the world) is going through a major shift doesn't mean you can't quickly learn to adapt to the changing situation. As a Realtor, there's a lot you can do to bolster your business as you ride out the chaos.
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I know who we R. Does the National Association of Realtors?

Did you know that two-thirds of Realtors are women? Did you know about only 4 percent of members are under 30? Did you know that the median age for a Realtor is 54? You would never guess by looking at NAR’s advertising campaign.
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What do you think of NAR’s latest ad campaign?

The National Association of Realtors released Monday its "Look for the R" campaign.
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How to Start a Real Estate Business in 2020: The Complete 11 Step Guide

If you’re interested in starting a real estate business to help buyers and sellers navigate the stressful and complicated process of working through one of the biggest transactions of their lives, you’ll need to make sure your business is well prepared. The real estate market is enormous. Here are the relevant statistics you should know: 5.34…
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83-Year-Old Stockton Realtor Robbed At Gunpoint

STOCKTON (CBS13) — An 83-year-old man held up at gunpoint outside his Stockton real estate office is warning others to beware. Art Godi has just sat in the driver’s seat of his car when he says the gunman came in through the passenger door out of nowhere. “He could’ve been around a car there, he could’ve been around in a bush there, he could’ve been in the garbage can area, who knows?” Godi said. Godi was born and raised in Stockton. At 83, the armed robbery was a first. “Once is enough,” Godi s...
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The difference between an agent and a Realtor, explained

Many consumers aren't sure what the difference is — or whether there even is one.
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NAR Infographic: Who is the Typical REALTOR®?

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Sold On Your Dream Job? How To Become A Realtor

There are currently more than 444,000 realtors working in the United States. The field is growing at a rapid rate, too. If you’ve been interested in working as a realtor, now is the time to get serious about pursuing your career goal. The process of becoming a realtor is pretty straightforward. Becoming a successful realtor, though, is a bit trickier. Read on to learn everything you need to know about how to become a realtor and earn a great living in this field. Why Become a Realtor? If you’...
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Should agents work with friends? It depends who you ask

A crucial part of any real estate agent’s business comes from referrals within their own sphere. But what happens when a close friend or family member opts to transact alone or with another agent?
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Updated® Forecast Paints Rosier Picture for 2019 Homebuyers

Lower mortgage rates increase purchasing power; home prices exceed original predictions and sales stronger than originally forecasted Santa Clara, CA – April 23, 2019 (PRNewswire)®, the Home of Home Search℠, today released a revised 2019 housing forecast, which shows the outlook for the real estate market this year is somewhat stronger than originally forecasted. Based on a shift in the economic outlook and slower pace of monetary tightening, the online real estate destination is...
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Realtor and congressional hopeful Leigh Brown files suit against FEC

The Federal Election Commission is barring Brown from running ads for her RE/MAX franchise before the election.
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What is organized real estate’s role in keeping the Realtor relevant?

Is it naive to think that Canadian Organized Real Estate’s current approach to the collection and interpretation of data will ensure its relevance, and that of the Realtor, as the industry and technology continue to evolve? Quite simply, yes, it is. What will keep the consumer engaged with Realtors? What will elevate the Realtor brand?
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The Real Word: Is college the biggest racket in America?

Watch Byron Lazine and Nicole White give a real estate agent’s perspective on industry-related topics. This week, they'll discuss whether college itself, which can create insurmountable debt, is a racket after the news that real estate executives are among those being charged in a college fraud scheme to get kids into top schools.
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Meet the Realtor running for Congress

Leigh Brown, a Realtor and owner of a North Carolina-based RE/MAX franchise, is hoping to become the Republican party’s nominee for the vacant Congressional seat in North Carolina’s 9th district.
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How to Start a Real Estate Business: The Complete 11 Step Guide (2019)

If you’re interested in starting a real estate business to help buyers and sellers navigate the stressful and complicated process of working through one of the biggest transactions of their lives, you’ll need to make sure your business is well prepared. People looking to start a real estate business often ask: How much does it cost to open a real estate business? How do you start your own real estate company? How much do real estate business owners make? How successful is a real estate busines...
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National Association of Realtors takes on Wall Street Journal Op-Ed

The National Association of Realtors and real estate tech startup REX are duking it out over the value of Realtors in the pages of the Wall Street Journal.
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‘You don’t need a compass to find us’: NRT exec on tech disruption

Kate Rossi, an executive vice president with Coldwell Banker NRT, has a long history with the real estate industry that started in sales.
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How Reverse Mortgages Can Help Millions More Americans

As the reverse mortgage industry continues to try and find new ways to expand business in the wake of difficult challenges that come with regulatory changes and generally reduced volume, one reverse mortgage loan officer was looking for an opportunity to share a novel idea in terms of a new marketing target for originations: people who primarily work on commission-based income, and by extension the millions of Americans who are self-employed. “This strategy actually came to me via a real esta...
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Austin Broker Launches Startup for Real Estate Professionals

Homease got your back: Connecting Reputable Home Service Providers For Real Estate Transactions Submitting an Offer My client, Susie, and I are on pins and needles as we wait to hear back about an offer we submitted for her first home in Austin. We have been home shopping for about four months now. We ended up in another somewhat-typical, multiple-offer situation on this house. They received a few other offers, although Susie’s offer is very competitive, and due to the good rapport I developed ...
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Real Estate Agent Headshots – Let The Fun Begin!

It’s no secret that people do judge a book by it’s cover. Some say people with beards are ‘more credible‘ but are less effective when trying to sell underwear, who knew? And so to REALTOR headshots. Do people judge a REALTOR based on the accuracy, or otherwise, of the photo on their business card? You judge – which one is your favorite? Our first category – ‘agents in hats’: And onto an alcohol theme: Then the ‘phone stuck to my ear!’ group: The ‘my head will fall off if I don’t prop it up’ ...
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Real Estate – It’s All In The Name

Juvenile? Absolutely, but hopefully one or more of these will give you a smile this morning If you enjoyed this post you’ll certainly enjoy these other ‘Just For Fun’ posts!
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Ranking the Most and Least Expensive Places to Retire

After crunching all the numbers, has released a list of the most and least expensive places where the rapidly expanding baby boomer population can spend their retirement years. looked at cities already popular for seniors, and, not surprisingly, three of the most affordable locations are in Florida, with Sebring, Fla. and its $180,000 median home list price leading the pack. Following Sebring, in order, are Sierra Vista, Ariz.; Ocala, Fla.; New Bern, N.C; and Homosassa Sp...
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Redneck Realty Closing Gifts

Here is another in our series of Redneck Real Estate (see: “Redneck Facebook Update“, “Redneck Home Repair” and “Redneck Real Estate“). Wife of REMAX Opportunities Realtor Terry Sesker took this photo a couple of weeks ago in Montana If you enjoyed this post you’ll certainly enjoy these other ‘Just For Fun’ posts!
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