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Read this charming sci-fi short story about love, radio waves, and David Bowie

To mark the anniversary of David Bowie's birth and death last week, author and activist Sam J Miller wrote a new short story for titled "Let The Children Boogie." Set in the Hudson Valley in 1991, the story follows two queer teenagers named Laurie and Fell as they discover each other, and rock & roll, and a strange message broadcast over radio waves that may or may not come from the future. — Read the rest
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New to Sales? These 10 Great Books Can Help You Succeed in Your Sales Career

Are you new to sales? So now what? Start reading! Sales can be a challenging profession, but the good news is there are a variety of great books on sales that can help you become more successful. The following are 10 sales books that I recommend. While this list may not be a typical recommended reading list, these books can help you build a strong foundation for your selling career. 1. Personality Plus: How to Understand Others by Understanding Yourself (1982) by Florence Littauer You probably...
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Naughty Paris: A Lady's Guide to the Sexy City

Are you looking for a timeless gift for that special Parisian-at-heart...maybe even yourself? You can still find a limited number of copies of the original Naughty Paris: A Lady's Guide to the Sexy City at the following English bookshops in Paris: - The Abbey Bookshop: 29 rue de la Parchiminerie, 75005 (Métro St-Michel or Cluny-Sorbonne) - The Red Wheelbarrow: 9 rue de Médicis, 75006 (Métro Odéon or RER Luxembourg) For signed copied direct from the author, contact: [email protected]
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New Hemingway Book Launch at Abbey Bookshop

Article by Secrets of Paris contributor Yvonne Shao One of the best parts of being an English speaker in Paris is the abundance of literary opportunities available throughout the city. Paris has always been a cultural mecca and often the temporary or permanent home of many English-speaking writers, from Ben Franklin to Mark Twain to the Lost Generation and beyond. Ernest Hemingway captured the imagination of worldwide readers like no other, and people come from all over to experience “...
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Recommended Reading: A Half Hour from Paris

“Half an Hour From Paris: 10 Secret Daytrips by Train” by Annabel Simms, author of the now-classic, written in the days when people had more time, “An Hour from Paris” is a great resource for locals who need a good excuse to escape Paris for the day, or for visitors looking to expand beyond the regular tourist haunts of the capital. As I write this on a particularly gray and chilly autumn day, I want to say that this would be a great book for the warmer days of spring, or to escape the suffo...
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Recommended Reading: Half An Hour from Paris

“Half an Hour From Paris: 10 Secret Daytrips by Train” by Annabel Simms, author of the now-classic “An Hour from Paris”, written in the days when people had more time, is a great resource for locals who need a good excuse to escape Paris for the day, or for visitors looking to expand beyond the regular tourist haunts of the capital. As I write this on a particularly gray and chilly autumn day, I want to say that this would be a great book for the warmer days of spring, or to escape the suffo...
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Recommended Reading: The Road to Modena – Origins and History of the Shelby-De Tomaso P70 Can-Am Sports Racer

Photo courtesy Brock Racing Enterprises. Once the youngest designer in GM’s history, Peter Brock left Detroit at age 21, bound for California and, he envisioned, a career racing cars. There, he landed a job with Carroll Shelby, first as a high-performance driving instructor, and later as the designer of numerous Shelby racing and road cars. Brock’s latest book, The Road to Modena: Origins and History of the Shelby–De Tomaso P70 Can-Am Sports Racer, tells the story of his years at Shelby America...
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Mystery Author Cara Black's Research in Paris' 13th Arrondissement

New York Times best-selling author of the Aimée Leduc mystery series set in Paris, Cara Black spends a lot of the time in the city interviewing locals to research her books. I've known Cara for a long time (we even launched our books together at a fabulous event in San Francisco three years ago), so I was thrilled to hear the newest book in the series Murder on the Left Bank would take place in my neighborhood, Paris' 13th arrondissement. Here is Cara's blog post about the morning we spent t...
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Recommended Reading: Automobile Year Book and Buyer’s Guide 1940

All the information you need, and a whole lot more, when buying a 1940 automobile. Photos by author. This 34-page softcover dynamo is packed with more detailed information than you ever thought could be available, and that you would want to know. When it comes to cars built for the 1940 model year, every single part type, specification, and performance figure is included within this book’s compact 5 x 7-inch size. And we’re talking highly detailed information for all American-made cars, not jus...
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21 famous books you don't have to read (and recommendations for better books)

Advice from the editors of GQ: Don't read the "totally silly" The Catcher in the Rye. Instead, read Olivia, "the story of a British teenage girl who is sent to a boarding school in France." Don't read Catch-22, because it "fails to capture the absurdities and impossible conflicts of war." Instead, read The American Granddaughter, a "thoughtful, nuanced, and often uproariously funny meditation on war in the 21st century." The editors also warn would be readers to steer clear of the Lord of the R...
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Reminiscing–Triumph Books

Being a life-long Triumph nut, as proven by the TR2, TR3A, GT6 MKI, Spitfire MKIII, and Herald saloon parked in my garage, it should be no surprise that I’ve also amassed an extensive collection of Triumph books, manuals, and all sorts of literature and Triumphabilia. Some of the books came with the cars I bought, which was all the more exciting when I discovered that I didn’t already have them. But, regardless of which cars you collect or are interested in, searching for all the books publish...
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Recommended Reading — Alvis: The Story of the Red Triangle

It’s one of Great Britain’s greatest automotive brands, yet it’s one that few car enthusiasts know much about. Alvis started building its vision of well-engineered and distinctively different-looking automobiles in Coventry, England, just about a century ago. Its cars were full of character and uniquely individual, yet they were built in numbers sufficient enough to make them affordably attainable for so many. Author Kenneth Day delves deep into the history of Alvis, starting from its take-o...
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Recommended Reading — Thunderbirds! An illustrated history of the Ford T-Bird

Having long been a huge fan of Ford’s stylish Thunderbird, my automotive library has several books dedicated to this sensational automobile, but, of all the Thunderbird books lining my shelves, this book is my favorite. There’s no color photos. There’s very little text. And there’s no historical, engineering, or restoration information. So just what is shown on the 304 pages that make up this 9- x 11.5-inch hardback tome? Details my friends. Hundreds and hundreds of details. For hardcore ent...
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Recommended Reading — Famous Car Factories: Morgan

For automotive enthusiasts, nothing could be more fascinating than to see cars being built. From piles of raw materials sitting on a factory floor to the fully assembled automobile rolling off the assembly line under its own power, it’s a mesmerizing journey of industrial engineering that captivates us all. For more than a century, Morgan has been building sports cars by hand, and continues to do so today in the very same olde-world tradition of hand craftsmanship. They’ve been building their s...
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BOOK EXCERPT: A Taste of Paris by David Downie

A TASTE OF PARIS: A History of the Parisian Love Affair with Food is author David Downie's latest book about Paris that answers the question: what is it about the history of Paris that has made it a food lover’s paradise? The publisher's description of the book says "Following the contours of history and the geography of the city, Downie sweeps readers on an insider’s gourmet walking tour of Paris and its neighborhoods taking us through Roman butcher shops, classic Belle Epoque bistros servi...
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Refresh Your Reading: Summer 2017

I know that in reality summer is just as busy as any other season, but somehow it feels to me as if I have a little extra time to breath, step back from my daily news feed and expand my horizons. In case you feel the same, here are a few recommendations for blogs and podcasts to add to your own queues. I hope they help you find some kindred spirits and refresh your work. The newest blog in my feed is A Latina In Museums, where Karen Vidangos shares her thoughts on “museums and the con...
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Recommended Reading – Your Sports Car Engine

Books courtesy of Cornell Babcock. Photos by author. First printed back in the late 1950s, this digest-size softcover book was part of the Modern Sports Car Series published by Sports Car Press in New York City. Written by well-known automotive author and historian Karl Ludvigsen, the 127-page book lightly details the maintenance, tuning and modification of both production-based and competition engines. While the information is not in-depth, it still provides plenty of solid, fundamental detai...
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Recommended Reading – Ayrton Senna The Last Night

Ayrton Senna was one of Formula 1’s shining stars in the modern era, and his ten-year career atop the highest rung of the motorsport ladder was filled with both triumph and tragedy. A new book, Ayrton Senna The Last Night, featuring the photographs of Ercole Colombo, documents the Brazilian driver’s F1 career, from his start with the Toleman Hart team in 1984 to his death at Imola on May 1, 1994. Its title is a bit misleading, since there’s very little about Senna’s last night within its 160 p...
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Tweeting about the Future

Hello future peeps. I’m enormously encouraged by the reception for TrendsWatch 2017. People have been sending me links to great articles related to this year’s topics (empathy, criminal justice reform, artificial intelligence, migration & refugees, and productive failure) and I’ve scheduled a super roster of guest posts about related work. I’ve also been collecting Twitter accounts that consistently deliver good content around these trends. I embed some of the stories I find through t...
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Museums: NYT Special Edition

Last week the New York Times released its annual special section on museums. I LOVE curling up with the print version of these stories for a good read. The NYT gives non-subscribers access to a limited number of content pieces (articles, videos etc.) per month, though if I understand their policy correctly, by clicking through via the links in this post you can read all these articles even if you exceed your monthly cap. (I recommend you subscribe in any case, if not to the NYT then to the G...
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Recommended Reading: Dragging and Driving

In 1950, the novel Hot Rod, by Henry Gregor Felsen, showed young people that hopping up cars was cool, but racing them on public roads could be deadly. In the intervening years, beginning with Santa Ana in California, sanctioned tracks and formalized racing took hold and spread across the country. Then, in 1960, Tom MacPherson’s Dragging and Driving taught hope-to-be hot rodders everything they needed to know to make their first runs down the track. Like Felsen’s series of action-packed novels,...
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Futurist Friday: The Science of Prediction

Hey museum futurists, this is just a quick note to point you towards a great long read: the February issue of Science magazine, which is devoted to prediction. The issue kicks off with a brief essay by Barbara Jasny and Richard Stone on how big data and machine learning is pushing the limits of prediction. I'm happy to see these authors remind us that purpose of prediction isn't to convince us that we know what will happen, but to help us envision possibilities. "Researchers may still fall far...
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Recommended Reading – Ed Roth’s Mysterion: The Genesis, Demise and Recreation of an Iconic Custom Car

Review by John L. Jacobus. This is a book about an Ed Roth fanatic, an amateur hot rodder and gearhead, namely Jeffrey A. Jones of Bakersfield, California, who created a clone of Ed Roth’s famous Mysterion 1963 show car. Roth’s original iconic hot rod toured the country (1963-1964) and secured Ed Roth’s reputation as a cult hero and phenomenon. After its success, the car was destroyed except for the front and rear axles. Investigating how the original Mysterion was constructed long after it wa...
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