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Sesame-Ginger Vinaigrette

Lemon juice freshens up this sesame-ginger vinaigrette made with just 7 ingredients shaken in a jar and ready to dress Buddha bowls, and even stir-fries. You’ll base it off of the following ingredients: Trust me, if you’ve got most of those ingredients, you’re on way to a winning combination of flavors that’ll make any salad or Buddha bowl taste like they came straight out of an Asian bistro! Seriously, this sesame-ginger dressing doesn’t play around. Consider this shortc...
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The Best Peanut Sauce Recipe

With just 5 ingredients, this is only peanut sauce you’ll ever need when dressing salads, dipping spring rolls, jazzing up satay, and more. Lime brings bright acidity to this dressing, working to cut the richness of the peanut butter, while soy sauce adds a much-needed savory element. You’ll need only 5 ingredients to make this Peanut Dressing-Dipping Sauce Duo! Thin it out with water, or more lime if you can handle it, if your peanut butter’s on the less runny side. ...
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Recipes: Here’s how you elevate a cheese snack into a proper meal

Some evenings I’m in the mood for a cheese-snack dinner. Something decadent, rich with creamy texture and complex flavors. A treat that balances the cheese’s bold personality with a bit of sweetness. On the side, a lightly dressed mixed-green salad augmented with raw vegetables. Perhaps some apple wedges. Easy. My father would have dubbed this menu a cocktail nibble. He would have raised a ruckus. His annoyance with the absence of a traditional meat-and-veg evening meal would no doubt have led t...
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How to Roast Vegetables

If you are anything like me, you probably don’t get enough veggies in your diet. Cold vegetables just don’t sound appealing, but roasted vegetables make eating them so much easier. Not only do they taste better, but roasting them is a great way to get your kids to eat their veggies too. The key to... Read More The post How to Roast Vegetables appeared first on All Things Mamma.
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Low Carb Italian Vinaigrette

This 5-minute Italian vinaigrette is great for both pastas and salads. For low carb, I'm using a zero-calorie sweetener, but you can use any regular sweetener if you are not counting calories.
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Recipe for cush cush?

Any cajuns have a recipe for cush cush? You eat it for dessert?
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Apple Bread Recipe

SIMPLE EASY Apple Bread Recipe 1 Can Apple Pie Filling, mashed! 1 Yellow Or Spice Cake Mix 4 eggs, Slightly Beaten 1 Cup Flour 1Tbsp Cinnamon 1 Medium Apple, Cored, Pealed & Chopped Whisk all dry ingredients, add wet ingredients. Fold in apples. Pour in 2 loaf pans greased. Sprinkle cinnamon & sugar on top. Bake in 350 degree oven for 35 to 45 minutes or done.
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No-Bake Peanut Butter Pie

No Bake Peanut Butter Pie is a quick and easy dessert that only requires a premade graham cracker crust and 4 ingredients!  Filled with peanut butter, cream cheese, confectioners sugar, and cool whip, this no-bake peanut butter pie is a crowd-pleaser for any occasion! For all the Peanut Butter Dessert fans in your house, you... Read More The post No-Bake Peanut Butter Pie appeared first on All Things Mamma.
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Nuoc Cham (Vietnamese Dressing)

Add serious Southeast Asian flair to any salad or Buddha bowl with nuoc cham, the easy, no-cook sauce of Vietnam found in every meal! Properly speaking, you only need 4 ingredients to kickstart a nuoc cham! Just make sure you have some fish sauce in the pantry. A little fish sauce goes a long way, but you’ll always find a use for it, in both cooked, uncooked, vegetarian, and meat dishes! Essentially, it replaces soy sauce in this recipe, lending a more complex, fishy, sweet, and slig...
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The Best Fall Dessert Recipes

These fall dessert recipes are some of the best autumn treats to indulge on and treat yourself to. With fall being right around the corner, now is the time to start thinking about all the homemade fall treats that you’re going to bake. If you’re a fan of pumpkin spice, pumpkin pie, pumpkin cake, and... Read More The post The Best Fall Dessert Recipes appeared first on All Things Mamma.
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17 Best Baked Goods That Are Simple and Easy to Ship

Looking for the best baked goods that are simple and easy to ship? What better way to send a note (or treat!) to your family and friends than to box up up some homemade sweets and treats and put them in the mail. But don’t start sprinting to the mailbox quite yet…there are a few... Read More The post 17 Best Baked Goods That Are Simple and Easy to Ship appeared first on All Things Mamma.
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Coffee ice cream recipe

I've been making ice cream at home for the past couple of months and have been doing a lot of experimenting. (You can read my recipe for low sugar vanilla chocolate chip ice cream here.) Here's Anne of All Trades' (I subscribe to her excellent YouTube channel) recipe for coffee ice cream. It looks great!
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Stir-fry Royale Chives & King Oyster Mushroom

This Chinese stir-fry royale chives & king oyster mushroom can be whipped up in just under 20 minutes & makes a good side dish to any Chinese meal.
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How to make curried rice the Aleister Crowley way

In his "autohagiography" The Confessions of Aleister Crowley, the occultist provocateur Aleister Crowley made passing reference to his own "glacial curry" — The weather made it impossible to do any serious climbing; but I learnt a great deal about the work of a camp at high altitudes, from the management of transport to cooking; in fact, my chief claim to fame is, perhaps, my "glacier curry." It was very amusing to see these strong men, inured to every danger and hardship, dash out of the ten...
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Recipe: Add some zing to breakfast by making your own hummus

I’m in a rut when it comes to weekday breakfasts. I know my body needs protein to start the day, so Monday through Friday I generally eat one egg, a small piece of toast and fresh fruit. Thumbing through Mark Bittman’s “Eat Vegan Before 6:00” made me hungry for hummus. Garbanzo beans, the cornerstone of the tasty puree, is a good source of plant-based protein, a one-ounce serving offering about 3 grams of protein. I tried his recipe for Turkish Breakfast, a cinch-to-make hummus paired with slice...
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Classic Salade Nicoise

Authenticity is a broad subject that probably many people agree that we’ll never agree on, since food changes and evolves, as time goes by, and as people cross borders, using what they can get where they live. But I sometimes have an amusing image in my head that the people who are scouring the internet, pointing out inauthentic recipes, are sitting in cafes, eating chicken Caesar Salads. (The true Caesar Salad doesn’t have chicken on it. Or tomatoes, shrimp, corn, or tortilla chips, which I’ve...
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Recipes: How to make sweet traditions for the Jewish New Year

An apple with honey, not a glass of champagne, is emblematic of the Jewish New Year celebration, which begins this year on Friday evening, Sept. 18. The traditional holiday dinner begins by dipping apple wedges in honey and wishing everyone at the table a happy and sweet New Year. Naturally, dipping apples in honey is a custom, not a commandment. Who needs to be ordered to dunk apples in honey? This practice was started by Ashkenazi Jews (eastern and central European Jews). Why dip apples, and n...
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Recipes: When the pandemic gets you down, bake cookies

In my quarantine kitchen, nothing seems to bring more cheer than a big batch of homemade cookies. It helps alleviate the blues. First, in preparing them, the process fills the house with luscious scents accompanied with the bang-clang noise of productivity. And second, the anticipation of sharing them with family and friends brings a feeling of accomplishment, something that brings joy in tough times. Fortunately, I’ve accumulated a regiment of airtight glass jars in a variety of sizes and style...
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Subscribing in Mediapart [new] recipe don't work

Resuming from the previous thread ("No articles (only big titles) in 'Mediapart'") : I removed the login' code and the test results in exactly the same epub I obtained with the code active. :/ ==> it seems [to me] that the code is not buggy but it doesn't work [no more, at a minimum] as expected. At this stage, I was a little bit helpless, finally [and as a last resort] I tried these : * Testing with a bad password --> same result: incomplete articles + subscribing offer. * No user/password -->...
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Coconut Streusel Coffee Cake

I am a big fan of coconut in all kinds of baked goods. Not only do I love the sweet, buttery and tropical flavor of coconut, but I like the texture that shredded coconut adds to breads, cakes and pies. This Coconut Streusel Coffee Cake is a buttery, tender cake packed with coconut and topped with a crisp cinnamon toasted coconut streusel! It’s a delicious cake to make for brunch or to serve up for dessert, and it is sure to be a hit with anyone who enjoys coconut. The buttery cake is easy to ma...
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No articles (only big titles) in 'Mediapart'

Hi folks, I first tried to mail contact (last sunday) Daniel Bonnery, in order not to bother you with it, but hmmm... no answer (for the moment). So, today I decided to ask here. The issue -- as said in the title -- is that Calibre is fetching the news on daily french journal "Mediapart", no problem, BUT ... when it comes to look inside the epub, it results in only one blank page (plus the cover image) with just the big titles ("La Une" and "Brèves") plus the links ("Section suivante" and "...
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The Local: recipe making

Hello everyone! I am trying to create a recipe for the online newspaper "The Local dk". Here is the website: . This website also has a page dedicated to the feeds: I have tried to create a recipe on calibre related to the feeds of this webpage, but it does not seem working properly. The best that I could do, is to download the title of the daily news, together with a short summary of the article content (just a couple of lines). Nothing...
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Pad Thai

Pad Thai Authentic and the best Pad Thai recipe with rice noodles stir-fried with homemade Pad Thai sauce. Learn how to make Pad Thai noodles with this easy recipe! READ: Pad Thai
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Pineapple Teriyaki Sauce Recipe

This Pineapple Teriyaki Sauce is made with only a few ingredients – just shake it up in a Mason jar. Print Pineapple Teriyaki Sauce Recipe .wprm-recipe-rating .wprm-rating-star.wprm-rating-star-full svg * { fill: #343434; } Shake up ingredients in a mason jar. Course sauces Cuisine Asian Keyword buddha bowl, buddhabowl Prep Time 5 minutes Cook Time 1 minute Serving...
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Oven-Roasted Plums

I made a statement recently on social media that plums were my favorite fruit. I guess I said the same thing about cherries, at some point, which I was reminded of. But I’ll confess that I may have also said the same thing about nectarines, figs, mangoes, and litchis at some point in my life. However plums really are my favorite fruit, and I’m happy that they stick around from summer all the way through the beginning of fall. There are a lot of plums out there. In Northern California we had big...
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Creamy Corn Salad Recipe

I did that thing again where I make and photograph a family recipe and then promptly forget about it for a month and realize I didn’t post it to the blog. That’s it. That’s the story behind this recipe. It’s an easy side-dish but can also be a delicious scoop-able dip for tortilla chips! Print Creamy Corn Salad Ingredients 4 cups frozen corn, thawed 1/4 cup red onion, finely chopped 1 jalapeno pepper, seeded and finely chopped...
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Recipe: Carrots with garlic, olives and herbs is a tantalizing mix

I strive to do my grocery shopping once a week. It doesn’t always work out that way, but it is a goal that I attain more times than not in this pandemic. One stumbling block can be the fresh vegetables. We eat a lot of them, and we’re picky about their freshness. I try to use vegetables in their “longevity” order. Those with little endurance get eaten first, followed by others with mid-range vitality. The last couple of days, the long-life veg get recruited: cabbage and winter squash (such as bu...
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Boston Globe Subscription fails

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10 Easy Recipes to Make With Your Kids

Whether you are virtual schooling, home schooling, or sending your kids to class —  if you need some quick, easy recipes for snacks that the kiddos can help with, or want to add some kitchen science to your school routine — look no further! These 10 easy recipes to make with your kids will save you time and make for a fun and practical learning activity! Frozen Yogurt Fruit Bites — Popsicles and ice cream sandwiches are delectable and always a go to during the summer, but if you’ve be...
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VICE News recipe not downloading articles

Recipe just downloads headlines, no actual articles. Thanks!
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