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It's time for liberals to stop fat shaming Donald Trump

President Donald Trump Nicholas Kamm/AFP/Getty Images Fat shaming Trump has been widely accepted and popular among progressives and liberals for years. Fat shaming doesn't harm Trump, but rather average fat people, who internalize public fat-shaming and get the message that their body is a subject of ridicule and should be a source of shame. Trump is one of the most inept and harmful presidents in our country's history, but he should be critiqued on his words and actions, not on his body. ...
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Why I'm sending my son to summer camp

Parents are facing impossible decisions amid the Covid-19 pandemic. Rebecca Bodenheimer says that despite fears of judgment or disapproval, she has carefully weighed her son's risk (and the risks posed to others) and is sending him to summer camp -- for his own emotional well-being.
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Watching the past in 'Mrs. America' makes me afraid for the future

Watching the 1970s as rendered in 'Mrs. America' fills Rebecca Bodenheimer with dread. She writes that it's a well-made, brilliantly acted period show -- and a stark reminder of the shaky ground on which the victories of the women's liberation movement currently stand.
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Shutdown is a body blow for freelancers

Rebecca Bodenheimer, a freelancer and working parent, says that even with the important win of Pandemic Unemployment Assistance included in Congress' $2 trillion stimulus package, direct economic assistance still feels very theoretical for the millions of freelancers left scrambling in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic.
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Sanders' ill-advised Cuba comments weren't wrong

It wasn't wise for Bernie Sanders to say things about Fidel Castro that he must have known would alienate so many Miami Cuban and Venezuelan exiles, given that Florida is likely to be a crucial swing state in the general election; that said, argues Cuba scholar Rebecca Bodenheimer, what Sanders said shouldn't be viewed as wholly controversial.
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How the Golden Globes missed the mark

Rebecca Bodenheimer says that given the continued relevance of #MeToo and the gains women and people of color have made in getting their stories told on the big and small screens, the Golden Globe winners - and the show itself - were a huge disappointment.
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Michelle Obama led a banner year for women at the Grammys

The show had some missteps, but overall it was a marked improvement from last year in one major way, says Rebecca Bodenheimer: Women dominated the night. Let's hope it's a sign of a more equitable future in the music industry, she writes.
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Golden Globes secret: Hardly anyone watches the favorites

Rebecca Bodenheimer writes that many of the shows that Americans picked as their favorite Golden Globe nominees are ones they've never seen but connected to for a variety of other reasons -- escapism, name recognition, etc.
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My grandmother fled the Holocaust. I'm glad she's not around for this

I'm glad my grandmother is not alive to see her adopted country resemble the Nazi Germany from which she fled, says Rebecca Bodenheimer of the horrific shooting at the Tree of Life synagogue in Pittsburgh. I wouldn't want her to live through this shameful moment in our history, because I know her heart would have broken.
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Beyoncé and Serena are changing the narrative for postpartum women

Rebecca Bodenheimer says these two women, already legends, have added to their status as GOATs by speaking out about their postpartum struggles.
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University teachers are exploited, too

The exploitation of teaching labor isn't limited to the K-12 educators who are staging walkouts, says Rebecca Bodenheimer. It's happening to college instructors, too.
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The Grammys missed its chance to say something meaningful

What felt distinct about the Grammys was how staged its political statements felt, says Rebecca Bodenheimer -- along with its glaring ghettoization of gender issues.
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'Orange Is the New Black' and Ethnic and Racial Differences Within the Latinx Community (Feature)

One of the most important messages of this show is that race is not all encompassing, but rather, it intersects with gender, sexuality, class, religion, and region in diverse ways. [Author: Rebecca Bodenheimer]
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